20 Clear Signs Of A Leo Man In Love With You

20 Clear Signs Of A Leo Man In Love With You

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Leos are known to be assertive and direct people who don’t often hide their emotions. Ruled by the element of fire and symbolized by the lion, they are known to have fiery personalities and a dominating presence in a room like the lions, who are kings of the jungle. Leos are known to be headstrong and assertive and are born leaders.

Despite being one of the most expressive zodiac signs, Leos are not always as clear-cut and easy to read as one might expect. They may even act contrary to their usual character if they are in love with someone.

If you’re reading this, chances are you think a Leo man is into you and want to determine if he has deep feelings for you. Read on as we tell you the signs a Leo man in love with you displays.

20 Signs A Leo Man Is In Love With You

1. He gets jealous

One of the surest signs a Leo is in love with you is if he is prone to bouts of jealousy when he sees you around other men. While any friend might want to be protective if they think someone wrong for you is flirting with you, Leos will take this to the next level. You might want to exercise caution and not flirt with other men when you are around a potential Leo partner, as it may turn him off entirely. To a Leo man, your romantic world should start and end with him.

2. He doesn’t shy away from PDA

Some couples try to display acts of love and romance in private and behave more or less like friends when they’re around mutual friends. Leo men don’t fall into this category. He will have no issues holding your hands, hugging you, or even kissing you in public as he doesn’t care much about other people’s opinions of you both. A lot of this can also stem from his keenness to signal to others that you are “his.”

3. He is possessive

Similar to lions, a Leo can be possessive in many ways. He could express a quiet aura of possessiveness or directly tell you when he feels he is losing you to someone else. This not only extends to your interactions with other people, where he will want to be on top of your priority list, but also influences your interpersonal interactions. Leo men generally have very clear-cut ideas about personal property and territory, much like a lion would.

4. He has a high sex drive

Leos, in general, are known for being extremely passionate, and they crave physical contact in many forms. Leo men are often thought to be serial daters, but this can be a misinterpretation of how their sexuality is expressed. If a Leo you are dating seems like he constantly wants sex, it’s just one of the many ways in which he expresses his affection. This is not to say that Leos are sex addicts or governed by sex; they are more open in expressing their love through physical contact than most other zodiacs. Interestingly, Leos are also extremely loyal.

5. He is extremely loyal as a friend and partner

Leos are known to be extremely loyal and rooted when it comes to relationships. Leo men will fight the world for you and always take your side when there is a conflict. Whether this means supporting you in an argument or defending you when someone says something about you in your absence, you can always count on a Leo man.

6. He makes you feel special

If you are lucky enough to have a Leo man in your life, you will feel his love in many different ways. Firstly, Leo will let you and the world know that you are the center of his universe, and he will go out of his way to make you feel special. From gentlemanly gestures, such as opening a door or pulling out a chair for you, to thoughtful surprises, a Leo will always make you feel special and wanted.

7. He likes to be around you

A dead giveaway a Leo man is in love with you is if he likes to be around you as much as possible. While it’s perfectly normal for people trying to woo you to use excuses to be around you, a Leo will likely directly tell you he wants to be around you. You will find him as a devoted and engaging companion to spend time with. Whether it’s a big outing or just a walk in the park, he will make every moment spent with you count.

8. He is protective of you

A lion sees his mate or his pride as his “own” and, as such, will defend them. Similarly, a Leo man will be protective of you. He will not only advise you on bad influences or protect you from people trying to take advantage of you, but also try to prevent these instances from occurring in the first place. While some people may consider this behavior of a Leo man as over possessiveness, you should know that he does it with the best intentions.

9. He is brutally honest

Leos are not known to be subtle about things, and as such, a Leo man will be very honest with what he’s thinking or feeling. It’s not uncommon for a Leo man to tell you the truth even if it’s not in the best interest of the relationship. For instance, he would tell you if an outfit doesn’t suit you. For him, honesty comes first, and frankly, he can’t be bothered to sugarcoat or disguise his words for the sake of other’s feelings.

10. His schedule revolves around you

A Leo man is loving to the point of being almost obsessive. He will want to maximize the time he spends with you and will happily rearrange his routine and schedule to make that happen. If it seems to you a Leo is trying to memorize your schedule, he probably is! It is not uncommon for a Leo man in love to change his plans so he can spend more meaningful time with you.

11. He is tender when it comes to physical romance

A Leo man might exude sexuality and confidence when wooing someone or in public, but he is a very tender and passionate lover in private. He will put your comfort and pleasure above all things and show great charisma and understanding when it comes to meeting your physical and sensual needs. Despite his otherwise dominant nature, he will allow you to take charge in bed if he is in love with you, although he might prefer it is the other way around.

12. He occasionally lets his guard down around you

Leo men typically personify the lion in public — they are dominant, opinionated, confident, and stand their ground when someone contests their opinions. If he often lets his guard down for you, it is a good indicator he has deep feelings for you. He may act uncharacteristically submissive or understanding or even agree with you on something they have a different view about.

13. He tries to make you jealous

Leo men can often be characterized as narcissists, which is not a surprise given their abundant self-confidence and extroverted nature. But this narcissism can manifest in many different ways when it comes to someone they love. He may use his good looks or confidence to woo you directly, or he might try to woo you by making you jealous indirectly. Even if this feels like a betrayal to you, know that he is doing it to get more attention from you.

14. He always makes the first move

Leos are a lot like their zodiac animal, the lion, in that they seek out their targets and go after them on their own. Whether it’s during work, a party, a concert, or just a meetup of mutual friends, a Leo man will declare his romantic interest in you one way or another before you might even be aware of it. He will also seek you out to talk or get your number so he can carry on with the courtship. A Leo man is known for taking the initiative when it comes to relationships.

15. He is genuinely interested in your day

A Leo man in love will prioritize spending time with you in any way or form. If he has not seen you for a day, he will take a genuine and active interest in knowing how your day went, the things that happened to you, any issues you might have faced, the highlights of your day, any developments at work or with your family or friends, etc.

16. He respects your need for space or time

Leos are constantly in motion. So he will rarely have an issue if you can’t meet him to focus on your friends, family, work, or hobby. Tell him you can’t do date night because you’re hitting the gym or have a lot of work to catch up on, and he’ll respect your decision. This is because once you have earned his trust, he will let you take control of your own life.

17. He sees you both as a team

Leos excel at leadership roles, but they can also be extremely stubborn. If a Leo man treats you as an equal and even asks for your advice and guidance on things, he sees you as someone worthy of respect and admiration and likely loves you.

18. He lets you into his inner circle

A Leo partner can be highly protective of the people he cares for, including his family and close friends. So it is a great mark of his confidence in you and how much he’s come to respect you if he introduces you to his inner circle of friends and family. If he’s comfortable introducing you to them, it means he thinks you can get along with them well.

19. He is your biggest cheerleader

The most defining characteristics of Leos are that they are ambitious, focused, and confident. He will, thus, respect the same characteristics in you. If you are focused on your education or career, he will cheer you on and be a pillar of support for you. He will drive you to be your best and not hold back on any constructive criticism if he feels you are not doing the best you could and to your full potential.

20. He will make his move fast

If a Leo man loves you, it won’t take long for you to find out about his feelings for you. Leos do not lack confidence. They are very confident about themselves, and thus, would confess how they feel about you at the first chance they get. You should worry if a Leo man you are interested in takes his time in initiating a relationship.

Dating a Leo man can be daunting and effortless at the same time. It can seem intimidating because of their sheer focus, determination, confidence, and take-charge attitude — all of which can take some getting used to from your part. However, it can also be very flattering as he is bound to put in a lot of effort into wooing you.

He is typically not one to hide his feelings and will let you know if he likes you. He will also be the one who makes the first move. Expect him to plan your date nights, vacations, and any interactions you have well in advance. Also, expect him to spoil you rotten through the whole relationship. Once you get past his tough exterior, a relationship with a Leo man can be highly enriching.