Top 20 Lion Coloring Pages Your Boys Will Love To Color

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Lions, also known as big cats, are the members of the Felidae family. They are fondly referred to as the “King of Beasts” or the “King of the Jungle”. It is the second largest living cat after the tiger. The wild lion can live up 10 to 14 years in the wild and up to 20 years in captivity.

Lions have always held a special place for kids who love to draw and depict these animals artistically. They have been celebrated throughout history for their strength and courage. Lions are also represented as important symbols in many countries.

Top 20 Lion Coloring Pages For Kids

Lions are one of the most popular subjects for coloring. Disney characters like Simba and Mufasa have contributed in increasing the popularity of lion coloring sheets among kids. Below are some of the best lion coloring pages printable you can choose for your kids. The article depicts lions in both realistic and cartoonish images.

1. African Lion:

This coloring sheet features a serene African lion taking a stroll in the grassland.

  • Did you know that African lions could weigh as much as 550 lbs.? Share this and some more facts with your kids as he colors the sheet.
  • There are around six sub-species of lions residing in various regions of the African continent. They are mostly found in Nigeria and Senegal.

2. Asiatic Lion:

Here is a coloring sheet of the Asiatic lion, also known as the Indian lion. Asiatic lion is a subspecies that exists as a single population in Gujarat, India. It is one of the five big cat species found in India.

  • The lion is listed as endangered due to its small population size.
  • Asiatic lions are considered as one of the most ferocious lions found in the world.

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3. Simba:

The majestic lion you see here is Simba, a fictional character from the film “The Lion King”. He is the rightful king of the Pride Land who defeats his uncle Scar in order to restore peace to his father’s kingdom.

  • Simba is one of the most loved cartoon characters of all time. He is a charmer who has his own way of making way into the kid’s hearts.
  • He has a muscular body with a dark brown mane that covers the entire neck and back.

4. ‘L’ for Lion:

Introduce your child to the letter L with this coloring sheet. Your little learner will surely love this lesson.

  • This coloring sheet will help your child learn the shape and sound of the letter L in a fun way.
  • Ask your child to color the worksheet and try to say the words starting with the letter L.

5. Barbary Lion:

This coloring sheet features Barbary lion, the largest subspecies of the big cat. It is believed to have weighed over 600 pounds and could grow as long as 10 feet.

  • The Barbary lion was found in the North Africa’s Atlas Mountain. The museum specimens describe the Barbary lion as having very dark and long mane that extended over the shoulder and around the belly.
  • It was declared extinct in the wild in the early 1920s. The last Barbary lion was believed to be shot in the western Maghreb during the year 1942.

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6. Connect The Dot:

Challenge your first grader with this fun dot-to-dot coloring sheet.

  • Ask your child to connect the dots from 1 to 51 to complete the picture of this friendly lion.
  • When he is finished connecting the dots, ask him to add the color of his choice to the picture.
  • The connect-the-dots coloring sheet will help your child learn the numerical order.

7. American Lion:

Meet American lion, an extinct lion of the family Felidae.

  • The American lion was not as heavily built as the other lions.
  • This lion was found in North and South America during the Pleistocene epoch period. It is more closely related to the jaguar.
  • The American lion was believed to be slightly larger than the cave lion.

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8. Mountain Lion:

Mountain lion, also known as cougar, is a large cat native to America.

  • A cougar is more commonly related to smaller felines, including the domestic cat.
  • They mainly dwell in the canyons, foothills and woodlands.
  • Their population has lowered significantly in the western territories, so much that they are on the brink of extinction.
  • Mountain lions are reclusive and do not attack people.

9. Cave Lion:

Here is a coloring image of a cave lion, an extinct species of lion.

  • It is technically classified as a sub-species of the modern lion.
  • Cave lion was one of the most feared predators of the late Pleistocene epoch. It was a voracious predator of the cave bear.
  • The cat received its name not because it lived in the caves, but because of the numerous skeletons found in cave bear habitats.

10. White Lion:

White lions are mainly found in the wildlife reserves of South Africa and in zoos around the world.

  • White lions are not albinos. They get their color due to a less severe mutation that causes albinism. Their color varies from blonde to near white.
  • It is said that white lions should not be introduced into the wild because of the inbreeding that has taken place in the breeding camps and zoos.

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11. Color By Number:

This coloring sheet features an adorable lion in grassland.

  • Ask your child to color the diagram according to the colors assigned to reveal the image.
  • This coloring sheet will help your child practice the number order as they color.

12. Samson:

Samson the lion is the main protagonist of the Disney film “The Wild”. He was born in a circus club.

  • Samson is a faithful friend who is very devoted to his zoo friends.
  • He also has a son named Ryan to whom he enjoys telling stories about the wild.

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13. Ahadi:

Meet Ahadi, the king of the “Pride’s Land” in “A Tale of Two Brothers”.

  • He is the father of Mufasa and Taka. He cares greatly for his children and family.
  • Ahadi has a red mane and bracken brown fur.
  • He sports a sturdy body with broad shoulders, expansive chest and rounded muscles. He has a broad face and square jaws.
  • Ahadi is known for his bravery. He has solved numerous cases and faced many dangers for his pride.

14. Lambert Lion:

The cheerful lion you see here is the main character of the cartoon series “Lambert the Sheepish Lion”.

  • Your child will have a blast sprucing up this charming lion and its mane.
  • Lambert is the adopted son of Mrs. Sheep, who has accidentally brought him to a meadow along with some baby lambs.
  • He is teased by others for his distinct appearance and habits.
  • He was initially very timid, until his adopted mother put him into danger. Thereafter, he displays some amazing courage.

15. Cowardly Lion:

Here is an adorable coloring sheet of Cowardly Lion, one of the characters from “The Wizard of Oz”.

  • As your child colors this fun lion, he will be giving his fine motor skills a boost too.
  • This huge, friendly beast is from the enchanted jungles and rainforest in the magical Land of Oz.
  • This handsome lion has a bushy and curly mane that is often adorned with a brightly colored bow on the top of his head and at the end of the tail.

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16. The Royal Family:

This coloring sheet shows a royal lion family. Your child will have a fun time making each lion look distinct.

  • Lions are the only cats that live in groups called Pride. A pride may include a group of females, all related to each other.
  • The pride is led by a single dominant male or a coalition of males. The males are highly social and scavenge together.

17. Resting Mountain Lions:

Even wild animals take a break every now and then from hunting.

  • The coloring sheet features a pair of mountain lions relaxing on a bright, sunny day.
  • Your little animal will have a thrilling time coloring this scene.
  • Any color will look great, but green and brown will lend an authentic touch to it.

18. Lion And Lioness:

This animal features a male and female lion going for a stroll in the highland.

  • This simple coloring sheet is a fun way of teaching the child about these wild animals.
  • Both male and female lions work together to prey upon antelopes, zebras and other large animals of the open grasslands.
  • Females tend to do all the hunting for the group while males expend their energy protecting the pride from outside males.

19. Circus Lion:

The lion you see here is no ordinary lion.

  • He is a talented performer in a circus, but is in need of some color before he can show you his tricks. Can your child help him?
  • Your child will love to let his imagination go wild while practicing hand and eye coordination at the same time.
  • You can also take your child for a circus after coloring this sheet.

20. Roaring Lion:

Here is a coloring sheet of a ferocious tiger with an impressive fringe of long hair that is encircling its head. He definitely looks like the King of Beasts.

  • The only thing this lion is missing is his crown. Ask your child to make a crown on this lion before coloring the sheet.
  • Did you know that this majestic animal roars menacingly to warn the intruders and chase off the animals that encroach their turf?

These free printable lion coloring pages online will let your child experiment with various shades of brown and yellow. It will also allow them to explore their creative potential.

Hope you liked these lion coloring pages to print for free. Do not forget to share your experience with us.

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