133 Amazing Lithuanian Baby Names For Girls and Boys

Lithuania is a country in the Baltic region of Europe with a diverse and rich culture due to its political history. Influenced by Russian culture and other countries, most Lithuanian baby names are inspired by ancient languages like Latin, Old Persian, Roman, and a few vernacular versions of the Biblical names. A few names are also derived from Lithuania’s language, one of the oldest Indo-European languages. If you wish to give your baby a traditional yet exotic moniker, you can check out our list of Lithuanian names to choose the right one.

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Baby Naming Culture

  • Baby girl names usually end in –a or –e. But they have a strong preference for names ending with ‘-e’. Boy names typically feature the suffix as, is, us, ar, and ys.
  • Short international names and Christian names are popular with Lithuanians. Why wouldn’t they be, as Lithuania is a Catholic country.
  • Names of wives of the Dukes are also fashionable in Lithuania.
  • For the middle names, Lithuanians use a combination of religious tradition, pagan myth, and reverence for historical heroes. This tradition originated in the Soviet Era, and even today more than half of the population retains this tradition.

Popular Lithuanian Baby Names For Boys

1. Matis:

Matis originates from Matthew. It is a derivative of the Latin name Matthaeus and Greek name Matthais. It means ‘gift of God’.

2. Nojus:

Nojus is a good traditional name for your baby boy. It originates from the Hebrew name Noah. In the Bible, Noah was the second progenitor of the human race.

3. Dominykas:

Dominykas is the variation of the name Dominic. Dom or Nick will make perfect nicknames for your little boy.

4. Lukas:

Lukas is an ecclesiastic Lithuanian name originating from the Greek name Loukas.

5. Dovydas:

Do you love the name David, but do not want to give your baby an ordinary name? Then you can go for Dovydas, a variation of the classic name.

6. Jokubas:

Jokubas comes from the name Jacob. The name has its root in ‘ya aqob’, which means ‘supplanting’.

7. Azuolas:

The name sounds grand and kingly.

Image: IStock

The name Azuolas sounds grand and kingly. It has a great meaning too. It means ‘Oak.’ A popular name in Lithuania, Azuolas should find a place in your shortlist.

8. Darius:

Darius originates from Old Persian and means ‘protector, upholder of good and a possessor of good’. It was the name of several Persian kings, including Darius I the Great.

9. Filip:

Filip is a variation of the name Philip. It is predominant in Poland, Ireland, Scandinavia and Slavic regions.

The variants of Filip include Philip, Felipe, Filipe, Philip and Philippe.

10. Fabius:

Fabius originates from the element ‘faba’ and means bean. It was actually a Roman family name, whose bearers grew and sold the beans.

11. Gediminas:

The name Gediminas has its origin and uses in the Lithuanian language. It was the name of the grand duke of Lithuania. If Gediminas is too traditional and old-fashioned for you, you can go for Gedymin.

12. Paulinus:

No matter how old your child grows, he will always remain your baby. Years after he has settled and created his family, you’ll worry about him the way you do today. Paulinus is a beautiful name that encompasses this bittersweet reality. It means ‘Little one’.

13. Paulius:

If you find the name Paulinus complicated but love its essence, opt for Paulius. It too means ‘little one’.

14. Tavas:

Tavas has Hebrew root, meaning ‘peacock’. Tavas is also a variant of Anthony.

15. Waldemar:

The name Waldemar comes from a German word, meaning ‘power’. This two-element name comes from the words ‘wald’, which means ‘great and ‘meri’ or ‘famous’.

16. Algimantas:

Your baby boy is your life’s treasure. Name him Algimantas, which means ‘wealth’. The name is a wish for your son to be rich in not just material, but emotional wealth as well.

17. Algimas:

Here’s another name that means ‘wealthy’. Algimas is short, classy and meaningful. If Algimas seems like a longish name, go for its shorter version, Algis! It too means ‘wealthy’.

18. Anatolijus:

A classy name that has stood the test of time! Anatolijus means ‘from the east’. It is a great pick for parents looking for a name that has a history behind it.

19. Andrius:

Today, an increasing number of parents are looking to bring up their children in a gender-neutral environment. But if you are looking for a masculine name for your son, you can try Andrius. It means ‘manly’.

20. Arturas:

Another masculine name for your little son! Arturas means ‘noble soldier’. It sounds proud and strong. Go for it, your son will love his name for all that it means.

21. Augustinas:

Here’s a royal name for the ruler of your heart and life! Augustinas means ‘venerable’. It is a strong and masculine name if that is what you are looking for.

22. Bronislovas:

The world is going through tumultuous times. If you want your son to protect the world, this is a good start? Name him Bronislovas, which means ‘glorious protector’.

23. Eugenijus:

Here’s another classy name from the beautiful land of Lithuania. Eugenijus means ‘wellborn’.

24. Galeti:

No matter how clichéd it sounds, old is gold! Galeti is a great name for your son and means ‘one who is able’.

25. Alexandras:

Another popular name, this time for your little prince! Alexandras means ‘defender of mankind’.

26. Giedrius:

The male version of Giedre, this name is a good bet for little boys. Giedrius means ‘serene’.

27. Gintaras:

It sounds interesting, has a nice meaning, and doesn’t require a dictionary to decipher. Gintaras means ‘amber’.

28. Antanas:

The Lithuanian language is a treasure trove of beautiful names. Take Antanas, for example. It sounds powerful and has an amazing meaning too. This beautiful name means ‘inestimable.’

29. Gelynas:

Not all baby boy names need to be overtly masculine! Here’s a nice name to break the stereotypes. Gelynas means ‘flower garden’.

30. Krystupas:

Here’s a great name for devout Christians. Krystupas means ‘follower of Christ’. It is not just religious, but also uniquely Lithuanian.

31. Justinas:

Looking for the male version of Justina for your son? Here’s just what you need! Justinas means ‘just or fair’.

32. Juozas:

For many parents, faith in God is of paramount importance. If that holds good to you, consider Juozas. It means ‘God will add’.

33. Konstantinas:

If you don’t mind a long name that has a philosophical meaning, Konstantinas will appeal to you. It means ‘constant’.

34. Liudvikas:

It may not be the medieval age, but we still need strong warriors to fight the good fight! Liudvikas means ‘famous warrior’.

35. Leonas:

It is a royal and masculine name for your little prince.

Image: IStock

Leonas means ‘lion’! A royal and masculine name, it will surely suit your little prince!

36. Malone:

There’s not a moment when you don’t thank the Lord for your little bundle of joy. Let this thankfulness become a part of your son’s life! Malone means ‘Grace from God’.

37. Marijus:

Marijus means ‘male’. It is a no-nonsense name and is popular too. More reasons for you to put it in your shortlist!

38. Jonas:

Here’s another name that refuses to retire! And why should it? Jonas is earthy, popular, and meaningful. It means ‘God’s gracious gift’.

Quick fact
The name ‘Jonas’ is also used as a last name. American singer Nick Jonas is a famous bearer of this surname.

39. Mykolas:

Everybody has the spark of the divine in them. Your son too is part of this beautiful puzzle. Mykolas means ‘who is like God’.

40. Moze:

A short name, Moze means ‘saved from the water’. Its meaning may be a little vague, but is an interesting name for sure.

41. Petras:

A popular family name, Petras means ‘Small rock’. It is easy to pronounce and sounds strong too.

42. Raimondas:

Your little son will one day grow up and achieve great success. That’s your dream, isn’t it? Apart from that, let him also be a guide for the unfortunate and downtrodden. Name him Raimondas, which means ‘wise protector’.

43. Ramunas:

‘Boys will be boys’ a common refrain about unruly little men. But your son can be the game changer with a name like Ramunas. It means ‘the calm one’. You can also use the name’s shorter version Ramus.

44. Raulas:

Raulas means ‘crowned with laurels’. We are sure that’s just what your son will grow up to achieve!

45. Raulo:

If you like the meaning of the name Raulas but not the name, try Raulo. It too means ‘crowned with laurels’.

46. Vadimas:

Another royal name for your little prince! Vadimas means the ‘knowing one’. It may not sound too modern but can compete with any trendy name in the block.

47. Pranciskus:

Pranciskus means ‘free’. In this world of ever increasing restrictions and limitations, your child could be free with his name!

48. Steponas:

Are you okay with a name that may not be topping the popularity charts? Good, because Steponas is a name that is waiting for its day out in the sun. It means ‘crown’.

49. Valter:

Here’s another name that’s popular not just in Lithuania, but in other parts of the world too. Valter means ‘army general’.

50. Vanda:

Vanda too means ‘army general’. The name may not be as popular as Valter, but is beautiful.

51. Viktoras:

Name your son Viktoras with the hope that he’ll win over all of the life’s battles. Viktoras means ‘conqueror’.

52. Tomas:

If you like classic names, Tomas will surely appeal to you. It is a historical name, and still very popular, just like its Western European counterpart Thomas. Tomas means ‘twin’.

53. Vandeny:

Looking for a nature-inspired name for your son? How about Vandeny? It means ‘the ocean’.

54. Rytas:

If you want to keep pace with changing times, try this name.

Image: IStock

Not all baby boy names need to be masculine. The times, they are-a-changin! If you want to keep pace with changing times, try Rytas for your son. It means ‘morning’.

55. Vincentas:

Help your son become successful in life with a brilliant name like Vincentas. It means ‘conquering’.

56. Virgilijus:

Virgilijus means ‘staff-bearer’. Not the most popular, but it is still a name worth consideration.

57. Vladislava:

Some old-fashioned names need to retire. But Vladislava is not one of them! It is a beautiful name and means ‘possesses glory’.

58. Vytautas:

According to statistics, 98% of the people are followers. It is only the remaining two percent who can change the world. We are sure that you want your son to be in that elusive two percent of the population. Name him Vytautas, which means ‘driving the people’.

59. Vilhelmas:

Vilhelmas means ‘determined guardian’. The name may sound a bit complicated to the rest of the world, but for Lithuanians, it is part of their heritage.

60. Danielius:

Here’s a name that is perfect for religious families. Danielius means ‘God is my judge’.

61. Emilis:

Emilis, the Lithuanian form of the name Aemilius, is hugely popular in its native region. This moniker, meaning ‘rival’ also featured in the top 10 baby names released by Statistics Lithuania.

62. Gabrielius:

Gabrielius is the Lithuanian form of Biblical name Gabriel and means ‘God is my strength’. Gen-X would associate this name with Gabrielius Landsbergis, a Lithuanian politician.

63. Kajus:

With the trend of ancient Lithuanian names, Kajus would certainly fit in the bill. This variation of Gaius means ‘to rejoice’.

64. Benas:

If you are looking for a trendy short form for the name Benedict or Benjamin, pick Benas instead of the commonplace Ben.

65. Domantas:

This sophisticated name belongs to one of the most famous Lithuanian basketball players, Domantas Sabonis.

Beautiful Lithuanian Baby Names For Girls

1. Janina:

Janina is originally a Polish name, but it is now common amongst the Lithuanians. Some also associate it with Jane. But we think Janina sounds much better than Jane.

2. Regina:

Regina is one of the traditional saint names in Lithuania. The name was equally popular in the Soviet times as it is now. The name Regina has a regal elegance and a charm to it. It means ‘queen’.

3. Lina:

Lina is a cute sounding Lithuanian name, and it has no English equivalents. It is a feminine form of the name Linas and comes from the Lithuanian word ‘flax’.

Did you know?
Lina can also be a short form for Emelina, Nikolina, Marcelina, and Rosalina, among others.

4. Rasa:

Short and sweet, Rasa is such a beautiful choice that you cannot just ignore it! It means ‘dew’.

5. Danute:

This classic Lithuanian girl’s name has been in use since the 14th century. The name has no certain derivation, but is common in Poland in the form of Danuta.

6. Aldona:

Aldona is another name that has been in use for centuries. We are not very sure of its origin, but some suggest that it is an archaic Belarusian form of the name Eudocia.

7. Ugne:

Names from nature seem to be popular in Lithuania. Ugne is a lovely nature-inspired name, meaning ‘fire’. This succinct Lithuanian name is more familiar as a nickname than a name.

8. Justina:

Justina is a feminine form of Lithuanian name ‘Justinas’. It stems from a Latin word meaning ‘righteous’. It is a common name but still sounds fresh.

9. Gabija:

Women have been seen as the weaker sex for way too long now. Change that, starting with your daughter! Name her Gabija, which means ‘Goddess of Fire’.

10. Laima:

Your daughter is no less than a goddess! She is the child of the universe and deserves to be treated like one! Laima is not just pretty, but also strong. It means ‘Goddess of Fortune’.

11. Ona:

Ona is the Lithuanian form of the Greek name ‘Hanna’. The meaning of this beautiful and concise name is ‘favor, grace’. Oona is another variation of this name.

12. Egle:

Egle, meaning ‘spruce’, comes from an ancient fairy tale about a woman who marries the king of the snakes inhabiting the sea. The king betrays her and at the end of the story, she turns herself into a spruce tree.

13. Emilija:

Emilija is the feminine form of the name Emil. It comes from the Latin name Aemilius, an old Roman name coming from the word aemulus. Some believe that it’s a variation of Emilio, coming from the word ‘amal’, which means work.

14. Camilla:

Camilla is not exactly a Lithuanian name but is one of the fastest rising names in the country. The meaning of Camilla is of “unblemished character”. Camilla was also a hunter who could run over a field without bending a blade of grass. Cami, Kam, Kamie or Milly will make cute nicknames for this one.

15. Ieva:

Ieva is a fancy spelling for Eve. The name comes from the Hebrew word ‘chava’, which means ‘life’. The name has biblical connotations. It was the name of the first woman in the Bible, the mother of all living.

16. Smilte:

Smilte means ‘sandwort’ in the Lithuanian language. It refers to the flowering plants of the genus Arenaria. Smilte is a favorite with celebrity parents.

17. Austeja:

Austeja is a fresh, ‘A’ letter Lithuanian name. Austeja means ‘to leave’ in Lithuanian. It is also the name of the Lithuanian goddess of bees.

18. Roze:

Roze is the Lithuanian form of the Russian name Roza. As the name implies, Roze means ‘rose’. This classic, sweet-smelling name is going through a remarkable revival as both first and middle names.

19. Vitalija:

Vitalija is the Lithuanian form of the Latin name Vitalia. Its meaning is ‘life, vital’. We think that is a lovely, yet unusual name.

20. Karolina:

Karolina is the feminine form of Carolus and a variation of Carolina. It sounds romantic, languid and classy. Karolina Herrera, a prominent Venezuelan fashion designer, is a bearer of this name.

21. Adelyte:

Your daughter’s birth has filled your home with laughter and joy. What better name than Adelyte, which means ‘good cheer’ to let your little one know what she means to you!

22. Rami:

Looking for a non-fussy, uncomplicated name for your daughter? Try Rami. It means the ‘calm one’.

23. Viktorija:

Set your daughter on a path of success. Name her Viktorija, which means ‘Victorious.’

24. Svajone:

Holding your newborn baby felt rather surreal, didn’t it? Having a baby feels like a dream, a beautiful dream come true. Name your daughter Svajone, which means ‘dream’.

25. Tiesa:

If you are looking for a name that is simple to spell but has a great meaning, look no further than Tiesa. What a beautiful name! It means ‘truth’ in Lithuanian.

26. Vasara:

Perfect for your summer baby.

Image: IStock

Is your daughter a summer baby? Then name her Vasara, which means ‘summer’ in Lithuanian.

27. Vatalija:

Vatalija, which means ‘life,’ is not just a beautiful sounding name. Its meaning will surely help your daughter stand out in a crowd.

28. Saule:

The Sun holds a special place in cultures around the world. Lithuania is no different. Saule is a beautiful and elegant name, which means ‘Sun goddess’.

29. Stanislava:

Is there a prettier sight than the night sky studded with twinkling stars? Yes, there is, and that is your little daughter’s beautiful eyes! Name your newborn Stanislava, which means ‘star’.

30. Sofija:

Sofija means ‘wisdom’. It is a popular Lithuanian name, short and pretty.

31. Agne:

Agne is a popular name in Lithuania as well as the rest of Europe. So, if you are looking for a safe choice, go for this pretty name. It means ‘chaste or holy’.

32. Rozalija:

Rozalija means ‘rose’ and is perfect for your little flower of a daughter.

33. Nastasha:

Here’s a name that is popular not just in Lithuania, but also in Latvia and Russia. It means ‘resurrection’.

34. Ruta:

Here’s another short name that sounds pretty! Ruta means ‘Rue, the herb’. Rue is an ornamental herb, which is used as a medicinal plant as well as for magic.

35. Nastusche:

Children born on a festival often share a love-hate relationship with their birthdates! If your child was born on Christmas, name her Nastusche, which means ‘born on Christmas’.

36. Morta:

Being ladylike does not mean being weak! It means a good upbringing and education! Name your princess Morta, which means ‘noble lady’.

37. Motina:

Motina means ‘mother’. The greatest role a woman can play is that of a mother. So, this name is perfect!

38. Margryta:

A pretty name with an even prettier meaning! Margryta means ‘pearl’. It is a sweet and feminine name.

39. Laime:

The purpose of life is to be happy. Isn’t that what you want for your daughter? So, pick a name that will remind her of this ultimate truth every day. Laime means ‘happiness’.

40. Luidvika:

It doesn’t matter whether one is male or female. The world today is a battlefield. Teach your daughter how to navigate this difficult world with this tough name! Luidvika means ‘famous warrior’.

41. Julija:

Say the name Julija aloud. Doesn’t it flow life a beautiful poem? And it has sweet meaning too! It means ‘youthful’.

42. Magdalena:

Magdalena refers to Lady Magdalene and means ‘woman of Magdala’. It is not just a reference to the Holy Bible but also reflects strength, faith and honesty.

43. Kotryna:

If you like the name Katherine, but don’t want to use this common name for your daughter, try its Lithuanian counterpart! Kotryna means ‘pure’ and is derived from Old Greek.

44. Jadvyga:

Life is a constant battle. That is the reality of life. No matter how much you want to shelter your princess, she’ll have to fight her battles one day. So, teach her to fight the good fight, and also to lend a hand to others. Name her Jadvyga, which means ‘refuge in battle’.

45. Gintare:

If you are looking for a name for a little girl and thought Gintaras looked promising, we have great news! You can check out Gintare! It too means ‘amber’.

46. Giedre:

Does your little girl come across as an old soul? Some babies are calm and seem to know something more than we do. If that sounds like your little one, Giedre will fit like a glove! It means ‘serene’.

47. Gamta:

The world is finally waking up to the beauty and wonder of mother earth. There is divinity in nature that is beyond description. Pay your homage to this beauty with the name Gamta, which means ‘nature’.

48. Grazina:

With its origin in Latin and Lithuanian, Grazina is a beautiful name that may be perfect for your little darling. It means the ‘beautiful one’.

49. Dora:

We all know about Dora! She is that adorable character from ‘Dora, the Explorer’! Well, in Lithuania, Dora is a popular name, not because of a cartoon, but because it is pretty and meaningful. Dora means ‘honesty’.

50. Angelika:

Some names are evergreen and never really lose their old-world charm. Angelika is the perfect example. It means ‘angel’.

51. Daina:

Some names never grow old. No matter how popular the name Daina becomes, it will always find takers. It is such a beautiful name, after all. Daina means ‘song’.

52. Ausra:

A beautiful, classy, and feminine name, Ausra means ‘dawn’ in Lithuanian. If you are looking for an exotic sounding name, with a beautiful meaning, the buck stops here!

53. Dovana:

If you are not particularly religious, but want to thank the universe for your daughter, name her Dovana. It means ‘gift’.

54. Audra:

The birth of your daughter has suddenly turned your life upside down! It feels like a hurricane has hit your life, doesn’t it? But a storm is also the prelude to the beautiful reemergence of life! Name your daughter Audra, which means ‘storm’.

55. Annike:

Another elegant name that is as popular today as it was a decade ago. Annike sounds pretty and is easy to pronounce. It means ‘grace’.

56. Drasa:

If there is one thing that girls need to acquire in this world, it is strength of character to overcome any difficulties. Drasa is an amazing name for girls of the future. It means ‘courage’.

57. Zuzane:

It is a delicate name for your little bloomer.

Image: IStock

Looking for a delicate name for your little bloomer? Try Zuzane. It means ‘lily’.

58. Edita:

The name Edita is a winner, with its lilting sound and beautiful meaning. It means ‘prosperous in war’.

59. Elzbieta:

Another name for the religious folks out there! This pretty name is popular for a reason. In fact, its Western European counterpart, Elizabeth, has always made it into the popularity charts! Elzbieta means ‘consecrated to God’.

60. Dorota:

Children are a blessing. They may drive us to our wits end, but at the end of the day, a simple smile can make all the sleepless nights and frustrations melt away. Dorota is a beautiful name that signifies this beautiful blessing. It means ‘gift of God’.

61. Gabrielė:

Gabrielė was used widely by the Lithuanians last year and its popularity is expected to rise even further. It means ‘God is my strength’.

62. Vilte:

Vilte is the feminine form of the moniker Viltautas and means ‘hope for the people’.

63. Kamile:

The Lithuanian version of Kamile is one of the fastest rising versions of this ancient Roman name. It means ‘young ceremonial attendant’.

64. Ema:

Ema is the Lithuanian version of Emily or Emma. It’s short, sweet and to the point.

65. Leja:

For several years now, this Lithuanian version of Leah has been gaining a considerable following. It means ‘weary’.

66. Rugilė:

Here’s an unconventional Lithuanian name to consider for your daughter, as it means ‘rye’.

67. Liepa:

Liepa is a Lithuanian family name, meaning ‘linden tree’. Its feminine form is Liepienė, but Liepa is commonly used for girls.

68. Urte:

Urte is the flowing and romantic diminutive of Dorothy. It means ‘gift of God’.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do Lithuanians have Greek names?

aMost Lithuanian names are of Indo-European origin, and some Greek names are common. These Greek origin names are inspired by the Greek New Testament (1).

2. Do Lithuanians use middle names?

Traditionally, Lithuanians follow the two-name system, which means they have a given name and a surname. However, a few might use middle names.

3. Do all Lithuanian names end in -as?

The Lithuanian names end in many suffixes and not just with -as. Most names have common suffixes. They include -as, -is, -us, -a, and -ys for a male family member. While -ienė is a suffix used for married women, the suffixes -aitė, -ytė, -utė, and -iūtė are used for unmarried women.

Lithuania is a country with vibrant culture and history. Lithuanian baby names symbolize the country’s rich past and ancient languages. Also, most names are influenced by Indo-European culture. Therefore, their names are captivating and meaningful, such as Lukas, Darius, and Filip for boys and Lina, Rasa, and Justina for girls. So, if you are interested in giving your child a Lithuanian name, go through the list and choose the one that connects with you. Be sure that any name you choose will be special and make your child stand out.

Infographic: Lithuanian Names For Girls And Boys

Lithuania is known for its rich and diverse culture. Thus, are you looking for an uncommon yet meaningful name for your baby inspired by their history? If yes, look at the following infographic comprising Lithuanian names for boys and girls.

baby names inspired by the lithunian culture (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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  1. Dictionary Of Lithuanian Family Names;
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