7 Little Things Newborns Do That Reveal Their Future Personality

Have you found yourself wondering what your little one is going to be like once he/she grows up? Believe it or not, you aren’t alone. A baby’s future is almost like a beautiful canvas, where social interactions, genes, and other factors act like inks and oil colors. But, can these inks and colors predict your little one’s future personality traits? Many people believe that some of the baby’s action can help unveil a part of his/her future personality. Here, we bring you some of these:

1. The Fists And The Tantrums

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If you think of babies, you usually picture sweet and innocent angels. But, babies can also be scary, angry, and fussy. Of course, the tantrums don’t come until the infants turn a year old. However, they can show anger at an age as young as two months. Don’t you worry though. These tantrums don’t indicate that the little ones will grow up to become a big ball of anger. It is just their way of letting off some steam.

2. Fussy Means Picky

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This is when the social influence shakes hand with the genes. While it is one thing to throw tantrums, it is altogether another thing to have a strong temperament. The latter is a trait that you are born with and stays consistent throughout life. But, there is no need to get worked up, mommy! Every individual is unique and it is quite normal for some babies to turn out to be a little picky or short-tempered.

3. Food Preferences

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One of the primary concerns for most parents is their babies’ feeding routines. And, if their infants are picky when it comes to food, it can cause the parents sleepless nights. They worry whether their children are getting enough calories and nutrients. But, it is pretty natural for kids to reject foods, especially when it is something new. This, in no way, indicates that they are going to possess this trait all throughout their life.

4. Tears Versus Smiles

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Babies tend to be very expressive. And, since they can’t always communicate with words at such a young age, they emote. So, when they feel a positive emotion, they laugh. And, in case of a negative emotion, they cry. But, as they grow up, their brains mature and they learn how to handle their emotions better. So, if your little one is crying at the drop of a hat right now, it doesn’t mean that they will do the same for the rest of their lives.

5. Hugs And Kisses

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We all know that there are some babies who love to be hugged all the time. And, isn’t that a great thing? So, if your little one is asking for it, don’t hesitate even for a second and go for it. Apparently, hugs and kisses can help little ones form a secure attachment in the future. This, in turn, can help them become strong individuals with incredible social skills.

6. Reaction To Stimuli

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The manner in which the infants react to some new stimuli may help predict their future personalities. There are chances that if your baby stays calm right now, he/she will be calm even in the future. And, if your little one becomes anxious, he/she is more likely to become stressed even as adults. But, things do change with age. Either way, your baby is unique and this is what makes him/her charming.

7. Troublemaker Woes

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Parents share an amazingly special bond with their babies. That is why parents can also play a role in how their little ones shape up. Thus, it is important to know that how you react is crucial. So, if your baby is acting rebellious, try and avoid provoking him/her further with your words. Also, you can reward him/her for good behavior. This will help your tiny tot understand the importance of good deeds.

Don’t let this get you all worked up. Always remember that it is your little one’s uniqueness that sets him/her apart. And, makes him/her even more lovable. Cheers!

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