100 Fancy And Beautiful Long Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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Parents tend to avoid long names for their babies, thinking that they would be hard for the tots to spell. But they fail to realize that long names sound lyrical, look formal and significant and carry an elegant air.

And they pair really well with short middle and last names. They add a flow, making the names sound like they belong to each other. Another benefit is that you can break the name to get a snappy and cool one or two syllable nickname.

Below, Mom Junction has come up with a list of 100 long baby names. From trendy to traditional, we’ve got everything covered just for you.

Long Names For Boys With Meanings:

1. Aballach:

Aballach, the variant of Avallach, is the father of Urien’s wife Modron in the Arthurian legend. It most likely refers to the island of Alavon. Aballach means ‘orchard’.

2. Abraham:

This moniker has major cache, primarily because of the American president and of course, the biblical father figure. Abraham means ‘father of the multitudes’.

3. Alessandro:

Alessandro is a beautiful long boy name that’s acclaimed internationally. After being popular in the United States for decades, Alessandro has made a place for itself in Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland as well. Alessandro means ‘defender of men’.

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4. Alexander:

Versatile and classic, Alexander, meaning ‘defender of men’ can never go out of style. We even love the nicknames that come with this name, like Alex, Al, Xan. Alexzander would also make a unique twist to this name.

5. Alistair:

If you like high-sounding, noble name for your son, Alistair could be your perfect pick. This Scottish name means ‘defender of the people’.

6. Anderson:

A part of the popularity of this name goes to the talented newsman Anderson Cooper. Anderson means ‘son of Anders’.

7. Archibald:

Meaning ‘noble and bright’, Archibald can easily be shortened to Archie for the nickname. And we must say, this name sounds unyielding and substantial.

8. Augustus:

Meaning ‘magnificent’ Augustus is expected to rise mightily in the next few years, all thanks to Augustus from “The Fault in our Stars”.

9. Barnaby:

The claim to fame of this name has to be the television detective, Barnaby Hones. Barnaby is a British variation of Barnabas and means ‘consolation’.

10. Bartholomew:

Bartholomew sounds fancier than Barney and less posh than Barnabas. It may sound a bit weighty, but your son will eventually grow into it. Bartholomew means ‘son of Talmai’.

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11. Beauregard:

Beauregard, meaning ‘beautiful gaze’, was earlier presumed to be jokey, but of late, several parents are considering it. Beau would be a likable nickname for Beauregard.

12. Benjamin:

In The Bible, Benjamin was the name of the youngest son of Jacob and one of the founders of Israel. This timeless name means ‘son of the right hand’.

13. Brandon:

Brandon has been a favorite for boys for past several years, partly because of Bran from “Game of Thrones”. This contemporary-sounding name means ‘from the beacon hill’.

14. Brenden:

This Irish name, meaning ‘prince’, has been fairly popular, considering it has to fight its competitor Brendan to move up the charts. This strong, masculine name can be shortened to Ren too.

15. Broderick:

This surname turned name is inspired by the Welsh name Rhydderch and means ‘brother’. A perfect pick if you want a formal baby name.

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16. Channing:

This long boy’s name is unique and means a wolf in Irish.

17. Cleveland:

Cleveland is another mighty place name that’s also associated with an American President and an animal rights activist. Cleveland means ‘from the cliff’.

18. Clifford:

Clifford is a lovely, nature-inspired baby name, meaning ‘living near the cliff ford’. Kids will recognize this name via the classic canine character, Clifford, the Big Red Dog.

19. Cristopher:

This would be the cleverest way to give your son his own identity, while having a super popular name. This variation of Christopher means ‘follower of Christ’.

20. Dashiell:

Actress Milla Jovovich gave this name a bit of allure when she picked it for her daughter. But this French surname turned name, has always been in use for boys. The meaning of Dashiell is unknown.

21. Emerson:

The name Emerson has charisma abound it. It will also honor Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American essayist and poet. Emerson means ‘son of Emery’.

22. Emmanuel:

Emmanuel, meaning ‘God is with us’, is a gorgeous long name for boys. Manny would be a cute abbreviation of this name.

23. Finnegan:

This name has been in vogue ever since James Joyce used it for one of his masterpieces. It also gives you access to the beautiful short form Finn. Finnegan means ‘fair’.

24. Frederick:

Frederick, meaning ‘peaceful ruler’, would be a perfect name for your little prince in the making. It also comes with a friendly nickname, Fred.

25. Gabriel:

This moniker stands out from the crowd as it is masculine and adorable at the same time. Gabe would be an unusual nickname. Gabriel means ‘God is my strength’.

26. Gregory:

Gregory, meaning ‘alert and watchful’, would make a stately option for your son. This Greek name is tied with 15 saints and 16 popes. And it became even more popular with the emergence of actor Gregory Peck.

27. Harrison:

Harrison originated as a surname, meaning ‘son of Henry’, but it stands strong now as a polished first name.

28. Holden:

The name Holden has always had a cool cred with the hip parents, thanks to its appearance in “The Catcher in the Rye”. The meaning of Holden is ‘hollow valley’.

29. Ignatius:

Linked to ‘hire’, Ignatius sounds both classic and posh. And it’s making a surprising return, considering both Julianne Nicholson and Cate Blanchett picked it for their sons.

30. Jameson:

This strong and latest variation may be shared by girls, but it sounds manly to the ears. Jameson has been moving swiftly up the charts, reaching the top 150 in 2015. Jameson means ‘son of James’.

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31. Jeremiah:

If you feel your toddler cannot carry the name Jeremiah, you can shorten it to Jerry or Jez until he grows off his age. Jeremiah means ‘exalted of the Lord’.

32. Jonathon:

Jonathon, the spelling variation of traditional name Jonathan, reached the peak of popularity in the 90s. Another savvy way to give your son a traditional name with a unique spin. Jonathon means ‘gift of Jehovah’.

33. Lawrence:

Lawrence, meaning ‘crowned with a laurel’, would sound stylish on every boy. Did you know Lawrence originally meant ‘a person from Laurentium’?

34. Leonardo:

This Latin name, meaning ‘lion’, has never been out of sight ever since Leonardo DiCaprio appeared on the silver screen.

35. Leopold:

There are just a few names as sophisticated as Leopold. This moniker is taken from the Old High German word Liutbalt and means ‘bold people’.

36. Lorenzo:

Latin name Lorenzo has integrated well into American favorite names, partly because of the actor Lorenzo Lamas. While it’s one of the top 200 names in America, Lorenzo ranks fourth in Italy. Lorenzo means ‘from Laurentium’.

37. Maximilian:

This rocking name has a whopping five syllables. Maximillian, meaning ‘greatest’, has always sounded impressive to the ears. It also comes with a snappy short version, Max.

38. Maximilianus:

Longer than Maximillian, Maximilianus is derived from the Latin name Maximilianus, and is best known for its association with one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. This name means ‘greatest’.

39. Montgomery:

This moniker brings to mind the dashing heroes of the wartime. Meaning ‘manpower’, Montgomery can be shortened to Monty for the nickname.

40. Muhammad:

Muhammad, the name of the Prophet of Islam, is one of the most used names in the world. It means ‘praiseworthy’.

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41. Nathaniel:

We find Nathaniel absolutely versatile, in both short and long forms. Nathan, Nate, and Nat would make excellent nickname options for Nathaniel. Nathaniel means ‘gift from God’.

42. Randolph:

This variant of Randolf has strong warrior roots, making it perfect for a stately soldier. This time-worn classic, meaning ‘shield wolf’, was last popular in the 1940s.

43. Remington:

This distinguished and noble name has become more popular than ever, with over 1200 baby boys being named Remington last year. Remington means ‘from the raven form’.

44. Roderick:

This German name is ostentatious in the best way possible. It has always been in the top 1000 list and reached its highest in 1967. Roderick means ‘famous power’.

45. Sebastian:

Classic and cool name Sebastian, meaning ‘revered’, would also be a lovely naming option for your son. This saint name is currently on the top 50 list.

46. Solomon:

In the Old Testament, Solomon was David and Bathsheba’s son who succeeded his father as the King of Israel. Solomon means ‘peace’.

47. Tennyson:

This long moniker honors the author, Lord Tennyson. But few people had considered this name, until Russel Crow picked it for his son. Tennyson means ‘son of Dennis’.

48. Theodore:

This moniker, meaning ‘gift of God’, has the potential of reaching the position it was in Theodore Roosevelt’s days. Remember, Theo, not Teddy, is the preferred nickname for Theodore now.

49. Wallace:

The Scottish name Wallace, meaning ‘foreigner’, is famously associated with actor Wallace Shawn and poet Wallace Stevens. It’s also the name of a leading character in the movie “Braveheart”.

50. Zachariah:

In the year 2015, over 600 baby boys were named Zachariah. That speaks a lot about the popularity of this name. Zachariah means ‘God has remembered’.

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Really Long Names For Girls With Meanings:

51. Adelaide:

Are you looking for a longer variation of Adeline or Adele? Then you can consider Adelaide, which means ‘noble’.

52. Alabama:

Alabama is relatively rare for a given name, considering it’s been worn just twice by the fictional characters. It featured in cult classic “True Roman” and was the name of the main character in Zelda Fitzgerald novel, “Save Me the Waltz”. Alabama means ‘tribal town’.

53. Alessandra:

The Spanish and Italian version of Alexandra sounds way prettier than original. And even its popularity has been increasing since the last few years. Alessandra means ‘defending men’.

54. Amaryllis:

There are plenty of long flower names for you to consider, but nothing can be as charming and as rare as Amaryllis. We find Amaryllis wearable, despite it being four syllables long.

55. Anastasia:

The grand name deserves a resurrection. For the nickname, you can pick Ana, Stacy, or Stacia. Anastasia means ‘resurrection’.

56. Annaliese:

Whether you prefer the vintage variation Annaliese, or the modern, American variation Annalisa, this long name for girls will be loved by everyone who hears it. Annaliese means ‘gracious, or God is my oath’.

57. Arabella:

Would you believe if we say Arabella originated as a form of Anabella? But it’s doing pretty well as a separate name today. Arabella means ‘yielding to prayer’.

58. Araceli:

This rare and beautiful name, meaning ‘altar of the sky’, is best known for its association with Maria de Araceli, the patron saint of Lucena.

59. Arianna:

Even this name is popular in both its form, Ariana, and Arianna. And both the forms look sophisticated, without being stuffy. Arianna means ‘chaste’.

60. Beatrice:

A long name that looks short, so your child will face no difficulty while learning its spelling. Beatrice means ‘she who brings happiness’.

61. Calliope:

Penelope is not the only long and beautiful Greek name. Calliope, with its fun ‘e’ ending, is also a lovely option. Calliope means ‘beautiful voice’.

62. Carolina:

This feminine form of Charles has a Southern feel to it, all thanks to the U.S. states. And the glamorous quotient of this name can be attributed to fashion designer Carolina Herrera. Carolina means ‘song of happiness’.

63. Cassandra:

Cassandra, meaning ‘prophetess’, has been used for the exotic characters in plays, soap eras, and movies for ages. This ethereal name also belonged to Jane Austen’s mother.

64. Cassiopeia:

If you’re looking for an uncommon Greek mythology, it cannot get better than Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia means ‘mother of Andromeda’.

65. Clementine:

Make your daughter a trendsetter by giving her this timeless name. Clementine is a female form of Clement and means ‘mild or merciful’.

66. Constance:

If you want to look beyond conventional virtue names like Faith and Hope, you can pick the elegant name, Constance. It means ‘constant’.

67. Cordelia:

We must say Lear’s most loyal daughter has a pretty name. And with Cora on the rise, Cordelia also deserves some attention. Cordelia means ‘daughter of the sea’.

68. Deianira:

The name Deianira belongs to Hercules’ beautiful wife. But you’re more likely to hear its variation, Dayanara. It’s up to you to pick any one for your daughter. Deianira means ‘man-destroyer’.

69. Demetria:

If you want something substantial and dramatic, pick the name Demetria after the Greek goddess of earth. You’ll also get the fab nickname, Demi with it. Demetria means ‘earth mother’.

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70. Desdemona:

Do you know who named Othello’s doomed love Desdemona? The Italian poet Cinzio, whose work “Un Capitano Moro’ is considered to be the basis of Shakespeare’s “Othello”. Her name means ‘misery’.

71. Donatella:

Donatella, the name of the renowned fashion designer, is derived from the Latin word ‘donatus’ and means ‘given by God’. This name shortens to cute Donna.

72. Dorothy:

Thanks to the “Wizard of Oz” for giving this name a long lasting luster. This lovely name has an equally lovely meaning, ‘gift of God’.

73. Elizabeth:

This venerable classic name feels both enduring and sophisticated. Its variation Elisabeth is equally long and attractive. Elizabeth means ‘oath of God’.

74. Emmanuelle:

This female version of Emmanuel, meaning ‘God is with us’, can be shortened to either Emmy or Emma. But if you want to make is sound significant, call it in its full form.

75. Endellion:

This moniker was in the news when British Prime Minister David Cameron named her daughter Florence Rose Endellion. It means ‘fire soul’.

76. Esmeralda:

The name of Disney’s gypsy princess was at its pinnacle at the time of its release, which was in 1996. It further gained traction when Ryan Gosling picked it for his daughter. Esmeralda means ‘emerald.

77. Evangeline:

This romantic, Eve name has become very popular in the recent years. It means ‘bearer of good news’.

78. Felicity:

Felicity may not look as long as other names in the list, but it has four syllables, which makes it a rightful contender in the list. The meaning of Felicity is ‘happiness’.

79. Frederica:

All the feminine forms of Frederic are stylish, but we like Frederica the most. And the nickname Freddie would also sound sassy on your girl.

80. Genoveva:

Since the French version Genevieve is experiencing a fair share of popularity, how about going for its Spanish form Genoveva? It means ‘white wave’.

81. Giovanna:

This Italian for of Genevieve is often pronounced as Giavanna in the US. This fashionable name means ‘God is gracious’.

82. Gwendolyn:

This vintage name will honor none other than Gwendolyn Brooks, the first African American poet to receive the Pulitzer Prize. Gwendolyn means ‘white ring’.

83. Henrietta:

This charming feminine variation of Henry has been in the spotlight recently through the book, “The Immortal Life of Henrietta”. It means ‘state ruler’.

84. Hermione:

No, Hermione is not a name made by J.K. Rowling for her book. It’s a proper name, meaning ‘well-born’. This ‘wizard’ name would make a great pick for a Halloween baby.

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85. Isadora:

Several prominent personalities have graced this name until now, but the most famous is Isadora Duncan, the American dancer. This name means ‘gift of Isis’.

86. Julianna:

This classic name has been borne by several distinguished women, like Julianna McCarthy and Julianna Mauriello. It means ‘youthful’.

87. Lilliana:

This long girl name feels quite current, partly because of its association with Liliana Abud, the Mexican actress. You’re also free to pick the number of Ls and Ns in this name. Liliana means ‘lily’.

88. Magdalena:

Magdalena, the Latin form of Madeline, was most popular in the 1880s in the US. It may be trending down, but do not make the mistake of striking it off the list. It can bounce back any moment. Magdalena means ‘woman from Magdala’.

89. Margaret:

Margaret is a timeless classic name with a beautiful meaning ‘pearl. This moniker comes with a long set of nicknames like Greta, Maggie, and Maisie.

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90. Mirabella:

An elegant name for your little girl, Mirabella means ‘wonderful’.

91. Octavia:

Meaning ‘eight’, Octavia is a perfect name for a girl born on the eight of the month or in the month of August. It is also a lovely substitute for Oliva.

92. Penelope:

Penelope wasn’t very popular when Christina Ricci’s fairytale movie released. But today, it’s a celeb favorite. Penelope means ‘weaver’.

93. Persephone:

This grand moniker is tied with the daughter of Greek God Zeus. A quirky nickname for Persephone would be Percy.

94. Petronella:

This beautiful name, meaning ‘rock’, can be shortened either to Nelly or Petra.

95. Philomena:

Meaning ‘lover of strength’, Philomena is an earthy Greek mythological name with a number of notable namesakes.

96. Seraphina:

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garden put this name on the radar after choosing it for their second baby girl. It means ‘fiery’.

97. Serenity:

We all want serene and calm babies, right? So how about naming your daughter Serenity? We’re quite positive this name will help.

98. Theodora:

Just like Theodore, even Theodora has a strong history attached to its name. It means ‘gift of God’.

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99. Veronica:

This quirky name has several memorable pop culture references, like Veronica Lodge in Archie’s comics and Veronica Hastings in “Pretty Little Liars”. Veronica means ‘she who brings victory’.

100. Zenobia:

Zenobia, meaning ‘force of Zeus’, would look lovely in the middle spot. And Zoe would be the perfect nickname.

Some of these names are very popular in the US and have featured multiple times in the Social Security Administration List. So why wait? Pick one of these right away. And do not forget to share your favorites with us in the comment section.

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