25 Fun Long Distance Relationship Birthday Ideas For Couples

To keep your long-distance relationship from becoming monotonous and devoid of that spark, it is important to keep things interesting with a certain level of persistence and novelty. We have compiled a list of long-distance relationship birthday ideas that will restore the charm and make up for the void created by the distance. Even though the feeling of being able to hug your partner on their birthday is unmatched, there is no reason not to have an awesome time with each other in a long-distance romance. Delve into this post as we bring you interesting ways to celebrate birthdays over long distances.

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25 Long-Distance Relationship Birthday Ideas

  1. Flirty snail mail cards: Sending speedy text messages through various apps is the norm. However, nothing says it best than an old-school snail mail card. You could get innovative with the kind of messages you write on these cards. Make them flirtatious and fun. Send a series of cards counting down to your love’s birthday.
  1. Say it with flowers: Flowers have the power to evoke beautiful feelings. Gifting someone flowers is a time-tested way to profess love. Choose an arrangement that reflects your feelings and get them delivered first thing in the morning. You could also add a romantic message or a cute cake to make it more endearing.
Gifting someone flowers is a time-tested way to profess love.

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  1. Photo clip strings: Weave your hearts together with a photo clip string. It’s the simplest way to add some birthday decorations. Choose photographs of time spent together or those that depict the two of you in various moods. String and team them up with fairy lights to add that extra sparkle. Ensure that you parcel this birthday décor in advance.
  1. Shop online: Take your sweetheart on an online shopping spree. A few websites also offer simultaneous surfing for couples who would like to shop together but stay in different cities. Spend time browsing together through different virtual shops. Even if you decide against purchasing anything, the time spent together will be worth it.
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Surprise your LDR partner by buying everything on their wishlist and getting it delivered to their address before their birthday. All you need to have is their login credentials (wink wink)!!
  1. Go roundabout: Work out a tricky code between the two of you to share secret (read passionate and suggestive) messages. Develop one in advance to familiarize yourself with the cryptic language. It gives you the edge of conveying the naughtiest birthday messages in the presence of family and friends. Who says birthdays in long-distance relationships can’t be exciting? Get decrypting!
  1. Party it is: You may not be present in person, but can surely plan a surprise party for your partner. Get in touch with common friends and relatives who stay close to your companion. The more, the merrier! Work with them to throw a birthday bash.
Plan a surprise party for your partner

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  1. Virtual bash: Should some reason mess with your party blueprint, don’t fret. Plan one virtually. Invite your closest friends for an online celebration. Include close relatives, too, if your partner stays alone. Courier party poppers, balloons, and streamers to your friends beforehand and make it a fun event. Add fervor to the party with a dress or color code.
  1. Bake a cake: No birthday celebration is complete without a cake. Bake one with a special theme and have it delivered. You can also choose a jar cake or a ready-to-make recipe.
  1. Dinner date: Dress up to your partner’s taste and plan an online birthday dinner date. Who says dinner dates sitting across screens, miles away, can’t be romantic? Preorder food through a food delivery chain that caters to both your destinations.
  1. Me, myself, and my party: Put together a special DIY birthday party-in-a-box for your partner—replete with balloons, birthday banner, candles, confetti, whistles, streamers, and a cap. Add a personal touch by creating one yourself, and ensure your companion indulges in some innocent ‘just me’ revelry.
  1. Musical sojourn: Music lifts the spirit and touches the heart. Gift your sweetheart a soulful mash-up of their favorite romantic songs. Include a few peppy numbers to get the party mood swinging.
  1. Say it in your voice: Nothing beats a wish for a lover than hearing it in their beloved’s voice. Record the birthday wish yourself. Let one of those sing-along karaoke apps help you tune it to music. It is bound to widen the smile on your partner’s face.
Quick tip
You could also compose and sing a song for your significant other to surprise them on their special day.
  1. Topographical match: To celebrate the occasion, get unique customized watches to reflect the latitudinal coordinates of your geographical locations. Match your coordinates to remind each other that distance is just a number.
  1. Multiply the wishes: Send your sweetheart recorded video wishes from common friends and relatives. Birthdays become more special when wishes and greetings multiply and have a personal touch.
  1. A good soak and sauna: If your partner believes in the goodness and relaxation of a warm and luxurious bath, then stir up a storm in their bathroom. Gift them exotic bath bombs, gels, essential oils, and scrubs to ensure head-to-toe indulgence.
Gift them exotic bath bombs, gels, etc

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  1. Game for it: Board games have long been neglected. But they can engage you for hours. Unleash your sporty side and play the online versions of these games. Your partner will thank you for an awesome time.
  1. Get quizzy: If you and your partner have wonderful travel memories, relive them on your sweetheart’s birthday. Quiz each other, and test who has an elephantine memory. It’s a wonderful way to spend time with your lover. End it with a short video clip of all your favorite pictures.
  1. Handcrafted present: A gift that you have personally handcrafted speaks volumes about your true feelings and how much your partner means to you. Don’t go about challenging Picasso or Frida Kahlo; keep it simple but expressive.
  1. Movie date: Watch a movie together online. There are several online movie apps that help you watch movies simultaneously. Grab a bowl of spicy popcorn and a fizzy drink before you binge-watch your favorite movie or web series.
  1. Leisure pursuit: If the two of you share a love of literature, drama, and poetry, a birthday could be the best occasion to polish your literary and oratory skills. Do your favorite shared activity together—readouts, play acts, or recitations, the choice is yours.
  1. Age–gift match: Match up your sweetheart’s age with those many gifts. They needn’t drill your pockets. Choose small but meaningful gifts that are bound to make your partner smile. Don’t exhaust yourself with all the shopping; get close friends to pitch in, too. Deliver the gifts during the birthday week.
  1. Sweet lure: Indulging your partner’s sweet tooth on their birthday will definitely win you a lot of brownie points. Drop off a huge jar of your love’s favorite cookies, followed by quirky and interestingly wrapped candies. Toss in some flavored jellybeans and work it up with exotic kisses chocolate. Wrap up the sweet affair with a big tub of ice cream. Include some sweet personal messages to spike that feel-good factor.
Long distance relationship birthday idea

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  1. Make it memorable: As a couple, you could leave a lasting impression on this planet. Plant seeds or saplings to mark birthdays. You would be doing the environment a whole lot of good.
  1. Spread love: Bring a smile on someone else’s face. Use your sweetheart’s birthday as an occasion to donate to a charity. You can also arrange for your partner’s birthday celebration with a philanthropic foundation. There could be no better way to celebrate than by spreading love and cheer.
  1. Be the gift: The ultimate way to cheer up your long-distance partner would be to be with them in person. Surprise your sweetheart with a quick visit or send across a ticket. The destination could be any place where the two of you can enjoy being together.
Surprise your sweetheart with a quick visit

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We hope the above long-distance relationship birthday ideas will help keep the romance sizzling between you and your partner. Even though your partner may be miles away, these ideas will help you connect with them virtually. This list includes classic ideas and a few modern ones to help you express your love for your partner as memorably as you would in person. With these ideas, distance may no longer seem like a barrier. So get creative and customize these ideas based on your favorite memories of each other to make their birthday unforgettable.

Infographic: Let Distance Not Spoil The Fun

A long-distance relationship has its own challenges, but you can yearn for your partner more, especially when it’s their birthday. But this year, we can help you make it a different and happier experience. Use this infographic to surprise your love on their special day, and you can join the celebrations virtually!

long distance relationship birthday ideas (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Being in a long-distance relationship may not be easy for all and may pinch a little more on special occasions such as birthdays.
  • You may shop online, enjoy a virtual date, or watch a movie online to make your LDR partner happy.
  • You may send them gifts, cards, flowers, and other things to make their special day remarkable.
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