145+ Long Distance Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend Or Husband

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“In true love, the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged”. – Hans Nouwens. However, sending the perfect long-distance birthday wishes for a boyfriend can be challenging since you want to express your feelings when they are far away. You may wish your boyfriend and tell them how you miss them on this occasion. Digital communications from text messages to FaceTime and Skype calls or other options help you stay connected beyond the boundaries of lands and ocean. So, texting special wishes on birthdays and other occasions could strengthen the relationship. Dive into this post for some heartwarming long-distance birthday wishes that will make your boyfriend smile.

150 Long Distance Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend Or Husband

Text him a joke to tickle his funny bone. Or be sentimental or sensual to keep him engaged and excited. But whatever you send, make sure there is a personal touch to the text. Pick one of these texts or get inspired by them to write a beautiful birthday wish to your boyfriend or husband and keep the romance alive.

  1. cupcake and long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend
  2. “You came like the sunshine into my dark life and brightened it with your smile. Happy birthday, my love.”
  3. “You dwell in my heart; distance means so little. Happy birthday!”
  4. “I hate that I have to wish you through a text message and not with a kiss. Wish you a fabulous birthday.”
  5. “I am lucky to have a loving and caring partner like you. Have a fantastic birthday, my love.”
  6. “Lost in this night, wish you were near. For your next birthday, I wish to be in your arms. Have a fantabulous birthday!”
  7. “Thank you for putting up with my mood swings and temper tantrums. Come back soon to celebrate your next birthday with me. Happy birthday!
  8. “Don’t be surprised if the sun shines a little brighter and the moon looks a little prettier today because I asked them to do so for you. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.”
  9. “Wishing my cool, handsome, darling boyfriend/husband a very happy birthday. May you have a rocking birthday, and remember you have to treat me when you come back.”
  10. “Honey, you are the most wonderful partner I could have ever asked for. Love your compassionate nature. I’m proud of all that you have achieved in life. Happy Birthday!”
  11. “I want to spoil you with loads of virtual kisses because today is the day you were born to enter my life. I love you so much. Have an awesome birthday.”
  12. golden candle and long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend
  13. “Wish I was there to cover your face with kisses. Happy birthday, dear. Party hard.”
  14. “Nobody else has touched my heart in quite the way you have. I’m lucky to have you in my life. Have a wonderful birthday.”
  15. “I love you the same way the night loves the moon. You are so far, yet so near. Wish you a memorable birthday!”
  16. “I can’t wait for you to kiss me again. It’s been so long, and the last one still lingers on! I cannot wait to refresh the memory. Happy birthday, have a blast.”
  17. “Your thought always brings a smile to my face. You are not invisible; you are so rare that not everyone can see you. I love you too much. Have a Happy birthday!”
  18. “Distance has made our relationship stronger. But look at us! Still as madly in love as always. Happy birthday to the love of my life. Thank you for coming into my life and making it worthwhile.”
  19. “‘Thump, thump…’ Oh! My heart just reminded me to wish my love a very happy birthday. Have a great party and enjoy your day.”
  20. “Happy birthday to the one who makes my heartbeat!”
  21. I miss you every day, but today I’m missing you a little too much because it’s your birthday, and I’m not there to wish you personally. Happy birthday my hero! Come back soon.”
  22. small red gift and long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend
  23. “I thank God every day for sending you into this world and along my way. Happy birthday my Prince!”
  24. “Open your arms and be ready to accept the warm hugs that I am sending through the warm breeze. Happy Birthday!”
  25. “I hate not being there with you today. Please come back soon. Happy birthday!”
  26. “I long for the warmth I feel when we are together. Happy birthday, dear. Hope we get to celebrate together soon.”
  27. “Cheers, I raise a toast to your birthday. Drink loads of beer, receive a ton of gifts, party with your best mates…Happy birthday!”
  28. “I met a genie last night in my dreams, and he granted me one wish. I wished for everlasting love and happiness to you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.”
  29. “It’s amazing. I remembered your birthday before the Facebook reminder. Happy birthday my sunshine!”
  30. candle with bow as long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend
  31. “May this day bring you boundless joy and happiness. Happy birthday.”
  32. “You make our togetherness insanely fun! When I’m with you, I wonder if I’m awake or dreaming! Happy birthday, dear.”
  33. “Life would be so boring without you. Have an amazing and fulfilling birthday, and come back to me soon.”
  34. “Heal me with your love. Be mine forever. Have a happy birthday, my love!”
  35. “Light up the world with your smile and pick a flame to place on your birthday candle. And when you cut the cake, remember I am with you holding your hand. Happy birthday!”
  36. “My heart pines for you. With a thousand miles between you and me, days seem like months. I hope to see you soon, baby. Happy birthday.”
  37. “Life has been such a smooth ride since you come into it. Wish you a great birthday! Have unrestrained fun and enjoyment today.”
  38. “Happy birthday to the boyfriend who cooks better pasta than me. I have a new recipe that can satiate your tastebuds in one bite. Come soon so I can make it for you.”
  39. “You have been an amazing husband and a wonderful dad. I pray that God blesses you with health and happiness. I’m proud of you. Happy birthday, dear.”
  40. “You may be a thousand miles away, but I can feel you next to me. I want to hold you, hear you whisper ‘I love you’ in my ears. I love you, baby. Hope we meet soon. Have a super birthday.”
  41. “I am feeling lonesome as I lay in this darkness. I dream of the day when we can be together. I live with the thought of being by your side for the rest of my life. Have an awesome birthday, my angel.”
  42. hand wrapped gift for long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend
  43. “I am waiting for the day when our virtual kisses and hugs are replaced by real ones. Happy birthday.”
  44. “Distance has separated us by a thousand miles, but in my dreams, I kiss your lips a thousand times. Happy birthday!”
  45. “I am losing my sleep. I remember you through the endless sleepless nights. I remember you through every endless day. I know you are just a FaceTime away, but I wanted to write to tell you how much I miss you today. Please come back now. Happy birthday my hero.”
  46. “I still remember the days when we walked hand in hand under the moonlight, counting the stars in the sky. It seems like yesterday, not far away. Happy birthday! Enjoy one last time without me.”
  47. “Honey! I was coming through the mail to see you, but the mailman said I exceeded the weight limit, so I have to settle for sending you a love message. Happy birthday my dear!”
  48. “Today is the day I thank your mom for giving birth to such a great guy. Love you, my darling. Have a nice birthday.”
  49. “I wake up every day feeling empty without you. The nights seem so long and cold without you. I’m looking out of our window, dreaming about you. Happy Birthday, hubby! Come back to me soon.”
  50. pink candle and long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend
  51. “Tonight, there is no distance between us. Tonight, I celebrate my love for you. Happy birthday, my life.”
  52. “I see you outside my window and remember the days when we watched the pouring rain. Don’t we love the rainy night, such a beautiful sight? Now I feel the pain with every drop of rain. Miss you, darling. Happy Birthday!”
  53. “When you are not here with me, I get crazy. Miss you each moment, each day, and all the time. I remember the fun we had in the fine sand and curling waves in Bondi Beach. Waiting for you. Happy birthday!”
  54. “I feel like a baby left in the woods. I wish kisses can fly like butterflies. Let my love fly like a bird on a wing. Happy birthday.”
  55. “Baby, I know you must be missing me today because you love me the most after your computer. Turn on the light and love me tonight. Happy birthday!”
  56. “Tonight, I celebrate my love for you. Many happy returns of the day, honey! Hope you had a good day.”
  57. “Hey, birthday boy! Have loads of fun without me tonight. But when you’re back, hold me warm against your heart and love me plenty.”
  58. “I go to the places we like to go to. I see you everywhere – in the mall, cinema hall and everywhere in this crowded city. I miss you. Happy birthday, dear.”
  59. “Hey, thanks for the smiling selfie. I saw your smile, now I can rest for a while. Keep that big smile on today and always. Happy birthday.”
  60. “Another year older, but you still look the same as you did when we first met. Happy birthday!”
  61. “Each time we fight or argue, we get back together stronger than before. I wish you were here, holding me tight. Happy birthday, hero.”
  62. virtual long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend
  63. “Even this birthday message is luckier than me as it gets to see you today while I do not. Happy birthday, sweetheart.”
  64. “You are the only one that heals me with a smile. You are the only one who makes bad times look good. Happy birthday, my love! Come back soon to me.”
  65. “I hope every girl gets a sweet and caring boyfriend like you because everyone deserves to be happy. Many happy returns of the day, darling.”
  66. “May this year bring you lots of joy, success, happiness, and good health. And if you need love, you know I’m here for you. Love you loads. Happy Birthday!”
  67. “Despite this distance between us, I can feel your smoldering gaze on me through this message. Happy birthday sexy eyes!”
  68. “You are my rose, my heart, and make me warm like the sun. Every day without you feels so long. Today is longer, for it is your special day, and I cannot taste your lips of wine. Happy birthday!”
  69. “You are always on my mind. Sail away with me to another world. I need you more than I, I miss you more than I. Have a super birthday, my dear.”
  70. “There’s no distance between us. You’re on my mind. Happy birthday, my love.”
  71. “My life will be blue without you. I miss you badly. I want you back with me. Happy birthday, dear.”
  72. gift and flower for long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend
  73. “May this birthday be as cool as my dear birthday boy. Have a great time, my love.”
  74. “I wish I were there to show you some love today. Happy birthday handsome!”
  75. “This distance will soon be a thing of the past, and you will be in my arms. Happy birthday.”
  76. “As the distance grows between us, our love for each other only deepens. Happy birthday, sweetie!”
  77. “It is not a miracle that our love strengthens despite the distance. It is our true bond that keeps us together. Happy birthday, soulmate!”
  78. “I can share anything with you but not my love for you. It is mine to keep and dwell in. Happy birthday.”
  79. “No matter how many ups and downs we go through in life, we know we have each other, and that is enough for us to keep going. Happy birthday!”
  80. “The distance doesn’t matter. Our hearts are closer. Happy birthday dearest boyfriend!”
  81. “On this special day, I may not be able to give you anything in person, so I give you my love and loyalty for a lifetime. Happy birthday!”
  82. lady in red for long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend
  83. “The flame on your birthday candle can disappear, but the flame of love for you in my heart will not. Happy birthday!”
  84. “Fell in love with you the moment our eyes met. And still in love with you as I was before. Happy birthday my one and only.”
  85. “Spending a lifetime with only one person seems difficult, but not when the person is you. With you, I’m willing to spend several lifetimes. Happy birthday!”
  86. “You have filled my heart with love and joy. I’m eagerly waiting for you to come back. Happy birthday my sweetheart.”
  87. “Every moment that I think of you, I fall more in love with you. I have decided to store all that love and shower it upon you when you meet me next. Have a happy birthday, sweetie!”
  88. “I don’t know why I love you, but I know for sure that it is only you who I love and no one else. Happy birthday!”
  89. “I feel like the luckiest girl for having a bestie in my boyfriend. Even though miles apart, I still survive on your love. Happy birthday, darling. May you have a great time with your friends.”
  90. “For your birthday, I wish all your problems and worries go away from your life, and you remain smiling as always. Happy birthday!”
  91. “With every passing birthday of yours, I realize how my feelings for you get deeper and deeper. Let this be the last time you celebrate your birthday away from me. Happy birthday my love.”
  92. “Life seems so boring without you. Can’t wait to pull you into my arms and hold you like that forever. Happy birthday my lover!”
  93. “Happy birthday, honey! Never mind that I am not there where you are, but my good wishes are always with you. Have a lovely day.”
  94. “I am really lucky to have a friend for a boyfriend. Thank you for being born and coming into my life. Happy Birthday.”
  95. “I always wished for someone who would love me unconditionally, and I am glad you fulfilled that wish of mine. Come on, let’s open a bottle of wine. Happy birthday!”
  96. “Like the sun gives inexhaustible sunlight, my love for you is also never-ending. Love you loads. Happy birthday!”
  97. “I may not be there with you on this birthday, but I promise to be with you for the next 100 birthdays of yours. Happy birthday, baby!”
  98. “Here’s wishing happy birthday to one who takes my breath away each time he smiles.”
  99. “You are like sugar to me, sweet and addictive. Staying away from you is nothing less than torture. Have a great birthday, and come back soon so we can both go crazy partying.”
  100. “A very happy birthday to the one who fills my world with the fragrance of love. May you achieve success in everything you do.”
  101. “I can forget to eat, to sleep, and even to breathe, but I can never forget to wish you a very happy birthday. You mean a lot to me.”
  102. “Happy Birthday, my dearest husband. Divided by distance but connected through hearts, may our love for each other keep growing always.”
  103. “I cannot cross the ocean to be with you, so I send this message to wish my love a very happy birthday. Have a great time.”
  104. “When I first met you, I decided I am never letting go of you for the next 100 years. Happy birthday. My love.”
  105. “I don’t know how I lived so many years without you, my love. Now I cannot imagine life without you. Happy birthday! Hope to see you soon.”
  106. “This time that we are spending apart has only made me realize how much I love you. Have an awesome birthday!”
  107. “Happy birthday to the one who thinks I am the best golfer in the world. Thank you for showing so much faith in me. Have an amazing birthday!”
  108. “We may be on different continents, but thoughts of your warm hug and your charming smile appear every night with the moon in the sky. Happy birthday, my sweetheart!”
  109. “Distance may have conspired to keep us apart, but when you love someone, nothing can keep you from wishing them. Happy birthday to the love of my life!”
  110. “There is no love more beautiful than the one that keeps your heart beating. Happy birthday my heartbeat. Even this cruel distance cannot dilute my love for you.”
  111. “Wish you a day full of gifts and surprises. Happy birthday my precious!”
  112. greeting long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend
  113. “May God grant you all your wishes today because you deserve it. Have a rocking birthday.”
  114. “I don’t know how to reduce this distance that separates us, but I do know how to hold you in my heart forever. Happy birthday, boo!”
  115. “Wonderful birthday to Mr. Cool, who never gets angry. Remember, you have to treat me first thing after you come back.”
  116. “Best birthday to the one who has seen me in my jammies and still loves me. I feel really lucky to have found you in this lifetime.”
  117. “Who loves French fries without ketchup? You do! So, I wish you a lot of fries and no ketchup for today! Have an enjoyable birthday.”
  118. “I can lose everything in life except for my love for you. No one can ever take away from me the love I have for you. Have the happiest birthday, my love.”
  119. “Wishing a very happy birthday to the one who introduced me to my beautiful self. You’ve changed my life, and when you come back, be ready for a big surprise.”
  120. “Your birthday is more special to me than my own because it is on this day that the catalyst to making my life beautiful was born. Happy birthday my dear!”
  121. “It’s been over a year since I last saw you. But I cannot help seeing you everywhere around me. Happy Birthday, dear.”
  122. “Even through a video chat, I can feel your warmth and smell your fragrance. That is how madly in love I am with you. Have a happy birthday, my dear.”
  123. “People can read the alphabet in one go. But I cannot because I stop at ‘u’ and cannot look beyond. Happy birthday handsome!”
  124. “Dear hubby, remember you said you dream of going all out and crazy in Las Vegas someday? Well, since I’m not there with you, you can try living your dream for a day. Happy birthday, love!”
  125. “I bought a new nightgown as a birthday gift for you. If you want to see it, come back to me as soon as possible. Happy birthday, Mr. Lover.”
  126. “Every time I close my eyes, I see your smiling face. Happy birthday, hubby. I hope soon I get to see you when my eyes are open too.”
  127. “This year is the best because you will be celebrating your birthday twice. Once without me and the other with me when I come back. Have a fun birthday.”
  128. “I loved the oceans until they divided us. But don’t worry, I know to swim and the day I cannot take this distance anymore, I’ll swim my way to you. Happy birthday, hero.”
  129. “You are in that exotic location for work. So, don’t you dare think of partying without me! Just kidding, handsome. Please go out and have a great day. Happy Birthday.”
  130. “I miss you so much I’m almost contemplating learning to fly so I can get to you whenever I want. Happy birthday my one and only love.”
  131. “On all your birthdays that you are away from me, I will spend time looking through our old photos and videos so I can relive the best moments of my life. Happy birthday sweet baby.”
  132. “I am so used to waking up next to you that my hand automatically checks the bed for you even before I open my eyes. I miss you! Happy birthday!”
  133. “This morning felt like waking up to a completely new sun. My sun is miles away from me and hopefully enjoying his day. Have a great birthday, my sweetheart.”
  134. “In my sweet dream last night, I gave you a wake-up kiss on your birthday. Happy birthday, honey!”
  135. “Today is your day, so stop messaging me and go out and have a party. Happy birthday, my darling. Don’t worry about me, and just enjoy this special day.”
  136. “I hope the memories of the good times we spent together keep you company today in my absence. Have an amazing birthday. love.”
  137. “May the sun light up your path a little brighter today. May the moon glow a little stronger today, and may the breeze blow cooler today as it is my love’s birthday. Happy birthday, boo!”
  138. “You must be the most ruthless thief in the world. You steal my heart and take it miles away with you promising to return soon. Can’t wait to see my heart again. Happy birthday!”
  139. “Two people living in two different countries are very excited today. Me because it’s your birthday and you because you know I am excited. Have a happy birthday!”
  140. “You have to celebrate this day without my kiss. I know it must feel awful but be strong as it will be the last one without me. Wish you an exciting birthday.”
  141. “Spending this day without you is like going underwater without an oxygen cylinder. It feels terrible to miss you today. But I will be strong. Enjoy your birthday, and have a great time.”
  142. “I promise to be with you first whenever I get back. For now, please have a great day without me. Happy birthday, my love. I love you a lot.”
  143. “No matter how many people I surround myself with, I still miss you every single second. Have a fantastic birthday, and remember, I am waiting for you.”
  144. “Every day, I think of a million ways to not miss you, but by the end of it, I miss you even more than before. Happy birthday, my love. I never thought I’d miss you this much. Come back soon.”
  145. “I wish I were there to share your moments of joy and pain. Have a rocking birthday, my dear.”
  146. “My heart is always with you, although you are miles away. Happy birthday, dear.”
  147. “I stopped watching romantic movies and listening to love songs because it always reminds me of you. Happy birthday!”
  148. “I’m sending loads of kisses with the hope that some of them reach you. Happy birthday!”
  149. “Time stopped when you left me to pursue your dreams in a different country. I can move forward in life only when you come and kiss me awake. Happy birthday, my prince!”
  150. “I wish I had wings to fly. I would have landed in your arms, in place of this message. Happy birthday.”

The birthday of your sweetheart is a wonderful occasion that must be commemorated. You may think that just because you are not together, there is not much you can do to make him feel special. But, words can do wonders that no other surprises can. You may refer to these long-distance birthday wishes for boyfriends and pick the one that best suits your situation to pour your heart out to your man and make him feel special on his birthday. Always remember, distance makes the heart grow fonder, but love is the fuel that keeps the ship sailing.

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