15 Long Distance Relationship Activities To Feel Closer To Your Love

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You long for their company and wish they were with you to share your happiness or ease your pain. Being in a long distance relationship is never easy; you cannot let the love perish due to physical distance.

A relationship can thrive no matter how far away the partners are from each other, provided there is love without constraints.

If you are missing your partner and want to do something about it, then this MomJunction post is for you. Here, we list a few long distance relationship activities that make the distance easy to bear.

15 Long Distance Relationship Activities

The hardest part of being in a long distance relationship is the waiting period when you miss each other and wish that you could be together. But the waiting period need not always be a bad thing. It can be used to nurture the relationship and make your love grow fonder.

Include your partner in your daily activities by telling them about your routine and your work, your colleagues and friends.

Here are a few creative and fun activities that you and your partner should try to make the long distance relationship work.

1. Plan a surprise visit

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Nothing can make your partner happy than opening the door and finding you. If your partner is feeling low and tells you they missed you, then plan a surprise visit and sweep them off their feet. Plan the visit carefully though, to make sure your partner is at home and not engaged otherwise. That said, try not to be too discreet as they might end up perceiving your actions negatively. Leave a few hints here and there – keep them guessing.

2. Write love letters

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Technology might have made many things obsolete, but this activity can never get old. Think old-fashioned, pick up the pen, and write a love letter for your partner. The best part about this is that your partner can actually see your handwriting, feel the words filled with love and emotions. It gets all the better if the letter arrives when they are missing you. Even better is when your partner writes a reply to your love letter.

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3. Video chat

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Video chat is a boon for couples in long distance relationships. Through video call, you can see each other anytime, anywhere. Call them the first thing in the morning, during your commute to work, or just before hitting the bed. Video calls are like an oasis for the couple who are longing for each other’s company.

4. Play an online game together

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Another fun activity for you and your partner to spend time with each is online gaming. If you and your partner enjoy getting competitive, then pick up a multiplayer game and play till your heart’s content.

5. Wear matching outfits

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Just because you are not together, doesn’t mean you cannot do romantic things like wearing matching outfits. Plan your days and pick a color to wear matching outfits to work. You can also buy matching PJs, click pictures, or have a video call wearing the outfits.

6. Share pictures of your day

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If you have kids, then there will be many moments which your partner will not be able to witness. Be it the child’s first word, first day at school, or your new dress, all those precious moments can be shared with them. This way, you can make them a part of your life even when they are far away.

7. Send gifts and open them simultaneously

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Do not wait for an occasion to shower your loved one with gifts. When you spot something that your partner would like, buy it, and send it to them. To add to the excitement, both of you can plan and send each other gifts (without revealing what it is) and then open simultaneously while on the phone or video call.

8. Create an adventure book together

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When in a long distance relationship, together-time is precious. Both you and your partner might have many thoughts and plans on how to spend it. So, why not plan and discuss what all you want to do. You can also create a bucket list and plan to strike off one item at a time. Or, maintain a journal and stick pictures of your adventures.

9. Fall asleep together

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You crave for your partner’s touch; you remember all those times when you cuddled together and slept. This activity is for those times when you miss being with your partner. Although you cannot replicate the touch, you can sleep in each other’s presence with this sweet activity. Start with a call and talk until either or both of you fall asleep.

10. Watch a movie together

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It might not be the same as when you both are together, but still, you can make it to a movie together. You both can select a movie or a TV show and stream it online or play it simultaneously. Also, there are some movie tools which enable you to see each other’s reactions as if you are watching it sitting next to each other.

11. Show gestures of love

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When you and your partner have to stay away from each other, try to convey your love through small gestures. For example, if your partner loves beaches but is in a landlocked place, go to a beach near you and write their name on the sand or using pebbles, click a picture and send it to them. Such gestures will show how much you are missing them.

12. Order their favorite dish

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Imagine your partner is back from a day of hectic work, tired and hungry, dreading to cook for themselves, and then they get a surprise delivery – food from their favorite restaurant. Give them company through a video call, and we’re pretty sure your partner will enjoy the meal more than ever.

13. Cook together

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If both of you enjoy cooking, then make it an ongoing activity even when you are away from each other. Pick up a recipe, and cook it simultaneously while having a video call. Once done, you can taste your respective dishes and discuss how each one’s dish tastes and ways to upgrade it.

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14. Share your pic every day

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This might sound silly but trust us, waking up to your partner’s smiling face (even a photo) makes your day better. Don’t you agree? For this idea to work, both of you must commit to sending each other selfies before you head to work, every day. This will also motivate you to get dressed, impress your partner, and leave sweet memories until you both meet the next time.

15. Plan for your next visit

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This is probably the most obvious long distance relationship activity. Both you and your partner will be longing to see each other, so make the waiting period exciting by planning the next meeting together. Both of you can suggest ideas about the things you could do and places you can go to, and make all the memories you can.

You and your partner may be busy at different places and may find some of these activities silly. But try them anyway. Make time for each other. The motive behind all these ideas is to help you keep in touch with each other and not miss out any fun that couples staying together have. Don’t let distance play spoilsport.

What did you do to narrow down the distance in your long distance relationship? Let us know in the comments section below.

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