50 Beautiful Long Distance relationship Poems

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Conveying feelings to your partner is quite important in a long-distance relationship as the physical distance can fade only when you express your heart. You can let your partner feel your emotions by using meaningful, long-distance relationship poems. When you find it difficult to keep that spark and connection alive in a long-distance relationship, poems can do the trick.

Poems from our post can help you express to your beloved how much you miss them or how you feel without having them around. Dedicate these heartfelt and emotional long-distance relationship poems to bring a smile to your partner’s face.

50 Long-Distance Relationship Poems For Him And Her

Long-Distance Love Poems For Him

1. My Dearest Love

I see you in my thoughts and dreams,
When I awake, how real it seems.
You aren’t here to comfort me,
But soon I hope you will be.

No one truly knows or understands;
You have my heart in your hands.
My love is what you truly own.
Come soon and make our house a home.

Inside those walls you are doing your time,
Not being here with me is your only true crime.
Others in your life will come and go,
But my love is true, and I’m sure you know.

I may not be rich or the prettiest one,
But I love you so much; you are my sun.
You light up my life every time you call.
When the time is up, I begin to fall.

You are my stars, you are my moon,
Being with you will come very soon.
So when you sleep, take this to heart,
No one or nothing will keep us apart.

—Sherri Brown

2. Sun And Moon

You were like the sun who brought light
Into my cold, dark, and lifeless night.
You made me realize that no matter what I do,
My life will always revolve around you.

Just when I thought that darkness was all around,
You showed me your light and picked me up off the ground.
In your arms, love and care is what I found.
With you, peace and ease surrounds.

We are like the sun and the moon.
Far in every way, but I wish to see you soon.
We are miles and miles apart,
But never forget we are always connected in our heart.

—Del Kayler

3. Time And Distance

Destiny’s hands shows the right chosen way
When to let go, when to cut loose in its rhyme
He has the final say to our paths in time

To what so ever draws in our soft palms
My love will perpetually be true to your heart
Time is passing by, something we can’t undermine
Time travels without a pause to croon its chant

Even distances cuddle us, meddling in our affairs
my love will forever remain to see your smiling face
I’ll be your shinning star, your guiding light
Watching you from the distance, day and night

For my love is here, no matter what you do
I shall be here by your side, loving you
We will always be each in others hearts
Even if the oceans divide us apart

Even distance has been a thorn in our lives
Whiles love is the rose that bonded our hearts
our lips pine for each others touch
promise, the oceans will not blow away our love

Our hands long to be hand in hand
Our hearts yearn to live entwine
For the rest of our lives
Oh I pray one day fate delivers you into my arms

—Catrina Heart

4. Heart Song

Until our final kiss goodbye
I didn’t know that hearts could fly
But mine flew away
With you that day.

Distance, so few thoughts I gave,
Until you had to leave that day.
But in that moment I could feel
That distance is heavy, hard, and real.

I didn’t know that heartstrings tied
And tangled up so much inside.
Until the last smile you sent my way
When you had to go that day.

I never thought that time could seem
So cold and cruel that I could scream.
Until the long hours after you’d gone,
As my heart cried until the dawn.

Now I am just holding on
For the moment our love’s sweet song
Together loud and true will ring
As so in love our hearts will sing.


5. Inhale

I woke,
And I buried my nose in your shirt:
It still smells like you
In your absence.

It is such a comfort,
To me, your lover,
On the small island.

We are far in miles,
But I have your shirt
To inhale.


6. Everything Is So Confusing

Everything is so confusing
not being able to be with you.
It’s making me crazy,
and I don’t know what to do.
You mean everything to me.
I hope we never break apart,
because I’m in love with you
and you have a special place in my heart.
Not a day goes by
that I don’t think about you.
I want to be with you forever.
It’s crazy, but I do.
You took away my pain.
You’re always in my dreams.
I’ll love you forever.
At least that’s how it seems.


7. Miles Away

Long distance
1500 miles
44 days to walk
Who cares? If you love me
As I love you
We’re not apart
Despite the miles
We are together
Together at heart
Distance matters to minds
But hearts don’t care

We fell in love
Long distance
We’ll stay in love
Long distance

Our hearts are together
Though we’re far apart
Though we fell in love
Long distance


8. Piece Of You

When you said had to go,

I knew I’d never make it through
Unless I had a piece of you
To help me make it through the day

And help me keep the tears at bay.

So, I keep a bit of you
Inside my heart through all I do
So, when I end up feeling blue,

It’s there to brighten up my mood.

A bit of your laughter, your smile, too,
It’s there inside my heart so true.
I keep it close and hold it tight
Because you’re my sweetest

love and light….

—Amy Finley

Long-Distance Love Poems For Her

9. $ealìng Thé Dìstancê

Yo! Girl, this one’s fo you..
And no matter how hard it may seem,
I promise we’re gonna make it through.

I tried to call you up, ’cause i got a fear inside me and that’s filling me up.
What if i’m losing you love.. Will i ever love to see those 7 seven colors above?
You’re the only one thing that makes me all feel good..
Then why don’t you let me feel the way i should?
May be you should come a lil’ bit closer now,
And make me understand if i’ve ever been too rude.

I’ve been standing here for so long..
My heart aches to see myself alone.
Hazes filled the way to the brighter days,
Nor i can turn back to where i belong.

It’s hard to keep my feets on the ground,
But i can’t wait girl to see you back in the town.
Despite of all the miseries, i believe one day we will this series.
But till that time if i fail to stand still,
Girl won’t you help me to get back on my knees..?

Distance is all you have to cover now..
If you care for tears i’m crying out..
And i’ll give myself, i’ll give my all,
To feel you breathing right inside my heart.

—Menime Soul

10. Someone

Words simply can’t describe
My feelings for you,
For my feelings are so many
But words, they are so few.

Encouragement you give me
And a connection that is true.
I’m glad while reaching out
I found someone like you.

You give your love so sweetly.
I am lost if you are away.
You have me so completely.
I cherish you night and day.

You make me laugh
When I want to cry.
You make me happy
When you don’t even try.

Your laugh makes me smile.
You make my life a better place.
I love everything about you.
You’re someone I could never replace.

It’s you that keeps me up all night.
The one getting me through the day,
And so it seems to me that there
Is only one thing left to say.

I don’t know how to say it
To make it sound so true,
So I’ll say it how I feel it.
I’m in love with you.

No distance can keep us apart.
You are someone I can’t forget.
You will always be in my heart.
I know I’ll be with you yet.

I will tell you from my heart
We will never drift apart.
You keep me from being blue,
And I love you for being you…

—Owain L. Derbyshire

11. Long Distance Love

Humble beginnings are the ones that were hard
Momma crying, begging me not to go so far
I held my tears as I held her tight
I said momma forgive me, but I need a start
I’ve got dreams to realize
A desire to leave this place
A child I was chased
An adult misplaced
But momma don’t worry
I remember what you’ve taught me
Patience is a virtue and that it is key
That strength is weakness, unless I get on my knee
To help others, that’s one way to plant a tree
You taught me fairness and honesty
You’ve done a lot, as you were both of my parents
I learned to let go of my anger
As I learned from your patience
Your generous heart gave so much love
You still thought it was not enough
I pray to the one above
That soon I see you laugh
I miss your smile and I miss you smell
Until then, I wish you well
Truly Yours, my sweet angel!

—Bilal Khoukhi

12. Our One Star

Look at the stars tonight
As we see the same light
And in that moment
It will be alright

If you miss a falling star
I’ll catch it for you
Keep it in my heart
And we can share it too

Keep holding on
As life goes along
Pain is short-lived
As you are so strong

I will hold your hand
And look in your eyes
But it is only then
That our star will shine.

—Colby Barker

13. Love Online

How did this happen I continue to ask?
As I get online waiting for time to pass
You are now fast asleep half a world away
This distance is nothing, I mumble away
I never loved another who was so very sweet
God I look forward to rubbing your feet
The smell of your skin; the warmth of your touch
Is all I want and so very much
As I ask permission to view your cam
My heart beats heavy; there is sweat in my hand
To be with you is my only dream
As the time passes I can’t help but scream
Pulling my hair and stomping the ground
Please turn on your cam to see my frown
My frown turns around as I see you smile
Yes, I know baby, you leave in a while
Long distance love is hard to grasp
But our love for each other will surely last!


14. Long Distance Love

Long distance love, how are you?
Are you thinking of me too?
I thought about you again today,
Just hoping that you are okay,
Can’t you please pick up the phone?
As I sit here all alone.

Long distance love, do you recall?
The times it seemed we had it all,
The times we thought would never end,
But now I need more than a friend,
Everything could be so right,
If you would just come home tonight.

Long distance love, can’t you see?
How much you really mean to me,
Sometimes it seems to be my fate,
To have to sit at home and wait,
But if this is what I have to do,
I will always be here for you.

—Alan W. Jankowski

15. When I See You Again

When I see you again, it will be like seeing the most beautiful sunrise and the brightest star on the clearest night.
When I see you again, my heart will be filled with love as It was the day you left, never missing a beat growing stronger every passing day.
When I see you again, time will have seemed to stop, thinking only of the future and what it holds.
When I see you again, it can’t come soon enough for it seems like forever.
When I see you again, I will spend the rest of my life making you happier than you’ve ever been, so I never have to not see you again!

—Sterling Seitz

16. That Special Moment!

My love, how much I want to be there with you,
To feel your touch and see your smile.
To hear you say, I love you so,
For all the ways you’ll show me how.

O my love, I long to be with you,
O my love, words will never express,
The feelings I have for you inside,
I’ll give my all, just to be with you,

being in your arms, safe and sound,
to see your tender smile again.
Holding me softly, with your tender touch,
being ever so close and never apart.

O my Love I need You so,
my soul is on fire.
My passion and emotion is here for you,
with much desire, I just can’t explain.
My heart is ready to surrender all.

Come to me, I’m ready for love,
I want it to be that special time!

—David Yearwood

17. Slipping

I am gleaming opal
Shining, Shining

I am faded porcelain
Breaking, Breaking

Dark night meets darker sea

I am slipping
Can you feel me?



Entwine your fingers with mine
Give me something to hold
Something to hope
Across the miles pull me to you
Safely into your embrace

Catch me
Catch me before I slip

Forever out of reach

—Steve Wilson

18. I Can’t Stop Thinking Of You!

I look at the clock,
It says 1:41,
I know thinking of you I’ll never be done.
You run through my mind,
and occupy all my time,
Wondering why you are gone and why you are not mine,
I think of you constantly,
For some reason I can’t stop,
Knowing that for always,
You’ll forever have my heart,
My days go by so slow, because you run through my head.
I said I love you forever,
Isn’t that enough to say,
You also haunt my dreams if you know what I mean,
I wake up often with sweets and creams.
Why do I sleep by myself,
I’m alone in my bed,
I know I’ll be thinking of you,
Till the day I’m dead,
Now still all this thought,
Just run through my brain,
Can’t stop thinking of “blank”
I think I’m going to be insane.


“I Miss You” Poems For Him

19. A Long Distance Love!

Enough to satisfy my craving heart’s plea,
Tomorrow will be the day I love you more,
Than today or yesterday or ever before,
Words and phrases will never do,
What my heart feels so deeply for you,
Deeper and deeper my feelings go,
My head is spinning too and fro,
I want you here, forever and more,
For our hearts to join and together explore,
Our hearts beat and beat as one,
Feel what I’m feeling, it’s only begun,
Yet, slowly my desire turns to rage,
My heart feels as though it’s within a cage,
You are so close yet so far,
At times like this I wish upon a star,
I wish you were here and not over there,
Yet life is hard as well as unfair,
All I can do is wish and wait,
Until we meet again as that is our fate,
I love you more than my words can say,
And forever my love will grow each passing day,
Until the day I gently hold your face,
Kiss your lips within a candle lit place,
Hold you close and feel you near,
Kiss your cheek and whisper among your ear,
Feel your soft skin beneath my hand,
Feel your energy inside expand,
I’ll wish for that moment as I always do,
And I’ve wished upon a star, so my wish will come true.

—Jessica Andress

20. Come Back And Give Me A Kiss

My Facebook status right now is
I am sad and lonely
My latest WhatsApp status says
Come back to me quickly
My latest tweets shout out
I miss you very much
My Google Plus update is
I want your loving touch
You are aware of my feelings
And I know you are reading all this
So why don’t you do the right thing
Baby, come back and give me a kiss


21. Be With You

Each day I spent without you makes me miss you so very much
Each night I dream about you
I long to feel your touch
If I could just see your face or kiss your gentle lips
If I could only hear your voice
All these little things I miss
So I just want you to know
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
If I could just once again Be With You
—Marcella Myer
22. When I’m Missing You
When I’m missing you,
I walk to the river’s edge.
Frozen or free-flowing,
it soothes me;
sends me back to our small adventures.
Stargazing. Fireflies.
All-day swimming.
Long goodbyes.
No matter how cold it is outside,
our summers warm me,
and we’re together again.

—Heather Grace Stewart

23. Come Back To Me

In the mornings when I wake up
I turn to the empty pillow next to me
And sometimes I forget you’re not there
The realization is almost too much to bear
My arms long for yours
My lips the same
I can’t wait until you’re back
So that I can lay my head on your chest
And my mornings will be complete
Next to you I can rest
I am missing you like mad
Come back to me soon.


24. Don’t Be Gone Too Long

I never thought I would feel such pain
I need you here, to see you again
I never thought I would miss your touch
I realized I need it so much
I never thought I would feel so lost
And need your love at any cost
I never thought I would wake up alone
I need you back, don’t be gone too long
Come Back Soon


25. Waiting For You To Return

The sugar doesn’t seem a sweet
when you’re not here to kiss me.
The stars above don’t shine as bright
when you’re not lying with me.
My hands are cold without your touch
and my body seems to shiver.
I wait for you to return to me
so we can get warm together.
26. Not Just My Boyfriend
While absence may make
The heart grow fonder
I’d do anything and everything to
Bring you back from yonder
You’re more than just my boyfriend
You’re my other half
And my world is gray
Without the color of your laugh


“I Miss You” Poems For Her

27. You Are Missing From Me

I wish I could be where you are,
To feel the warmth of your embrace,
”Tu me manques my darling!” Is all that I can say.

The snow it drifts upon me,
With shards of memories,
I long to kiss your lips,
For they stir sweet melodies.

A hug, cuddle or touch would ease my aching soul,
I long to be with you,
For you are what makes me whole…

—Adam Riley

28. I Miss You

Like the death of a loved one,
I miss you.
Like freedom to a slave,
I miss you.
Like rain during the drought,
I miss you.
Like the sight of a blind man,
I miss you.
Like the thought of home to a traveler,
I miss you.
Dearly I miss you because you’re a part of me.
So please come and complete me
and end this cravings of mine because daily I miss you.

—Francis Lyke

29. I Cannot Tell

How much I miss you
I simply cannot tell
It’s like, on me
You’ve cast a magic spell
Words are not enough
To convey my feelings
When you’re not around
Everything is irritating
I don’t know how much longer
I can keep going this way
Your hugs are all that my heart
Needs to go YAY


30. You And I

At the thought of you
my eyes love teary drops
It makes me smile but at times weary
How can one love a woman so much
When a memory of you plays in my mind
I know everything about expression
I know pain with a glass in hands
I sleep with the radio on because I miss you
I hear your swift sweet sighs of breath
You make anew what grief destroyed
You’re the reviver of old departed memories
I’m a man and I got to let a woman go
You’re moving forward in another man’s arms
I hope he sees nature doesn’t make one like you
Can’t you see it’s got to be the Lord
Who makes you so beautiful?
And everything that He done touched
Like your Mind, Body and soul
Is enough to be my world
It’s not a fluke
that I’m still here waiting for you
That if you drop a glass
A glass in thousand pieces
Can mirror my heart


31. Up All Night

What has me up all night, what has me so restless at night.
What has me so distressed at night.
So messed up I’m not sure what to do kinda night.
Thoughts of a future,
thoughts of a family,
thoughts of running just to hold you all night.
Yeah my mind, my mind runs away to you.
I lose control and can’t seem to find my way back to sane.
So this has me up all night.
Up all night.
The very thought of you takes my mind away.
Away to a better place, away to a better way.
I can see how this ends.
Every time I see you I realize how much I need you.
How much I need just a sign from you.
Is the thought of this alright for me to feel or wrong to even think of you.

—Jeff Galvez

32. Miserable Lie Without You

As miserable as life seems
When you’re not with me
I can’t help but smile
Thinking about how it’ll be
When we meet again
With long and silent hugs
All my worries will melt away
When you give me those tugs
Oh, what would I give
For that moment to come sooner
You have no idea, how I
Desperately crave to be together
I miss you


33. Nothing Without You

I don’t know how you’re coping up
With being hundreds of miles away
But I feel like a star in the sky
Fading away, day after day
It’s been too long since
The last time we were together
Without you, life means nothing to me
It feels like everything is over
I miss you


34. Miss You Baby

Hey girl
I miss you so much
Hey sweetheart
I miss your sizzling touch
Hey baby
I miss looking at your face
Hey angel
I miss your embrace
Hey beautiful
I miss everything about you
When you get back
Lots of kisses will be due


35. Incomplete Without You

Have you ever tasted
Tea without sugar
Have you ever tried
Bread without butter
Have you ever eaten
Chips without fish
You should try out this stuff
Is what I really wish
So that you come to know
What my life has become
Without you, I am
Incomplete and lonesome
I miss you

Romantic Poems For Long-Distance Relationships

36. You

There’s something in your voice that makes it all alright,
Something in your smile that gets me through the night.
A comfort in your grin that helps my day pass by.
A twinkle in your eyes that lights my darkened sky.
Your posture says “don’t worry” and your laugh, it says “I care”.
That kiss you blow when we say goodbye that says “I’m always there”.
It’s all these things about you I couldn‘t live without.
It’s you that makes me happy, it’s you without a doubt.

—Jessica Phelps

37. Feelings And Thoughts

When I wake
In the mornings,
I feel and think
So many things.

Thoughts of anger
Thoughts of aggression,
Thoughts of how
I can beat this depression.

Lots of people here
But I can’t help feeling lonely.
Six months I’m living here,
It will never feel homey.

Should I laugh?
Should I smile?
It only lasts
For a while.

But then the thought of seeing you
Sends me wild,
And the thought of seeing
Our unborn child.

The feeling of
Excitement and glee
Fills my heart,
I couldn’t be more happy.

I talk to you
On the net and phone,
Always thinking
Of coming home.

How is my wife?
How is she coping?
To the woman I love,
My life I’m devoting.

When I know you are well
And you and bump are okay,
My smile grows bigger
With every day.

The way you walk,
The way you smell,
To hear your voice,
I’m under your spell.

You make everything
Come to life.
I just smile
And thank God you’re my wife.

What I’m trying to say
Through all of this
Is you make my life
A living bliss.

Thank you

—Thomas Kachepa-Sanderson

38. A Long Distance Love!

A thousand kisses will never be,
Enough to satisfy my craving heart’s plea,
Tomorrow will be the day I love you more,
Than today or yesterday or ever before,
Words and phrases will never do,
What my heart feels so deeply for you,
Deeper and deeper my feelings go,
My head is spinning too and fro,
I want you here, forever and more,
For our hearts to join and together explore,
Our hearts beat and beat as one,
Feel what I’m feeling, it’s only begun,
Yet, slowly my desire turns to rage,
My heart feels as though it’s within a cage,
You are so close yet so far,
At times like this I wish upon a star,
I wish you were here and not over there,
Yet life is hard as well as unfair,
All I can do is wish and wait,
Until we meet again as that is our fate,
I love you more than my words can say,
And forever my love will grow each passing day,
Until the day I gently hold your face,
Kiss your lips within a candle lit place,
Hold you close and feel you near,
Kiss your cheek and whisper among your ear,
Feel your soft skin beneath my hand,
Feel your energy inside expand,
I’ll wish for that moment as I always do,
And I’ve wished upon a star, so my wish will come true.

—Jessica Andress

39. I Miss You A Lot

I can’t describe the feeling
I can’t describe the feeling,
I really can’t do,
I don’t know how I will stay without you,
I miss you each moment of the day,
I miss you all the time,
It’s getting really difficult all the while,
Baby I wanna see you soon,
I miss you a lot!
40. I Can’t Stay Without You
I miss the warmth of your love
I miss the warmth of your love,
Your oh so tender touch,
I miss the smirk of your eyes,
The talks which were so sweet,
I really miss being with you,
That is so true,
I wanna see you soon and hold your hand,
And make you understand,
That I really can’t stay without you,
I miss you!


41. Fire of Our Love

The connection between us
Is perfectly forged
and is so strong
I feel it always
No matter how far apart we are.
The deep spark of our love
Is brighter than ever
And every thought I have about you
Seems to make the distance
Appear smaller
And smaller.
Until –
One day soon
That distance will disappear
And we’ll be free to let our love’s bright spark
Burn into a wildfire.


42. 130 Miles

I wait aimlessly for your arrival
Just to see your smile
To hold you in my arms
To keep you from the world’s harm

As I sit waiting
That moment I am creating
When I can finally see you standing before me
How lovely would that be
I hear your car outside
Last time I saw you I cried

As I run to meet you
I realize our love is true
Our bodies meet with an embrace
And all I can feel is my heart race

We spend hours together
We’re two birds of a feather
I enjoy every second I have sitting beside you
Butterflies I get from you, as if our love is still new

The way you say goodbye
And the way you cry
And hug me so tight
In your arms it feels so right
Kissing you for what I know is the last time for awhile
Oh, how I’ll miss that smile

As I walk away from the only thing I’ve ever really known
Home doesn’t even feel like home
All I can say is that I miss you, Bay
Knowing you’re about 130 miles away

—Maggie A

43. Each And Every Moment

For each and every moment
Every second I exist
I live and breathe for you
Your love I can’t resist
To live and love this lifetime
You are in my daily prayer
For times when you’re not with me
When I close my eyes you’re there
For every dance together
For every star above
The light that burns within us
The passion of your love
With dreams so never ending
For every sparkling sea
For each sunrise and sunset
I feel your love in me
For every breath worth taking
More than the air I breathe
The love that lives within me
Forever I believe
For each and every moment
And every heartfelt kiss
I am always thinking of you
And of the things I’d miss
For every hug that we have shared
And every soft embrace
For every smile turned to laughter
No other could take your place
For each and every moment
This heart so warm and pure
Gently caresses each heartbeat
And I could not ask for more

—William Lindenmuth

44. Thinking About You

When I ate today at noon
All I could think about was you
Wishing you were here to do what you do
Wishing I could feed you with my spoon
Hoping someday I’ll see your smile again

I don’t know if I can take all this pain
Knowing that I am here and you are there
Thinking about the times we had and will not have

You are the best there ever was and will be
There is nothing to explain you, but lovely
Even when I was sad you made me happy

I just don’t know what to do
I just hope one day, I get to see you

—Gary R. Hess

Short Long-Distance Love Poems

45. I wish for all those beautiful moments

We shared to remain in my heart and my head forever,
A moment of truth and laughter,
A moment of giving and sharing,
A moment of compassion and love, and
A moment of cuddling and romance.
I will always wait for you, my love.

46. Just as the sun brightens up the earth at day,

the moon lightens up the planet at night,
and how essential oxygen is to human existence,
my love is willing to stand any form of challenge that distance may bring.
Love you so much my world.

47. Even though you been away for years now,

you are never far away from my heart
because I feel the warmth of your touch and the whisper of your voice.
I miss you so much, my soul mate.

48. Fear is all that grips me when the thought of you leaving me crosses my mind.

You are not just my friend,
but someone whom I have chosen to spend the rest of life with,
Please do not stay too long because I am missing you badly.

49. The clouds have rolled up

In the horizon of my life
The day you went away
You left me nothing but strife
A thunderstorm is about to hit
I can feel it, I’m so blue
The only way to escape this calamity
Is to cuddle up with you

50. Not a day, not a week

Definitely not a fortnight
Even one second is too long
For you to be away from my sight
I just don’t know
What to say or what to do
Baby, come back to me
I am going crazy missing you

A long-distance relationship is built on true love and patience. There are various ways to express how you feel when you are apart from your loved one. The digital world is a blessing for those in love but separated by distance. To feel closer to your loved one, you can send memes, poems, notes, and other texts or have a video chat. These long-distance relationship poems may help you beat monotony and keep your love story alive.

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