Longing For Rest As A New Mom? Get These Three Things Right Away

Image: Shutterstock

Rashi woke up with a startle. She was playing with her two-month-old baby and then fell fast asleep. Her baby was still awake and trying to wake her up by kicking with his little legs. As the kicks didn’t work on his mother, the baby began wailing.

Rashi could gather herself with difficulty. Taking care of the baby was proving to be the toughest task she has ever taken up.

The first 100 days of motherhood are one of the most testing times in a mother’s life. The baby needs you 24X7. When they need you, they just need you – it doesn’t matter what time of the day or night it is, it doesn’t matter if you stole a few moments to visit the washroom or just grab a sandwich for yourself.

I am not exaggerating if I say that your baby tests you like no one does. Amid such a hectic schedule, can you dream of taking some rest?

Delivery makes your body weak and the only thing you want to do post delivery is to sleep and take rest. But, sleep and rest are the two things you are deprived of. However, the situation will not be so bleak if you plan your tasks.

Here are a few tips for you to take some rest during the first 100 days after your delivery:

  1. The time-tested mantra is to sleep when the baby sleeps. The baby’s schedule will be different from yours. Therefore, tune your routine to suit theirs, and take rest when they are taking rest.
  1. Avoid taking up any tasks, which are not related to the baby. In fact, other than breastfeeding the little one and changing their nappies, you don’t have to do any other work.
  1. Seek help from your family. Ask your husband, mother or mother-in-law to babysit while you take a nap.
  1. Go for a walk in the park. Or go out shopping if that relaxes you. It gives you a much-needed break.

But sometimes, the above tips are easier said than done. Whatever you do or wherever you go, the thought of your baby will haunt you. Also, the chances are that your baby may not be as comfortable with others as he/ she is with you.

Then how do you take rest in such circumstances? The best way is to make the baby feel comfortable and safe so that they won’t miss you and you won’t worry about their safety.

Buy them baby gear that is as safe as your hands. The baby gear we get these days are multi-purpose and can be used over a couple of years from newborn to toddler stages. Here are a few such options:

  1. Portable rocker: Buy a portable rocker that you can easily move around the house. This means, you can put the baby in it and take along wherever you go, be it to the kitchen, bedroom or the living room. You can use the rocker even after your baby grows up to a toddler. The rocker is soothing and keeps your infant calm.

  1. Booster platform: Go for a booster platform that comes with a wipes dispenser. The portable clean-and-go booster is suitable when you are at home or travelling. You can pull the wipes from behind the booster, clean your baby and dispense them in the in-built dispenser. Your cleaning job is that easy with this product!

  1. Musical gym: You know how cute your baby looks when he/ she kicks their legs. What if there is some musical background to those kicks? Adorable, right? A kick and play piano gym does just that. Lay your baby on the mat that comes attached with a piano and toys. Every time your baby moves their legs, they touch the piano and it lets out sounds. The toys above the baby will keep the little one engaged and amused. An amused baby means ample rest for you.

The post-delivery days are taxing for a mother. This is when you need to think wise and make the most of the available resources. With such helpful baby gear around, your first 100 days of motherhood are bound to be less painful.

However, here is a word of caution. Do not buy just about any baby gear available in the market. Go for the products that are tested for your baby’s safety. Quality baby gear might come at a higher price, but they are definitely worth it.