10 Amazing Tips To Look Good During Pregnancy

Look Good During Pregnancy

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So, you are pregnant. Congratulations! Now is the beginning of a new journey, a new adventure. But it is also the time of changes. As your body expands to accommodate your growing baby, everything will change. Your skin will look different, and your body will take on a whole new shape.

It is normal for pregnant women to feel self-conscious about their bodies. The weight gain during pregnancy might be important, but it can take a toll on your confidence levels.

So, are you doomed to look clumsy and awkward all through your pregnancy? Not at all! You can look your absolute best even when you are eating for two!

All You Need To Do Is Follow The Tips On how to look good during pregnancy mentioned below:

1. Simplicity Is The Best Policy:

At least during pregnancy! Keep your clothes simple. Go for clean cuts. Yes, you want to be comfortable but do avoid clothes with large patterns. Try clothes with solid colors instead. And do not over-accessorize! If you must, just use a cute scarf or simple jewelry for a dash of character.

2. Use Clothes To Highlight The Positive:

Pregnancy is the time to relish in your new found voluptuousness. Don’t shy away from showing off your new body! Pregnancy is a great time to wear adventurous necklines and body-hugging blouses! When your confidence takes a nosedive, you will need to do something different to feel pretty again. Go for clothes that are stretchy. A simple T-shirt can look glamorous when worn during pregnancy. Blazers can also become sexy! If you like bohemian styled dresses, pregnancy will be the best time to flaunt some boho chic! And you will surely need to invest in a good pair of maternity jeans.

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3. Transform Your Hairstyle:

Now that your body is different, your old hairstyle might not do your face justice. So, go for a hair makeover. Go for a drastic haircut and try out new accessories, as well as hairstyles. So how to look good during pregnancy is not that tough!

4. Watch Your Posture:

Are you slouching these days? That is normal, what with all the weight your body has to bear now. A bad posture not just makes you look gawky, but can also cause back pain. So, try and walk straight. And when sitting, keep a pillow to keep your back straight.

5. Shoes Matter Too:

You may need to buy new shoes when you are pregnant. Many women experience a spurt in their foot size during pregnancy because the feet arch drops (1). But stilettos are not a good option and can, in fact, prove to be dangerous. Opt for flats, kitten heels and boots with strong heels instead. How to look good pregnant is easy now!.

6. Sleep And Rest As Much As You Can:

Pregnancy can make you look haggard and tired. Don’t add to it by skipping sleep. In any case, this is the best time to catch up on sleep because very soon sleep will become a costly commodity. So, sleep as much as you can.

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7. Exercise -Yes You Need It:

Pregnancy is not a disease and yes you can work out while pregnant. In fact, you should regularly exercise when you are pregnant to keep your body healthy and also to prepare for childbirth. But do consult your doctor before you start working out.

8. Use The Right Makeup:

Yes, you have a pregnancy glow. No, that does not mean you don’t need makeup! But your usual makeup routine may not work now. Try and use subtle shades to give your natural glow that added oomph. You can also use concealer to hide your dark circles. But make sure the makeup you are using does not contain mercury and lead (2).

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9. Eat Well To Look Well

When you are pregnant, your food requirements change. Make sure you are eating a healthy, balanced diet to keep your body healthy and beautiful. Eat grains, fruits, vegetables, meats, beans, and dairy. Avoid processed foods.

10. Make Water Your Best Friend:

You need to drink water to keep your pregnancy healthy. Dehydration can not just cause premature labor but can also make your skin look dull and listless.

More than anything else, you need to find your inner Zen to help deal with pregnancy and related changes. Try meditating, reading a good book, listening to good music – anything to keep your mind fresh and happy. A happy person is a beautiful person. So, smile a little more! You are beautiful. Your pregnant body is beautiful.  Embrace the new you!

Do you have tips to share with our readers about how to look good while pregnant? Type in your views and feedback in the comments section below!

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