30 Lord Ayyappan Names For Baby Boys With Meanings

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Naming a child after Gods, Goddesses, and deities is a common phenomenon in India, especially in South India. If you are an ardent devotee of Lord Ayyappa or if you want your baby to imbibe his qualities, then pick one of the Lord’s names for the baby. Here, MomJunction gives you a list of Lord Ayyappa names for baby boys. But before that, a little about Lord Ayyappa.

Who Is Lord Ayyappa?

Lord Ayyappa is one of the many deities worshiped in South India. But his story is quite unique. According to mythology,“Thousands of decades ago, deities and demons fought over the divine nectar (amrutham). That’s when Lord Vishnu transformed into Mohini (mythical enchantress), distributed the nectar and resolved the fight between the two groups. Lord Shiva, who was witnessing the event, was enchanted by the beauty of Mohini, and thus, Ayyappa was born from the union of Lord Vishnu and Shiva.”

Interesting, isn’t it? So, ready to pick a Lord Ayyappa name for your boy?

Lord Ayyappa Names For Baby Boys:

Here are some divinely beautiful Lord Ayyappa names with meanings for baby boys:

1. Achankovil:

Achankovil is the name of a river in Kerala. Achankovil Shashtha temple is one of the five famous temples dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. ‘Achan’ means ‘father’ and ‘kovil’ means ‘temple.’ Hence the name means ‘father’s temple.’

2. Ayyappan:

The name signifies Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. It means ‘ever youthful.’

3. Aryanathan:

Arya means ‘one who is noble and honored,’ and ‘Nathan’ means ruler. The name’s variants include Arindam, Aranadhan, Arimdama, and Arumainathan.

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4. Azhuthavasan:

Azhutha is the name of a river in Sabarimala. It means, ‘one who resides on the banks of the river Azhutha.’

5. Bhoolokanathan:

‘Bhooloka’ means ‘Earth’ and ‘Nathan’ means ‘ruler.’ It means ‘ruler of the Earth.’ Its other variant is ‘Bhoothanathan.’

6. Dharmasastha:

The idol of Ayyappa shows him doing yoga, wearing a bell around his neck, which signifies that he is an epitome of ‘Dharma.’ ‘Dharmasastha’ means ‘protector of dharma.’

7. Erumelivasan:

The pilgrimage to Sabarimala on foot starts at Erumeli, which gets its name from the demon Mahishi, who attacked Lord Ayyappa in the form of Eruma (bull). The Lord Ayyappa killed Eruma in this forest. Erumelivasan means, ‘one who lives in Erumeli.’

8. Hariharan:

As Ayyappa was born to Lord Vishnu and Shiva, he is called Hari (Vishnu- Mohini), and Hara (Shiva). The other variants are Hariharaputra, Hariharasuthan, and Hariharatmaja.

9. Irumudi:

Irumudi is a common Tamil name for boys. Irumudi is also an important ritual for Lord Ayyappa pilgrims. It is the sacred travel kit, which a pilgrim carries on his head during the pilgrimage. Without ‘Irumudi’, pilgrims are not allowed to ascend the 18 holy steps in Sabarimala.

10. Kaliyugavaradhan:

Ayyappa is known as the Lord of the Kaliyuga, which is the present age (Iron Age). The name Kaliyugavaradhan means, ‘protector in kaliyug.’

11. Kantimala:

Kantimala means ‘tulsi necklace.’ It also signifies ‘courage’, ‘independence’, and ‘determination’.

12. Karunasagar:

The one quality that deities have is being ‘constantly merciful.’ If you want your boy to imbibe that virtue, choose, ‘Karunasagar,’ meaning ‘an ocean of mercy.’

13. Karuppanna:

It means ‘one who is dark and beautiful.’ The worship of Ayyappa as ‘Karuppanna’ is an ancient ancestral clan-based worship.

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14. Lokapujya:

A profound name with significant meaning, Lokapujya means ‘one who is worshiped by the Universe.’

15. Manikantan:

It’s believed that when Ayyappa was born, his parents Lord Shiva and Mohini abandoned him on the Pampa river banks. Then the king Rajashekhara, who had no progeny, found Ayyappa and adopted him and named him Manikantan, which means ‘one with a golden bell around his neck.’ Manivarman and Manikandan are its other variants.

16. Neelimala:

Neelimala is the mountainous path that leads to Sabarimala, and it is considered to be a holy place. Lord Ayyappa is believed to reside in these holy mountains.

17. Pambavasan:

Pamba is one of the longest rivers in Kerala. Sabarimala temple is situated on the banks of the Pamba river. ‘Pambavasan’ means ‘one who lives near the river Pamba.’

18. Pandalavasan:

The king of Pandala in Kerala brought the idol of Ayyappa and sanctified it in the temple of Sabarimala. It means, ‘one who lives in the place called Pandala.’

19. Ponmala:

Ponmala is a name with a regional ring to it. It means ‘Sabari hills.’

20. Purushothaman:

It means ‘God Vishnu’ or ‘the best among the men.’

21. Sastava:

It means, ‘teacher,’ ‘guide, ‘lord,’ or ‘ruler.’ The other variants are Sasta, Sashta, and Sastra.

22. Shri Jagadeesh:

This profound and magnificent name means ‘Lord of the Universe.’

23. Sabarinathan:

Sabarinathan means, ‘one who lives in the Sabari hills.’ The other variants are Sabari, Sabareesh, Sabareeshwara, and Shabarish.

24. Sabari Gireesh:

It means the ‘Lord of Sabari hills,’ who is the Lord Ayyappa.

25. Shar:

It’s one of the names of Lord Ayyappa, and it means, ‘habit’ or ‘custom.’

26. Rajasekaran:

Rajasekaran was the king who adopted and brought up Lord Ayyappa. It means ‘king of kindness.’

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27. Vavarswamin:

Vavar was believed to be a warrior and pirate who was defeated by Lord Ayyappa. He then got inspired by the lord and became a close friend and later an ardent devotee of Lord Ayyappa. Lord Ayyappa then instructed his devotees to build a mosque for Vavar at Erumely hills near Sabarimala and named it ‘Vavarswamin.’

28. Vanapriya:

‘Vanapriya’ can be used for both boys and girls. It means ‘beloved of the forest.’

29. Veeramanikanta:

It means, ‘brave one with a bell around his neck’. The other variant is ‘Veeramani.’

30. Vishnusutan:

This can be an apt name for your baby if you are a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu. It means, ‘the son of the Lord Vishnu.’

There’s something appealing about divine names, isn’t it? Just the sound of them emits heavenly and positive vibrations. We hope you liked these Lord Ayyappa names.

Which one did you like the most? Tell us in the comments section below.

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