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The legendary series Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien belongs to the fantasy genre, with a huge fan following worldwide. If you and your partner love this franchise, here are a few Lord of the Rings baby names inspired by the series. His story of this mystical world contains many magic creatures such as elves, hobbits, orcs, dwarfs, and more with unusual names. Most of the names of this series are of a unique language created by JRR Tolkien himself for the book. Thus, the names have an Icelandic, Old Norse, and Anglo-Saxon feel. With a background story for each name, the following extensive list will help you find a unique name for your child without having to read the books. So, read on to know more.

Lord Of The Rings Baby Names For Boys:

1. Arod:

Arod is the name of the kindom of Rohan’s horse given to Legolas by Eomer to help them in their journey. It’s an Old English name meaning ‘swift’.

2. Banazir:

Banazir is the hobbit name of Samwise Gamgree. It sounds a lot like the Arabic name Benazir, but has an entirely different meaning. Banazir means ‘half wise’.

3. Aragorn:

Aragorn is the name of the human ranger who guides the first part of the Fellowship of the Ring. He is later revealed to be the true heir to the Gondor throne. Aragorn is better known by his nickname Strider, so you can pick whichever name you like.

4. Frodo:

Frodo is the hero of the Lord of the Rings. This simple shire hobbit is destined to do great things. The name Frodo is based on the English word ‘frod’, which means ‘wise by experience’.

5. Bilbo:

Bilbo is the adventurer who discovers the One Ring on the ground in the Misty Mountains. He hands over the ring to Frodo, and thus begins the journey. Meaning a ‘short sword’, this friendly name has a sharp edge to it.

6. Gandalf:

Gandalf is the mighty wizard who leads the Fellowship of the Ring on their journey to Middle Earth. Gandalf in old Norse means ‘elf wand’, so it is truly a magical name.

7. Bregalad:

Bregalad is the name of a Rowan Ent with a meaning ‘quickbeam’. He was the first Ent to declare war on Isengard.

8. Samwise/Sam:

Samwise Gamgee was Frodo’s best friend and his constant companion. He is often regarded as the real hero of Lord of the Rings. Samwise comes from the English word ‘sammwis’, which means ‘half-wise’ or ‘simple’. Its shortened form Sam would make a good unisex name.

9. Peregrin/Pippin:

Peregrin, also known as Pippin, is one of Frodo’s hobbit friends. He is known for causing mischief. Peregrin comes from the Latin word, which means ‘pilgrim’. Pippin is its pet form, but you can further shorten it to Pip.

10. Meriadoc:

Here’s another member of the Fellowship of the Ring. He is Frodo’s first cousin and Pippin’s best friend. Meriadoc is borrowed from the Welsh name Meiriadog, which means ‘head of the sea’. Its nickname Merry means ‘lord’.

11. Beorn:

Beorn is the master of Carrock who can assume the form of a bear.

12. Boromir:

Boromir is a noble and valiant warrior respected throughout, and even beyond Gondor. The name was invented by the author Tolkien. It has elements of both Quenya and Sindari, and is said to mean a ‘faithful jewel’.

13. Legolas:

Legolas is the elven prince of the Woodland Realm. He is a member of the Fellowship of the Ring. This fictional name means ‘green leaves’, a moniker perfectly in touch with nature.

14. Gimli:

Gimli is the sole dwarf who puts his pride aside to fight along with his friend. The name Gimli comes from an old Norse word Grimm, which means ‘fire’.

15. Beregond:

Beregond was the first captain of the White Company of Gondor. He was the guard of Faramir in the books.

16. Glorfindel:

Glorfindel was the elf of Rivendell, who leads the Elvish forces from the Grey Haven against Angmar in the Battle.

17. Barliman:

Barliman Butterbur was the proprietor of one of the inns in Prancing Pony where the four hobbits, including Frodo, met Strider for the first time.

18. Elessar:

Elessar was the name given to Aragorn by the Elves. It means Elfstone.

19. Elrond:

Elrond was the patriarch of the Rivendell Elves. He, along with Isildur, led the united army of Elves to defeat Sauron at the end of the Second Age of Middle Earth.

20. Eomer:

Eomer was one of the Riders of Rohan and the nephew of King Theoden.

21. Celeborn:

Celeborn was the Lord of the Galadhrim and the husband of Galadriel.

22. Denethor:

Denethor was the father of Boromir and Faramir and the steward of Gondor. He killed himself after hearing the news of his son’s death.

23. Faramir:

Faramir is Boromir’s brother. He assists Sam and Frodo in their journey to Mordor. It is one of our favorite names from the list. It has an Arabic touch to it.

24. Bergil:

Bergil is another of our favorite names. It belongs to the son of Beregond. Bergil and his father were guides of Pippin in Minas Tirith.

25. Gollum:

Gollum is the name of the wretched creature living in the Misty Mountains. He possesses the One Ring for nearly 50 years and even pursues Bilbo to get the ring back when he loses it.

26. Halbarad:

Halbarad is the Dunedain ranger, just like Aragon. He led a company of rangers to help Aragorn in the battle of Pelennor.

27. Tintalle:

Tintalle is another name for Elbereth Gilthoniel. It means ‘star-kindler’.

28. Wormtongue:

Wormtongue was the corrupt advisor of King Theoden. He conspired with Saruman to take over the kingdom of Rohan. Not the most appealing of the names.

29. Treebeard:

Treebeard is the Master Ent from Fangorn who discovers Pippin and Merry in the forest after they escape from the orcs.

30. Theoden:

King Theoden was the King of Rohan. He was almost killed, but was revived by Gandalf the White.

31. Shadowfax:

If you want an upbeat name for your son, go for Shadowfax. He was Gandalf’s steed through most of the Lord of the Rings. He’s also considered the greatest of all the horses of the Middle-earth.

32. Sauron:

Sauron is the name of the member of one of the most powerful races, the Maiar race. But he was eventually defeated by Frodo when the One Ring is cast into the fires. The meaning of Sauron is ‘abhorred’.

33. Saruman:

Saruman was the name of the traitorous wizard of the White Tower and Isengard’s steward. He was betrayed and killed by Wormtongue.

34. Rohirrim:

Rohirrim was the ancestral name of the horseman tribe living on the plains of Rohan, which is governed by King Theoden.

34. Orald:

Orald is one of the coolest Lord of the Ring names. It was Tom Bombadil’s nickname given by the Men.

35. Isildur:

Isildur was the name of the Dunedain man of the Second Age. The fantasy touch in this name will ensure that your child stands out in a crowd.

36. Hasufel:

Hasufel was the horse of Rohan given to Aragorn by Eomer to assist in their travels.

37. Gwaihir:

Gwaihir is the name of the greatest of the eagles in Lord of the Rings. He rescued Gandalf from Saruman’s prison and led the Eagles with Gandalf to rescue Samwise and Frodo from Mount Doom.

38. Gloin:

Gloin was the name of the father of Gimli. He was one of the original 12 dwarf adventurers from The Hobbit.

39. Fladrif:

Also known as Skinbark, Fladrif was the reclusive Ent, who refuses to come down the mountains to fight.

40. Finglas:

Finglas is the sleepyhead character from the Lord of the Rings. He is fondly called Leaflock for his leafy hair.

Lord Of The Rings Names For Girls:

1. Arwen:

This noble, half-elf is renowned for her great beauty and power. Her name was one of Tolkien’s inventions. In Sindarin, the fictional languages of elves, it means ‘noble maiden’.

2. Galadriel:

Galadriel is another mighty elven ruler known for her extreme power and wisdom. Her name means ‘maiden crowned with the bright radiance’ quite a fitting name for her angelic appearance.

3. Luthien:

Luthien is the great grandmother of Elrond. Her name means ‘blossom’ or ‘enchantress’, so it is quite an apt name for your daughter .

4. Nimrodel:

Nimrodel was the name of the elf-maiden who lost her way while crossing the Ered Nimrais.

5. Goldberry:

Goldberry is the river spirit and the wife of Tom Bombadil. She assists her husband in the early part of their journey after leaving the shire.

6. Freda:

Freda is Morwen’s daughter. She belongs to one of the horseman clans, called the Rohirrim. She was sent on a mission to alert the risk to the kingdom.

7. Rosie:

Rosie Cotton is a minor character in the trilogy. Her name is as beautiful and fun as she is.

8. Elanor:

Elanor is the name of Sam’s younger daughter.

9. Morwen:

Morwen is a mum and a kick-ass warrior who sends off her children on an important mission, only to see her son killed in the battle.

10. Eowyn:

Eowyn is one of the few human characters in the trilogy. She is best known for her slogan ‘I am no man’.

11. Haleth:

Haleth is one of the most memorable female characters in Lord of the Rings. She becomes the chieftain of her people after the death of her father and brother.

Do you have any favorite baby names from lord of the rings that did not make to the list? Tell us in the comment section below!


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