108 Lord Rama Names For Baby Boy With Meanings

Lord Rama is one of the primary deities of Hinduism. If you wish to give your child a name that reflects His virtuous persona, here is our list of Lord Rama names for boys. Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was born to Dasharatha, the king of Ayodhya. The story of Lord Rama is an inspiration to many since He is the ideal husband, son, and king. His stories motivate people to learn His chivalry. Perhaps, that is why Rama and His other names are quite popular. So, check out our list of Lord Rama’s names.

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Different Lord Rama Names For Baby Boy

1. Adipurusha

This Lord Ram’s name, Adipurusha, meaning ‘primordial being’, totally has our hearts. It sounds timeless, fresh, and most importantly, inspirational. Not many babies are being named Adipurusha these days, which could make it an ideal time to give this title to your son.

2. Ahalyashapashamana

Lord Ram’s name Ahalyashapashamana means ‘reliever of Ahalya’s curse.’ Despite being long, it has the hearts of the parents and is inspirational. Parents may adore its vintage charm, evoking a delightful blend of tradition and quirkiness.

3. Anantaguna Gambhira

Anantaguna Gambhira, meaning ‘full of virtues’, is a name that’s a bit mysterious and different. It’s not on the most popular name list these days, but that’s precisely what makes it even more attractive. It has a vintage flair that is both traditional and quirky and parents may love it.

4. Bhavarogasya Bheshaja

This peaceful name is unique and makes your little one stand out. Bhavarogasya Bheshaja means ‘reliever of earthly ailments.’ It has a traditional touch to it which makes it an everlasting name for baby boys.

5. Brahmanya

Brahmanya, meaning ‘supreme Godhead’, is one of the strongest names on the list. We’re quite sure you’re not going to find anything more masculine. It may have fallen off the charts, but perhaps short forms such as Brahma can bring this name back in vogue in the near future.

6. Chitrakoota Samashraya

Looking for something that is unique yet holds great religious significance? Chitrakoota Samashraya could be a great choice for your little one, meaning ‘engrossed in Chitrakoota’s beauty.’ It is believed that Lord Ram spent his time during exile in Chitrakoot and was spellbound by the forest’s tranquility.

7. Dandakaranya Karshana

An exquisite name having a vintage touch to it, Dandakaranya Karshana means ‘one who made the Dandaka forest noble.’ It is a beautiful name often associated with Lord Rama’s exile in the Dandaka forest for fourteen years, making it a noble place.

8. Danta

Danta, meaning ‘image of serenity’, may be a centuries-old name, but it will still fit a boy today and forever.

9. Dashagreeva Shirohara

From a mythological perspective, this name is highly significant. Dashagreeva Shirohara means ‘slayer of the ten-headed Ravana.’ With resplendent brilliance, Lord Rama swiftly slays Ravana, employing the awe-inspiring Brahma arrow.

10. Dayasara

Dayasara could be a brilliant option for parents who are looking for something that’s off-beat. It means ‘embodiment of kindness’.

11. Dhanurdhara

It’s believed that Lord Rama took birth on the Earth to destroy the forces of evil, which is the reason he’s always depicted with a bow and arrow in his hands. Dhanurdhara, meaning ‘one with a bow in hand’, signifies the same.

12. Dhanvine

Dhanvine, meaning ‘born of the Sun race’, is a strong baby boy name. Hailing from the Sanskrit language, Dhanvine has the perfect amount of masculinity and has been borne by several Indian kings and rulers as well.

13. Dheerodatta Gunottama

It is one of the masculine names that have connotations of valiant courage and associations with Lord Rama. Dheerodatta Gunottama is a beautiful name, meaning ‘valiant yet kind-hearted.’ In mythology, Lord Rama is known for not entertaining violence, which is further enriched by this name.

14. Dooshanatrishirohantre

Dooshanatrishirohantre is long and difficult to pronounce, but the meaning of ‘slayer of Dooshanatrishira’ makes it outstanding. Armed with bows and arrows, the courageous warrior from the Raghu lineage is said to have fearlessly vanquished Dooshanatrishira, ensuring tranquility across the three realms.

15. Harakodandarama

Harakodandarama, meaning ‘Rama with the Kodhanda bow,’ is an exquisite and divine baby boy name. Mythology suggests that Lord Rama went on a lookout for his enemy in the Dandaka forest clad with the three-curved Kodanda bow.

16. Hari

Hari may sound a bit worn out as we’ve heard it our entire life, but the meaning ‘the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient one’ makes it special. And its popularity shows that people in India love this name to the bit.

17. Jagadguruve

Jagadguruve or Jagadgurave is a handsome name that would age beautifully. Many would argue that it’s an old-fashioned name and is a bit too long. If you’re wondering the same, then let us tell you, there’s an option to shorten it to Jagad too. The name Jagadguruve refers to the ‘spiritual teacher of the universe of Dharma, Artha, and Karma’.

18. Jaitra

Jaitra, meaning ‘he who symbolizes victory’, hasn’t had many takers, but we strongly want it to trend in 2018, solely because of its beautiful etymology. You can even shorten this name to Jai, which works well as a given name too.

19. Jamadagnya Mahadarpa Dalana

This is an uncommon and relatively long name for your little one. The religious significance of this name is sure to hold your thoughts in. It means ‘destroyer of Jamadagni’s son’s arrogance’ and emphasizes the usage of intelligence by Lord Rama to defeat Parashurama, Jamadagni’s son.

20. Janakivallabha

Parents looking for something unique and out of the box can definitely consider the name Janakivallabha, which means ‘Janaki’s consort’.

21. Janardana
Janardana, a popular Lord Rama name

Janardana is a revered name of Lord Rama, meaning ‘liberator from the cycle of birth and death’. This name was highly popular in the 60s and 70s, but its popularity declined in the 80s and 90s and is completely out of the radar now. Yet, a vast number of bearers carry this name even today and we’re confident that we’ll see more of them in the future.

22. Jaramarana Varjita

A exquisite name for your little baby boy to have a divine’s blessing over them at all times. Jaramarana Varjita means ‘having no birth or death.’ Lord Rama transcends the constraints of time, devoid of both origin and culmination, existing boundlessly, surpassing any defined shape or qualities.

23. Jayantatranavarada

Jayantatranavarada is an elegant name for baby boys holding rich mythological significance. It means ‘granting boon to save Jayanta’ and borne by the son of Indra, the King of Gods. Lord Rama is popularly known to help the needy and granted a boon to Jayanta, thereby saving him from ruin and destruction.

24. Jitakrodha

Jitakrodha, meaning ‘conqueror of anger’, is a highly positive name in our opinion. The vibes from the name would help your son control his anger and be a calm and wise person. And only a calm and controlled person can succeed in life.

25. Jitamitra

Jitamitra, meaning ‘vanquisher of enemies’, is a bit of a tricky name to carry, but we’re sure your child will pull it off easily. As uncommon as it is, Jitamitra would definitely leave a strong impression on people.

26. Jitavarashaye

Sanskrit name Jitavarashaye, meaning ‘conqueror of the ocean’, is associated with mysticism, strength, and superpower. It’s an undeniably masculine name, but could be confused with a girl’s. The name is not widely used in India, which means it is up for grabs.

27. Jitendra

Jitendra or Jitendriya, meaning ‘conqueror of the senses’, will stand out as a simple, stunning, and timeless name. An alternate spelling of this name is Jeetendra. So pick the version you like the most. And its namesake is none other than the jumping-jack of Bollywood, Jitendra, famous actor, and producer.

28. Kausaleya

Kausaleya is a name with a rich history and definitely deserves to be on your list of potential baby names for your boy. It may not have been able to catch on with the Gen-Xparents of this new millennium, but it’s definitely one of the exalted baby names. This attention-grabbing name means ‘Kausalya’s son’.

29. Kharadhvamsine

The name Kharadhvamsine means ‘slayer of Khara’ and is the name of the famous demon slain by Lord Rama. This name is a testimony to the undying spirit of the supreme God to redeem the world of its evils and demons.

30. Mahabhuja

If you’re bored with typical and safe names such as Vishal and Aditya, you can go with this extraordinary title Mahabhuja, which means ‘giant armed, broad-chested lord’. The name has a pretty captivating and engaging personality of its own, along with strong mythological connections.

31. Mahadeva

Good old Mahadeva, has amassed a lot of attention lately, but it was in the 19th century that the popularity of this name skyrocketed. It means ‘lord of all lords’. It may not be very popular now, but there’s no denying that it’s a catchy and extraordinary name.

32. Mahadevadi Pujita

Looking for a name that holds high regard in the religious sphere of Hindu culture? Fret not, Mahadevadi Pujita is a unique name that means ‘worshipped by Shiva and the celestials.’ It symbolizes the devotion of Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva to Lord Rama for his approach to eradicating evil from the earth.

33. Mahapurusha

The meaning of Mahapurusha is truly sublime and fine. Who wouldn’t want to be a ‘great being’? If the meaning of the name isn’t enticing enough for you, the captivating pronunciation and spelling may strike the right chords.

34. Mahayogi

Mahayogi or Mahayogine is a unique and multicultural Lord Rama name for your baby boy, meaning ‘supreme meditator’. We feel Mahi would make a cute short form for Mahayogi. It’s sassy, simple, and would even pay tribute to one of the best cricketers of all time, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

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35. Mahodara

If you are tired of perusing through the infinite wisdom of the Internet to find the perfect Lord Rama baby boy name for your son, then look no further. Mahodara, meaning ‘generous and kind’, would be a perfect baby name option. The etymology of this name is very uplifting and will definitely will your child’s life with positivity.

36. Mayamanushacharitra

This is an extraordinary vintage name, meaning ‘taking the human form’ and symbolizing the ability of Lord Rama to take human form to kill evil or Ravana. The name is exceptionally distinctive, ensuring your child’s individuality shines brightly among others.

37. Mayamarichahantre

This is a traditional name for baby boys that means ‘slayer of imaginary Maricha.’ In mythology, Maricha, the son of the demon Tataka, cleverly disguises himself as a deer to captivate Rama’s attention, leading Him away from Sita. In a fit of rage, Rama then unleashes the snake shaft, entrancing the cunning demon.

38. Mitabhashine

A unique name, Mitabhashine means ‘seldom speaks,’ and makes one wonder the power of speaking. Lord Ram, from a mythological standpoint, rarely utters words; yet, when He does, His mellifluous and enchanting speech resonates as a harmonious melody, captivating His devoted followers.

39. Mrutavanarajeevana

A divine name, Mrutavanarajeevana means ‘reviver of dead monkeys’ and is a unique name for your little baby boy. Lord Rama, possessing vast worldly wisdom, graciously provides shelter to His devotees, showcasing His unparalleled compassion. In the face of Ravana’s soldiers slaughtering countless monkeys during the battle, Lord Rama resurrected them, demonstrating His extraordinary ability to perform awe-inspiring feats.

40. Munisamstuta

A sweet-sounding traditional name, Munisanstuta means ‘worshipped by sages.’ Lord Ram’s significant name reflects his remarkable prowess and captures the essence of his pure-hearted and gentle nature, endearing him to the worshipful sages.

41. Para

The simple spelling and powerful meaning of Para make it an ‘ultimate’ name for your son. We love how this name brings a sense of artistic creativity. And it has just one syllable and a very short spelling, so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to name your son Para.

42. Parabrahmane
Parabrahmane, A Lord Rama name

If you are looking for a truly distinctive name, why not go with Parabrahmane, which means ‘supreme godhead’. It’s unique but has a distinct adventure and sophistication to it. You can cut it short to Para for the nickname.

43. Paraga

Paraga, meaning ‘uplifter of the poor’, is easy to spell and remember as it has just two syllables. Though the name is simple not many people are clamoring to this name. Many parents avoid this name because of its old-timey image. But we find Paraga enthralling and would definitely request you to give it consideration.

44. Prakasha

Prakasha, which means ‘light or bright’, is one of the few traditional names that have a modern appeal to it. Since it’s equally loved by both modern and traditional parents, it is highly likely to climb the Indian baby boy name charts.

45. Paramapurusha

Elegant and sophisticated,Paramapurusha is far less used than the similar sounding, Mahapurusha. It has a calm and confident vibe to it, and means ‘the supreme man’, which is one of the most beautiful meanings parents could want for their children.

46. Paramatmana

Parents who want something out of the ordinary can pick Paramatmana, which means ‘the supreme soul’. Its rarity and deep-rooted history make it a wonderful baby name option. And the vibes from the meaning will ensure that your child is always connected to the most supreme soul, Lord Rama.

47. Parasmaidhamne

Parasmaidhamne is one of those names that you may not like first, but after saying it for a couple of times, you realize how charming it is. And not to forget, there’s an option of shortening it to Paras as well. Parasmaidhamne means ‘Lord of Vaikuntha’.

48. Parasmaijyotishe

Parasmaijyotishe, meaning ‘most radiant’, is almost impossible to forget. This lovely name will hopefully fill your child’s life with brilliance, light, and luminance. And just like Parasmaidhamne, even Parasmaijyotishe can be cut short to Paras for the nickname.

49. Parasme

If you’re looking for a traditional name with an attitude, Parasme could fit the bill. This illustrious name, meaning ‘most superior’, goes way back in time. It sounds beautiful and has a strong meaning, making it a perfect name for a boy of the 21st century.

50. Paratpara

Paratpara, meaning ‘greatest of the greats’, is an extremely macho name. This solid and robust name has a classical and old-fashioned feel to it. Since vintage names are gaining ground lately, Paratpara can also be a huge hit.

Quick fact

Lord Rama is also called Maryada Purushottam because he is considered the epitome of righteousness and maintains dignity in every aspect of human life.

51. Paresha

Paresha, meaning ‘lord of the lords’, is a simple, short, and tasteful name, which will withstand the test of time. It’s as easy to imagine a toddler carrying this name as it is to imagine a father of four. Furthermore, Paresha fits well with contemporary Hindu names such as Priyansh and Reyansh as well, while maintaining its refined air.

52. Peetavasane

Peetavasane or Peetavasaya is the name with a backbone. It has been used as a traditional name for centuries. Peetavasane means ‘the one who wears yellow attire, which signifies purity and wisdom’.

53. Pitrabhakta

If you want your son to be a daddy’s boy, then you can pick the name Pitrabhakta or Pitrubhakta, which means ‘devoted to his father’. The name signifies Lord Rama’s utmost devotion to his father. Lord Rama did not question his father even once on his decision of exiling him and leaving for the Dandaka forest.

54. Punyacharita Keertana

It is a long yet tasteful name for baby boys that means ‘sung for noble virtues.’ Choose the traditional Punyacharita Keertana for your son’s name if you desire a visually appealing Lord Rama-inspired option.

55. Punyodaya
Punyodaya, an immortal Lord Rama name

Punyodaya, meaning ‘provider of immortality’, is an ancient name with a fiery feel to it. Besides, its association with several historical figures adds to its charm.

56. Puranapurushottama

A glorious name in the Hindu culture, Puranapurushottama means ‘supreme being of the Puranas.’ The name may be difficult to pronounce for the little one as he learns to speak, but with passing age, he will get to pronounce it as fluently as his parents. It may not be a popular name but its short forms like Purushottam are enough to keep the legacy of this name alive.

57. Purvabhashine

Purvabhashine is one of those names that checks several boxes. It’s aristocratic and regal, has a hint of history, and a unique meaning- ‘one who knows the future, soothsayer’.

58. Raghava

Raghava, meaning ‘belonging to the Raghu race’, depicts pedigree, modernity, and class. And it’s also one of the most popular Lord Rama baby boy names. It’s as much in use now as it was decades ago. And we don’t think the popularity of this name will fade anytime soon.

59. Raghupungava

Among the many names of Lord Ram, Raghupungava is an exquisite one that means ‘Scion of Raghakula race.’ Lord Ram, an upholder of dharma, embodies unwavering goodness and steadfastly honors His commitments.

60. Rajeevalochana

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing Lord Rama name for your son, pick Rajeevalochana. A memorable baby name with style, Rajeevalochana means ‘lotus-eyed’.

61. Rajendra

Rajendra, meaning ‘lord of the lords’, is a stately name, rich in style. The name also tips to one of the most popular Bollywood actors, Rajendra Kumar. It’s also associated with the first President of India. Now that’s a name with some cred.

62. Rakshavanara Sangatine

If you are exploring names that pay homage to animals from the Hindu culture, Rakshavanara Sangatine is a long name that means ‘saviour of boars and monkeys.’ This name holds the elegance of old and modern times and could even be translated in its shorter forms like Raksha.

63. Ram

Lord Rama may be known by a multitude of names, but Ram will always remain his most superior and divine name. ‘Ra’ in Sanskrit means ‘seed of fire’ while ‘Ma’ means mind. Hence, the name Ram means ‘one who has a completely pure mind that has been burnt through meditation’. Isn’t it thoughtful?

64. Ramabhadra

What better way to pay tribute to Lord Rama than by giving your child the name Ramabhadra, which means ‘the most auspicious one’? This strong name has the elegance of olden times and can easily translate into modern times too.

65. Ramachandra

Lord Rama names

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Expecting parents who like celestial baby names might want to zero in on Ramachandra, which means ‘as gentle as the moon’. The name has something mystical about it and possesses every quality to stand out from the crowd. It also nods to the kind and humble nature of Lord Rama.

66. Sacchidananda Vigraha

A blissful and elegant name for baby boys, Sacchidananda Vigraha means ‘form of eternal bliss.’ Rama, the embodiment of dharma, is revered by Hindu devotees as the eternal source of bliss, encompassing the entire universe and bringing forth boundless joy.

67. Sada Hanumadashrita

Names like Sada Hanumadashrita are chosen by parents to shower their children with the blessings of God. Sada Hanumadashrita means ‘’dependent on Hanuman,’ who is also the wind god. Legends say Lord Rama was dependent upon Hanuman, his follower, to save his wife, Sita, from the evil demon, Ravana.

68. Saptatala Prabhetre

The name Saptatala Prabhetre means ‘breaker of the seven Tale tress.’ The name holds great mythological significance as Lord Rama, adorned in tree bark and deer skin radiating a golden sheen, wielded a divine golden bow in His majestic and formidable stature. He shattered the curse binding the seven Tale trees, fulfilling His purpose for incarnation.

69. Sarvadevadideva

Parents who love all things classic and vintage should feast their eyes on Sarvadevadideva, which means ‘Lord of all gods’. He is the archetype of not just righteousness, but almost all the sought-after virtues in life.

70. Sarvadevastuta

Sarvadevastuta, meaning ‘worshipped by all divine beings’, has a certain aura that cannot be denied. The name aptly refers to Lord Rama, who is the most loved of all the Gods and is revered by everyone.

71. Sarvadevatmika

Sarvadevatmika is a catchy, unique, and undeniably memorable name, meaning ‘dwells in all gods’. Lord Rama isn’t just a favorite of us human beings but dwells deep inside the hearts of Gods too. Sarvadevatmika may seem a bit difficult to spell, especially when your child is his preschool, but he’ll get the hang of it with every passing year.

72. Sarvapagunavarjita

If you are looking for names that evoke a sense of moral uprightness, Sarvapagunavarjita is a great choice for your little baby boy. It means ‘destroyer of evil qualities’ and holds great religious significance. The gracious Lord, firmly rooted in truth and dharma, emerges as the destroyer of wrong-doers and evil, assuming a human form to vanquish malevolence and uphold righteousness.

73. Sarva Punyadhikaphala

A religious and traditional name for baby boys, Sarva Punyadhikaphala means ‘answers prayers.’ Lord Rama, the embodiment of Lord Vishnu, illuminates with profound wisdom and divine power, attracting His cherished devotees during times of hardship.

74. Sarvateerthamaya

A divine and generous name for baby boys, Sarvateerthamaya means sacred water.’ Lord Rama, the seventh embodiment of Lord Vishnu, peacefully rests upon the ocean of milk, imparting sacredness to its waters with his divine presence.

75. Sarvayajnadhipa

A sweet-sounding name for your little sunshine that has a certain spark to it, despite bearing a difficult pronunciation. Sarvayajnadhipa means ‘Lord of all sacrificial offerings.’

76. Satyavache

Satyavache is a delicate, gentle, and sweet name, evoking everything beautiful. We love its etymology the most. This name, meaning ‘always truthful’, would inspire your child to never lose the path of truth, just like Lord Rama.

77. Satyavikrama

This thought-provoking name is sure to make your little one stand out. This name means ‘truthfully powerful,’ deeply resonating with the personality of Lord Ram and his image as an ideal man.

78. Satyavrata
Satyavrata, a beautiful Lord Rama name

It’s not every day you’ll come across someone named Satyavrata. We guarantee you that you won’t find any other child with this name in your child’s school. Satyavrata means ‘he who has adopted truth as penance’.

79. Saumya

This calm and soothing name has been a great choice among parents for centuries. Saumya means ‘ever-smiling and gentle,’ much like the little one in your life. Lord Rama is often associated with this name when describing about his calm and gentle nature.

80. Setukrute

Setukrute is a classy name that is also simultaneously tough. It means ‘the one who builds the bridge over ocean’, which refers to Lord Rama’s construction of the bridge across the ocean between India and Lanka to save his wife, Sita.

81. Sharanatrana Tatpara

It is a wonderful name but can be quite tough to pronounce. It means ‘determined to protect His devotees,’ which refers to Lord Ram’s determination and commitment to wipe away any distress felt by His devotees and seek refuge.

82. Shashvata

We were never really attracted to Shashvata until we learned about its meaning ‘eternal’. It’s artistic, beautiful, and would suit guys of every age. The cheerful nickname Sasha makes it even more friendly.

83. Shoora

Shoora, meaning ‘the valiant one’, is perfect for a rough and tough guy who isn’t afraid to throw down, when required. This name was super popular in the 80s, and impresseseven today. The name refers to the courage and valor of Lord Rama, making it an exceptionally fantastic noble naming option.

84. Shrimate

Shrimate is a beautiful name with an even more beautiful meaning. It means ‘revered by all’, which our favorite Lord Rama is. So how can Shrimate go wrong? We even love the fact that Shrimate is a perfect combination of power and beauty, which is rarely found in baby names.

85. Shyamanga

We totally love the name Shyamanga, which means ‘dark skinned one’. The ancient vibe around this name makes it magical. Lord Rama is often depicted as having a dark-skinned, bluish complexion, which shows his affinity with Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu.

86. Smitavaktra

Smitavaktra is regarded as a highly prestigious name by Lord Rama worshippers. The name has strong Sanskrit roots, and translates to ‘one with a smiling face’. With this name, we hope your son will always have a smiling face.

87. Smrutasarvaghanashana

This is such a noble name holding a vintage spark to it meaning ‘destroyer of sins.’ Devotees find shelter in Him through concentration and meditation, as He dispels their sins and relieves their suffering from a mythological standpoint.

88. Sugreevepsita Rajyada

A kingly and noble name, Sugreevepsita Rajyada means ‘recovering Sugreeva’s kingdom for him.’ According to the scriptures, Sugreeva, the king of the vanaras or monkeys, reveres Lord Rama. Lord Rama defeats Vali, Sugreeva’s brother, and reinstates the kingdom to the loyal Sugreeva.

89. Sumitraputra Sevita

A traditional name that’s long but holds high religious significance for Hindus worldwide. Sumitraputra Sevita means ‘worshiped by Sumitra’s son.’ Lakshmana, Rama’s devoted younger brother, and Sumitra’s son, revered his beloved sibling and the very ground upon which He trod. He willingly abandoned the comforts of home to accompany Rama into the wilderness during their period of exile.

90. Sundara

Sundara, meaning ‘handsome’, is a medium-sized, utterly charming name that’s ancient in origin, but has a contemporary feel to it.

91. Tatakantaka

What better name for your little boy than the moniker that symbolizes the ‘slayer of Yakshini Tataka’, a demon or rakshasa who was killed by Lord Rama in the epic “Ramayana”? The name is both strong and assertive, yet charismatic.

92. Trigunatmaka

Trigunatmaka, the divine appellation of Lord Ram, originates from Sanskrit, signifying ‘possessing the three Gunas.’ This name beautifully encapsulates Lord Ram’s harmonious fusion of these virtues, reflecting his celestial essence and equilibrium.

93. Trilokarakshaka

It is one of the masculine names attributed to Lord Rama that add a distinctive charm to the name, which means ‘protector of the three worlds.’ This name is a testament to the valiant courage of the supreme God, Lord Rama, to protect the three worlds.

94. Trilokatmane

Trilokatmane is one of those sporty and masculine names, which we’re expecting to hear more of soon. A name with a staying power, Trilokatmane means ‘Lord of the three worlds’.

95. Trimurtaye

The most special name for baby boys is Trimurtaye, which means ‘having the forms of Trinity.’ It embodies one’s understanding of the ultimate reality of the world around us, making it an endearing name choice for parents.

96. Tripurte
Tripurte, a pious Lord Rama name

This simple name, meaning ‘manifestation of the Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva’, would work wonderfully as a middle name. It has a friendly vibe and it’s fairly uncommon too, making it just ripe for picking.

97. Trivikrama

Trivikrama is an edgy and unique name, meaning ‘conqueror of the three worlds’. In Hindu mythology, the three worlds refer to Svarga (heaven), Bhumi (Earth), and Patal (nether worlds’).

98. Vagmine

Vagmine is such a noble and strong name for a little boy- no wonder so many mommies in the olden times loved it. The meaning of Vagmine is ‘spokesman’.

99. Valipramathana

This appealing name, despite being difficult to pronounce, is fairly uncommon. It means ‘slayer of Vali’ and is the name of the famous Vanara chief who had usurped the throne of Sugreeva, Lord Ram’s brother, and taken his wife captive.

100. Varaprada

Please do not ignore this name just because it does not conform to baby name trends. An old-timey name denotes security, wisdom, and most importantly a quirky vintage style. The meaning of Varaprada is ‘answer to all prayers’.

101. Vedantasara

Baby names starting with ‘V’ have always been popular, so there’s no reason why Vedantasara wouldn’t work for your child. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by its size, you can cut it to Vedant. Vedantasara means ‘embodiment of the philosophy of life’.

102. Vedatmane

Vedatmane, meaning ‘spirit of the Vedas rests in Him’, is one of the most thoughtful Lord Rama baby boy names. Yes, it does sound a bit stuffy, but that can be solved by shortening it to Veda for daily use.

103. Vibhishanaparitratre

This is a divine name for babies that means ‘sheltered Vibhishana.’ According to mythology, Vibhishana was the brother of Ravana and had taken shelter under Lord Rama when he saw his brother was undertaking evil practices.

104. Vibhishana Pratishthatre

Meaning ‘Crowned Vibhishana as the King of Lanka,’ this is a religiously significant name carrying an old-fashioned charm. The lotus-eyed Lord Rama, universally revered as the Lord of the Lords, wore a serene smile on His face. Upon vanquishing the ten-headed Ravana, He bestowed the crown upon Vibhishana, eternally marking this sacred event.

105. Viradhavadha

Viradhavadha, meaning ‘slayer of the demon Viradha’, isn’t really preferred by parents of our generation as it sounds a bit old-fashioned and ‘out there’, but that’s what we love so much about this name. At least, there’s no fear that the name will wear out in some time.

106. Vishwamitrapriya

Vishwamitrapriya, meaning ‘beloved of Vishwamitra,’ is a profound baby name that encapsulates Lord Ram’s deep reverence, appreciation, and esteem for the sage who profoundly influenced his life’s course.

107. Vratadhara

Vratadhara is a unique name that belongs to Lord Ram and means ‘practicing penance.’ Rama, the embodiment of justice and righteousness, diligently upholds dharma, destroying evil and wrong-doing. Through deep meditation and austere penances, he seeks to liberate humanity from suffering.

108. Yajvane

Yajvane or Yajna, meaning ‘performer of Yagnas’, is pretty much perfect as a middle name. It’s a strong and macho name but in no way brute. This name is both a first and middle name..

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose the right Lord Rama name for my baby?

Every name of the Hindu God, Lord Rama, is associated with a specific quality. Look for the name referring to the quality you wish your child to imbibe.

2. What is the meaning behind Lord Rama’s name, “Shri Rama?”

According to Hinduism, Lord Rama is one of the seven incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The term ‘Shri,’ used before His name, is a Sanskrit word similar to ‘Lord’ and is used as a title to denote respect.

Whether you follow Hinduism or are devoted to worshiping Hindu deities, you would be interested in naming your little boy after one of the most valued and inspirational Hindu deities, Lord Rama. Given the popularity and diversity of Shree Ram names, you could be puzzled about selecting a name for your baby boy. This list of traditional and distinctive Lord Rama’s names with their meanings could simplify your task. Analyze each name and pick the one you feel will go with your little prince’s personality.

Infographic: Lord Rama Names For Baby Boy

Lord Rama, the Hindu deity, is known for being an embodiment of virtues. If you wish for your little boy to emulate the character of Rama, naming him after the powerful God can be the first step in that direction. To help you with that, we bring you some beautiful names of Lord Rama.

popular names of the hindu deity ram (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Being the most popular avatar of Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama is a household name in Indian culture.
  • He not only represents godly characters but also stands as an epitome of a person’s duties, rights, and responsibilities.
  • Names such as Brahmanya, meaning ‘supreme Godhead,’ Hari, meaning the omniscient one,’ and Parasme, meaning ‘most superior,’ among several others, highlight the essence of this name.
  • Make sure to read well about the history and origins of the name to ensure that they match your beliefs and requirements.

Explore some lovely Lord Rama Names for Baby Boys with Meanings. Learn the perfect name for your little one with its beautiful meaning.

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