50 Lord Venkateshwara Names For Baby Boy, With Meanings

The presiding deity of Tirumala Venkateshwara temple at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, is Lord Venkateshwara. Some other names of Lord Venkateshwara are Balaji, Govinda, and Damodaran. The name Venkateshwara is formed by the union of two words, Venkata, which refers to a hill in Andhra Pradesh and Isvara means Lord. The Sanskrit words vem (sins) and kata (immune power) form Venkata. According to Hindu texts, he is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu (also known as Lord Perumal), the Kal-Yug avatar, and a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Here is a list of distinctive baby boy names inspired by Lord Venkateshwara, along with their meanings.

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List Of Popular Lord Venkateshwara Names For Baby Boy

1. Aakesh

Aakesh, the name of Lord Venkateshwara

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It is a variant of “Aakash,” meaning “the Lord of the sky.” The name has Sanskrit origins.

protip_icon Trivia
According to Hindu mythology, Akasha is one of the 1008 names of Lord Shiva.

2. Achyutan

Achyutan means “one who never dies” or “eternal,” and refers to the glory of Lord Venkateshwara. It is an ideal name for a sturdy boy.

3. Aditya

Originated from Sanskrit and Hindi, it means “the sun,” the constant source of energy.

4. Anantan

It is an epithet of Lord Venkateehswara, and means “the infinite” or “endless.”

5. Anirudh

It is a variant of Aniruddha or Aniruddh from Sanskrit. The name means “without obstacles” or “unrestrained.” Anirudh is considered a jana avatar of Vishnu.

6. Aparjeet

The name means “unsurpassed” or “undefeated.” It is derived from the Sanskrit elements “a” meaning “not” and “parajita” meaning “conquered.”

7. Arshit

It means “a king” or “sky,” and also refers to someone who is “part of God.” This name reflects a strong personality.

8. Avyaya

The name means “imperishable,” and it has a Sanskrit origin. It is found in Vishnu Puran, an ancient Hindu manuscript.

9. Balaji

The name Balaji signifies strength

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It is another name for Lord Venkateshwara, and it symbolizes strength. It means “strong.”

10. Bhaktavatsala

The name means “lover of devotees” or “protector of devotees.” The name symbolizes Lord Venkateshwara’s affection towards his devotees.

11. Chakradara

The name means “bearer of chakra.” It refers to the chakra (disc) in one of the hands of Lord Venkateshwara.

12. Chalapathy

The name means “Lord of the hill.” It signifies the strength and courage of Lord Balaji.

13. Chaturveda

It means “one who knows all four Vedas.” It is a suitable fit if you prefer a name with spiritual depth.

14. Damodaran

It originates from Sanskrit and means “the one with a rope around the belly.” The name is used to refer Lord Venkateshwara and Lord Krishna – both incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

15. Danavendran

Danavendran is another name for Lord Balaji and means “granter of boons.”

16. Dayanidhi

It means “compassionate” or “a treasure house of grace and mercy.” It is an ideal name for a boy with compassion.

17. Ezhumalai

The name is also spelled Elumalai, and means “Lord of seven hills.” Ezhumalai has a Tamil origin.

18. Govindan

The name is a variant of Govind, and means “one who protects and guards cows.” It is the name for two incarnations of Lord Vishnu, namely Lord Krishna and Lord Venkateshwara.

19. Havinash

It is a variant of the name Avinash and means “indestructible.” It is a suitable name for a brave and independent boy.

20. Hayagreev

Hayagreev is a variant of the name 'Hayagriva'

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A variant of Hayagriva, it means “horse’s neck.” The name refers to Vishnu’s incarnation with the face of a horse.

21. Hitesh

Hitesh means “Lord of goodness” or “one who thinks well of everyone.” The Hindi word “hit” means to do and think good for others.

22. Hrishikeshan

It is another name for Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna, and means “Lord of the senses.”

23. Jagdeesan

The variant of Jagadish, which is a combination of Sanskrit words “jagat” meaning “world” and “Ish” meaning “ruler.” The name means “ruler of the world.”

24. Janardhan

It means “one who helps people” or “liberator from the cycle of birth and death.” It is another name for Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna.

25. Jaswik

Jaswik means “gift of God or Lord Venkateshwara.” The name is an ideal choice for a boy who is special and has a charming personality.

26. Karun

It is a traditional name with Sanskrit origin and means “mercy,” “compassion,” “gentleness,” or “tenderness.” The name also refers to the “supreme being” or the “supreme spirit.”

27. Kesavan

It is one of the names of Lord Venkateshwara, and means “the one with black matted hair.”

28. Madhavan

It is a name for both Lord Krishna and Lord Venkateshwara. The name originates from “Madhava,” which is a Sanskrit name that means “descendant of Madhu.” The name “Madhu” means “honey” or “sweet.”

protip_icon Trivia
R. Madhavan is also the name of an Indian actor who played Nambi Narayanan, a renowned scientist at ISRO, in the movie Rocketry: The Nambi Effect.

29. Madhusudhan

It means “one who killed the demon Madhu.” The name refers to Lord Krishna and is also used to refer to Lord Venkateshwara.

30. Nandan

Nandan is also a name for Lord Shiva

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It is another name for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Nandan means “pleasing,” “heartening,” or “full of joy.”

31. Nirmal

Nirmal means “clean, pure, and brilliant.” You may choose this name for your baby, whom you want to be honest and fair.

protip_icon Quick fact
As per Hindu astrology, the name ‘Nirmal’ belongs to the star sign Scorpio and is dominated by the planet Mars.

32. Nirvikalp

Nirvikalp originates from a Sanskrit word and means “one without doubt” or “unwavering.”

33. Padmanabha

It means “one with a lotus in his navel,” and refers to an embodiment of Lord Vishnu with a lotus emerging from the navel.

34. Padmaraj

Padma” refers to “Padmavati” wife of Lord Venkateshwara, and “Raj” means “King” or “Lord.” Therefore, Padmaraj means “Padmavati’s King” or “Padmavati’s Lord.”

35. Paramjyoti

It means “the greatest splendor” or “ultimate or absolute radiance.” The name refers to Lord Venkateshwara’s divinity.

36. Prahar

Prahar means “attacker or destroyer of bad things.” It could be a reassuring name for your baby boy.

37. Purushottam

It is another name for Lord Vishnu, and means “supreme God” or “honest and best among men.” It is a commendable name for a child who is hardworking and selfless.

38. Sarvesh

Sarvesh means “master of all” or “one who controls everything.” The name refers to both Lord Venkateshwara and Lord Shiva.

39. Seshadri

It is a combination of two Sanskrit words, “Sesha,” meaning “King of serpents,” and “Adri” meaning “hill.” This is another name for Lord Venkateshwara.

40. Sharang

Sharang is a bow held only by Lord Vishnu

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The name refers to a supreme legendary bow held only by Lord Vishnu. Other meanings of the name include “light,” “jewel,” “gold” or “radiance.”

41. Shaurya

It means “bravery,” “heroism,” or “power.” It is an ideal name for a boy with a great aura.

42. Shravan

Shravan means “a devoted son” and is derived from Ramayana. It is also the name of a Hindu month and a star.

protip_icon Trivia
According to the Ramayana, Shravan Kumar was a devoted son of his blind parents. He took his parents on a pilgrimage by carrying them in two separate baskets suspended from a bamboo rod, which rested on his shoulders.

43. Sri Hari

The name is a combination of the Sanskrit words “Sri,” an honorific title, and “Hari,” which means “bright,” “shining,” or “radiant like the Sun.” Sri Hari is another name for Lord Krishna and Lord Venkateshwara.

44. Sridhar

It originates from the Sanskrit word “Sridhara,” meaning “possessor of a good fortune.” It is an epithet of Lord Venkateshwara.

45. Thirumal

It is the name of one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The name is also used to refer Lord Venkateshwara and makes an ideal name for a boy with a charismatic future.

46. Tirumaleshwar

It refers to the “Lord, who resides in Tirumalai.” This could be one of the profound names for your baby.

47. Vedansh

Vedansh means “part of the Vedas” or “part of sacred knowledge.” It is an apt name if you want to impart self-assurance and confidence in a child.

48. Vishnav

It is a variant of the name “Vaishnav,” which means “devotee of Lord Vishnu or Lord Venkateshwara.”

49. Yadavendra

Yadavendra means “leader of Yadavas” or “King of Yadava clan.” The name refers to Lord Krishna and is also used to refer to Lord Venkateshwara.

50. Yajnaroopa

The name refers to the Yajna incarnation of Lord Vishnu and means “the one who sacrifices” or “Lord of sacrifice.”

These common names of Lord Venkateshwara have been present for centuries yet still maintain their pious significance. By naming your baby after the Lord, you ensure to inspire them to fulfill their promises and respect others. Since it is difficult to choose the right name for your baby out of many charming ones, we have also mentioned the meaning of each moniker. With the history of origin and the meaning, it is now an easy task to find a suitable title for your little boy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are the names of Lord Venkateshwara used in Hindu rituals and ceremonies?

The names of Lord Venkateshwara are used extensively in Hindu rituals and ceremonies, including daily prayers, special worship services, and festivals. A hymn dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara, The Venkateswara Suprabhatam is the first and pre-dawn prayer performed to Venkateswara. Devotees chant the names of Lord Venkateshwara as a form of devotion and seek his blessings.

2. Are there any unique or rare names of Lord Venkateshwara?

Apart from the names Balaji, Govinda, and Damodaran, Lord Venkateshwara is also known as Venkatachalapthi, Srinivasa, and Venkataramana.

3. How do people choose the name of Lord Venkateshwara for their child, and what are the factors to consider?

Choosing the name of Lord Venkateshwara for a child depends on the meaning and significance of the name, the child’s birth star and time, and family traditions and customs. Parents may also choose a name of religious significance based on their personal beliefs and desire.

Infographic: Name Your Baby After The Supreme Deity

Lord Venkateshwara is a widely worshiped Hindu God. He is the Lord, who people worship by various names, such as Govinda, Balaji, Vishnu, and Srinivasa. This infographic presents some names of Lord Venkateshwara with their meanings that you can consider when naming your little boy.

lord venkateswara baby names (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Lord Venkateshwara is worshiped as one of the forms of the supreme Hindu God Vishnu.
  • He is a powerful deity often revered as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.
  • Meaningful names such as Aditya, Nirmal, and Jaswik are among the many names associated with this deity.
  • Besides resonating with your religious beliefs, these names inspire strength and virtue in your little one.
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