15 Notable Signs Of Love At First Sight

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Some people believe in love at first sight, while it’s just an infatuation for others. Have you ever felt weak in the knees by just looking at someone? If yes, then you have experienced intense attraction for someone.

You also perhaps had the world go blurry while your eyes focused on only that special person who seemed to have an invisible spotlight. We’ve all experienced such a pull at some point in our lives.

Shireen Sinclair reflects on her love at first sight experience from 22 years ago, when she was in her teens. She saw him while attending a mass at the church and was greatly enamored by his looks but never able to speak to him. She says, “There was something that drew me toward him… As we reached home and downed a bland supper all I could think about was him… Nothing else had made me happier than the thought of just taking a good look at him.

“No matter how much I try to ignore it, I have to admit, this was love-at-first-sight. My friends tell me this was infatuation. Others tell me I was a flirt. Many other mature adults tell me that I was a growing teenager trying to control the pangs of puberty. All of it was wrong. The only thing that was correct was that I was an immature, under-confident teenager who could not muster the strength to speak a few words (i).”

However, it is an extraordinary experience for those who have nurtured their first feeling to a successful relationship. But, how can you know if you’ve had the same episode? Learn the signals of love at first sight in this post and see if you’ve struck the right chords.

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What Is Love At First Sight?

According to a study, humans have developed the ability to identify a mate swiftly in a matter of 100 milliseconds. After a person is sexually attracted to someone, they feel an emotional attachment that prompts them to gaze into the eyes of the subject of attraction, a little longer than usual (1). That feeling of adoration is what we know as ‘love at first sight.’

You are craving to see that person more. There seems to be a strong pull toward them, and you may want to know more about them. If the other person feels the same for you, then the chemistry between you two will be undeniably strong.

Is Love At First Sight Real?

It is possible to feel intense attraction towards a person in an instant.

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Yes. Many couples have experienced love at first sight almost in ways described in novels and shown in movies. It is also possible to feel an intense sense of attraction towards a person in an instant. It may be a physical attraction at first but can soon turn into a deeper and more meaningful connection with time.

Research finds
It is proven that the effect of primacy (getting influenced and having enhanced memory for the information presented at the beginning ) plays a significant role in eliciting instantaneous attraction (4).

What Causes Love At First Sight?

Poets and filmmakers may have glorified love at first through their best verses and storytelling techniques. However, its practical aspect involves different sections of your brain reacting to a situation and has very little to do with your heart. The brain’s prefrontal cortex (linked to the ability to make decisions, solve problems, and think critically) is used for making prompt decisions with little information input (3). The same area is responsible for acknowledging love at first sight, as it may be considered a snap decision.

The appearance or behavior of a certain person may contribute to activating different parts of your brain. This causes an overwhelming physical and emotional reaction brought about through a surge of hormones, such as dopamine (the feel-good hormone) and oxytocin (the love hormone related to sexual arousal and romantic bonding). However, whether these reactions are associated with long-term relationships or not is a matter of further research.

15 Signs Of Love At First Sight

Now that you know what love, at first sight, is, let’s have a look at some signs to understand if you have experienced it.

1. You feel butterflies in your belly

Do you know that unusual but swooning feeling known as ‘butterflies in your stomach?’ When you see the person, your heart beats fast, and you will feel butterflies in your stomach. Your heart is filled with ardor, intense enthusiasm, fondness, and passion toward the person. It is a good feeling that makes you anxious and excited at the same time.

2. You keep looking for them

Once you are attracted to that special person you adore, you may start seeing them everywhere. You will give a second look to anyone who slightly resembles them. In a room full of people, your eyes will look only for them since you desire to see them again. You experience a profound longing or yearning to be close to the person.

3. You cannot stop stealing glances

When around them, you cannot stop staring at them. You are hypersensitive to their movements around you and ensure they remain in your peripheral vision all the time. You are enamored with the person, feeling captivated and enchanted by their presence.

4. You feel an instant connection

You feel comfortable with them as if you have known them before.

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The person might be a stranger to you, but seeing them gives a sense of familiarity. You feel comfortable with them as if you have known them before. You feel like you have a sentimental attachment and emotional connection to the person. However, you may feel nervous talking to them, but you would like that feeling, too.

5. You do not care what ‘type’ they are

You usually have a ‘type’ when it comes to dating or even having a crush. The person may not be your ‘type’ or be the complete opposite of your wishes, but something about them makes you go head over heels. You may even experience moments of idolatry, seeing them as a perfect being.

6. You find everything about them attractive

The way they raise their glass to drink water to the way they dress— everything makes you gush about them with fascination. Every small action of theirs makes your heart flutter. Such a feeling could be nothing less than love at first sight.

Did you know?
Love at first sight could cause sleeplessness and loss of appetite. However, people in love take it casually.

7. You can’t stop thinking about them

It’s been days since you saw them, but your mind still keeps thinking about them. The mere thought of them fills you with enthusiasm. No matter where you are or what you are doing, your mind keeps drifting to them. You find yourself lost in a reverie, daydreaming and fantasizing about a future with the person. You become obsessed with thoughts of the person, consumed by their image and presence in your mind.

8. You wish to see them again

Your daydreaming becomes so intense that you hope to see them again. You may be a shy person but do not mind striking a conversation with them because they are such a delight. It could make you feel that talking to them is a necessity.

9. You feel shy around them

You feel shy to talk to them.

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You may have no problem speaking in front of a crowd, but speaking in front of this special person could make you nervous. You feel shy to talk to them as you might be scared of blurting out something silly that may ruin your image.

10. You want to learn more about them

You might use your online stalking skills to know more about the person. If you are constantly trying to find what they eat, what they like, and everything about them to understand them better—you have fallen for them at first sight.

11. You feel happy all the time

You find yourself smiling for no reason. The world starts looking unusually beautiful. You wake up excited and go to sleep feeling light and happy. Even a problem you hated may seem easily conquerable.

12. You imagine yourself with them

At times, you even imagine a whole fancy story.

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You imagine accidentally bumping into them or scenarios where you seem to impress them. At times, you even create a whole fancy story, like a romantic movie, and have your ‘happily ever after’ moments with them.

13. You sense the change in your body language

Initially, when you interacted with them, your shoulders might have been tense and breathing shallow. But as the conversation goes on, you start feeling relaxed, and you might even be smiling a lot during your conversation.

Quick fact
The changes in body language can be associated with the production of a neurotransmitter called dopamine and the feel-good hormone oxytocin, which influences the feelings of social intimacy in mammals (5).

14. You can be yourself with them

No one around you ever gets your wit and humor except this person. Your jokes that others find dull has them in splits. They admire your observation skills, which are often found weird by others. You are not afraid of being your true self with them.

15. You feel you are meant to be together

You are confident that they are ‘the one’ for you.

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After seeing the person and interacting with them, you are confident that they are ‘the one’ for you. You have no reason to explain, but you feel it in your gut that you are meant to be with each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you differentiate between love and infatuation?

Love is an intense feeling of affection and passion. It develops gradually, accepts all imperfections, does not make one make rash decisions, and is more than mere physical attraction. Infatuation, on the other hand, is an intense liking but is often short-lived. It can make a person think from the heart instead of the head and is mostly just physical attraction.

2. How quickly does a man fall in love?

How sooner or later a man falls in love depends on the person. However, research proves that men may fall in love faster than women (2).

3. Can love at first sight be mutual?

Love at first sight, can be mutual, meaning both individuals feel an immediate and intense romantic attraction toward each other. It is not always a one-sided experience. However, it’s important to note that just because two people feel a strong connection initially, it does not guarantee a lasting and meaningful relationship will develop. Building a strong relationship requires effort and time.

If you’ve experienced the above signs, it might be love at first sight. While a few ignore this feeling as infatuation, others swear by this immediate attraction towards a potential mate. Either way, if you’ve experienced this sudden surge of positive emotions towards someone, cherish the feeling. Let it sink in for a while to confirm that you like them. If your heart tells you to be in a relationship with them, consider taking the next step based on the situation. You never know; this person could be the one for you.

Infographic: How To Know If You Fell In Love At First Sight?

You suddenly see someone and feel that they are the one for you. But does it mean you are in love with that person? Explore the infographic below as it explains some clear indications that you might have fallen for a person in the first meet only. Knowing these signs can help you understand your feelings better.

clear indications of love at first sight (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Love at first sight is an instant attraction to a potential mate.
  • It may begin as a physical attraction but may eventually grow deeper and stronger.
  • Feeling butterflies in the stomach, experiencing an instant connection, and finding everything about them attractive are some signs of love at first sight.
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Love at first sight is real! Learn the five psychological signs to help you identify it in yourself and others.

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