40+ Sample Love Letters To The Husband

Writing love letters to your husband may seem old-school or even boring. But, reading feelings penned down on a paper still holds a special experience. The happiness of receiving a handwritten letter is unparalleled and leaves an everlasting impact. Though you can write letters on your smart gadgets, handwritten notes still top the list in their capability to make someone feel extra loved and adored. This post brings you some samples of love letters which you may write to your husband. Use them to express your love for him.

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Romantic Love Letters For Husband

Without romance and affection, your relationship will be dry and monotonous. And there is no better way to ignite the passion and revive intimacy than writing a romantic love letter for your husband. Here are a few romantic letters you can begin with:

1. Dear husband,


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The day we married is one of the best days of my life, as on that day I found my best friend for life. It is true, I was skeptical in the beginning, but you made me feel so loved and comfortable, that I cannot imagine a life without you. Now, I genuinely feel I am the luckiest girl on earth, for I have a man who is loyal to me.

I want to confess that, every night after you drift away to sleep, I stay awake just to watch you sleep. You may think I am crazy, but I cannot help it, I am obsessed with you. I only want one thing in life now, to be your only love forever.

Your loving wife.

2. Dear husband,

I know we are no ordinary couple, we had many ups and downs, and our relationship has seen some of the worst storms. But we survived all that and here we are together. No matter how much we fight, my heart still flutters upon seeing you. I still dream about our romantic dates and late night conversations.

You may not know, even when I am busy at work, I sneak peeks at your picture and smile. I read our old conversations and want to relive all those sweet moments. After every fight, even though I stay adamant on the outside, deep inside I crave for your touch and cannot wait to end the fight.

With lots of love,

Your wife.

3. Darling husband,

These few words are not enough to tell you how much I love you, but still sending you my true feelings through this letter. The day I met you, I thought you are also just like any other guy, but you proved me wrong, you made me believe in the phrase “There are no perfect men, but one man is perfect for you.” After meeting you, I never felt the need to look at another man, as you made me feel complete and safe. I am glad that it did not work out with any other guy as it did with you.

Always your loving wife (name).

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4. Dear hubby,

I know I am not the most beautiful woman in the world, nor do I possess all the qualities of a good wife, but you never made me feel any less of myself. You loved me for who I am and never tried to change me. This motivated me to work on myself to bring out the best in me. Even after all these years, I still feel jealous when a passerby lady glances at you — that is how much I want you to be mine.

I still remember the day I saw you, you were wearing a neatly tucked white shirt, jeans, and a smile which I can never forget in my life. I was a nervous wreck, as you were so confident and good looking. But you made me comfortable, and all my insecurities vanished. Thank you for that and more. I love you so much.

With lots of love name.

5. Dear husband,

I was hopelessly romantic, waiting for the prince charming to sweep me off my feet. The world said I was living in a fantasy until you came along. Now the same world talks about how lucky I am. I can never forget the day we met, it was love at first sight for me, (even though I did not confess first), I was smitten and head-over-heels for you. I couldn’t stop rambling about how handsome you were, to my friends. And today I cannot believe I am your wife, and the best part is waking up in the middle of the night only to find you beside me. I love you to the moon and back darling.

Your silly wife.

6. Dear husband,

Although I do not tell this often, I do love you more than anyone can ever love you. If I had a flower every time I missed you, I would be walking in a garden. This distance between us is unbearable, and I miss you more as each day passes by. You are on my mind every second. Whether I am sleeping, eating or working, you are my constant thought. Now my life revolves around two things, counting days to meet you and reminiscing the memories until I meet you again. I hope this physical distance will soon disappear and we can spend the rest of our lives together forever.

Miss you hubby.

7. Dear hubby,

Every morning I wake up, I see your face. This one thing makes my day beautiful. Your face has the power to positively transform my whole day. You know I am not a morning person. But when I wake up and look at you, my frustration of waking up early vanishes in a blink. I know I will have a good day because you are with me. I am happy I decided to marry you and chose to see you first thing in the morning for the rest of my life. I love you so much.

Your not-a-morning-person wifey.

8. My darling husband,

Did you imagine we would be together for the rest of our lives when I met you? We met by chance at the public library, and I remember us still in the dark aisle, laughing over P.G. Wodehouse. From then to now, I’d say not much has changed. We still love books and still share a laugh over the same things. What has changed, though, is our love for each other. We have come a long way from barely knowing each other to being inseparable. And I hope we will continue to be like this until the end of time.

Your bookworm.

9. Dear husband,

Some people say “love at first sight” does not exist. I’d say they are wrong. I knew I loved you when I first laid my eyes on you. But when you confessed your feelings for me, I felt divine intervention had brought us together. We were both wandering souls who met each other by chance and now are in wedlock for life!

I cannot imagine a single day without you. I often wonder what I would do if I had never met you. But then I realize that I did, and God gave me the greatest gift of you as a lovely husband.

I love you forever and always,

Your wife.

10. Darling husband,

From the moment I saw you, my heart found a new home. We have spent many years together and built many beautiful memories. As I look back, I cannot help but smile and wonder how I got so lucky with you. You are the most sensitive and understanding husband a woman could ask for. You are my friend, my confidant, and a solid support system. I am so lucky and grateful to have you. I love you.

Your loving wife.

11. Dear husband,

Every new day is a new adventure with you. Do you recall the moment the kitchen was flooded when you attempted to repair the sink tap? Or the occasion when all the fire alarms blared because I forgot to turn off the stove? I can’t recall laughing as heartily at even the most amusing jokes as I did back then. We’ve experienced our share of ups and downs and emerged even stronger together. Thank you for giving me a new adventurous life. Even with broken pipes and burning stoves, I am confident we will find happiness in each other’s company.

Your forgetful wife.

12. Hello, my dear,

I still remember the day we first met. We were both so nervous. But the moment we began talking, I knew you were the one for me. The way you made me comfortable is something I cherish even now. You know I am a huge introvert, and I appreciate that you don’t compel me to attend massive parties and meet people because you know I won’t enjoy it. I admire how you look after my small likes and dislikes. I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful husband.

I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Your lovestruck introvert wife.

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Birthday Letters For Husband

Birthday is a special day for your husband. Make it extra special with these expressions of love.

13. Dear husband,

First of all, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday. On this special day, I would like to remind you how much you mean to me, through this letter. I know you do not like a public display of emotions, but I hope you would allow me to do it on this special day.

You are the perfect husband for me; I can never imagine anyone else in your place. You are loving, caring and forgiving. I know I am the absolute opposite to all these, and that is why I am lucky to have you in my life. You are the same today as you were on the day I first met you. Thank you for being the only constant in this ever-changing world. You are a positive person, who can see the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how hopeless the situation might be (this is one of the qualities I am trying to acquire).

On this day, I wish all your dreams come true and may you live a happy and healthy life.

Your loving family.

14. Darling husband,

Many happy returns of the day!

Today is the day when God has created a special person just for me, and I thank him every day for that. You transformed my life into a paradise, and I cannot thank you enough for it. You are a loving husband and an incredible father for our kids. I am sure they are going to turn out to be amazing just like their dad. I am glad to have spent my life with you, and I wish to spend many such amazing years ahead.

On this day, I would like to tell you how much you inspire me. Your patience and your positive attitude were the only things that could make me go on in the difficult times. Have a beautiful birthday, darling.

Your wife (name).

15. Happy birthday my dear husband!

On this special day, let me take the opportunity to tell you how much I love you. You probably would not believe it, but I wait for this day every year so that I can celebrate it with you. All year long you pamper and love me, but today it is my turn, so just sit back and relax. I always believed that I was among the unlucky, but you came and made me the luckiest of all. Life with you is never boring, each day there is something new to discover, something new to love you even more. I hope I will be able to make you happy and always wish to see a smile on your face.

Yours loving (wife name).

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16. My dear husband,

Have a wonderful birthday!

On this birthday I would like to give you a special gift by pouring out all my feelings in words and write you this letter.

Dearest, I have no words to describe how much I love you. I wish I were a poet to express my feelings beautifully through words. All I can say is you mean the world to me. My day starts with you and ends with you. Life is never fair, there will always be many ups and downs, but what makes it worth it is to have a reliable and trustworthy guy like you. On this special day, I would also like to thank your mother for raising you into a perfect gentleman. And I wish our kids will grow up being like you.

One of the best qualities you possess is that you are sensitive to others’ pain. I still remember how you had given your favorite t-shirt to a shivering homeless man. Living with you, I learned the real happiness lies in selflessness. Thank you for opening up a whole new world for me. I pray to God to give you the strength to continue being the amazing person you are.

With loads of love,

Your wife.

17. Dear husband’s name,

From being my childhood friend to being my teenage crush to being my husband, we have been with each other through thick and thin. People often ask me if I ever get bored of you, I would ask them, “‘how can I get bored of my own shadow?” You are my partner in crime, my guide during difficult times, and my all-time favorite person.

Thank you for bearing with me all these years, I know I can be difficult sometimes. And you had so many reasons for giving up on us. But always you chose to stay and make things work. This year is going to be pretty special for both of us, as we are going to become parents soon. And I know you would make an excellent father as well.

Happy birthday to you!

Yours forever (name).

18. Dear husband,

Very happy birthday to you!

I know you will have a smile after seeing this letter, as this is the first time I am putting down my feelings in words. Thank you for being such a great husband. You never made me feel alone; you always made sure I was happy. No one has given me so much happiness. I am proud that our marriage is strong, all thanks to you and your dedication towards our relationship.

I hope your birthday is filled with joy. Happy birthday dear!

Your loving wife (name).

19. Dear birthday boy,

I am so excited it is your birthday today! I know you don’t like elaborate displays and celebrations so I have just the best idea for you. It is a surprise that you will get to uncover later. But in the meantime, let me tell you how honestly amazing you are. You are the best husband in the whole world! You are caring, sensitive, understanding, romantic…the list goes on. What more could a girl wish for?

All I want for you today is a perfect birthday, and that is what you will get. I wish you a delightful birthday!

Your silly wife.

20. Husband dearest,

On your birthday, let me tell you how deeply I love you. With you, every day is a new story. And not just any ordinary story but a beautiful fairy tale. I love everything about you. Your voice is my favorite melody, and your touch is my solace. Thank you for being a part of my life and accompanying me on life’s long journey. I wish you a very happy birthday and may you celebrate a lot more in the years to come.

Your loving wife.

21. Dear husband,

Do you remember how we celebrated our birthdays when we were children? And how have you always shared the first slice of cake with me? I am so glad this practice has not stopped, though many years have passed. As we grew up and transitioned from friends to lovers to partners, our love for each other has grown in leaps and bounds. Your charm and energy that captivated me so many years ago are still strong and evident. Happy birthday, my love.

Your love-smitten wife.

22. Dear husband,

On this special day, allow me to celebrate the occasion and the person. You are such an incredible man, and I often am amazed to have you. You have filled my life with joy and happiness. Though it is your birthday, I must say I have received the biggest gift: a loving and supportive husband. I love you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Your lucky wife.

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Letters To The Husband On The Wedding Day And Anniversary

Anniversaries are special, as they give an opportunity to celebrate the remarkable day that made you both husband and wife. Here are a few sample letters to wish your husband a happy anniversary.

If you are about to get married, and looking for some inspiration to write one last letter before becoming his Mrs., we have covered that too.

23. Dear husband,

A happy wedding anniversary!

Today marks the completion of our first year together as husband and wife. I cannot believe it’s been a year since we got married. I guess we lost track of time as we were too busy being happy. Before getting married, I heard my friends say how difficult the first year of marriage could be. But I am surprised that our first year was the most wonderful year of my life. And it was all because of you.

Even though we had our fair share of fights, we never let them get in the way of our love. I wish we stay the same happy-go-lucky couple forever.

Yours loving wife name

24. Darling husband,

Today is our 25th anniversary. I feel it was just yesterday when you were in that black and white tux, nervously waiting for me at the end of the aisle. And I was walking cautiously both not to trip over and to maintain my bridal posture. I am surprised how so many years passed so quickly. Maybe because you still love me in the same way as you did from day one.

These 25 years were magical; they helped us grow and love each other more and more. We started our family and raised our kids into good citizens. When I look back, the only thing I can see is how you held my hand at every step. Here is to 25 more years.

Happy 25th anniversary dear.

Yours (name).

protip_icon Quick tip
Surprise your husband on this 25th anniversary by becoming his bride again. Get dolled up once again in your bridal outfit, take him to the wedding venue and relive the memories of your wedding day.

25. My dear husband,

Happy anniversary to us!

Another year went by as husband and wife. I agree the past year was not all merry for us. We have seen some of the worst times, and thank god we survived all of it and are united as a family. I must give the credit of this to you, as you have been the true example of the word ‘head of the family’. You held everything together and directed us towards the right path. I cannot imagine facing the situation without you.

All thanks to god and you, the dark times are over, and all that lies ahead is happiness. This anniversary is very special, because now, finally we have put the past behind and move on as one strong and happy family.

Your loving wife

26. Dear husband,

Today is the day when we said “I do” and promised to be together forever. I am glad that we could keep our promises. I never thought two strangers could fall in love and become so inseparable, but here we are. I barely knew you, when we got married, and I had my share of doubts about us. After all these years, I can proudly say I made the right choice in life.

You welcomed me into your family with an open mind, adjusted and sacrificed many things for the sake of my happiness. I think all I can do to repay you is by being the loving wife you always wanted me to be. I still remember the burnt dish I served you for the first time, and how you ate it without complaining. What did I do to deserve such a caring and understanding husband? I wish we had met earlier so that I could be your wife for some more time.

Happy anniversary my man.

Your wife

27. My dear,

The day that seemed so distant is finally here. I have butterflies fluttering in my stomach; I cannot keep calm. My friends say these could be pre-wedding jitters. But I feel I am just too happy and cannot wait to be your wife. Call me crazy, but I have already rehearsed our wedding for the 1,000th time now.

Darling, we are going to start an incredible journey together, which is not always easy, but it will be worth it, as long as we are there for each other. I hope you are as ready as I am to live in a house and call it home, have beautiful children and call it our family. This day is a special day for most girls like me, who have found their soulmate. So let us do this right and start the adventure together.

Your would-be wife

28. My darling,

In just a few hours I will be your wife! I want to scream and tell the whole world how happy I am. I hope tomorrow will be perfect as I imagined in my head. Everything was just magical, we meeting each other accidentally, becoming friends, and finally you asking me to marry you. I am thankful to God that we have found each other; there are billions of people in this world, and God has chosen you and me to be together. It is such a beautiful coincidence.

I hope you also cannot wait to start this fabulous journey with me. I know it is a little overwhelming, but that is how life is. I promise to be with you through thick and thin and support you as your wife.

Your future wife

29. Dear husband,

Your love is my anchor in life. Whenever I am in trouble, I know I have you by my side. You are my perfect partner-in-crime. You will not think twice before doing the craziest things with me. And that is why I love you so much. On this birthday, I wanted you to know that you are the most important part of my life.

Your loving wife.

30. My sweetheart,

It feels like just yesterday that we met, and now a whole decade has passed since our wedding. I’m truly amazed at how swiftly time flies! These years have taught me so much about you and life in general. You are the most patient and lovable person I have ever come across. You are capable of making my mood better with a kiss and a smile. I see your image in our children now. Happy anniversary, dear, and here’s to celebrating many more years together!

Your forever lover and wife.

31. My dearest,

Once again, it’s time to celebrate our bond and another year as husband and wife. Though we have been together for so long now, I feel your unending love for me even today. When you look at me with your liquid brown eyes, my knees go weak, and your gentle touch turns me to jelly. I am filled with gratitude for having you as a part of my life. Love you to the moon and back. Wishing you a joyful anniversary, my beloved!

Your wife,

32. Hello handsome,

As we complete another year of marriage, I am reminded of how our love has evolved. We have come a long way from being awkward teenagers who were too shy to talk to each other to becoming mature adults who openly share everything under the sky. It has been a long and fulfilling journey, and I thank you for walking hand-in-hand with me always. Wishing you a happy anniversary, my darling.

Your lovestruck wife.

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Appreciation Letters To Husband

Your husband will be the happiest when you say ‘I am proud to be your wife’. So, write a heartfelt appreciation letter to your husband and let him know about it. Your thoughtfulness will undoubtedly touch his heart.

33. My hero,

You proved that a man need not be handsome, rich or witty to keep a girl happy. All he needs to do is be faithful, and love her as no one has ever loved her before.

My life was a mess; I had no direction. You came in and brought stability, and showed me the right path. Thanks to you, now I have a successful career as well as a thriving personal life.

I always wondered how a single person can turn my whole life around. But you proved me wrong. You are such a positive person and can carry those vibes wherever you go. I am proud to be called your wife. Thank you my knight in shining armor for supporting me.

Your proud wife

34. Dear name,

You are reserved, I am outgoing. You like sunrise, while I enjoy sunsets. They say opposites attract; I feel it is not entirely true. Initially, we might get attracted to each other because of our uniqueness, but what made us survive as a couple is our choice to love each other every single day.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally. I hope we spend many more fantastic years together embracing each other’s typical tastes and proudly be called as the odd couple out.

Your weird wife

35. My Superman,

I want to write this letter to tell you how proud I am to be called your wife. Whenever people say I am lucky to have you as my husband, I agree with them without a second thought because you deserve all this. You are a phenomenal partner, who loves me and takes care of me. You never made me feel bad about myself, you always forgave all my mistakes and gave me a second chance to make things right.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me. You made my life nothing short of a fairy tale. And very few girls will be as lucky as I am.

Your loving wife

36. My incredible hubby,

All the superheroes in the movies pale in comparison to you. While cleaning the house, when you lifted the bed single-handedly yesterday, I lost my heart all over again to you. It is not just your physical strength that impresses me. The way you remain strong through all the ups and downs in life fills me with inspiration.

In awe of my superhero,
Your awestruck wife.

37. My superhero,

You may not carry me, whiz around like Superman, or swing me around like Spiderman. But I know you would be there in a heartbeat and save me if I was in trouble. I am proud to be a spouse of a real-life superhero. Thank you for the endless times you have stood by me and provided immense support. Love you today and always.

Your daydreaming wife.

38. Dear husband,

There are so many things I love about you. The way you make the perfect cup of coffee every morning for me. The way you play with our children. The way you clean up after I cook. The way you take care of me when I am sick or low. The list is endless, and I could go on and on singing your praises and never get tired. You are the best, and I am blessed to be your wife. Love you, dear hubby.

Your loving wife,

39. My darling husband,

When I first met you, your passion and determination impressed me beyond everything else. Now, it has been so many years since we got married. Yet, your enthusiasm and dedication remain unchanged. I see you being firmly focused on your goals, inspiring me to do better in my life, too. I love you for being the driving force of our family.

Your focused wife.

40. My exceptional husband,

You manage everything so adeptly. You are an exceptional manager at work, and the finest husband a woman could hope for. You are a fabulous father to our children and a caring son, too. I am in awe of your ability to easily balance so many roles and never be fazed. I love you so much, my hero.

Your loving wife.

41. Hello, marvelous,

I have seen you fight all adversities in life and still stand firm. I was first attracted to this quality many years ago, and I am still drawn to you because of your magnetic personality. Your intellect and charm can captivate the hearts of everyone around you. I deeply cherish the fact that you chose me to be your partner.

Love you always and forever,

Your wife,

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I write a love letter to my husband?

Be honest and creative while writing a love letter to your husband. Say why you love him, thank him for standing by you, and how you want him at your side. Also, include the surprise element and keep your letter under wraps.

2. Why should I write a love letter to my husband?

A love letter helps you express your love, adoration, and gratitude towards your husband. It makes for a unique way to surprise your husband while also communicating your love to him.

3. How often should I write love letters to my husband?

The frequency of writing love letters to your husband is subjective and depends on personal preferences and the dynamics of your relationship. It can range from occasional surprises to regular expressions of love. Finding a balance that feels meaningful and genuine for both partners is key, whether fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, or spontaneous expressions of affection.

4. How can love letters strengthen a marriage?

Love letters can strengthen a marriage by fostering emotional connection, expressing deep feelings of love and appreciation, and providing a tangible reminder of your affection. Sharing his personal experience, author and blogger Rob Cyrier says, “When I receive a sweet, unexpected written note from my wife, it means so much to me that she took the time to write down and share her feelings. It brightens my day and strengthens my love for her, and plants in me the desire to write something back to let her know the many reasons why I love her too (i).” Love letters may also serve as a heartfelt communication tool, promoting understanding and intimacy, and can rekindle romance and keep the flame alive in the relationship.

5. Is it appropriate to write love letters to my husband when going through a rough patch in my marriage?

Yes, writing love letters to your husband during a rough patch in your marriage may be appropriate and beneficial. It may serve as a sincere way to express your feelings, communicate your commitment, and potentially initiate positive dialogue to help navigate and resolve the challenges you may be facing.

6. Are there any common mistakes to avoid when writing a love letter to a husband?

When writing a love letter to a husband, avoid clichés or generic statements and instead focus on personal and specific details that celebrate your unique relationship. Additionally, proofread your letter to ensure accuracy and clarity, and refrain from mentioning past conflicts or negative experiences that may dampen the overall tone.

7. Is it appropriate to write a love letter to my husband if we’ve only been married for a short time?

Yes, you can write a love letter to your husband despite being married for a short time. Expressing your love, appreciation, and commitment through a heartfelt letter can strengthen the bond and create a foundation of open communication and emotional connection in your early stages of marriage.

You may often go out of words to write love letters to your beloved. As you know, words have the power to convey more than just the meaning. They give you an alternative way of expressing your love, devotion, and gratitude towards your spouse while carrying your emotions and feelings. Therefore, writing a love letter for your partner will make him happy, and he will treasure it and your companionship. You may either get inspired by our sample letters and use them or write down your thoughts and words of love to make him feel adored and strengthen his emotional connection with you.

Infographic: Write A Letter Your Husband Will Cherish Forever

Writing a letter might seem simple and old-school to romance your dearest husband, but it is also a classic and sure-shot way to touch the strings of his heart. If you wish to pen down a sweet, lovable letter, this infographic guides you with some helpful tips to write a letter that your hubby will cherish forever.

love letter to your husband (infographic)

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Watch this video to discover the perfect words of appreciation and gratitude to express your love and thankfulness for everything your husband does. Get ready to melt his heart!

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