23 Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas That Can't Go Wrong In 2022


Make your partner feel special or find a suitable gift for a couple with our list of the best wedding anniversary gifts. A wedding anniversary is one of the most special events, and celebrating it with memorable gifts can bring much joy. If you are looking for unique gifts for your spouse or a friend’s anniversary party, our list includes various practical and decorative options. So, explore the different gifts listed below that are long-lasting and high quality to make the recipient’s day.

Our Top Picks

23 Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas In 2022

1. Best Long-Lasting Figurine Gift: Willow Tree Anniversary

Remember all the times when you felt bogged down and dejected, and a simple hug from your spouse comforted you and assured you that they had your back? This hand-painted resin figure stands for the love and support you share in your relationship. It is a promise to your partner that you will always be there to support them. The enclosure has “Love ever endures” written on it. Willow Tree has more such figures sculpted by renowned artist Susan Lordito suit your choice. Here’s a video to help you know more about this product’s features and benefits.

2. Best Durable Knife Set For Anniversary: Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife Set


If both of you dig the idea of spending a date evening with wine and cheese, you’ve got to look at this amazing board and knife set. This bamboo cheese board is water-resistant and moisture-proof. It comes with a stylish sliding drawer to hold four stainless steel knives. The bamboo handles are smooth and easy to grip. This set is designed especially for cheese lovers. This video takes you through this product’s unique features, making it easier for you to make a buying decision.

3. Best Thought-Provoking Gift: OUR MOMENTS Couples: 100 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters for Great Relationships


Sometimes you are so busy with your work that making time for your partner becomes difficult. In such situations, it is easy to feel disconnected from your partner. But this relationship card set might help solve that for you. This card set contains various interesting questions that you may not have asked your spouse yet. It is a great way to get to know your partner better and build a bond of trust and intimacy. For a more detailed review of this product, here’s a video.

4. Best Apron Set Anniversary Gift: GSM Brands Mr. and Mrs. 2022 Couples Kitchen Aprons


If both of you enjoy cooking, having an apron set is a must. And a quirky apron set like this one makes it even better. This set contains a pair of aprons in two colors. The black apron has “Mr.Est. 2022” printed on it for him, while the white apron has “Mrs. Est. 2022” printed on it for her. These aprons are made from a mixture of polyester and cotton and come with adjustable straps to fit most couples.

5. Best Fill-In-The-Blank Journal Gift: Knock Knock What I Love About You Fill in the Love Book Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal


When speaking your heart out becomes difficult, writing can come to your rescue. This love journal comes with incomplete sentences that you have to complete for your partner. These sentences are about all those little things you like about your partner. This beautiful hardcover book is an excellent way to communicate your love.

6. Best Jewelry As Anniversary Gift: Matashi 24K Gold Plated Beautiful Happy Anniversary Double Heart Table Top Ornament


This classic gift of two intertwined gold hearts symbolizes companionship. Made of 24K gold and studded with crystals in the center, it is a beautiful reminder of your togetherness. It comes with a stable base and can suit any room décor.

7. Best Creative Keepsake Gift: Luna Bean LARGE Keepsake Hands Casting Kit


The warmth of a partner’s hand can be reassuring and comforting for anyone. This joining of hands can be captured and kept for life as a symbol of togetherness. This DIY keepsake hands casting kit comes with a molding material to carve the hands of couples. It is a fairly straightforward process and can be done by you. It comes with an instructional video to guide you through the process.

8. Best Meaningful Anniversary Gift: Giftgarden Heart Shaped LED Light


If you are looking for a simple but meaningful gift, this glass heart on roses might be what you want. The heart comes with a message written on it and lights up. The hand-painted polyresinrose base adds to the beauty of the keepsake. This figurine can be placed on the bedside table, bookcase, or coffee table or used as a cake top decoration.

9. Best Practical Anniversary Gift: JumwayMr and Mrs Coffee Mugs


A coffee mug is the safest bet for a wedding anniversary gift. This pair of mugs come with “Mr” and “Mrs” engraved in gold. Made of high-quality ceramic, the mugs stand out from other mugs in the market. Each mug comes with a matching lid and spoon and has a unique pattern. It is dishwasher safe but should not be used in a microwave.

10. Best Travel-Themed Anniversary Gift: Our Bucket List: A Creative and Inspirational Journal for Ideas and Adventures for Couples


While trying to keep up with life, making a living and fulfilling responsibilities, couples often tend to forget the things they always wanted to do together.Thus, a journal makes a perfect anniversary gift. You can list down all the activities or experiences you wish to share with your partner. You can mention the date by which you wish to complete the task and can mark it as done once completed. This way, both of you can work towards achieving your couple goals.

11. Kissing Mugs Set


We are sure you have not seen a mug set as cute and unique as this one. Shaped as human faces, it looks like a couple locked in a kiss when placed together. The red and white color theme makes it all the more romantic. Its chip-proof design is microwave and dishwasher safe. The set also contains two matching spoons and comes packaged in a stunning gift box. And what’s more, the mugs are made of vegan and cruelty-free New Bone China.

12. Groove Life Silicone Wedding Ring for Men


Long gone are the days of gold or platinum wedding ring. This new silicone wedding ring is designed for comfort and style. It comes with a patented design and is customizable—the ring can be as unique as you want it to be. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

13. Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill Smoker with 2019 Newest Digital Controls


Barbeque time means quality time with friends and family.As a couple, you two can buy a grill smoker as an anniversary gift for yourselves. This grill is fueled by wood pellets to get that much-loved fresh woody taste. This grill comes with an integrated cleaner that easily drains hot grease.

14. Engraved Rock


Don’t you think your feelings for your spouse should be engraved on a polished stone? This glassy black rock comes with a special message engraved  on it in gold. It is a palm-sized rock that your partner can carry anywhere with them. It is a great way to express your feelings for your partner.

15. Luxor Linens Waffle Weave Spa Bathrobe


This set of two  bathrobes is a very personal and intimate gift. Made of pure Egyptian cotton,each light weight bathrobe comes with kimono collars and two front pockets. Its soft and absorbent texture keeps you warm and cozy. You can add a custom embroidered monogram to the front part of the robe. This set comes packaged in an elegant gift box.

16. King/Queen | Matching Couples Husband Wife Bridal Wedding Newlywed T-Shirts


We’re sure the thought of wearing matching clothes have crossed your minds as a couple. It is a cute idea to flaunt the fact that you two belong to each other. This t-shirt set comes with “Mr” and “Mrs” printed on the front of the respective t-shirts and the image of King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts printed on the back.Made of cotton, these t-shirts are soft and shrink-proof.

17. T-fal C514SE Excite Nonstick Thermo-Spot


After spending a good year together, the life of a married couple often tends to revolve around cooking. Spouses discuss food more often than they talk about anything else. For a foodie couple, this cookware might be the perfect anniversary gift. Its non-stick interior is durable and scratch-resistant. It is dishwasher- and oven-safe and comes with a heat indicator.

18. Mamre Moon Ambient Light


We believe the most romantic keepsake on this list is this soft ambient light.It looks like a full moon with a couple snuggling under it. It can add a warm glow to any room. The light intensity can be adjusted to three levels to suit your mood. It comes with three decals containing different messages so you can pick what best suits your relationship.

19. Kieragrace Collage Picture Frame


It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This picture frame can help pen your love story through a series of your best photos. It comes with the words “A True Love Story Never Ends” attached to it. It helps to revive some old memories of your personal love story. The picture frame with black plastic borders and front glass can hold four 4×6-inch photos.

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts Specially For Him

Still looking for a gift created especially for him? Have a look at these gifts most suited for men.

20. Engraved ‘To my Husband’ Pocket Watch


Every relationship has its own share of ups and downs.And it is essential you remind your hubby of how much you still love him. This classy black pocket watch comes with a chain. It has the message “To my Husband, I Loved you THEN I Love you STILL, Always have, Always will” artistically engraved on it. Each time your hubby sees the watch, he will be reminded of you.

21. Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker


If he finds functioning difficult without his hot cup of coffee, why not gift him a coffee maker? Keurig’s coffee maker can make lattes and cappuccinos too. It can be conveniently cleaned in the top rack of a dishwasher. Apart from different sized coffee mugs, it can also fill a travel-size mug so your husband dear can get his coffee shots anytime he wants. The set includes a coffee maker and a milk frother.

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts Specially For Her

Wondering what can make your wife feel special? Here are some gifts you can consider for her.

22. Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Glasses


A few years or even months into the marriage and almost every husband learns that his wife is indeed “always right”. This pair of wine and beer glasses further emphasizes the universal truth. The beer glass has “Mr. Right” printed on it, while the wine glass has “Mrs. Always Right” written on it. This set also comes with a bottle opener.

23. BELLA 14641 4-in-1 Electric Spiralizer with Recipe Book


If she loves cooking and wants her dishes to look Insta perfect, this spiralizer will help her create attractive and yummy dishes. It is convenient to use and saves a lot of time.  It helps to make long ribbons of spaghetti, fettuccini, and so on. The parts are easy to separate and wash in a dishwasher. The hard bristle brush that comes along with the package helps with the cleaning. 

How To Choose The Right Wedding Anniversary Gift For Your Partner?

Here are some tips you can follow when choosing a suitable anniversary gift for your partner.

  1. Interests: Choose a gift depending on their interests, likes, and dislikes. From memorabilia and a fine dining treat to thought-provoking books, get your partner a gift that will show you care and you can enjoy together.
  2. Durability: As tokens of love and appreciation, these gifts must be long-lasting to remind your spouse of your thoughtful efforts. They should be made of durable materials and be well-constructed.
  3. Thoughtfulness: Wedding anniversary gifts should help you communicate your feelings. Choose gifts like picture frames collaging your best moments, beautiful rings, and more to symbolize your togetherness. You can also choose gifts you can personalize for a special touch.

What Makes The Best Gift To Celebrate A Wedding Anniversary?

With every year that passes, your relationship passes a milestone, and you get to know your spouse more intimately. When looking for a gift for your partner, you can look for something that represents your feelings for each other—something that has meaning behind it. The gift becomes even more special when nobody else understands its significance except your partner.

You can opt for a traditional anniversary gift like a jewelry piece or keepsake, and personalize it with a handwritten note or drawing. Or you can even buy a regular item such as a mug or pen and engrave a message or print an image that will remind your better-half of you.

How We Selected The Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts

We have analysed the latest trends, utility, design, and quality to bring you this list of the best anniversary gifts. Moreover, we have considered the reviews of real buyers posted on different websites. Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife Set and GSM Brands Mr. and Mrs. 2022 Couples Kitchen Aprons are our best picks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year?

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year generally vary among different countries and traditions. However, some gifts are common in many countries. For example, wood is gifted on the fifth anniversary, silver is gifted on the 25th anniversary, pearls are gifted on the 30th anniversary, and the list goes on.

2. What are milestone anniversary gifts?

Every five years of your marriage is considered a milestone, and couples often celebrate it with a milestone anniversary gift. For example, wood is considered a milestone anniversary gift for the fifth anniversary, tin or aluminum for the tenth anniversary, crystal for the 15th anniversary, etc. Couples can prepare thoughtful gifts for each other based on the related element.

3. What can I gift my parents on their anniversary?

A coffee maker, matching couple clothes, cooking utensils or aprons, or other personalized items can be a thoughtful wedding anniversary gift for your parents.

4. What are some good one-month anniversary gifts?

A cute photo frame, a coffee mug set, a journal, or your partner’s favorite book can be a fun one-month anniversary gift.

Wedding gifts are one of the most sought-after ways to commemorate the special occasion of entering this great union. When buying one, it is essential to consider the likes and interests of the receiver as it will show how much you understand your partner. We have listed gifts that serve various purposes, from being practical, funny, and enjoyable to being easily incorporated into their everyday life. No matter what gift you choose, ensure that the product is high quality and durable.

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