100 Breathtaking Fairy, Mermaid, And Magical Baby Names

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Since eternity, magic, sorcery, and supernatural objects have captured the human imagination. The ability to do things beyond our human capabilities fills us with awe and wonder. No wonder, even in present times, magical baby names are a favorite among parents.

Harry Potter can be attributed to starting the craze for wizards and sorcerers in recent times. Many similar movies and TV shows have also become fan favorites. We have curated a list of baby names inspired by characters from magical stories in this post.

Magical, Fairy, Enchanting, And Mermaid Baby Names For Girls

1. Aerwyna:

Don’t you think this melodic name would have sounded great on an elf in The Lord of the Rings? With roots in Old English, Aerwyna means ‘friend of the sea’.

2. Ailsa:

Ailsa is the name of the stunning islet in the Clyde, which is also nicknamed as ‘Island of Alfisgr’. And it translates to ‘elf victory’. Could it be any more apt for your wee one?

3. Aine:

Aine is an Irish name derived from the proto-Celtic word ‘aidna’ and means ‘radiance’. In Irish mythology, she’s the queen of fairies.

4. Alfreda:

We had absolutely no idea that Alfreda means ‘elf power’. This makes us like it even more.

Alfreda is derived from Old English names Aelfthryth and Aelfraed. It is also believed to be a variant of the German name Alfred.

5. Alice:

Alice is the name of the imaginative and curious protagonist of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in the Wonderland and the Disney movie of the same name. This classic and feminine name means ‘of the nobility’.

6. Alvina:

Alvina is the female variant of Alvin and means ‘elf-friend’.

7. Ariel:

This one needs no introduction. Too bad it does not come along with the red hair. And did you know that Ariel is also the symbolic name for Jerusalem? This name means ‘lion of the God’.

8. Asherah:

A name with a royal ring, Asherah does have Hebrew origins, but it’s also the name of the goddess of fertility and motherhood. This moniker means ‘she who walks in the sea’.

9. Asia:

Asia isn’t just the name of a continent. In the Greek mythology, Asia was Oceanus’ daughter and Prometheus and Atlas’ mother. This name means ‘sunrise’. Sweet, substantial, and motherly!

10. Asteria:

This name from Greek mythology, meaning ‘like a star’ sounds magical to us. What do you think about it? You can also opt for the simple form Astra.

11. Aubrey:

This upscale unisex name is shooting up the charts for girls. Its most familiar namesake is Aubrey Plaza, the star of Parks and Recreation. Aubrey means ‘elf ruler’.

12. Aurora:

The sight of magnificent green lights dancing in the sky is no less than a magical phenomenon. Aurora Borealis, better known as the Northern Lights, takes place when the electrons collide with the upper atmosphere. This Latin name means ‘the dawn’.

According to Roman mythology, goddess Aurora’s tears are seen as morning dew. She was the goddess who used her torch to wake up the world.

13. Avery:

The last name first started as a male name, but is now used mostly for the girls, probably because of its similarity to Ivory and Ava. Avery means ‘ruler of elves’.

14. Calypso:

In the Greek mythology, Calypso was the beguiling sea nymph who falls in love with Odysseus. Calypso is also the name of West India music. It means ‘she that conceals’.

15. Celeste:

Stars, planets, and galaxies, for most of us, are full of magic and mystery. Celeste originates in Latin and means ‘heavenly’. What an elegant and regal name!

16. Coralia:

Coralia, meaning ‘like coral’, was the name of a mermaid in a ballet based on Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué’s Undine. We feel it’s a perfect option for parents looking for something rarer than Coral or Coraline.

17. Cyrena:

Cyrena was the water nymph who fought a lion that tried to harm the Sun god Apollo. Apollo, in return built for her a city named Cyrenaica. Cyrena means ‘Mother of Aristaeus’.

18. Daenerys:

This invented name, belonging to the dragon girl from Game of Thrones has gained traction in real life big time.

19. Dariyah:

This is an apt mermaid name for girls. Dariyah is the spelling variation of the Persian name Daria, meaning ‘sea’. It isn’t sweet or girly, but has a brave and bold feel to it.

20. Deema:

This name is inspired by the Nickelodeon series Bubble Guppies, which centers on a group of mermaid preschoolers and their adventures with their teacher, Mr. Grouper. Deema is an Arabic name meaning ‘rain’.

21. Delphine:

Yes, we know that Delphine sounds more like dolphins than mermaids. But aren’t these two creatures magnificent? This elegant and ladylike French name means ‘dolphin’.

22. Doris:

With the revival of Dorothea and Dorothy, Doris also has a chance of making back to the list. It’s the name of an ocean nymph in the Greek mythology and means ‘gift of the ocean’.

23. Elvina:

This moniker sounds something like elven in the truest sense. It means ‘elf-friend’.

24. Fairy:

This is a simple and straightforward option best used as a term of endearment. If you’re a Pokémon lover, you’ll know that Fairy type is one of the kinds of Pokémons.

25. Fay:

Fay is a short and sweet name, derived from the Old English word ‘faie’, which means fairy. Its alternate spelling is Faye.

26. Fiona:

This Scottish name is currently borne by the witch in American Horror Story: Coven. Though the name means ‘fair’, the character Fiona is anything but.

27. Giselle:

Giselle is a naïve and pure-hearted princess of Andalsia from the movie Enchanted. For the typical French feel, pronounce it as ‘Ghee-Zah-Elle’ not ‘Jiz-elle’. It means ‘pledge’.

28. Hermione:

The Harry Potter heroine has a name that stands out, just like the witty and intelligent wizard. In the Greek mythology, Hermione is Kind Menelaus and Helen’s daughter. Her name means ‘messenger’.

29. Isla:

The name Isla is derived from one of the most beautiful islands of Scotland, which is also referred to as The Queen of the Hebrides. A perfect name for a girl who’ll take on the world and will even win it. The correct pronunciation of Isla is ‘Eye-La’.

30. Kaia:

This name just rolls off the tongue. And it doesn’t just sound cute, but has lovely meanings as well. In Hawaiian, Kaia means ‘the sea’ and in Greek, it means ‘pure’. Could there be a better inspiration for a baby girl name?

31. Kelpie:

In Celtic mythology, Kelpie was the name of the water-horse who transformed herself into a beautiful woman to lure people into traps. This name means ‘heifer’.

32. Lorelei:

This name is taken from the German folktales, where Lorelei was the sensual mermaid of the Rhine River, whose haunting voice led to many shipwrecks. This sophisticated name means ‘alluring’.

33. Maraja:

If you want something rare and mystical for your little girl, Maraja is the one for you. This royal name originates from Esperanto language and means ‘made of the sea’.

34. Marceline:

This enchanting baby name meaning ‘defender of the sea’ also happens to be the name of the lead girl in the animated television show Adventure Time.

35. Marin:

Marin, with its roots in Gaelic and Irish, means ‘star of the sea’. Sounds a lot chicer than Marina.

36. Maurelle:

This French name, meaning ‘elfin’, is also associated with a blue-violet color dye in France.

37. Melia:

This rich and melodic short form of Amelia is also the name of a nymph in Greek mythology. Melia means ‘work’.

38. Melisande:

This mellifluous fairy tale name would make a lovely pick for a 21st-century girl. It means ‘strong in work’.

39. Melody:

Melody is the name of Ariel’s daughter in Disney’s Little Mermaid. After a long hiatus, this Greek name cracked in the top 200 list in the year 2015. Melody means ‘music’.

40. Melusine:

According to a medieval tale, Melusine was the name of one of the three sisters lost on the Isle of Avalon. Melusine, the eldest sister, was forced to spend one day a week as a mermaid. Melusine means ‘dark skinned’.

41. Meri:

If you wish for an alternative to the classic and somewhat common name Mary, Meri is the one for you. It’s a beautiful Finnish name, meaning ‘the sea’.

42. Miranda:

This name featured in a British comedy film, in which a lonely fisherman catches a mermaid named Miranda and together they go on a journey to London. Miranda means ‘marvelous’.

43. Molly:

Molly is another adorable character from Bubble Guppies. Molly originated as a nickname, but has been used as a standalone name since the Middle Ages. Molly means ‘bitter’.

44. Muirgen:

This is a perfect magical girl name. According to Irish folklore, Muirgen was a human who was transformed into a mermaid. She was caught from the sea after 300 years, baptized, and turned into a saint. Muirgen means ‘born of the sea’.

45. Naida:

Naida, meaning ‘water nymph’, would make an excellent option for girls born under any of the water signs – Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio.

46. Navi:

Navi is the name of the fairy in the video game, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This Hebrew name is the nickname of Gamma Cassiopeia, bestowed on her by astronaut Gus Grissom. Navi means ‘to name’.

47. Nerissa:

Nerissa is an offbeat alternative to Marissa and Nerissa. It featured in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Nerissa means ‘from the sea’.

48. Nixie:

As per the German folklore, Nixie is the name of the mermaid-like sprite dwelling in the sea. You can consider it as an update for Nicki or a substitute to Pixie. Nixie means ‘water nymph’.

49. Ondine:

Ondine is the name of a German water sprite who gets married to a mortal, but leads a disturbed life. Meaning ‘little wave’, this name rose to fame via Audrey Hepburn’s character Ondine on Broadway.

50. Oona:

We quite like this name. It’s short, sweet, and belongs to one of the guppies in the series. The double ‘o’ adds oomph to this name. Oona means ‘lamb’.

51. Parisa:

This Persian name, meaning ‘like a fairy’ sounds much more distinctive than Paris or Parisa. A perfect example how you can turn an ordinary name into extraordinary with just a change in the letter.

52. Pixie:

Pixie is basically a term used for supernatural beings that are portrayed as tiny, human like creatures with pointed hat and ears. This magical baby girl name is on the rise, thanks to the name with the letter ‘x’ in it. Pixie means ‘fairy’.

53. Radella:

Radella is one of the most unusual names we’ve come across. Definitely a fresher alternative to ella ending names. It means ‘elfin advisor’.

54. Sabrina:

Sabrina was the name of the water nymph in Comus by John Milton. Besides, it’s the name of a Celtic River goddess too. The meaning of Sabrina is ‘from Cyprus’.

Sabrina is derived from the Arabic name Sābrīnā. It originated from the word ‘sabr,’ which means ‘patience.’

55. Sen:

Short, sweet, and utterly adorable, in Japanese mythology, Sean is the name of a mythological forest elf. Since it isn’t used much in the Western part of the world, it would make a rare name for your daughter. Sen means ‘lotus flower’.

56. Sereia:

Sereia is Portuguese for mermaid. It’s probably derived from Siren, which is also a name for mermaids.

57. Siofra:

Siofra is soft, frilly, shimmering, and a wonderful alternative to Sophie or Sophia. It’s an Irish Gaelic name, meaning ‘elf’ or ‘sprite’. You need to pronounce this name as ‘Sheef-RA’.

58. Tabitha:

In the 60s series, Bewitched, Tabitha is the name of the half-witch daughter of Samantha. This quirky name reached its peak in the 70s. Tabitha means ‘gazelle’.

59. Tiana:

This moniker gained a huge fan following the release of Princess and the Frog. Tiana means ‘fairy queen’.

60. Titania:

Titania is the name of the Queen of Fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This moniker has a lacy and delicate charm, just like its bearer. Titania means ‘great one’.

Magical, Fairy, Enchanting And Mermaid Baby Names For Boys

61. Aelfdene:

Aelfdene, meaning ‘from the Elfin valley’, would sound great in the middle spot. It’s mysterious, magical, and enigmatic.

62. Aladdin:

The Arabian lad from the movie of the same name was a revolution in itself. It was for the first time a thief was made the male protagonist in a Disney fairy tale based film. Aladdin means ‘height of religion’.

63. Alfred:

This name may be at the bottom of the Social Security Administration list, but in Wales and England, Alfred ranks #125. It means ‘elf counsel’.

64. Alvaro:

We love this name for it means ‘army of elf’. And the final ‘o’ increases the attractiveness of this name manifolds.

65. Alvin:

A magical name that’s now tied to the chipmunks, all thanks to the movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks. The name currently sits at the #602 spot. Alvin means ‘friend of elves’.

66. Arion:

In the Greek mythology, Arion is the immortal and super swift horse endowed with the power of speaking. In Hebrew, Arion means ‘melodious’.

67. Aslan:

This grand name is taken from C.S. Lewis magical book, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The name means ‘lion’.

68. Basil:

Basil is the sprite from the American musical television show, Johnny and the Sprites. A name with upper-class vibes, Basil means ‘regal’.

69. Bayard:

Bayard was the magical and beautiful horse given to Rinaldo. This French name means ‘auburn haired’.

70. Blade:

This name brings to mind the vampire hunter and Marvel superhero from the movie Blade. Blade means ‘wealthy glory’.

71. Borak:

Legends are full of magical horses. Al-Borak is the magical horse that took Prophet Muhammad from Earth to the 7th heaven. This name means ‘the lightning’.

72. Caspian:

This place name has been attracting a lot of attention from the cutting edge parents of late. It even inspired Mr. Lewis to pick it for his novel, Chronicles of Narnia Series.

Caspian means ‘white’ and is also a sea located between Asia and Europe.

73. Cedric:

Cedric Diggory was the character who competed against Harry Potter in the game of Quidditch. Despite the high appeal of the character, Cedric failed to attract parents. So it would be a good option if you want something uncommon for your son. Cedric means ‘bounty’.

74. Cleon:

Here we’re referring to the Fairy of the Night Cleon from the video game Bust-a-Move 4. It’s used for a female fairy here, but Cleon is essentially a baby boy name, meaning ‘glorious’.

75. Cosmo:

Cosmo is the name of Timmy Turner’s fairy godfather in animated television series, The Fairly Odd Parents. This expansive Greek name, meaning ‘order’ would make a creative pick for your son.

76. Cullen:

Cullen is the surname of the most beloved vampire family of all time, the Cullens from Twilight Saga. This moniker originates in the Irish and means ‘handsome’.

77. Draco:

This name gained a widespread popularity via the blonde-haired, menacing wizard Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series. Draco means ‘dragon’.

78. Dylan:

Dylan is the cute and energetic hippie from the BBC television show Magic Roundabout. This Welsh name means ‘son of the sea’.

79. Easton:

Easton originates from the Old English phrase that means ‘island of stones’, but it means ‘magical power’.

80. Edward:

The name has flown to the top of the popularity charts, thanks to the pale, brooding, and sparkling character in the Twilight series. This Norse name means ‘rich guard’.

81. Eric:

Eric is the charming prince from The Little Mermaid. This popular Scandinavian name has been rocking the charts in the United States. It means ‘eternal ruler’.

82. Finn:

Finn is the name of the central characters in The Snow Queen, folklore, which is the inspiration behind the movie Frozen. Finn means ‘white or fair’.

83. Flynn:

Flynn is the male lead from the fairy tale remake Tangled. This name means ‘son of the red-haired one’.

84. Gandalf:

Gandalf is an Old Norse name, meaning ‘wand elf’, Besides, it also refers to the Wizard from Tolkien’s masterpiece Lord of the Rings.

85. Gary:

Gary is the chubby overseer fairy in Tinkerbell. This name cracked into the top 10 list in the year 1950, largely because of Gary Cooper. Gary means ‘spearman’.

86. Gil:

Gil is the rambunctious merman of the Nickelodeon series Bubble Guppies. His infectious energy and curiosity inspire viewers to lead an adventurous life. This Hebrew name means ‘happiness’.

87. Hansel:

This name instantly brings to mind the lead of the fairytale, Hansel and Gretel. The plus point is that this name isn’t widely used in any part of the world. Hansel means ‘god is gracious’.

88. Harry:

Harry Potter redefined magic for us. This half-blood wizard played a crucial role in several battles, including destroying the Horcruxes of Voldemort. Harry means ‘estate ruler’.

89. Jack:

Jack, as in Jack in the Green, a colorful figure covered in flowers and greeneries appeared in the folklore, Robin Hood. Jack means ‘god is gracious’.

90. Jareth:

Jareth is the Goblin King from the fantasy movie Labyrinth. This moniker sounds like a combination of Jared and Gareth and means ‘bled of jar’.

91. Jiminy:

Parents who aren’t afraid of thinking out of the box can opt for Jiminy, the beloved cricket from the movie Pinocchio. Jiminy, is a variation of James and means ‘supplanter’.

92. Magus:

Magus has the roof of the word magic in it, and that’s what makes it magical. Coincidentally, this name means ‘sorcerer’.

93. Oberon:

Oberon is the English form of the French name Auberon and means ‘elf ruler’. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oberon was the king of fairies.

94. Peter:

This name references to the beloved Peter Pan, the mischievous young boy capable of flying. This pleasant Greek name means ‘rock’.

95. Phillip:

Phillip is the prince from the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. This spelling variation of Philip ranks 24 places behind the original. Phillips means ‘lover of horses’.

96. Regin:

In the Norse mythology, Regin was a blacksmith, well versed in dark magic. It means ‘a mythical blacksmith’.

97. Terence:

Terence is the Dust-talent Sparrowman from Tinkerbell. This name hails from the Irish neighborhoods of New York and Boston and means ‘smooth’.

98. Triton:

Triton is perhaps one of the most famous mermen of all time. Disney lovers would instantly recognize him after Ariel’s father in The Little Mermaid. Triton means ‘son of Poseidon’.

99. Tyrion:

Tyrion is one of the literary names entering the dictionary via George R. R. Martin’s Game of the Thrones. It means ‘one who is from the Land of Eoghan’.

100. Zephyr:

This name is taken from the Greek mythology, where Zephyr is the Greek god of the west wind. This magical boy name was picked by Robby Benson and Sean Parker for their sons. Zephyr means ‘west wind’.

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The conception and birthing of a baby are no less than a miracle, and so, you may be in awe of your little one even before they are born. Hence, you may consider looking for a baby name that alludes to fairies, mermaids, or magical creatures. Thus, we have curated this list of magical baby names derived from mythologies and popular fantasy books and movies. Scout through this elaborate list of names with meanings to find the one that would best suit your little one.

Infographic: Magical Names For Boys And Girls

Every once in a while, we love to transport ourselves to the magical world of fairies, unicorns, and rainbows. So, why not give your little one a name inspired by such mythical creatures? The infographic below presents a list of magical names. Pick your favorite name for your adorable baby!

magical names for boys and girls [infographic]
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