12 Major Developmental Stages Of Children

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Most mothers compare their children with other kids of the same age. Are you guilty of the same? Do you find yourself questioning your parenting skills because your baby cooed later than your friend’s baby?

Relax! All babies are unique. But if you still want to ensure that your baby is growing the way she should, let us help you!

12 Major Developmental Stages Of Children

We have listed the major developmental stages of children. Want to know more about them? Read on!

1. One To Two Months:

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Between the time a baby is born until she is two-months-old, she may develop the following skills:

Motor Skills: Your infant may hold her head erect and steady when you hold her upright.

Language Skills: She may coo and babble by this age.

Social Skills: Now is the time for ‘stranger’ love! Your infant will love looking at new faces. She may even start giving hints of a smile at this stage!

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2. Three Months:

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By the time your infant is three months old, she may:

Motor Skills: Lift herself by arms when prone. She may also roll from side to back.

Language Skills: Now is the time when your little one may discover her vocal cord! She’ll coo and babble with abandon!

Social Skills: Your three-month-old may already be on her way to becoming a social person! She loves looking at new faces and smiles too.

3. Three To Five Months:

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The period between three months and five months is pretty intense when it comes to development!

Motor Skills: Be ready for some rock and roll! At this age, your baby is likely to roll from her tummy to her side! She may also learn to prop herself on her elbows, lift and even hold her head for some time.

Language Skills: She may make sounds like ‘eee-ahhh’, blow bubbles, and have an adorable belly laugh!

Social Skills: Your baby may be at her most social behavior at this stage!

4. Six Months:

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The first half of your baby’s first year passed smoothly! You can heave a sigh of relief and watch out for the following activities your baby may do now:

Motor Skills: She may be able to transfer objects from one hand to the other. She may also be able to pull herself into a sitting position and sit with support. Now is also the time to develop the Palmar grasp!

Language Skills: Get ready for some noise! Your baby may make double syllable sounds and babble during this stage.

Social Skills: An indicator of things to come! Your baby may show the first signs of stranger anxiety now.

5. Nine To Ten Months:

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Now is the time to babyproof the house!

Motor Skills: Between eight to ten months, most babies will start crawling. Your baby may also learn to pick up objects using the pincer grasp.

Language Skills: By now, your baby would master the art of babbling!

Social Skills: With stranger anxiety at full swing, your baby may become super clingy at this stage.

6. One Year:

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Your toddler’s first birthday is here! Your kid must have crossed the following developmental milestones:

Motor Skills: She may be pulling herself to stand, holding furniture. Some toddlers can even stand for a second or two without support at this age.

Language Skills: Your toddler is developing language skills rapidly! She may babble two or three words all the time (and no, the words need not make sense!)

Social Skills: Dressing should be fun at this age! Your toddler will finally begin to cooperate while you dress her. She may also wave goodbye and understand simple commands.

7. Eighteen Months:

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Motor Skills: By 18 months, most toddlers learn to walk without support. Your toddler may also be able to pick up toys without sitting down, walk up and down stairs and even jump! She can also throw a ball and stack 3-4 cubes to build a tower!

Language Skills: Your toddler may be speaking many words by now, some of them may even be intelligible.

Social Skills: Your toddler needs you, all the time! She may also drink from a cup and eat with a spoon!

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8. Two Years:

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The terrible two are here! What to expect? Check out!

Motor Skills: Your toddler is running now! She may also be able to build a tower using six or more cubes.

Language Skills: You can finally have a conversation with your daughter! She may be able to join two-three words together to form a sentence.

Social Skills: Time to save up on diapers! Many toddlers learn to be dry by day during this age.

9. Three Years:

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Three is a fun age. It is also a time of rapid growth!

Motor Skills: By three, your toddler should be able to imitate hand motions and draw a man! She may be able to stack nine cubes to make a tower too.

Language Skills: Tired of your three-year-old’s questions? It is just the beginning! Your preschooler may speak in complete sentences now.

Social Skills: Your toddler may still need your help, but she is getting there when it comes to dressing and undressing without help.

10. Four Years:

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Your child is four! What should she be doing now?

Motor Skills: Most four-year-olds can skip on one foot.

Language Skills: Your cute kid is now a question bank! She is inquisitive about everything at this age.

Social Skills: She may be able to dress herself by this age. But most kids can dress and undress with assistance and are mostly potty trained by four years.

11. Five Years:

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Early childhood is almost over. Most of your child’s mental and physical developments are at their peak now.

Motor Skills: At five, your kid may learn to skip on both feet and hop too. She may also be able to draw something intelligible!

Language Skills: Your child is learning new words every day now! Her speech is fluent by age five.

Social Skills: At this age, she may be able to dress and undress without help.

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12. Six Years:

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Six years! Where did time fly?

Motor Skills: Your kid knows right from left and can count numbers on fingers.

Language Skills: She can now talk fluently.

Social Skills: Your child is mostly independent at this stage and is on her way to becoming a mini adult!

Early childhood development stages may seem like a huge expanse of time right now, but it will pass away before you know it! Remember, the milestones or stages of early childhood development are flexible. Unless your baby is very late in doing something, don’t spend these precious years worrying!

Rather, work on developing your baby’s cognitive and physical skills during these wonder years!

Hope you like our post on developmental stages of children. Do you compare stages of development in children with other children? Does that stress you out? Tell us!

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