200 Makar Rashi Or Capricorn Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Vedic astrology’s tenth zodiac sign, the Makar Rashi, relates to Western astrology’s Capricorn zodiac sign. If your baby is a January born, you can take help from this collection of Makar Rashi names for boys and girls to give them a unique name.

With a horned goat as its symbol, the names of this zodiac sign are recommended to begin with “Kh” or “Ja” sounds. Scroll through as we have compiled a list of common Makar Rashi names along with their meanings.

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100 Makar Rashi Names For Boys, With Meanings

1. Jagadeesh

Jagadeesh refers to someone who is the lord, king, or God of the world.

2. Jaganmay

The name Jaganmay means, “he who spreads himself all over the world or universe.”

3. Jagrav

It means “vigilant” or “alert.” Jagrav refers to the Sun and is also another name of Agni or fire.

4. Jagat

The name Jagat means “the universe.”

5. Jahnav

Jahnav is named after a rishi or a sage, who kept the river Ganga on his legs.

6. Jaikrish

The name Jaikrish means “a salutation to Lord Krishna.”

7. Jainesh

One of the many names of Lord Ganesha, Jainesh means, “God’s name.”

8. Jainil

Jainil refers to “victory of Lord Vishnu.” The name also means “victory over gems.”

9. Jainithin

A unique name, Jainithin, means the “blessings or gift from the Almighty.”

10. Jaipreeth

The name Jaipreeth means “the victory or triumph of love.”

11. Jaishankar

One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Jaishankar, means “triumph of Lord Shiva.”

12. Jaisudhan

A unique name for baby boys of Makar Rashi, Jaisudhan, means “victory of righteous wealth” or “victorious and wealthy.”

13. Jaisukh

It means the “joy of winning” or someone who is always “victorious and joyful.”

14. Jaitaish

A unique name, Jaitaish, is one of the many names of Lord Vishnu.

15. Jaitik

The name Jaitik means “victory.” Jaitik also refers to a thoughtful person.

16. Jaitra

One of the many names of Lord Vishnu, Jaitra, refers to an individual who can lead or guide someone to victory.

17. Jaivardhan

Jaivardhan is another name for Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, or the son of Lord Krishna. Then name means to “bestow prosperity” or “to be victorious.”

18. Jaivik

Jaivik refers to a person who is divine and pure.

19. Jaksh

It refers to Lord Kuber, the “Lord of wealth or richness.”

Image: Shutterstock

Another name for Lord Kuber, Jaksh, refers to the “Lord of wealth or richness.”

20. Janak

Janak means “the creator.” The name also means melody and was even the name of Goddess Sita’s father.

21. Janamejay

One of the many names of Lord Vishnu, Janamejay refers to one who is born victorious, or “one who is victorious since birth.”

22. Janardhana

One of the many names of Lord Krishna, Janardhana, means “liberator from the cycle of birth and death.” Janardhana also means someone who helps others.

23. Janav

The name Janav refers to the “protector or defender of men.”

24. Janish

Janish refers to “God of peace.” Janish also means “Lord or Master of men.”

25. Janyuh

Janyuh refers to someone skilled and talented in war.

26. Jap

The name Jap means “chanting of the Holy Name” or “making melodious sounds.”

27. Jarnav

Jarnav is one of the many names of Lord Shiva.

28. Jas

The name Jas means the gracious Almighty. Jas also means “best wishes.”

29. Jash

The name Jash means something or someone famous and renowned. Jash also means, the gracious Almighty God.

30. Jashank

The name Jashank refers to a worshipper, follower, or devotee of Lord Shiva.

31. Jashith

The name Jashith means the “one who saves or protects”, thus someone who is a savior or protector.

32. Jaskaran

The name Jaskaran means someone who has done a good or a noble deed.

33. Jaskirit

The name Jaskirit refers to the “glory or splendidness of God.”

34. Jasvir

Jasvir means a brave and acclaimed soldier or warrior. Jashvir also means a hero or a famous and popular person.

35. Jatasya

A unique name, Jatasya means the ocean.

36. Jatin

One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Jatin, refers to a disciplined and ascetic person. Jatin also refers to an individual with matted hair.

37. Javesh

Javesh means “someone related to the Almighty God.”

38. Javin

A unique name, Javin, refers to someone swift and fast like a deer or a horse.

39. Jay

Another name for the Sun, Jay, means conqueror, triumphant or victorious.

40. Jayan

The name Jayan refers to a person with a good character. Jayan also means victory.

41. Jayant

One of the many names of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, Jayant, means victory or triumph. Jayant also means the Moon.

42. Jayapal

It means a king or a ruler. Jayapal is also another name for Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.

43. Jayavel

Another name for Lord Murugan, Jayavel, refers to a person who is always triumphant. Jayavel also means handsome.

44. Jayditya

A unique name, Jayditya, means the “victorious Sun.”

45. Jeet

The name Jeet refers to a person who can overcome all obstacles and hurdles. Jeet also means victory or triumph.

46. Jeevansh

The name Jeevansh means “part of the life, soul, or heart.”

47. Jeevith

The name Jeevith refers to someone who is immortal or eternal.

48. Jenish

The name Jenish means “God’s grace is with us.” Jenish also means “gracious butterfly of God.”

49. Jeshwanth

Jeshwanth means triumphant or victorious. The name is also used to refer to Agni or the Fire God.

50. Jethwik

A unique Makar Rashi baby boy name, Jethwik, means self-confidence.

51. Jeyaram

The name Jeyaram means “victory of Lord Rama.”

52. Jeyasilan

One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Jeyasilan means “the one who rules life.”

53. Jhoshil

It is a Makar Rashi name that means joy, happiness, or elation.

54. Jigen

Jigen refers to a very sharp sword. The name Jigen also refers to a very sharp-minded individual.

55. Jigyansh

The name Jigyansh refers to someone always eager and curious to learn or attain knowledge.

56. Jihan

It means the universe or the world. The name also means “to leap” or “to ascend.”

57. Jilesh

The name signifies Lord Surya or the Sun God.

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It is one of the several names of Lord Surya or the Sun God.

58. Jimit

The name Jimit refers to someone with a pleasing and charming nature, or “one who wins hearts.”

59. Jiral

A unique name, Jiral, means “A boy with thousand qualities.” Jiral also refers to the spear warrior.

60. Jishanth

A unique Makar Rashi baby boy name, Jishanth, is indicative of a person who has great feelings and emotions.

61. Jishnu

The name Jishnu refers to someone powerful and honest. The name Jishnu also means “to win” or “to be triumphant.”

62. Jishu

The name Jishu refers to a kind-hearted and generous individual. The name also means “God of love.”

63. Jitendra

The name Jitendra means “Lord of conquerors,” or someone who has won or conquered Lord Indra.

64. Jitendriya

The name Jitendriya refers to “one who has control over the senses,” or “beyond the reach of the five senses.”

65. Jithin

The name Jithin means invincible or someone who cannot be defeated.

66. Jiva

The name Jiva means life or existence.

67. Jivandeep

The name Jivandeep means “radiance and luminance of life’s flame.”

68. Jivesh

Jivesh means someone brave and courageous. Jivesh also means God.

69. Jivin

The name Jivin means “to give life” or “to be benevolent.”

70. Jivraj

A beautiful name for baby boy of Makar Rashi, Jivraj means “Lord of life.”

71. Jiyaan

Jiyaan means someone close to the heart. The name Jiyaan also refers to a happy and spirited person.

72. Jogendra

Another name for Lord Shiva, Jogendra also means “Lord of Ascetics.”

73. Jokith

A unique name, Jokith is one of the several names of Lord Krishna.

74. Joshva

The name Joshva refers to someone who is jovial, humorous, and always happy.

75. Joydeep

Joydeep means the “light of victory, happiness, and delight.”

protip_icon Trivia
Joydeep Karmakar from Kolkata, West Bengal represented India at the London 2012 Summer Olympics in men’s 50 meter rifle prone event.

76. Jugal

The name Jugal means “a pair” or “a couple.”

77. Juhit

A unique baby boy name, Juhit refers to the Jasmine flower. The name Juhit also means bright or brightness.

78. Juvas

The name Juvas refers to something quick or swift.

79. Jyanshu

A unique Makar Rashi name for baby boy, Jyanshu is another name for Lord Hanuman.

80. Jyeshta

Jyeshta is the name of a star or a nakshatra (constellation). The name is also one of the many names of Lord Vishnu.

81. Jyotiraditya

Jyotiraditya, means “the resplendence of the Sun.” It is also one of the names of Lord Krishna.

82. Jyran

The name Jyran means someone “as precious as a lost love.”

83. Kamran

The name Kamran refers to a lucky, successful, and prosperous individual.

84. Kashin/Kaashin

It is one of the names of Lord Shiva and means “Lord of Kashi.” The name also means brilliance.

85. Khadir

Another name for Lord Indra, Khadir means something heavenly or celestial.

86. Khailash

It is also spelled as Kailash, and is the name for the abode of Lord Shiva.

87. Khajit

Khajit refers to Lord Buddha. Khajit also means “one who conquered the heavens.”

88. Khamish

A unique Makar Rashi baby boy name, Khamish is another name for Lord Shiva.

89. Khathiravan

A unique name for baby boys under Makar Rashi, Khathiravan means, the radiant and bright Sun.

90. Khatvangin

It refers to Lord Shiva. The name Khatvangin means someone who possesses Khatvanga, a type of staff or a club.

91. Khavish

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Khavish, refers to the “king of poets.”

92. Khee

A unique name, Khee, is one of the many names of Lord Venkateswara.

93. Khemraj

It means “happy kingdom” or refers to someone who “keeps the kingdom happy.” The name is also one of the names of Lord Shiva.

94. Khileshwar

A unique name, Khileshwar, means “he who is a supreme being.”

95. Khishanth

The name means “delight,” “joy,” or “lots of happiness.”

96. Khrishang

Khrishang means slender. The name is one of the many names or epithets of Lord Shiva.

97. Khsitij

A unique name, Khsitij, means the horizon or “born of the Earth.”

98. Khushaansh

A unique name for baby boy of Makar Rashi, Khushaansh, means someone joyful, delightful, and happy.

99. Khushal

Khushal means someone happy, flourishing, or prosperous.

100. Khushil

The name Khushil refers to a very cheerful, happy, and delightful person.

100 Makar Rashi Names For Girls, With Meanings

101. Jaagravi

The name Jaagravi means “to be alert” or “to be watchful.”

102. Jagadambika

One of the many names of Goddess Durga, Jagadambika, means “mother of the universe.”

103. Jaganmayee

One of the several names of Goddess Durga

Image: Shutterstock

It means “Goddess or Mother of the world.” The name Jaganmayee is one of the several names of Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Durga.

104. Jaganmohini

Another name for Goddess Durga, Jaganmohini, means “one who can charm the universe.”

105. Jagati

The name Jagati means the universe, people, or the Earth.

106. Jagruti

Jagruti means vigilant. The name Jagruti also means “one who has great worldly knowledge.”

107. Jailekha

The name Jailekha means “a record of victory.”

108. Jajwalya

A beautiful name for baby girls under Makar Rashi, Jajwalya refers to Goddess Andal.

109. Jaladhi

A unique name, Jaladhi, means “treasure of water.”

110. Jaladhija

Jaladhija is one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi, and means water.

111. Jalaja

One of the many names of Goddess Lakhsmi, Jalaja, means a lotus or any flower that has its origin in water.

112. Jalodari

The name Jalodari means “abode of the ethereal universe.”

113. Jalpa

An adorable Makar Rashi name, Jalpa, means a conversation or a discussion.

114. Jamala

The name Jamala refers to a disciplined and well-mannered individual. Jamala also means beautiful or someone with a moon-face.

115. Jamuna

Jamuna derives its name from the name of the river Yamuna, which is one of the holy rivers of India.

116. Jana

The name Jana refers to a kind and generous individual.

117. Janaki

It means “King Janak’s daughter.” Janaki is one of the many names of Goddess Sita.

118. Janaknandini

One of the many names of Goddess Sita, Janaknandini, means “daughter of King Janak.”

119. Janani

The name Janani means “Mother.” Janani also refers to someone with a delicate and tender nature.

120. Jandi

The name Jandi means a “precious flower”.

121. Janika

A unique name, Janika means, mother. Janika also means the “Almighty is gracious.”

122. Janitha

The name Janitha means a “born angel.”

123. Janma

The name Janma refers to Lord Murugan.

124. Januja

The name Januja means a daughter.

125. Janvi

One of the many names of the river Ganga, Janvi, also means precious life.

126. Janvika

The name Janvika means someone who gathers wisdom and knowledge.

127. Jarul

The name Jarul means “flower queen” or refers to someone who is “beautiful like a flower.”

128. Jashwi

A unique name, Jashwi, means someone full of pride. Jashwi also means, “one who gets the credit.”

129. Jasminder

The name Jasminder means “Lord’s glory” or “Lord’s blessing.”

130. Jasmithya

A unique name, Jasmithya, means a “smiling baby.”

131. Jasoda

Jasoda was the name of Lord Krishna‘s mother.

132. Jaspreet

The name Jaspreet means “one who sings praises of the Lord.”

protip_icon Did you know?
Capricorns are known to be extremely determined, ambitious, and strong. Thus, most Capricorn born’s names reflect power.

133. Jassi

A unique name, Jassi means “one who is sitting.”

134. Jasu

The name Jasu refers to a brainy and intelligent person.

135. Jasvee

The name Jasvee means triumphant or “hero of fame.”

136. Jawl

The name Jawl refers to someone who has a free will or free movement.

137. Jaya

Another name for Goddess Durga and Goddess Parvati, Jaya, means “one who is blessed with success and victory.”

138. Jayakirthi

A beautiful name, Jayakirthi, means “glory of victory.”

139. Jayalalitha

One of the many names of Goddess Durga, Jayalalitha, means triumphant.

140. Jayani

Jayani means something auspicious. Jayani also means victory or power.

141. Jayanti

One of the many names of Goddess Durga and Goddess Parvati, Jayanti, means “one who is blessed with victory and success.”

142. Jayantika

It is one of the several names of Goddess Durga and Goddess Paravati.

143. Jayasree

A beautiful name, Jayasree means, “goddess of Victory.”

144. Jayati

The name Jayati means, being victorious or triumphant.

145. Jayavardhini

The name Jayavardhini means “the Goddess who increases the victory” or “the Goddess who makes one victorious.”

146. Jayda

The name Jayda is a type of jade, which is a green-colored gemstone.

147. Jayna

The name Jayna means someone who brings victory. Jayna also means “good and noble character.”

148. Jayrani

A unique name, Jayrani, means the triumph of the queen.

149. Jeel

Jeel means a spring or a silent and serene lake.

150. Jeenal

It is another name for Lord Vishnu.

Image: Shutterstock

Jeenal refers to a wise, intelligent, and kind person. Jeenal is also another name for Lord Vishnu.

151. Jeeteshi

The name Jeeteshi refers to the “Goddess of victory.”

152. Jeevana

It means life or “to live.” Jeevana is also one of the several names of Sun God.

153. Jeevankala

The name Jeevankala means “art of life.”

154. Jeevanlata

Jeevanlata means “creeper of life” or the “path of life.”

155. Jeevanthini

Jeevanthini derives its name from one of the ragas (melody) in Indian classical music.

156. Jeevantika

The name Jeevantika means “one who gives blessings of long life.”

157. Jeevika

The name Jeevika refers to someone or something that gives life. Jeevika also means water.

158. Jeevita

The name Jeevita means “one of the four elements that make up the universe.” Jeevita also means life.

159. Jegatha

The name Jegatha means “truth of the world.”

160. Jenya

The name Jenya refers to someone impressive. Jenya also means noble.

161. Jeshri

The name Jeshri means to triumph. Jeshri also means singing.

162. Jesna

The name Jesna means victory or a garden of beautiful flowers.

163. Jhalak

The name Jhalak means a glimpse. It is also used to refer someone who has “a spark.”

164. Jhansi

It means “life-like” or could also mean “rising sun.”

protip_icon Quick fact
Lakshmibai, the Rani of Jhansi, was an Indian queen and also one of the leading figures of the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

165. Jharna

A beautiful name, Jharna refers to a fountain, stream, or a waterfall.

166. Jhilmil

The name Jhilmil refers to something shining, twinkling, or sparkling.

167. Jhinuk

The name Jhinuk refers to sea shells like those from an oyster.

168. Jian

A unique name, Jian, means strong. The name Jian also means life.

169. Jigeesha

The name Jigeesha refers to someone ambitious. Jigeesha also means someone superior or victorious.

170. Jigi

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Jigi, means to win or conquer something.

171. Jignasa

The name Jignasa refers to an intelligent person who is eager to know and discover things around the world.

172. Jigruksha

A unique name, Jigruksha, refers to “a woman with the hope of knowledge.”

173. Jinisha

A unique name, Jinisha, refers to a superior individual. Jinisha also refers to “gracious Almighty.”

174. Jinkal

The name Jinkal refers to someone with a sweet and melodious voice.

175. Jisha

Jisha means someone highly positive and optimistic. Jisha also means “someone having a high level of feeling and passion for living.”

176. Jital

A unisex name, Jital, means to win or to be triumphant.

177. Jithi

The name Jithi means triumphant.

178. Jiya

Jiya means a sweetheart, who is loved the most in the family.

179. Joita

The name Joita means to be triumphant or victorious.

180. Jonakhi

The name Jonakhi refers to someone honest.

181. Joshita

The name Joshita means delightful or pleasing.

182. Joshnika

A unique Makar Rashi name for girls, Joshnika refers to the devotees of Lord Shiva.

183. Jovita

A unique name, Jovita, refers to a happy, jovial, and cheerful person.

184. Jowaki

The name Jowaki means a firefly.

185. Joyatri

A unique name, Joyatri, means light.

186. Juhi

A beautiful name for a baby girl under Makar Rashi, Juhi, refers to the Jasmine flower.

187. Jvala

The name Jvala means flame or blaze.

188. Jyothishmati

The name Jyothishmati means “someone luminous.”

189. Jyoti

Jyoti means “the light of the Sun” or “a bright flame.” Jyoti also refers to a vibrant, passionate, and energetic person.

190. Jyotirmayi

The name Jyotirmayi means bright or luminous. The name Jyotirmayi also means lustrous.

191. Jyotsna

The serenity of moonlight

Image: Shutterstock

One of the many names of Goddess Durga, Jyotsna, means “Moonlight.” Jyotsna also refers to someone “radiant like flames.”

192. Jyotsnika

The name Jyotsnika means “the Moon.”

193. Khanak

Khanak refers to the pleasant tingling sound of bangles.

194. Khanika

The name Khanika refers to an individual who has a noble and good character.

195. Khiaa

A unique name for baby girls under Makar Rashi, Khiaa means boat.

196. Khushboo

The name Khushboo refers to a sweet fragrance or perfume.

197. Khushi

The name Khushi means cheerful, happy, and delightful.

198. Khushmita

The name Khushmita refers to someone who is always in a happy and cheerful mood.

199. Khwaish

The name Khwaish means desire or “to be wishful.”

200. Khyati

The name Khyati refers to someone who has attained fame and popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Capricorn baby names have positive connotations or associations?

Yes, Capricorn baby names often have positive connotations and associations. Names such as Jainithin, meaning ‘blessings or gifts from the Almighty,’ highlight the importance of God’s grace and one’s faith and devotion. Also, Jithi, meaning ‘triumphant,’ encourages perseverance and determination for a successful life.

2. Do Capricorn baby names have connections to specific gemstones, colors, or other symbols?

Garnet is considered the gemstone associated with the Capricorn zodiac sign, which may signify qualities of security, strength, and stability. Furthermore, this zodiac sign is often linked with earthy tones and dark colors such as gray and brown, indicating practicality and enhancing reliability.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Babies born under the Makar Rashi are known to grow into reserved, practical, patient, and creative individuals. They are also thought to become hardworking and self-reliant. So choose a suitable name for your little munchkin from our list of Makar Rashi names for boys and girls. Names such as Jainil, Jaisudhan, Jaitik, Jaitra, Jayani, Jailekha, or Jayati denote victory, while Jaisukh, Joshva, Khishanth, or Khushi means joy and happiness. If you prefer naming your baby after Gods and Goddesses, you may choose from Jainesh, Janish, Jilesh, Jaganmayee, Jalaja, Jayasree, or Jyotsna.

Infographic: Makar Rashi Or Capricorn Baby Names

Most names suggested for Capricorn or Makar Rashi babies usually begin with the letters “Kh” or “Ja.” These are quite uncommon syllables to start a name with. So, to help you choose the right name for your baby, we present you with a list of names that start with the aforementioned syllables. You can keep this list handy and refer it to your near and dear ones looking for such names.

capricorn names (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • The Makar Rashi, or Capricorn zodiac sign, is associated with those born between January 20th and February 18th.
  • Many Makar Rashi names reflect qualities like leadership, strength, victory, and eternal life.
  • Feminine Capricorn names such as Janvi, Khanak, and Khushboo, and male Capricorn names such as Jainil, Jeet, and Jayant are a few popular choices.
Makar Rashi names for boys and girls_illustration

Image: Dall·E/MomJunction Design Team

Choose the perfect name for your little one with help from this video where you can find the meanings of the names as well to make it easier for you

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