35 Simple Yet Romantic Ways to Make Her Feel Special

Keeping the romance alive in a relationship is not as hard as it is thought to be. You can make your girl happy with the help of some simple ways to make her feel special. Some sweet little gestures like sending her an “I love you” text in the morning can brighten her day and put a smile on her face for the rest of the day. A healthy and loving relationship is the key to a happy future. All you need to do is love her unconditionally and know about her likes and dislikes to make her happy. Here we have some interesting ways and ideas to make your girl feel special without having to spend a bomb on gifts.

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35 Ways To Make Her Feel Special

Here’s a comprehensive list of sweet and thoughtful ways to let your girl know she means the world to you.

1. Send unexpected texts

Whether she is at work or home, text her and tell her how lucky you feel to have her in your life. Tell her how much you liked the food she cooked, or send her a simple “I love you” text. Let her know she is on your mind, 24/7.

2. Make her your priority

You are watching an important NFL match, and suddenly, she barges into the room, looking mighty upset or extremely gloomy. For once, switch off the TV and ask her what the matter is. We know you cannot miss your match, but when she sees that you have sacrificed your favorite sport to be there for her, she will know she is your priority.

3. Fix her outfit

She is all decked up to go to a party when you notice her sandal strap has come undone. Bend down and buckle it up for her. Offer to click a picture of hers instead of her clicking a selfie. Book a cab for her or offer to drive her to the location. Let her know that you are an amazing lover who cares for her.

4. Give her compliments

When you know that she has put in the effort to look pretty, compliment her. Even when she feels she isn’t looking her best, tell her she is the prettiest woman for you. By offering her a compliment, you are telling her that you find her desirable.

5. Share the chores

If you reach home early and see the laundry lying around, do it yourself instead of waiting for her to come and do it. When you do something without being told, it makes her feel cared for.

6. Indulge in some PDA

When outdoors, hold her hand in public or plant a quick kiss on her cheek. Take her by surprise. On social media, upload a candid image of hers with a cute caption expressing your love for her. If you guys are not married, such PDA tells her that you are serious about your relationship with her.

7. Indulge in some more PDA

Here, PDA means “physical display of affection.” Give her a back hug when she is cooking, lift her in your arms when heading to the bedroom, lay your head in her lap when watching TV, or just hold her in a bear hug for no reason. Let your touch tell her how much you love her.

8. Gaze at her romantically

When she is casually talking about something, look deep into her eyes, and admire her. Don’t stare like a creep but have a soft smile on your face when looking at her. Let your smile tell her she is a gorgeous person. You don’t have to say anything. Let your eyes and smile do the talking, and she will feel it deep inside her.

9. Listen to her

There will be days when she wants to talk to someone just to get things off her mind or for no reason at all. Be there for her. You may not understand why she is overthinking something or stressing unnecessarily. Do not offer advice. Just listen. Be patient. Nod as she pours her heart out. Let her know you are there for her.

10. Love her the way she is

She may be conscious of her broad shoulders or loud laughter. But if you truly love her, you will fall in love with everything about her. If she ever mentions not liking something about herself, tell her how her imperfections make her perfect and how her little quirks make you go crazy for her.

11. Accept her past

It takes tremendous courage for a girl to share her unpleasant past with the guy she loves. If your girl has had a tough life and has shared it with you, do not judge her for it. Instead, listen to her patiently and never bring it up again, not even in a bitter fight. Respect the fact that she trusts you enough to be open with you. Comfort her, and let her know she can confide anything to you.

12. Appreciate her hard work

You may not always notice it, but your house looks spick and span at all times because she keeps it that way. You may not know the amount of the utilities you have to pay because she does it all without even telling you. It is always good to appreciate the things she does without telling you. Tell her how lucky you are that she takes care of most things in the house while also balancing her career.

13. Try to understand her

There may be times when she may be more angry than usual or look unusually gloomy than her normal, chirpy self. You may find it confusing, but try to understand that there may be something on her mind that makes her act differently. She may be unwell and may not want to share it with you. There is always a reason behind everything, so do not lose patience when she is not her usual self.

14. Take an interest in her interests

You may not have a single creative bone in your body, but if your beloved loves art, try to show some interest in it. She may be making a living off her artwork, and the most you can do is put in the effort to understand what her work is or what she likes doing the most.

15. Seek her opinion

Ask her what you should wear for your presentation or if you should go for that career change. Let her know that her opinion matters to you. Involve her in every small or big decision in your life. If not her opinion, at least keep her in the loop when making important decisions, so she is aware of what’s happening in your life.

16. Be her romantic hero

Send flowers at her workplace or pick her up for a surprise date. Light up the room and set the table for a candlelight dinner with her. If she likes any romantic movie, try to recreate her favorite scene from that movie. Be the romantic hero that she would love to fall in love with again and again.

17. Leave her love notes

On a sticky note, write something sweet, such as “May your day be as beautiful as you” or anything nice that comes to your mind. Paste it on the mirror, the fridge, or any place you know she will see before leaving for the day.

18. Ask about her

Your relationship may be new or several years old, but there is always something new to learn about her. Sit next to her and ask about her life, goals, ambitions, or even funny childhood incidents. Don’t do it out of idle curiosity but out of genuine interest to know her better.

19. Take care of her

Whenever she falls ill, try to make her comfortable and take care of her like a baby. Make her soups, or give her medicines on time. If she is not asleep and is resting, you can indulge in some light talks and entertain her. Let her know that you love her and want to see her healthy and happy.

20. Give her a nice massage

Returning home after a long day at work can be physically exhausting for her. Give her a nice neck and shoulder massage or a back massage to help her release all the tension from her body and feel better.

21. Quit playing games with her

This often happens at the beginning of a relationship where couples play “games,” such as waiting for the other person to text first or replying after a few hours have passed even though you are dying to talk to them. Cut the chase. Message her whenever you feel like it, and talk to her because you want to. Do not get too excited or bombard her with messages, but be prompt when she texts or calls you.

22. Tell her you miss her

If she is away from you for work, send her a text message saying how much you miss her. You don’t have to write a saga on your life without her — a simple “I miss you” or “I can’t wait to have you beside me soon” will do. Let her know in any small way that she is in your mind.

23. Try to get along with her favorite people

She may be close to certain people who matter the most to her. It may be her family or friends. You can try to meet them and be nice to them. You do not have to befriend them, but you surely can make efforts to get along with them, which will make her feel that you are indeed interested in her life.

24. Remember special dates

This one may seem complicated, so put a reminder on your phone for all the important dates in her life — her birthday, your anniversary, and so on. When you remember important dates, it shows how much you care about your relationship.

25. Kiss her passionately

When she looks adorable to you, just pull her close and kiss her like there is no tomorrow. Kiss her like you need her to be alive. Kiss her like you were born just to kiss her. No matter how long you have been together, a passionate kiss will always be welcome by her.

26. Have some ritual

Do an activity that is meant only for the two of you, and do it regularly. For instance, give each other a massage every alternate night, or watch movies that either she or you likes every weekend. Make it a routine or ritual. When you share something special with her, it shows how much you love spending time with her.

27. Discuss your future

When you talk to her about the future, it means you are serious about your relationship, and you see your future with her. It tells her that you love being with her and wish to spend your life with her.

28. Sit next to her

At a restaurant, while traveling, or even when out with friends, try to sit next to her instead of sitting across from her. Avoid sticking to her the way people do when acting possessive, but be casual and let her know she has you with her. Let her feel protected when she is with you.

29. Be chivalrous with her

Chivalry isn’t dead. Open the door or pull the chair for her, extend your hand when climbing up the stairs, lend her your jacket when she feels chilly, and make yourself available whenever she needs you. Little things like these do not go unnoticed, and she will fall deeper in love with you.

30. Gift her something she wants

While talking casually, she might mention something that she liked at the store. Try to keep it in mind and, if possible, get it for her. It can be a gift for her birthday, but it becomes even more special when you gift her something without any occasion. Gift her something just because you want her to know you love and cherish her.

31. Notice minor changes in her appearance

By this, we do not mean you point out that gray hair you notice on her head, but the new perfume she’s wearing. When she parts her hair differently, tell her she looks different and that it suits her. When she’s wearing her favorite pants, tell her how sexy you find her in them. Let her know you look at her and like what you see.

32. Make time for her

She has been after you to join her at some event she wants to attend. You may be busy, but if it is important to her, make time for it. Put in extra hours to complete your office duties a day or two in advance, and try to be there for her, so she knows you want to be a part of all important events in her life.

33. Open up to her

Women appreciate it when men speak openly with them, even about things that may be disturbing for them. If you have reached a stage in your relationship where you can trust her like a confidante, tell her stuff you do not share with anybody else. Share your fears and insecurities with her. Let her know the real you inside out.

34. Support her

She may be working hard on some important project and may not be able to give you as much time as she did. Instead of feeling neglected, show her your support by being patient and asking if she needs anything from you. Tell her you have faith in her and that she will ace any project she takes up.

35. Do not give up on her

After every fight, she might end up getting discouraged. But if you truly love her and are sure she is just going through some phase, do not give up on her. Understand the cause of her frustration. Try to give her some space and wait until she becomes her normal self.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. ​​What are the top five needs of a woman?

While there may be various factors that influence needs, most women expect affection, honesty, interaction, family commitment, and financial support from their man. Emotional bonding and spiritual intimacy from her partner also make a woman feel fulfilled.

2. What words make a girl feel special?

Irrespective of what you say to your girl and how eloquent you are, make sure the words you express are heartfelt and genuine. Nothing in this world can make a woman happier than pure emotion, as it can touch her soul. Some of the beautiful words to make her feel truly loved include “You are the first thing I think of in the morning; I’m sure I won’t be as happy in heaven as I’m with you, and “You are the reason I started living because before I met you I only used to exist.”

Women seek care, love, and attention from their loved ones. Fulfilling these needs is the best way to impress them. Knowing some easy and simple ways to make her feel special and loved can strengthen your bond and rekindle your relationship. Making her your priority, visiting or texting her unexpectedly, giving compliments, and sharing chores can make her feel special. Small acts of PDA, such as giving a kiss on her cheek or updating a candid pic on social media, can also make her feel happy and special. These simple gestures can go a long way in making her day.

Infographic: Things That Can Put Her Off

Apart from finding an answer to the eternally haunting question of what women want, it may be helpful to know and memorize what women don’t like (at all)! Save this infographic on your phone and laptop, or even take a print to hide in your wallet so you can refer to it and refrain from doing things that would upset your lady love.

top 9 turn offs for women (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Simple gestures such as sending a heartfelt text, sharing a chore, or holding her hand in public can make her feel special and cared for.
  • A romantic gaze, a tight hug, or a kiss can go a long way to express your feelings for your beloved.
  • Support her, make time to sit next to her, and discuss your future together to give her the joy of a fulfilling relationship.
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