65 Most Popular Maltese Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Malta is an island situated near southern Italy. This island is known for its rich history and traditions dating back to the Neolithic era. Speaking of traditions, the Maltese baby names are also quite popular, which we have listed this article for you. You will notice that most of these Maltese names are popular English names. This is because Maltese surrendered themselves to the British empire in the 1800s and gained their independence in 1964. Since this island is strategically located in the ocean, Britain, and Spain tried to use it as a naval base, with only the British succeeding in the conquest. Even after independence, Malta continues to have a British touch to most of its traditions, including its names. Take a look at these monikers that have a touch of Maltese and English.

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Maltese Baby Names For Boys

1. Aaron

This Biblical name, meaning ‘mountain of strength’, has always been a favorite with the people of Malta. In fact, it maintained itself as one of the top 50 names for boys for several decades. Another positive point about this name is that it won’t go out of style, despite being a Biblical name.

protip_icon Trivia
In Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, a character called ‘Aaron the Moor’ supports his lover Tamora in plotting the destruction of the Andronicus family.

2. Aiden

Aiden, Maltese baby names

Image: Shutterstock

Aiden, with an ‘e’, is a popular Maltese spelling of the Irish name Aidan, meaning ‘little fire’. The original moniker originated as a short form of the name Aodh, the name of the Celtic God of fire and sun. And this version of Aidan came into forefront when actress Tracey Gold used it for her son.

3. Andre

Andre is at the forefront of popularity right now. It has the perfect style, sophistication, and aura that screams ‘I don’t care’. Andre is the French version of Andrew and means ‘man’. Andre Kirk Agassi, the American tennis player, is its most famous bearer.

protip_icon Quick fact
Andre is a gender-neutral name having French and Portuguese origins. Apart from ‘man,’ it also means ‘warrior.’

4. Andrew

Andrew is a name with a strong staying power. It has consistently remained in the top 20 list for decades, primarily because of its Biblical reference. The shortened versions such as Drew and Andy will make cool nicknames. Andrew is the anglicized version of the Greek name Andreas and means ‘manly and brave’.

5. Christopher

The flexibility of Christopher in terms of nicknames and spelling has made it a popular name all across the world. If you want, you can tweak it a bit to make it more amiable. This traditional English name is taken from Greek name ‘Kristophorus’, which means ‘Christ-bearer’.

protip_icon Did you know?
The name Christopher has always been popular since it was used in the 15th century. In the last five decades, there has been a tremendous increase in the usage of this name.

6. Dean

This moniker will always be associated with Dean Moriarty, a free-spirited, spontaneous, and adventurous character, which struck a chord with many people when it released. It’s a simple, straightforward, and no-nonsense name with an authoritative sound. The meaning of Dean is ‘supervisor or valley’.

7. Denzel

This old Cornish name, meaning ‘from the high stronghold’ got a new identity altogether through Denzel Washington, the American actor. And ever since, there has been an outburst of Denzels all over the world. It’s said that the actor was named after his father, Dr. Denzel, who delivered him.

8. Elias

Elias is an excellent alternative to common Elijah. It isn’t as trendy or overused as the original, and has a sweet sound as well. And it also happens to be the middle name of Walt Disney. Elias is the Greek form of the name Elijah and means ‘Yahweh is God’.

9. Fleming

This English name, meaning ‘man from Flanders’, always brings Stephen Fleming, the New Zealand cricketer to mind. But it has been in use in England and its surrounding regions, including Malta since the Middle Ages and has been borne by some saints as well.

10. Isaac

Isaac, one of the oldest Biblical names borne by the son of Abraham has enjoyed persistent usage in Malta. The star point of this name is that it has been borne by several accomplished people such as inventors, Nobel laureates, physicists, violinists, composers, and more.

protip_icon Quick fact
In the ancient Greek translation of the Bible, Yitzhak, a Hebrew name, was written as Isaak. It later became Isaac in Latin and English.

11. Jake

Jake is an out and out informal name. It’s snappy, short, strong, perfect for parents who want to stick to their traditional roots, but do not shy away from moving on with the generation. Jake is a variant of the name Jack and means ‘God is gracious’.

12. Joseph

The average position of Joseph in the past 100 years is number ten. Now that speaks a lot about the popularity and usage of this name. The dignified resonance and strong but humble sound has brought Joseph where it is today. Joseph is the English form of Yosef and means ‘God shall add another son’.

13. Kaiden

Kaiden, derived from the Gaelic word ‘cadain’, meaning ‘battler’, is a relatively modern name as it originated only this century. Earlier, Kaiden was distinct to the US, but is now beginning to catch up in European countries as well, including Malta.

14. Kenneth

Kenneth has experienced great success in Malta over the last century. This ‘handsome’ name also has several nickname options such as Ken and Kenny. And its Scottish flavor makes it even more pleasant. The name Kenneth means ‘born of fire or handsome’.

15. Liam

Since Liam showed mild usage until 1990 and jumped in popularity in 1993, it would be safe to assume that Liam Neeson of “Schindler’s List” influenced the appeal of this name. And since then, Liam has been climbing up the charts every year. Liam is the Irish variant of the traditional name William and means ‘valiant protector’.

16. Lude

Lude, the Czech version of Louis, is more popular than ever now, especially in Malta. And we feel this classic, royal name can be revived in America too, but for that, you need to start seeing beyond Lewis and Louis. The name Lude means ‘renowned warrior’.

17. Luis

Luis is quite famous in the Hispanic families, as it adds an exotic touch to a bland surname. And the popularity of this name refuses to go down, so it’s also sure to age well. Luis, the Spanish form of Ludwig, is derived from Germanic elements, meaning ‘famous warrior’.

18. Luke

Luke, the colloquial form of Lucas, meaning ‘man from Lucania’, is a name of choice for parents among the English speaking countries. It’s perfect for parents looking for casual and laid back, short names for their little one.

19. Marcellino

Marcellino is the Spanish variant of Mark, and means ‘warlike’. This moniker caught up in the early 50s after lagging behind other apostle names such as Paul and Peter for years. A few famous bearers of this name include Marcellino Lucchi, the Italian motorcycle racer and Marcellino Pipite, the former foreign minister of Vanuatu.

20. Mark

There’s absolutely no chance of going wrong with a name like Mark. It is an ageless, classic and has the characteristic virility and strength. It’s really surprising that despite being a mythological name, Mark didn’t get serious use until the 17th century. The name Mark means ‘God of War’.

21. Matthew

Matthew, the English name of Hebrew origin, ranks quite high in Ireland, UK, Scotland, and Malta. Despite a hundred years of usage, there is nothing about Matthew that feels dated even a wee bit. Matthew means ‘gift of God’.

22. Matthias

If you think Matthew sounds a bit ancient (even though it isn’t), you can go for its macho and appealing variation Matthias. This variant is well used in the Hispanic communities residing in Malta, where it holds the 15th spot. The name Matthias means ‘gift of God’.

23. Michael

Needless to say, Michael is an extremely popular name all over the world, just on par with James, John, and William. It’s timeless, ageless, and never sounds old fashioned. Michael originates from Hebrew word ‘Mikhael’, meaning ‘Who is like God?’

24. Mirko

Mirko, meaning ‘peace and celebration’, originated as a diminutive of Miroslav, but is now used on its own. It’s one of those names that works amazingly well for a young boy and even transitions nicely into adulthood. It’s also a lovely option for parents who’re weary of names such as Mark or Marcus.

25. Nathan

Nathan is technically a Biblical moniker, but the roots are considered obscure. Nathan owes much of its popularity to its simplicity, gentle strength, and masculine sound. Nathan is derived from the Hebrew language, meaning ‘He has given’.

26. Parr

Parr is one of the least used English origin names and means ‘enclosure’. It may sound a bit odd as a first name, but you can definitely consider it as a middle name.

27. Peter

Peter has for long been a favorite baby boy name in Malta. It is derived from Greek word ‘petros’ meaning ‘stone or rock’. Peter is considered a risk-free choice as it is strong as a ‘rock’.

28. Russell

Russell is the transferred form of old French name ‘rousel’ and means ‘little red one’. It was initially given to people with red hair, but later became a noble name used throughout the English-speaking world. This moniker is gentle, yet manly, classic, but modern sounding.

29. Ryan

Ryan, Maltese baby name

Image: Shutterstock

Ryan is one of the few baby names that has become more popular as a given name than surname. Ryan O’Neil was one of the first popular figures to bring this name into the spotlight and parents began picking this name as an alternative to standard ones such as Kevin and Bryan. Ryan is derived from Irish name, meaning ‘little king’, so parents will absolutely adore this name.

30. Tristian

Tristian, a variant of Tristan, is beginning to catch on with edgy parents. And given the spelling of the name, we think Tristian would make a good alternative to Christian, especially if you’re looking for a name with ‘an’ ending. Tristian means ‘noise or sorrowful’.

31. Xavier

Many, including us, presumed that Xavier was a Biblical name, but it’s one of the few Basque names hugely popular outside Basque countries. Its Jesuit connections convey strong moral values and high intellect. The name Xavier means ‘new house’.

32. Zachary

Zachary is appealing and impressive for several reasons. It’s one of the few ‘Z’ Biblical names that still sounds stylish, has a strong number one in numerology, and comes with the cool nickname option Zac. Zachary means ‘God has remembered’.

Maltese Baby Names For Girls

33. Abigail

This Hebrew name, meaning ‘my father is rejoicing’, has been climbing the charts inconspicuously and is currently one of the top 10 Maltese girl names. What we love the most about this name is its erudite sound and unpretentious nature.

34. Alessia

Alessia, a spin on Alex names, has become so overused that it might be mistaken for its similar variations, Alyssa or Alexa. But that doesn’t undermine the beauty of this name, especially in Malta, where it’s the eighth most popular name. Alessia means ‘defender of mankind’.

35. Angele

Angele, a spelling variation of Angel, is the ninth most popular name in Malta. This name is derived from Greek name Angelos, which means ‘messenger’ or ‘one who announces’. It’s hard to not love a name such as Angel as it’s such a loving choice.

36. Arianne

This soft and delicate name, meaning ‘very holy one’, is rarely heard in America and its surrounding regions. So pick it up for your daughter before it becomes too common.

37. Azalea

This fresh flower name entered the Social Security Administration list in 2012 and has become one of the fastest rising names already. And since Rose and Lily are becoming too tame off late, you can consider this pink, spring flower for your little girl.

38. Brooke

Brooke is widely considered a female name today, but there was a time when it was used for both the genders. This moniker originated from the Old English word ‘broc’ meaning ‘brook or stream’. We love this one syllable, strong sounding name for its gentleness.

39. Charlene

Charlene, a variant of Charlotte, spiked in popularity along with similar rhyming names such as Marlene and Arlene. It even comes with the stylish nickname option, Charlie. One of its most famous bearers is Charlene Tilton, the American actress. The name Charlene means ‘free man’.

40. Claire

This French name, meaning ‘clear or bright’, has maintained a solid position on the Maltese baby name charts and is showing upwards momentum with every passing year. We think it’s a beautiful one-syllable name with a lovely sound to it.

41. Daniela

The popularity of this Latin name in Malta is attributed to the growing Hispanic population in the country. It’s beautiful, traditional, but doesn’t sound weighty even a wee bit. Daniela is the feminine form of the Biblical name Daniel, meaning ‘God is my judge’.

42. Desiree

This sensual and Frenchified version of virtue name Desire may have tamed in America, but it’s rising in popularity in Malta and how. This moniker has several famous bearers up its sleeve, such as Desiree Hartsock and Desiree Goyette. The name Desiree means ‘desire’.

43. Easton

This chic and stylish name has been climbing the popularity charts in Malta ever since Elizabeth Rohm gave this to her daughter. Easton means ‘east facing place’.

44. Eliza

Eliza is a name with antique charm

Image: Shutterstock

Just like Sam, even Eliza developed as a short form of Elizabeth, but soon turned into a standalone name. Since then, there hasn’t been even one instance of low point for Eliza. The antique charm of this name is loved by many parents in Malta too. The name Eliza means ‘God is my oath’.

45. Fiona

The popularity of the movie Shrek, starring the lovely Princess Fiona, has put this Scottish name at the peak of its popularity. And not to forget the Grammy award-winning singer Fiona Apple, who brought this name to mainstream America. Fiona means ‘fair’.

46. Harriet

Harriet, the English form of Henriette, is derived from the German words ‘haim’ and ‘ric’, meaning ‘estate ruler’. This old favorite made a comeback to the charts along with its cool nickname Harriet in 2014.

47. Isla

Isla, the name of the Scottish river, is one of the fastest rising names, not just in the US, but also Malta. In fact, it fares better in Malta, Scotland, Wales, and England than the US. It could either be because Isla featured in “Harry Potter” or because Queen Elizabeth has a daughter named Isla. Isla means ‘island’.

48. Kylie

As weird as it may sound, Kylie is a Noongar word, meaning ‘boomerang’. It came into the spotlight with Kylie Minogue, and Kyle Jenner kept the style going. It did become out of favor a few years ago but is now back on track.

49. Leanne

Leanne is a quintessential midcentury name formed by combining Leigh and Anne. And coincidentally, none of these names feel old or dated. So Leanne would make a solid pick for your daughter.

50. Lia

Lia, the Italian version of Leah, meaning ‘weary’, sounds quite a lot like the original, but looks a lot better, especially on the paper. The original name featured in the Old Testament, as the name of Jacob’s first wife.

51. Maria

Latin names are quite widespread in Malta, cemented by the fact that Maria holds the fourth place in the Malta baby name charts. The name does honor Virgin Mary, but technically, it’s the female version of Old Roman name Marius, meaning ‘sea’. If not Maria, you can opt for its variant Mariah, which is just one spot below Maria.

52. Monica

This moniker came to the forefront via St. Augustine’s mother, but it popularized when it became associated with Latin word ‘monere’ meaning ‘to war or advise’. This name has been in a fairly consistent usage all over the world, including Malta.

53. Nicole

Nicole is a stylish yet traditional Maltese name. It’s a feminine version of Nicholas, which means ‘victory of the people’. The sophistication and elegance of this name make it a lovely choice for parents who detest overused names but still value timelessness. And its pet name options Niki and Nicky make it perfect for tomboys out there.

54. Orsel

If you’ve always wanted to name your baby girl Ursula, but felt apprehensive thinking about its ties with the witch of “The Little Mermaid”, you can pick the name Orsel, a variant of Ursula, meaning ‘little female bear’. It also feels a bit more modern than Ursula.

55. Palma

This appealing Latin name, used extensively in Malta, is both geographical, (Palma is the name of a city on Spanish island of Majorca) and botanical. We think it will make a lovely option for girls born on or during Palm Sunday. Palma means ‘palm’.

56. Rianne

If you want a spunky variation of Rhiannon, go for Rianne, a Welsh name, meaning ‘divine queen’. The name is rooted in Celtic legend, where Rhiannon is the strong-minded Otherworld woman, betrothed to Pwyll, the Prince of Dyfed. Rianne would also make a fresher alternative to Rihanna.

57. Roxanne

The French form of the Greek name Roxana, is originally derived from a Persian word meaning ‘dawn’. This name has been coming and going off the charts in other parts of the world, but not Malta. It’s potential nickname Roxy is also hard to ignore.

58. Sabrina

Originally, Sabrina is the name of a character in the Celtic mythology. But its popularity in the real world is solely credited to Audrey Hepburn’s character in the film of the same name. Sabrina means ‘River Severn’.

59. Sam

Sam, the abbreviated version of Samantha, has developed into an independent name for itself. And considering its high level of usage, you might see more and more Sams in the future, especially in Malta. The name Sam means ‘told by God’.

60. Sarah

Sarah is a beautiful Maltese baby name

Image: IStock

It’s really hard to believe that a name as modern sounding as Sarah, is one of the oldest names in existence. And we must say the endurance of this name is really impressive. There are just a handful of names that have retained the popularity as Sarah has done. This lovely moniker means ‘princess’.

61. Selene

Selene, meaning ‘moon goddess’, is the name of the goddess of the moon in the Greek mythological names. This moniker is also related to the word ‘selas’, meaning light. One of the most famous bearers of this name is Selene Luna, the Mexican actress.

62. Sophie

Sophie, the French form of the name Sophia, is less trendy, and that’s what makes it so impressive. It’s short, snappy, and is a lot more upbeat. This darling of a name means ‘wisdom’.

63. Tamyra

Tamyra, one of the forms of Tamara, originates from the Biblical name Tamar, meaning ‘palm tree’. The original form may have fallen off fashion, but its variation Tamyra, will make a lovely choice even today.

64. Thwayya

Thwayya, the Arabic name, meaning ‘star’, is as popular and loved as Stella is in the other part of the world. This unique name, with an exotic touch, is sure to make your daughter stand out from the crowd.

65. Zainab

Arabic name Zainab, meaning ‘beautiful’, is used widely among the Muslim communities residing in Malta. In the Quran, Zainab is the name of the granddaughter and wife of the Prophet Muhammad, which explains its popularity among Muslim people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the origin of Maltese baby names?

Maltese baby names are a fusion of different cultures, as Greeks, Romans, Arabs, English, and Phoenicians ruled the country.

2. How do Maltese parents decide on a name for their baby?

While selecting a name for the baby, parents may consider the name’s sound, meaning, ties to a tradition or culture, and if they want those qualities imbibed in their child.

3. How have Maltese baby names evolved over time?

Yes, specific Maltese names have changed over time. Certain names had grown in popularity relative to when they first appeared, while some have also undergone spelling changes.

Maltese baby names are quite a popular choice and have a touch of tradition embedded in them, making them traditional yet contemporary. Names such as Dean, Luis, Brooke, and Kylie sound enticing and may also come across as exotic. Scroll through this list and choose a name that you like for your baby, be it common or not a very common name. It is also interesting to note that some famous personalities and characters in television have Maltese names or have used such names for their characters.

Infographic: Maltese Baby Names For Boys And Girls

The English influence on the Maltese names makes them unsurprisingly common among the monikers we hear daily. Besides being popular, some of these names have interesting significance with beautiful meanings. So you may give Maltese names a thought if you’re looking for a meaningful name for your newborn.

beautiful names from the island of malta (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Maltese baby names have roots in Greek, Roman, Arab, and English cultures.
  • Many Maltese names are popular in the world of fiction and have been born by famous personalities.
  • Mark, Luke, Joseph, Abigail, Eliza, and Fiona are popular Maltese names.
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