21 Telltale Signs A Married Woman Likes You

21 Telltale Signs A Married Woman Likes You

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Attention can be flattering, especially if it comes from the opposite sex. But what if you pique the interest of someone who is legally married to someone else? It can seem attractive when a married woman pays you much attention, but it can be unsettling too.

Women can send mixed signals at times, which can be perplexing to men. Since she’s married, her signs might be less transparent than if she were single, so it’s understandable if you’re perplexed by her behavior.

Only she can tell you whether what’s going on between you two is platonic. You can only guess whether she likes you or not. Here are 21 signs that a married woman likes you, so you can figure out what to do.

21 Signs A Married Woman Likes You

Some women may not be upfront about their feelings for a person. But from the signs below, you can guess if a lady likes you.

1. She is around you

If you notice a married woman always being around you, she probably likes you. Perhaps, you make her feel comfortable or happy, and she enjoys your company and wants to spend as much time with you as possible.

2. She steals glances at you

Women do not stare at people if they are not interested in them. If she has been looking at you on several occasions, you can be sure that she likes you. Why else would her gaze be drawn to you so frequently?

3. She seeks your help

A woman interested in you will find ways to communicate with you. She will seek your guidance or assistance in even minor matters and then lavishly praise you once her work is completed to boost your ego and get into your good graces.

4. She exhibits specific body language

Touching her neck, playing with her hair, and biting her lips are a few of the many signs a married woman who likes you would show. She may not express it directly, but her nonverbal cues may indicate how she feels.

5. She often makes light physical contact

A married woman interested in you will sit close to you. When she speaks to you, she might put her hand softly on your thigh and even punch you playfully. If she is bold, she could hug you a little longer than usual to show her interest in you.

6. She makes intense eye contact

Direct eye contact is a telltale sign of a woman’s feelings for you. When she makes direct eye contact with you while talking to you and either touch her neck or plays with her hair, it means she is interested in you.

7. She shows interest in your personal life

Does she enquire about your romantic love life regularly? Know that it’s not out of idle curiosity but rather a genuine desire to learn more about you. She’s curious about the women in your life to see if you’ll be interested in her in the future.

8. She avoids mentioning her personal life

She asks you every detail about your family and friends, but she keeps a tight lip when you ask about her personal life. She stops discussing her husband or children in particular. If you persist, she gives you clues about how she is in her marriage and how she feels neglected and unloved.

9. She acts grumpy when you are with other women

It is not uncommon for women to be possessive of the men they like. When she sees you with other women, if she likes you, she would be irritated. She can even disrespect women who talk to you or express interest in you.

10. She laughs hard at every joke

You may enjoy entertaining others with your funny take on life’s situations. You realize, though, that you can’t be funny all of the time. On the other hand, a married woman who likes you would laugh at even the most inane of your lines. Does she guffaw at every ostensibly funny line you’ve said as if you’re the funniest guy on the planet? This is her way of showing interest in you.

11. She flirts with you

If the married lady is bold, she will flirt with you openly. She might show regret for not meeting you before her marriage. She does this to gauge your reaction and determine if you are comfortable with the idea of spending time with her.

12. She texts you often

You might have friends who text you at 2 a.m., but when a married woman does so, it means she has been thinking about you all night.

13. She is different with you

Pay attention to how she acts when she isn’t conscious that you are watching her. Is it any different from how she acts around you? She will talk and behave differently with you if she likes you. Her voice will change, and she will smile when she speaks to you.

14. She shows extra concern for you

When you fall sick, you will notice that she feels overly concerned. She may send you medicines and food to ensure that you recover quickly. She will provide you with fresh food for your good health even though you are not sick.

15. She shows no inhibitions in her chats

She has no qualms about sharing her personal information with you. She could send suggestive messages, dirty jokes, and messages that a married woman would never send to a stranger. This indicates that she is interested in you.

16. She may try to seduce you

If this lady has developed a strong attraction to you, she might try to seduce you by touching you more often and even massaging you. When she’s with you, she could dress provocatively and look at you seductively, hoping you’ll get the hint.

17. She insists on spending time alone with you

You may be a part of a group, but she still shares her plans with you first. And her preparations for an outing are solely for the two of you. If she insists on spending time alone with you, it is a clear sign that she is interested in you.

18. She feels nervous around you

She gets perplexed and perturbed in your presence. For example, she can drop items she’s holding or lose track of what she’s doing. This could be because being close to you makes her feel nervous.

19. She notices little things about you

When a lady likes someone, she will see the slightest change in them. If you change your cologne, she might notice right away. She will not fail to compliment you when you wear a new shirt.

20. She mirrors you

Even though you’re out at a party, the woman in question will sometimes mimic your actions. She will do the same if you reach for a glass of water. If you rest your elbows on the table, she will do the same. It demonstrates how closely she pays attention to you.

21. She says she misses you

If a married woman says she misses you, it means she values you highly and wants to spend more time with you than anyone else. This is more than a sign; it’s an outright declaration of a woman’s feelings for you.

A married woman may hesitate to approach the man she likes, but she will not abandon her efforts. It’s easy to feel swayed when so much love is lavished upon you, but note that the consequences would be too much to bear. The thrill of an extramarital affair is not worth the pain and suffering it causes to those involved in it. This is a delicate situation in which you must behave carefully and consciously. Nobody wants to get caught in a love triangle, which can have devastating effects.