25 Telltale Signs A Married Man Is Flirting With You

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He gives you attention, waits for you to bond over lunch, and is always helpful. Feels flattering, right? But wait, he is married. So, is he hitting on you, or is he just too friendly? Check out these telltale signs a married man is flirting with you to get an idea about his behavior.

Knowing what he is up to can help you set clear and healthy boundaries. Besides, it will end the speculations on his side. Remember, entering into a relationship with a married man can be too complicated and seldom happy.

So, if you feel the guy is just flirting with you – stay away from him and talk to someone you trust about his unusual attention and behavior.

25 Signs A Married Man Is Flirting With You

Do not feel guilty for doubting the intentions of a married man. Men can give mixed signals, and it is natural to feel confused. Watch out for these signs to be sure if a married man is flirting with you.

1. He finds ways to spend time with you

If you notice that this married man spends too much time with you, he must be interested in you. Any moment he is free, he will prefer being around you. You may not like his company, but he will somehow gain entry into your circle so that he can be close to you.

Quick tip
Be upfront and honest about your feelings if you are disinterested and uncomfortable with a married man flirting with you.

2. He initiates conversations most of the time

The moment you see him, he will be the first to initiate a conversation. If he is interested in you, he will make all efforts to keep the conversation going. Each time you try to call it a night, he will start a new topic to keep you engaged for as long as he can.

3. He tries to know everything about you

Your conversations with him often steer in the direction of your personal life. He tries to know about your hobbies, likes and dislikes, friend circle, and everything else that involves you to find a common interest and impress you.

A man showing interest in a woman

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4. He remembers every tiny detail associated with you

He knows your favorite cuisine and your favorite holiday destination. He even remembers your pet’s birthday and your best friend’s name. This is because he feels that remembering little details about you can help him get close to you.

5. He shows interest in your love life

He teases you with random guys and subtly asks you about your dating life. He does this to know if you are seeing anyone, and if you are, he will find a way to learn more about this person and the extent of your relationship with him. He may even make you uncomfortable by asking for details about your dating history.

6. He seems jealous of your dates

When you tell him about a potential date, chances are he might somehow try to talk you out of it or will have some nasty things to say about your date. This is a clear sign of jealousy. He wants you to be single and will never accept your closeness to any guy other than him.

7. He listens to you attentively

If this married man always listens to you attentively, know that he is interested in you. He will repeat key points in whatever you say and will even remember them the next time the topic comes up. He will never miss a chance to make you aware of it.

8. He is always willing to help you

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No matter what you need or the kind of problem you are in, he will do everything to solve it to win brownie points. Of course, friends help too, but this guy will move mountains to fulfill your every need. He wants you to rely on him in every situation.

Point to ponder
Some men are naturally helpful. But, if he is constantly around when you need help, irrespective of the time of the day, he probably considers you more than just a friend.

9. He checks you out

An indicator of his attraction to you is his frequent glances in your direction. Even in a crowded room, you might feel his gaze at you, and when you turn to look back, he will  quickly look the other way. He may even stare at you to the extent that it makes you uncomfortable.

10. He notices the slightest change in your appearance

If a married guy ever comes up to you and tells you he likes the new nail color on your toes, take it as a hint to stay away from him. It takes a little more than keen observation skills for a guy to notice such a minor change in a woman’s appearance. It is his undoubted interest in you that makes him notice even minor changes.

11. He compliments you too often

A married guy interested in you will like anything you do and even compliment you for it. Buy a new bag or style your hair differently, and he will always have nice things to say about it. Genuine compliments that come occasionally are ok, but compliments that come too often and from one person are pretty suspicious.

12. He smiles a lot around you

Do you always find him in a good mood or smiling when you are around? If yes, it is because he likes you and feels happy to be in your company. He probably feels attracted to you, and his inner happiness shows on his face while he may not even be aware of it.

13. He tries to make you laugh

He wants to see you happy

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He may not be a humorous person, but to impress you and make you enjoy his company, he will try his best to tickle your funny bone. You will often find him going over the top with his jokes so that he has your attention.

14. He makes intense eye contact

Does this guy often stare at you intensely while you speak? Know that he is attracted to you and is unable to get his eyes off you. Either avoid talking to him or make it clear that his stares make you uncomfortable.

15. He mirrors you

Mirroring is one of the biggest signs of attraction. A person who is attracted to you will unconsciously mimic your body language and gestures. If you notice this guy imitating your hand gestures or other actions, it is a clear indication that he is attracted to you.

16. He likes all your social media posts

There is hardly any post on your Instagram that he hasn’t commented on or liked. And he even discusses every post of yours whenever you meet him. This is because he stalks you online and knows your virtual activities.

17. He often buys you gifts

Man surprising a woman with a gift

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It is not your birthday, but still, you find chocolates on your desk. It’s winter, and you find hot chocolate on your desk every morning. If he buys you gifts often, know that he is trying to lure you to have a relationship with him.

18. He invites you to lunches or dinners

In a bid to spend more time with you, he will invite you to lunches or dinners. To not make it look like a date, he will keep it casual and occasional. He may even invite common friends, but when together, he will ensure that he has your complete attention.

19. He complains about his married life

If this married guy wishes to be more than a friend to you, he will complain about his unsuccessful married life. It is a way to gain your sympathy and ensure that his marital status does not become a deal-breaker for him. He might even hint at separation from his wife.

20. He treats you differently from others

He may be a reserved person who seldom talks to people around him, but with you, he can talk for hours. He may get angry at the slightest mistakes of anyone else but you. Your mistakes are often ignored or taken lightly. This is because he wants you to see only his good side and not scare you by his bad behavior.

21. He values your opinions

If this married guy is pursuing you, he will give your opinions a lot of importance. Suppose he is buying a new car, he will seek your opinion on it. You may know nothing about cars, but he will still want your opinion on it to make you feel like an important part of his life.

22. He always protects you

You will notice that he glares at any man staring at you or even physically blocks their line of sight. Even when you mess up something or are in an argument with someone, he will take your side. He will be hyper-aware of the things happening around you and react in ways that make you feel protected.

23. He jokes about having an affair with you

A man flirts with a woman about having an affair

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To check if there is a chance of you ever dating him, he will joke about you guys being together. He will ask you questions such as “What if I wasn’t married, would you date me?” or “Forget that I’m married, and tell me how attractive you find me?” He will hint at an affair to check your reaction to the idea.

Do remember
Married men may flirt when they feel like having a casual relationship or having fun. So don’t involve yourself too much with them or dive into a relationship without comprehending the facts.

24. He often forgets to wear his wedding ring

A wedding ring is a reminder that he is off limits for every woman now that he is committed to his wife. If you often see him without his wedding ring, it means he is trying to pretend to be single and available for you.

25. He acts differently around his wife

The biggest indicator of flirting is his change of behavior in front of his wife. If this guy, who is usually cheerful and flirty with you, suddenly seems cold and distant when in the presence of his wife, it is evident that his intentions for you are not noble.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What attracts a married man to another woman?

Reasons a married man is attracted to another woman include:

  • Looking for a fling or short-term fun.
  • He starts to find his wife unattractive.
  • Looking for emotional and physical intimacy from another person.

2. Is it okay to flirt with others while married?

An honest compliment or playful teasing may not be harmful if taken in good taste. But if this turns sexual, either verbally or physically, it can impact the marriage. Hence one must know to recognize the thin line.

If a married man shows interest in you, remembers every detail about you, or notices the slightest changes in your appearance, his behavior may confuse you. At times, you may think he is just being friendly, while at other times, you may suspect whether these are signs of a married man flirting with you. The best thing to do is trust your instincts. If you think his behavior is improper, step back and restrict your interactions with him. If you work in the same office and have to interact daily, ensure that your conversations are limited to official work. Getting into a relationship with a married man is complicated. Hence, it is best to stay away from such relationships.

Infographic: What To Do If A Married Man Is Flirting With You?

“He’s really nice, but he’s married!” If you are in a similar dilemma where a married man is making advances at you, understand that it is a tricky path ahead as he’s a man already in a committed relationship. Therefore, before you fall for his charm, give this infographic a read to know the right thing to do in such a situation.

the right things to do when a married man flirts with you [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Married men flirting with other women for attention isn’t uncommon.
  • Complimenting you too often, trying ways to spend time with you, and acting jealous to see men around you are a few telltale signs to note.
  • The other indications of his interest in you are listening to you keenly, being ever willing to help you, and checking you out.

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