25 Clear Signs Of A Married Man In Love With Another Woman

Has your husband been ignoring you and behaving strangely of late? Do you feel something fishy, and he is up for something? Then you would want to know signs of a married man in love with another woman. When a married man loves another woman, he gives out certain indications of his new love through his behavior and body language. He is always distracted or daydreaming and hardly has any time to spend with you. He is in a world of his own and spends more time on the phone, and gets defensive whenever you confront him. All these episodes may take a toll on you, and you may feel emotionally exhausted. In this post, we bring you signs your man has fallen for another woman. Read on.

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25 Signs A Married Man Is In Love With Another Woman

If you’re looking for signs to determine if your man is smitten with another woman, keep reading this post to come to a logical conclusion.

1. He hides his phone

Does he act mysterious when talking over the phone? When he secretly calls someone while you are in another room, you may notice that he speaks in a hushed tone. When his phone buzzes, he sometimes walks away or attempts to answer by lowering his voice. When you question him, he says it’s just one of his friends or a family member. If your man spends too much time on the phone and tries to hide it from you, it’s a red flag and suggests something is up with his secret phone calls or texting.

2. He avoids having physical intimacy with you

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You crave intimate moments, but his mind is preoccupied and filled with romantic feelings for the other women. As a result, he avoids kissing you, holding your hands, cuddling, and even making love with you. The rejection of intimacy for no apparent reason strongly indicates that he is in love with another woman and, perhaps, the most unambiguous indication that he has no feelings for you.

3. He doesn’t allow you to use his phone

He used to have no problem asking you to check his messages or emails while busy with some work at home. However, now, he refuses to let you use his phone or becomes nervous when you do.  He probably has a password to lock his phone, deletes his call history, or pays more attention to his phone than to you—all these signs indicate he’s mushy on the phone with another woman and is likely hiding something from you.

4. He stops asking your opinions

If your man no longer talks to you as much as he used to or has stopped asking for your opinion on important family issues, you might want to know the reasons. Does he appear to be bored in your presence and no longer seem to be interested in what you do? If he doesn’t contact you for hours or even days, it’s a tell-tale sign that your man is infatuated with another woman.

5. He criticizes you

He distances himself from you and criticizes your tastes and choices. He blames everything about you, from the way you cook to your attitude and the way you dress. Next, he starts condescending and belittling you for how you talk or look to lower your self-esteem and make you feel bad. You will also notice that he often appears distracted and no longer behaves as he used to.

6. He doesn’t leave his laptop

He never paid much attention to his devices earlier. Now, it appears that he cannot function without his laptop, computer, or tablet, and he spends hours and hours glued to his devices, often secretly video chatting with the other woman in his life while pretending to work. If your man is suddenly keeping secrets from you or avoiding telling you things, it is a sign he is hiding something from you.

7. He mentions another woman

If he constantly tries to bring up another woman in his conversations, it is time to be wary. It’s a sign that the “other woman” has his attention and that he thinks she’s special in some way. If she is a new person in his life and someone he goes out with frequently or spends a lot of time with, it is a clear sign that he is fascinated with her and is falling for her, even if he denies it.

8. He ignores you

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This is one of the most painful signs that makes you realize that you are next to someone who does not give you the attention and respect you deserve. He is no longer fond of you. You could spend hours talking, and your man wouldn’t even acknowledge it, or sometimes, you might try to communicate with him, and he would never answer, and you’d be constantly wondering why he ignores you. But, of course, the answer lies in his new-found love.

9. He has new tastes

He’s developed new habits and tastes. You notice a change in his food habits, musical preferences, books, and even movies that he watches. His speaking style has also changed. He may be emulating another woman he’s in love with. If you’ve noticed a shift in his habits and tastes, and something deep within your heart tells you that something isn’t right, it’s time to listen to your instincts.

10. He disappears without informing

He vanishes without a trace on his weekly offs, and he frequently fails to return your calls or messages. He may go on vacations without you or avoid plans that involve you. In addition, you notice changes in his routine and even the time he leaves work. Unusually, he does not communicate when he is away, and the dynamics of his departures have entirely changed.

11. He fights for no reason

At the slight provocation, he turns conversations into arguments. He finds any reason to start a fight with you, and he seeks to have conflicts with you as a pretext to avoid you or not communicate with you. He also holds you responsible for many of the problems that arise, refuses to accept responsibility for his errors, and insists that he is always correct. If you notice your partner becoming irritated, angry, or constantly dismissing when you ask for affection, he has most likely fallen in love with someone else. If the other woman demands more of his time, he may start an argument with you to storm out and meet her. If he is always picking fights, he may be looking for a reason to break up with you.

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He may also start bringing up past problems in his marriage with you for no apparent reason. It may be a way of justifying falling in love with someone else.

12. He doesn’t want to be seen on social media

If you ever post photos of the two of you together on your social media, suddenly your man tells you not to do so. He also stops posting images of you both.  Your partner’s refusal to post pictures of you two could signify that he wants to disconnect from social media to avoid disclosing his marital status to the other woman he loves.

13. He gets defensive

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Does he get angry and defensive when asked about the other woman? He may tell you that “she’s just a friend,” “an old college friend,” or “a coworker.” When you ask him more questions, he becomes angry and tries to accuse you of intruding into his life instead of answering your questions. When a man becomes overly defensive in response to your questions about his whereabouts or association with someone else, it is clear that something is wrong.

14. He changes his looks

Have you noticed your man grooming himself a lot more than usual lately? Is he dressing better, and has there been a sudden change in his appearance? Is he wearing elegant new shirts that he never wears outside of the office or when you are not present, or is he sporting a new hairstyle? A drastic change in his appearance may indicate that he is probably in love with another woman or is trying to impress the “other woman” in his life.

15. He compares you with another woman

He may not have compared you to anyone before, but the moment he does, or if he constantly brings up her name in conversations, it means he is in love with or attracted to another woman. The more he grows attracted to her, the more he notices things peculiar to the other woman. For example, he may suggest how good you would look in that same dress as the other woman, or he may ask, “Why can’t you be more like her.” When your partner considers the other woman to be more important and interesting than you, he probably is enamored of them.

16. He has mood swings

Unless he’s had a particularly stressful week at work, his mood is likely to be influenced by the other woman in his life. He is happy and rapturous when he is interacting with another woman, and when he’s around you, he is grumpy, moody, and easily irritated by your presence. If he misses her or is resentful towards you because he cannot be with her, it’s time you make a sound decision.

17. He’s emotionally distant

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Before, he was emotionally available, devoted, and shared everything under the sun. But now, when he faces difficult situations or requires assistance with something, he confides in others rather than coming to you. If your husband appears to be emotionally withdrawn or distant from you, although you lavish him with love and affection, it is most likely due to his preoccupation with the thoughts of the other woman.

18. He stops complimenting you

When your relationship was going well, he was very appreciative, and compliments poured in, at times even without reason. You could tell he loves you and that he’s drawn to you. However, as your husband loses interest in you, you will notice that compliments have dried out, and he complains more frequently.

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He doesn’t seem to be interested in long conversations with you. He’s in his own world and may even forget that you exist.

19. He skips special days

Does he frequently miss family gatherings, birthdays, and wedding anniversaries or forget important dates in your life, such as your child’s birthday? When confronted, he may come up with excuses such as increased work pressure and work longer hours. However, in reality, if your man frequently forgets or skips special occasions, it indicates that he is uninterested in a relationship with you. If your man starts missing or forgetting important days and occasions, he may be distracted or not want to be there since he has different priorities.

20. He doesn’t say “I love you”

If he does not express his love or rarely shows affection, it is a sign that he has fallen out of love. Even if he says “I love you,” the words may sound hollow or forced. He was affectionate with you, but the sudden disappearance of that affection could be a critical sign that your man has fallen out of love with you.

21. He spends more time outside

If your man is a home bird but has been spending more time outside and away from you lately, he’s probably finding happiness elsewhere. When your man makes excuses to be away from you or home, it’s a sign that something isn’t right. He may be spending time with his new-found love.

22. He sleeps late, wakes up early

Have you recently noticed your husband getting out of bed at unusual times or a sudden change in his bedtime routine? Unless he is diabetic or insomniac, he will not frequently be getting out of bed. Remember that there is no better time to message or call the other woman than while you are sleeping.

23. He feels guilty

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When a man feels guilty, he may become unusually affectionate or attentive to conceal his affair or alleviate some of his guilt. For example, he may lavish you with affection and attention by giving you extravagant gifts for no reason, doing dishes, or assisting around the house. Guilt-ridden behavior is an unmistakable sign that he is in love with another woman.

24. He avoids eye contact

“The eyes are the window to the soul,” goes the saying. Even if he doesn’t want you to know how he feels about something, he can’t change how his eyes behave. His eyes will reveal whether he is telling the truth or lying. When he has something to hide, he may avoid you by not making eye contact. He’s unlikely to hold your gaze and engage fully with you because he’s hiding a secret that he’s afraid you’ll discover.

25. He accuses you

If your partner accuses you of infidelity, it could be because he is unfaithful to you. When a man becomes involved and charmed with another woman, he views you through the same moral lens. Accusing you of infidelity could be his way of deflecting himself from his guilt and core behavior.

If your husband has been showing the majority of the signs mentioned above, he is most likely to be cheating on you. According to a survey by iFidelity, men are more likely to have extramarital affairs than women. In the graph below, we see that 20% of men who are or were married have cheated on their spouse, while only 10% of women admitted to cheating on their partner in the past.

Infidelity in the US by gender

Source: Predicting Infidelity: An Updated Look at Who Is Most Likely to Cheat in America; YouGov/Wheatly Institution/iFidelity Survey
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Besides these, changes in his spending habits may be a red flag. New charges on his credit card, acting tighter with money than usual, or an erratic spending habit may be the indications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a man love his wife and another woman at the same time?

It is not ethically correct to cheat, nor should it be encouraged, but yes, it does happen. A man might be meeting his emotional or physical needs somewhere else and still wants to stay married or in a relationship with you. That is a red flag you shouldn’t ignore and conclude after a straightforward talk.

2. Is it true that in a relationship one person loves more than the other?

One person may be showing more signs of love and caring for their partner. However, it is not easy to quantify love by yourself. In most scenarios, one cannot explain how much they love their partner.

3. Can a married man be in love with another woman without acting on his feelings?

Yes, even if a man is married, he can feel love for another woman but not act on those feelings. Love doesn’t always mean doing something physical. People can control themselves and stay loyal to their marriage promises, even when they have emotional connections with others.

4. What are the emotional and psychological effects on the other woman in this situation?

The other woman in this situation may feel confused, sad, and miss the man. She might also feel guilty or unsure about what to do. It can be tough emotionally, as she has to deal with her feelings for him while respecting the boundaries of his existing relationship.

5. How can you differentiate between a married man who is simply being friendly and one who is romantically interested in another woman?

It can be hard to tell if a married man is just being friendly or if he likes another woman romantically. Some signs to look out for are if he talks to her a lot, wants to spend time with her, or flirts or touches her. It’s important to think about the situation, how he acts consistently, and talk openly with him to understand what he really means.

6. Can extramarital affairs be true love?

Having an affair means breaking the promises and trust in a marriage. Even though people in the affair may feel very strong emotions, it’s usually not seen as true love because it’s not right and it hurts the spouse and family involved.

If things have not been the same lately with your husband acting strange, these signs of a married man in love with another woman are important to look out for. If your husband suddenly seems distant from you, spends more time outside, avoids physical intimacy with you, or acts suspicious, he may be showing signs of interest towards another woman. Analyze his behavior with the help of the above signs before jumping to a conclusion. Remember to keep your marriage a priority before your rage and anger. First, approach him with a straightforward conversation to know the whole truth and cause behind his behavior.

Infographic: Subtle Indications Your Husband Loves Another Woman

If there have been rough times in your relationship or you and your husband have been facing conflicts quite often, there could be chances that your husband is seeing another woman secretly. So, before you have a conversation with your husband, check for these signs in this infographic that might help you gain some clarity on this matter.

signs of a married man in love with another women (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • If you notice your husband hiding his phone or disallowing you to use it, there are chances of him having an extramarital affair.
  • The new relationship may bring out a new version of him that you can notice in his style and taste.
  • If you observe more of the below signs in your man, it may be a red flag in the relationship as he could be in love with another woman.

Are you worried your husband is in love with another woman? There are ways to find out. Here are the 25 signs to look out for to know if your husband has fallen for another woman.

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