41 Creative Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

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Pregnancy is a beautiful time that remains etched in every mother’s memory, and having a pregnancy photoshoot is a way you can relish those memories over and over again. Be it your husband kissing your belly or your besties showering flowers on you, capture these precious glimpses of happiness and bliss in the pictures that even your child could watch later and giggle.

Here we bring you some unique and interesting maternity photoshoot ideas that you can try to capture your special pregnancy moments.

41 Maternity Shoot Ideas

1. A flowery photoshoot:

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Pregnancy is a blossoming experience, so why not take snaps of your baby belly with some bright and colorful flowers? One idea is to take your first-month pregnancy picture with one flower, second-month pregnancy with two flowers, and so on. Or use different flowers for each month of pregnancy, based on the calendar month or your mood.

2. Matching Outfits With The Family:

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How cute would it be if everyone in the family wore the same colored outfits! It may seem a little old-school or cheesy, but it’s definitely an adorable way to tell the world that you belong with each other. Buy the same colored outfits or get them stitched especially for the shoot.

Jenelle Ong, a mother of two, recounts her second pregnancy-maternity shoot experience. She decided to go down the matching outfits route and included her whole family. She writes, “My husband and I discussed about the styles and dress theme so that we could coordinate and prepare our family outfits… I think that one of the best outfits for a family maternity photoshoot is a flowy maxi dress and soft colors (i).”

3. Team up with other soon-to-be mommies:

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Is your friend or family member pregnant too? Have you made any friends at the prenatal yoga classes? Then think about planning a maternity shoot together and share lovely memories.

4. Fairy tale shoot:

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You are the queen of your life, so why not dress up as one for your maternity shoot? You can have your spouse dress up as the king and the other kids, if you have, as little princes and princesses. You can get gorgeous costumes and accessories to make the shoot as lavish as you want it.

5. Paint your belly:

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Another interesting idea is to get your belly painted by an artist and get it photographed by a professional. Ideas for belly painting include caricature or cartoon images of a boy or a girl or mom and baby or anything else you like. Whatever you choose, a painted pregnant belly looks cute. Make sure to pick skin-safe paints. Edible colors or natural vegetable-based paints can be a safer choice.

6. Black and white photoshoot:

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One of the classic pregnancy photoshoot ideas is to have a black and white portrait. Try this for your maternity photoshoot, and you will be amazed by the results.

7. Funny maternity shoot:

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Why so serious all the time? Why not make the photoshoot the reason to be silly and have fun. So don’t just smile for the pictures. Laugh, make silly faces and weird poses to create some amusing memories. Rope in your older kid or your partner and friends to make it all the more humorous.

8. A picture with your first and ‘coming soon’ baby:

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Who says that only the first pregnancy has to be special? You can make your second, or even third pregnancy just as special and memorable. All you have to do is include your older kids in the photoshoot, and it becomes special without any effort!

9. Underwater photoshoot:

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This is a unique maternity picture idea. You’ll need to take time and plan this photoshoot with someone who has experience in underwater photography. You also need to pick the right location to ensure your safety during the shoot.

10. A healthy mom:

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Are you an active, physically fit or athletic mom-to-be? Show off your muscles and healthy pregnant body via the maternity photoshoot. Get some snaps in which you are working out or performing yoga for a healthy you and baby.

11. Sunrise and sunset:

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A picture of you and your growing baby bump, and a soothing sunrise or sunset in the backdrop is an excellent idea for a pregnancy photoshoot. Cost-effective and aesthetic, this photoshoot idea is simply beautiful.

12. Nature shoot:

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Pregnancy is such a beautiful phase, so why not document your pregnancy amidst natural settings. Get your maternity photoshoot done in a location close to nature, with greenery and beautiful landscapes.

13. A foodie mommy:

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Do you want your kid to know how hungry you were when he/she was in your tummy? Or do you want him/her to know that it was just because of him/her in the tummy? Whatever the reason is, your maternity pictures with some delicious food could be creative.

14. Shadow photography:

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Another interesting idea for a maternity shoot is to focus on your baby bump shadow. It is going to be simple yet memorable.

15. Costume-character shoot:

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Like to see yourself in a character costume? Why not use it as a theme for your maternity photoshoot? Pick your favorite theme or a theme that both you and your partner like, get the costumes done for it and make memories!

16. Maternity couple shoot:

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When there can be a couple’s photoshoot before and after the wedding, why not have one more when you’re pregnant? It is an adorable idea and lets you and your partner spend some good time together before you become busy parents. It’s also a great way to capture the beauty of this precious moment in your life and share it with loved ones during the baby shower or a gender reveal party.

17. Daddy kissing the baby:

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You can have pictures of your husband kissing your baby tummy. And show the snaps to your kid telling how much you guys were waiting for him or her.

18. Maternity shoot with a pet:

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If you have a loving pet in your family, you can include him or her in the photoshoot too. The result would be a delightful picture of the entire family.

19. Maternity shoot with a crib:

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Are your baby’s crib and room all set for their arrival? Then you can have a maternity photoshoot standing next to the crib, reflecting that you are ready for the baby to come out into the world! You could also get pictures of fixing the crib or decorating the baby’s room.

20. A glittery photo:

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A new trend is getting a picture with glitter showered on you. It could depict a party mood or feeling of being blessed with the baby!

21. Choose a countryside backdrop:

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If you love being at a farm, surrounded by fields and cattle and the calm atmosphere, choose the countryside photoshoot. You could go back to the town or village where you or your parents are from and get clicking!

22. A rainbow picture:

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Another trending theme in maternity photoshoot is to add a rainbow effect to your pictures. You can either carry a rainbow colored umbrella or wear a rainbow gown. The choice is yours.

23. The beach photo:

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Do you and your partner have some special memories at the beach? Take your maternity photoshoot to your favorite beach and pose there for some breathtaking shots.

24. Goddess style photoshoot:

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If a costume-themed photoshoot is what you want, try this goddess-themed photoshoot by dressing up like a Greek goddess. Get the right maternity dresses for the shoot and pose as a Greek or Bohemian goddess.

25. Exquisite backdrop:

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Having an ethereal backdrop of a jungle or a forest or lush greenery will give your maternity pictures a superb finish.

26. Silky drapes:

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You can create amazing maternity poses by wrapping yourself in long, silky gowns. You can shoot the pictures indoors or outdoors to match the color of the outfit. Be careful when you try these, as the extra lengthy drapes could make you trip.

27. Mommy in a traditional outfit:

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How about going back to the roots for a while? You can wear the traditional attire such as a kimono or a saree or anything else that might highlight your baby bump for the shoot.

28. 10-month pregnancy journey:

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Get maternity pictures of your pregnant belly every month through the pregnancy. Create a collage of all the ten pictures and frame it to create one of the best memories of your life.

29. Before and after pregnancy picture:

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You can have a two-picture collage of before and after pregnancy. In the before picture, you can show your baby belly. And in the after picture, you can have your baby.

30. A cowboy mommy:

Image: Shutterstock

Yes, why not? You can dress up in a cowboy costume and get a few maternity pictures in a ranch setting. You would require some props such as a cowboy hat and a cowboy jacket. Avoid riding horses or sitting on one unless you are an expert in or are used to horse riding.

31. Peek-a-boo picture:

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Wear a maternity dress and hide behind something, and then give a peek-a-boo snap! That’s cute, right?

32. Festive photoshoot:

Image: Shutterstock

Festivals such as Christmas are so much fun, aren’t they? You can double the fun by merging two amazing events, Christmas and your pregnancy. Get some pretty maternity pictures of you and your tummy with a Christmas backdrop. Maybe include your older kid as the elf.

33. Winter memories:

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Want to cherish the best winter season of your life? Then go for the winter-themed maternity photoshoot. Get some pictures of you along with the soon-to-be daddy with a snowy backdrop.

34. A snap in the woods:

Image: Shutterstock

If you like to spend time in the woods, exploring and experiencing nature at its best, then you can have a photoshoot there too.

35. On-the-move photoshoot:

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If you love traveling, why not take a trip when your doctor thinks it is safe enough to do so? You could get your partner to take pictures of you during the journey to create memories to cherish later. So plan a trip to your favorite destination in the world and get clicked!

36. Mommy at work:

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You don’t have to be a workaholic to enjoy what you do. Choose the work theme if you love spending time at work; Get a photo clicked while you are working away busily at the desk, talking to a colleague or giving a presentation.

37. A picture with a soft toy:

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Soft toys are one of the best maternity photoshoot props that you can use. You can also find cute maternity clothes to dress for the shoot and create some of the sweetest pregnancy snaps.

38. Maternity pictures with tiny shoes:

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A simple and common idea is to take photos with baby shoes. There are different variations that you can adopt. The picture can focus on your belly and shoes, or mommy and daddy with shoes, and mom’s and dad’s shoes with those of the little one.

39. A chalkboard idea:

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You and your husband can get some candid clicks with a chalkboard behind. Scribble anything about your baby, either the name, due date or a message.

40. Heart hands:

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You can show your love for your baby by making a heart gesture on your baby belly. You can also pull in your husband for the picture.

41. Family photoshoot:

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A picture in which mommy, daddy, brother/sister and pet of the little one are expressing love for each other. This is another thoughtful idea for a maternity photoshoot.

The idea of a maternity photoshoot is all nice and cute. But do you know how much it could cost you and how long a typical shoot takes or what kind of clothes you should wear? Continue reading the next section, where we answer some commonly asked questions about a maternity photoshoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I take maternity pictures?

The right time to go for a maternity photoshoot is between the seventh and the eighth months. If you go too early, your baby bump might not be seen. And planning the shoot at the end of your pregnancy is not ideal too, as you may get tired quickly or experience pains or aches and may not have fun.

That said, you can get your pictures clicked all through the pregnancy if you want to make a collage!

2. What should I wear for maternity pictures?

The outfit for the maternity pictures should be based on the theme of the shoot. For instance, if you are going for an outdoor shoot, then a maxi dress would be perfect. And in case you have a funny theme, then go for some funny or silly costumes.

Wear appropriate clothing that suits the weather or climate of the place, to avoid catching a cold or developing a fever. For example, wear jeans, fully covered tops, maxi dresses with full sleeves, sweaters and knit pieces if the shoot is in winter and outdoors. You can up the style a bit with winter accessories such as beanies and scarves.

Whatever you wear, make sure that your baby bump is visible.

3. How much does a maternity photoshoot cost?

A maternity photoshoot may cost anywhere between $100 and $5000 for one or two hours. The cost range can be quite wide since it depends on various factors, such as the photoshoot duration, photography style, location, and the photographer’s fee. Besides checking the photographer’s fee, do remember to check their years of experience and legal licenses or registrations, if any are needed as per local law.

Irrespective of what the theme or idea for your maternity photoshoot is, your experience will be extraordinary. Make sure to have fun so that your maternity pictures come out beautifully. While you have a memorable experience during the shoot, you will also have plenty of stories to share with your kids in the future.

4. Can I take my own maternity photos?

Yes, you can take your own maternity photos. If you don’t have a phone or tablet with a good camera, you may need to rent a high-end camera. You will require some basic understanding of lighting, a tripod stand or a phone holder, and a remote control or timer system. A little makeup helps, and choose fitted clothes that make your bump prominent. You may also make some DIY props to add extra effects.

5. How long does a maternity photoshoot take?

The duration of a session depends on locations decided and get-up changes. A simple photoshoot at a single location or studio may take one to two hours.

Which idea did you like the most? Do you have more ideas to share? Let us know about them in the comments section below.

Infographic: Maternity Shoot Ideas

A maternity shoot helps capture the essence of your pregnancy journey and gives you a chance to look back on it later. But, if you are struggling to come up with ideas for the shoot, this post and infographic are the one-stop answer to all your questions. Here, we have listed a few ideas that you can plan your shoot around.

ideas for a maternity shoot (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • An ideal time for a maternity photoshoot might be between the seventh and eighth months when your bump shows perfectly and you’re not too close to your due date.
  • You can choose various themes, such as a fairytale shoot and locations like a beach.
  • Some fun and unique ideas could be a painted belly shoot, costume character shoots, and shadow photography.
  • Consider taking some romantic photos with your husband and cute ones with your children and pets.

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

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