Maternity Wear - How To Choose The Right One For Yourself.

You just discovered that you are expecting a baby and boom! Routines suddenly start to change and baby preparations begin in full swing. The body also goes through many changes, which means shopping for comfortable and stylish maternity clothing that you can grow into. Wearing

suitable maternity clothing helps provide the required support and comfort for your growing body. In the recurring cycle of fulfilling everyday duties, it is important for mothers and expecting mums to care for themselves too. This Women’s Day, let’s turn our focus to would-be moms who do not sacrifice style for comfort! This article will help give new mums and pregnant women a direction on how to choose the right maternity clothing that will ensure they stay fashionable while enjoying the beautiful journey of preparing for motherhood.

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1. Size It Up

Maternity Wear

It is a common misconception that maternity wear is baggy and is hard to style fashionably. Here comes the truth bomb – You don’t have to buy extra large sizes as maternity clothes are designed to provide support while staying true to your regular or pre-pregnancy clothing size. The Ekouaer Women’s Maternity Sleeveless Dress is striped and comes in five flexible sizes to choose from. It is stretchable and is made of soft fabric. It also has a snap design at the shoulder to enable breastfeeding post delivery.

If you like a touch of lace and elegant design, take a look at the Ekouaer Button Down Nursing Nightgown. It has multiple sizes available and showcases a dress-like silhouette that drapes comfortably over your curves.

2. Consider The Material

Maternity Wear Consider The Material

Opting for skin-friendly fabrics is important for the mother as well as the baby. A good example is rayon. The fabric looks classy, and is wrinkle-free. Additionally, it is great at absorbing moisture. The Ekouaer 3 in 1 Maternity Nursing Pajamas Set is made of 95% rayon and includes short pants and a tank top that has a snap-button mechanism. If you need to breastfeed, just open the buttons at the shoulders. The shorts have a stretchable waistband that will support your baby bump.

Made of polyester, Ekouaer Women’s Maternity Pajamas Shorts Set offers plenty of room, and is comfortable for mothers with sensitive skin. The pajama shorts have button extenders for easy removal too.

3. Go For Flattering Necklines

Maternity Wear Go For Flattering Necklines

The basic rules of style say that if you want to highlight your silhouette and not drown in fabric, look for clothing that makes you appear taller. V-necks and vertical stripes, for example, are perfect candidates for this. If you are looking for something versatile, check out the Ekouaer Maternity Tank Top For Breastfeeding. It has a V-neck design and a discreet double layer of comfortable fabric at the chest, which is removable for quick nursing.

If you need a comfy tee for the summer, the Ekouaer Womens Maternity Nursing Tops is a cute choice. It has a chic raglan sleeve that helps give a slimming illusion. With easy nursing access, you can look good and also nurse your baby by just lifting up the front flap.

4. Keep Colors And Patterns In Mind

Keep Colors And Patterns In Mind

Add a dash of color to your maternity wardrobe with solid, bright colors and dense, vibrant patterns. Colorful patterns are bump-friendly as they help shape your beautiful curvy figure. The Ekouaer Women’s Button Front Nursing Nightgown has a stylish lapel shirt collar, with piping and short-sleeves for a cute yet sophisticated finish. It has vibrant floral patterns that will make you look gorgeous in pictures. The button closure makes it easy to put on and the rayon-spandex fabric is breathable, helping you stay comfortable. It also includes front pockets on the left to store small items.

If your preferred color palette is on the cooler spectrum, the navy Ekouaer 3 in 1 Nursing Gown is what you’re looking for! It is available in 15+ colors and prints and resembles a t-shirt dress. This nursing gown has a flattering asymmetrical design. You can wear it for nursing, in the hospital ward, as a nightgown, as a labor gown, and for feeding too.

5. Buy For Multi-Purpose Usage

Buy For Multi-Purpose Usage

Finding good-quality maternal wear is worth it as they can also be repurposed for postpartum wear. The Ekouaer Labor and Delivery Gown is not only suitable for at-home or in-hospital use, but it can also be worn to run quick errands. It is lightweight and provides ample coverage.

The Ekouaer 3 in 1 Labor/Delivery/Hospital Gown is also a flowy and pretty piece that has multiple uses. The wrap-style dress has a wide split front flap to make breastfeeding and your healing process easier.

For expectant or new moms, going about your daily routine may seem difficult as many are conscious of their growing belly and postpartum body. This International Women’s Day, we encourage all the mums to embrace and appreciate their changing body as motherhood also symbolizes strength apart from love and affection. Shed your concern around maternity clothing and wear what makes you happy and suits your personal style.

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