22 Most Helpful Math Websites For Children

With the advent of new technologies, learning has become easy and fun. There are several math websites for kids that teach children the subject through interactive content. Math-related websites provide comprehensive online materials, worksheets, and solutions that facilitate your child’s learning, help them understand basic number skills and important math concepts. With many kids’ math websites available on the internet, virtual learning helps your child master the subject. Plunge into this post for some interesting math websites for kids that offer a variety of enrichment activities, tests, and games.

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22 Math Websites For Kids From Grade 1 to 8

1. I Know It

I know it is an interactive, comprehensive, and user-friendly website. The site is useful for math practice, assignments, and homework. This website is a fantastic option among the many math websites for 5th graders and younger children. Special features like unique animated characters, customized programs, concepts sorted to grade level, instant feedback, questions, and explanations make the website interesting.

Age range: Kindergarten to fifth grade

Pricing : $45/year

Available on: I Know It

2. Math Playground

Math Playground website for kids

Image: credit: Math Playground

Math playground is a fun website to practice math. It includes a wide variety of math topics, mathematical art, real-world math, and games that include geometry and graphing, money and time, addition, multiplication, and fractions.

Age range: Kindergarten to sixth grade


  • Premium Classroom Plan: $9.99/month
  • Premium Family Plan: $5.99/month

Available on: Math Playground

3. eMATHinstruction

eMATHinstruction is a teaching and learning platform that provides free courses, homework sets, instructional videos, high-quality material, and engaging activities for individualized learning.

Age range: Sixth to eight grade


  • N-Gen Math™ 6 to 7 Membership (for one year)- $125.00 – $150.00
  • N-Gen Math™ 6 to 7 Printed Workbooks- $45.00

Available on: eMathInstruction

protip_icon Quick tip
Students can learn basic number concepts through games, including counting sequences, one-to-one correspondence, and computation techniques.

4. Math Game Time

Math game time can be your go-to website if you are looking for free online math games along with homework help. They also provide approved worksheets, videos, educational games, and online resources for students.

Age range: Pre-kindergarten to seventh grade

Pricing: Free

Available on: Math game time

5. Buzz Math

Buzz Math is an exciting math website for students designed with fun missions and mathematical adventures that promote activity-based learning. Learning math becomes more fun with clear interactions, targeted activities, real-time progress tracking, and more.

Age range: First to eight grade

Pricing: $10.00

Available on: Buzz Math

6. Math Open Reference

Math open reference is an interactive learning website with a free collection of material and tutorials. You can find crisp and detailed content on topics such as high school geometry, trigonometry, functions, and calculus, explained using tools and animations.

Age range: Sixth to twelfth grade

Pricing: Free

Available on: Math open reference

7. Math Goodies

This is a freely available math website with over 500 pages of activities for parents, teachers, and students. However, you will need a javascript-enabled browser to operate this website. The key inclusions of Math Goodies are interactive math lessons for students as per their grades, a worksheet generator, videos, online games, and articles.

Age range: First to eighth grade

Pricing: Free

Available on: Math Goodies

8. Math.com

Math.com provides a unique learning experience for teachers and students with math-related games, modular courses on key math concepts, practice sessions, timely assessments, and 24/7 live online tutoring.

Age range: Not specified

Pricing: Free

Available on: Math.com

9. Happy Numbers

Happy Numbers website for kids

Image: credit: Happy Numbers

Happy Numbers is a web-based math tool that helps students understand math concepts by individually tailoring instructions for each learner. Thoughtful concept design and evaluation methods adopted by happy numbers help in tracking your child’s progress.

Age range: Pre-kindergarten to fifth grade

Pricing: $14.50 / student per year

Available on: Happy Numbers

10. Math Is Fun

This is an exciting math website with several math covered concepts, such as geometry, indexing, puzzles, calculus, algebra, and money. It also offers games, worksheets, drills and quizzes, puzzles, and fun math-related activities.

Age range: Kindergarten to twelfth grade

Pricing: Free

Available on: Math Is Fun

11. Prodigy

Prodigy is a fun game-based learning website featuring thousands of math skills per the student’s curriculum and learning style, thus helping the students learn various mathematical concepts, equations and formulas. Engaging online sessions by certified math tutors, interactive sessions, and in-game experience are some highlights of this website.

protip_icon Quick fact
The role-playing game Prodigy Math (RPG) embarks on an online adventure and explores the Prodigy Math environment. It can boost math skills in children.

Age range:  First to eight grade

Pricing:  $8.95 per month or $59.88 per year

Available on: Prodigy

12. AAA Math

AAA Math is an open, free, and comprehensive mathematics website with activities organized for each grade. With various practice lessons included at every level and quick feedback, this is an ideal site for easy and quick learning.

Age range: First to eighth grade

Pricing: Free

Available on: AAA Math

13. Woot Math

Woot Math website for kids

Image: credit: Woot Math

Woot math offers fun learning content, with many assessment options and real-time participation of students and teachers. There are plenty of resources for all grades and topics focusing on fractions, ratios, decimals and more.

Age range:  Kindergarten to twelfth grade

Pricing: $58.95/yr

Available on: Woot Math

14. IXL Math

IXL math is an engaging math website with numerous questionnaires and explanations for all grade levels. The site also includes games in different formats that encourage the students to apply math concepts in real-life scenarios.

Age range:  Kindergarten to twelfth grade

Pricing: INR 599 per month.

Available on: IXL Math

15. A+ Math

A+ math is a site with various interactive math resources for teachers, students, and parents. The website also features free worksheets for students, math flashcards, cool math games, animated visuals, and more. Students can get instant feedback and grades for their learning.

Age range:  First to sixth grade

Pricing: Free

Available on: A+ Math

16. Adapted Mind

As the name suggests, Adapted mind is about a custom learning experience that offers personalized curriculum and exercises unique to each child. The site has informative videos designed playfully to facilitate real-time fun learning.

Age range:  First to sixth grade

Pricing: $10 per month

Available on: Adapted Mind

17. Nrich

Nrich is an intelligent, engaging, and interactive math-based website created to promote math problem solving and learning skills in teachers and students. The site includes activities, puzzles, problems, and games for students of all levels.

Age range:  Kindergarten to twelfth grade

Pricing: Free

Available on: Nrich

18. First in Math

First in Math website for kids

Image: credit: First in Math

The website First in Math provides math content in an engaging format to improve comprehension. The grade-level materials, problem-solving modules, and awards on completing a curriculum help track a student’s progress regularly.

Age range: Kindergarten to eighth grade

Pricing: $39.95

Available on: First In Math

19. Zearn

Zearn offers a wide range of digital lessons and research-backed study materials designed for kids of all ages. The highlights of this website are short, explanatory math video lessons, interactive problem solving, and precise feedback on every problem.

Age range:  Kindergarten to fifth grade

Pricing: $2,500 per school

Available on: Zearn

20. Dream Box

Dream Box website for kids

Image: credit: Dream Box

Dream box aims at accelerating adaptive learning and practice. This adaptive learning platform offers diverse activities and games for different grades that improve students’ problem-solving skills.

Age range: Kindergarten to eighth grade


  • Home license: One student: $12.95 monthly; $59.95 bi-annually, Up to four students: $19.95 monthly; $99.95 bi-annually
  • School license: $20 per student, per year $7,000 per school, per year (unlimited licenses)

Available on: DreamBox

21. ABCmouse

ABCmouse.com is an early-learning digital academy for children aged two to eight years. It offers educational games, puzzles, videos, printables, and “read-aloud” children’s books. Besides math, it covers art, music, science, health, and social studies.

Age range: Two to eight years


  • One subscription: $12.99 monthly; $29.99 bi-annually, and $59.99 annually.

Available on: ABCmouse.com

22. The Art of Problem Solving

The Art of Problem Solving presents math concepts for students to work online self-paced. It offers interactive courses for older students. Additional resources include videos and an extensive forum for students to discuss concepts and hurdles.

Age range: Grades 5 to 12+


  • One subscription: Various pricing based on grades starting from $27 per week.

Available on: AoPSonline

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Maths so important for kids?

Maths is an important subject that helps children calculate and measure. It teaches children about shapes and sizes and helps them attain spatial awareness. Solving mathematical problems enhances a child’s critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Above all, mathematics connects with several subjects, such as chemistry and physics, so understanding mathematical concepts are essential for children to understand other subjects better.

2. How do online math games help students?

Playing online math games help children learn different mathematical concepts with fun. Seeing the visuals and analyzing to solve a puzzle or challenge builds a child’s critical thinking skills. Furthermore, these games provide children with constant feedback, which helps them understand their improvement areas in real-time.

3. Are math apps or websites good for kids?

When used judiciously under parental supervision, math apps and websites can provide children with numerous resources to better understand mathematical concepts. Thus, parents should set rules and regulations regarding using such apps and websites so that they can control their child’s screen time.

Math activities help children learn essential life skills. This handpicked list of the best math websites for children will help your child interactively learn mathematics while having fun. Moreover, parents, tutors, and teachers can keep track of the child’s progress and lessons on these websites. Find the website that is age appropriate for your child and has lessons that are aligned with their school’s syllabus.

Infographic: Make Math Learning Easy For Help Your Child

Looking for ways by which you can make learning and doing math easy for your child? Then, we have the right solution for you in the infographic below. Here, we present math websites you can introduce your child to. Save and share the list with other parents too!

make math learning easy for help your child (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Maths is no more of a challenge! Let your children excel in mathematics by exploring fantastic math websites from this video and make it an enjoyable and engaging experience for your kids.

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