Top 21 Names For Babies Born In May

May is that time of the month when nature seems the calmest. And if your baby is due in this fifth month, here are a few May baby names to help you choose the right one. Many famous personalities were born in May, known for their dedication and contribution to their fields. Our list includes such names and a few others that remind us of May. Moreover, the names reflect the cheerful vibe of the month, with freshly bloomed flowers and crisp, fresh air. Read on to find our list of baby names for this month.

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May Baby Names For Boys

1. Quintus:

May is the fifth month of the year and Quintus, the Latin name meaning ‘fifth’ was traditionally given to the fifth child in the family. This name fits well with the masculine Roman names like Maxim and Titus, both of which have been climbing the popularity charts. Quinn and Quincy are the best nickname ideas for Quintus.

2. Hawthorn:

Hawthorn is a May baby name

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Besides Lily, Hawthorn is one of the birth flowers for the month of May. The trees and shrubs of Hawthorn are also called May trees because they bloom in this month. The meaning of this English name is ‘where the hawthorn trees grow’. American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne is its most famous bearer.

3. Emerson:

Names beginning with the syllable Em are in fashion. This dignified and somewhat serious name is reminiscent of the month of May. It’s also associated with the transcendental thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson. It means ‘son of Emery’.

4. Mace:

Even though Mace originated as a short form (after appearing in the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians), it is perfectly capable of standing up on its own. It is a great nickname option for parents who are planning to keep Mason as their sons’ given name.

5. Mason:

Mason is one of the most beautiful May baby names for boys. It is the second most popular name in the US and might even top the chart in the coming year. This name is mega popular with the parents even without sounding trendy and cool.

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Mason is a gender-neutral name. It is an occupational name, meaning ‘one who works with stone.’

6. Derby:

Derby means a park with deer

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The Kentucky Derby, America’s most famous horse race, has been held every year in May since 1875. It comes from an English name, meaning ‘park with deer’. Derby is a lighthearted and spirited British-accented name. In the UK, it is pronounced as Darby. Derby will sound amazing with an O surname.

7. Addison:

Joseph Addison, the English essayist, playwright, and poet was born on 1st May. He is remembered for founding the Spectator Magazine. Addison means ‘son of Adam’. Dr. Addison Shepherd from the TV series Grey’s Anatomy is the famous namesake for this name.

8. Baxter:

Here’s another May born historical character for you. Whine Edwin Baxter was an English translator, lawyer, botanist and antiquarian. Originally, Baxter was an English occupational surname for the baker. But the addition of X is adding more pizazz to the original name. Bax is the safest nickname for Baxter.

9. Alexander:

The famous 18th century English poet and writer Alexander Pope was born on 21st May 1688. The name has been in the top 25 list since 1991 and is still in the top 10. As per the Greek legend, Paris was given the name Alexander by the shepherds when he defended their flocks against robbers.

10. Benjamin:

Benjamin Spock was an American pediatrician whose book, Baby and the Child Care, is one of the bestsellers of all time. This Biblical name enjoyed widespread favor for years and is still strong and attractive enough to make a decent first name of your son.

11. Henri:

Henri Rousseau, also known as Le Douanier, was the French, post-impressionist painter. This French variation of Henry hovered around the top 100 for the past 40 years and is currently at its highest point. Its popularity and stylishness have increased to the point that every other boy is named either Henri or Jack.

May Baby Names For Girls

1. Maia / Maya:

May baby name Maia means mother

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The month of May is named after Maia, the Roman and Greek goddess of spring. The Romans consider Maia to be the incarnation of Mother Earth. The names, Maya and Maia, sound same, but they differ in meaning and popularity. Maya is a Hebrew name meaning water, and Maia is a Greek name meaning mother. Both the names are perfect for girls born in May.

2. May:

The name May, (yes, it is a name), was once used as a nickname for Mary or Margaret, but now stands strong on its own. This simple, one syllable name is packed with an old-fashioned charm.

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The name May is inspired by the Roman Goddess of fertility, Maia.

3. Emerald:

The color green is evocative of springtime, and Emerald, as most of you must know, is the deep green birthstone for May. The name Emerald has Persian origins, and means ‘green’. You can even consider Esmeralda, the striking Spanish variation of Emerald for your May born daughter.

4. Victoria:

Victoria Day is a Canadian holiday honoring the longest reigning monarch Queen Victoria. It is celebrated every year on 25th May, which also marks Queen Victoria’s birthday. This timeless and popular Latin name wears well on women of all ages. Tori, Rory, and Vicky are the best nickname options.

5. Macy:

Macy means a hill

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Macy is one of the several M names rhyming with the month of May. Singer Macy Gray popularized this name, and it now ranks #288. You can also see it as an alternative to Stacy and Tracy. The meaning of this English surname is ‘hill’.

6. Mabel:

The name Mabel has a cheeky charm to it. It originated as a short form for Amabel, which was once a French name for lovable. But as the time passed, Amabel lost its ‘A’ and became Mabel. This Victorian name was very popular in the UK from the mid-19th to early 20th century.

7. Audrey:

Audrey, May baby name

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The name Audrey is, and will forever, be associated with the timeless beauty Audrey Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn is also a May baby. She was born on 4th May 1929. This German name, meaning ‘noble’, has a simple elegance to it.

8. Mary:

May is the official month of Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. This makes Mary an appropriate name for baby girl born in the month of May. This New Testament name held the top spot until the 20th century.

9. Pilar:

The Spanish classic name meaning ‘pillar’ honors the Virgin Mary. It feels more exotic and appealing than Mary. Since it is rarely heard, it will make a unique choice.

10. Caitlin:

Caitlin Jean Stasey, the Australian actress, best known for her role in the movie ‘Neighbours’ was born on the 1st of May. The Welsh and Irish version of Catherine, Caitlin was a highly popular name in the 80s. It rocketed from obscurity to the height of popularity in about a decade. The meaning of this lovely name is ‘pure’.

So why wait? Start shortlisting your favorite names with your spouse right away! What is your favorite May baby name? Tell us by commenting below!

We hope that this list of May baby names will help you pick out an impressive name for your little one. May is considered to be one of the most peaceful months of the year, and if you enjoy this month and its peacefulness, naming your baby inspired by it would be a good choice. Names such as Emerson, Maya, or Caitlin bring out the essence of the month of May and could also be related to several well-known and successful personalities. So scroll through the list and choose the name that catches your eye.

nfographic: May-Inspired Names For Girls And Boys

Born in the month of the transitioning season of summer and spring, May babies are known to be strong-minded. So, if your baby is born in May, check out the infographic below for some sweet and powerful baby names that will perfectly suit your sweetheart.

popular names for may borns (infographic)

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