7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Medical Marijuana For Children

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Is your child suffering from frequent seizures? Does your little one complain of pain and nausea often? If you nodded along worriedly, then an appropriate dose of medical marijuana extracts could help her. No, marijuana isn’t only used for recreational purpose. In fact, medical marijuana can have many health benefits, even for kids. Read our post and learn about the health benefits of medical marijuana for children.

What Is Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana, also popular as medical cannabis, refers to cannabis that you use to treat certain symptoms and ailments in kids. The herb containing medicinal chemicals is called a cannabinoid, which can treat lots of ailments and disorders in children. Medical marijuana also contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is popular as mind-altering chemical. Besides THC, medical cannabis contains greater than 100 cannabinoids that are highly powerful and so you need to use the supplements of the herb carefully to treat your child (1).

Health Benefits Of Medical Marijuana For Children:

Tonics, oil, liquids, and edibles comprising medical marijuana extract offer several health benefits to children. Medicinal properties of medical marijuana not only help treat pain and nausea in kids but also prevent the risk of development of serious ailments, such as cancer. Scroll down to learn more about the health benefits of medical marijuana for kids:

1. Reduces Seizures:

Medical marijuana helps treat children with seizures. Medical cannabis is highly effective in treating children experiencing seizures frequently. Treating your child with medical marijuana extracts helps reduce the frequency of seizures to 50%. The herb also helps in minimizing the symptoms of severe seizure disorder popular as Dravet Syndrome effectively (2).

2. A Healer For Crohn’s Disease:

Medical Marijuana helps improve the life of your child suffering from Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. The extracts of the medicinal herb reduce pain, minimize the frequency and severity of diarrhea in children, and promote weight gain (3).

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3. Chronic Painkiller:

Several types of research reveal that cannabinoids in medical cannabis possess a powerful analgesic effect. Cannabinoids in the herb bind to endocannabinoid receptors present in the central nervous system and peripheral muscles of children and minimize muscle spasms and pain in kids. Extracts of the herb provide kids a great relief from continuous, acute pain (4).

4. Alleviates Inflammation In Bones And Joints:

Medical cannabis treats pain and inflammation in bones and joints effectively. The herb is a great pain reliever for the children suffering from arthritis (5).

5. Prevents And Treats The Risk Of Cancer:

Medical marijuana extracts are efficient in killing certain cancer cells and curb cancer cell growth in children. Cannabidiol turns off a gene popular as Id-1 and stops the spread of cancer in kids. THC, the psychoactive chemical in the herb, enhances the effect of radiation on cancer-causing cells. Also, marijuana supplements help prevent nausea that often accompanies chemotherapy (6).

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6. Treatment For Glaucoma:

Several medical types of research reveal that THC in the medical marijuana possesses the ability to reduce eye pressure and pressure on the optic nerve that can cause loss of vision in the children. So, medical marijuana supplements help treat glaucoma effectively. THC in medical cannabis also preserves the nerves (7).

7. A Cure For Sleep Disorders:

Medical marijuana is also a great cure in treating the sleep disorders, such as insomnia, in children. The extracts of the medicinal herb ensure that your child gets seven to eight hours of continuous rest (8).

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A Word Of Caution:

Even though medical marijuana offers many health benefits for children, you need to use the extracts of the herb carefully since an excess of it can cause harmful side-effects. It is wise to consult your doctor before giving supplements of medical cannabis to your dear little one.

Did you treat your child with any medical marijuana supplements? How did he benefit from it? Tell us about your story about medical marijuana and children below.

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