200 Meen Rashi Or Pisces Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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Meen Rashi is the last or the 12th zodiac sign in Vedic astrology. It is represented by two fish, sometimes connected by a cord. The Meen Rashi corresponds to the Pisces zodiac sign of western astrology.

According to astrology, babies born under Meen Rashi may have names beginning with the sounds “D,” “Ch,” “Th,” and “Jh.” In this MomJunction post, we present a list of 200 Meen Rashi names for boys and girls, along with their interesting meanings.

100 Meen Rashi Names For Boys With Meanings

1. Chahel

The name Chahel refers to a jovial person who spreads laughter and happiness.

2. Chaitanya

The name Chaitanya means “one filled with radiance and life.” Chaitanya also refers to someone who is intelligent, knowledgeable, and “sage-like.”

3. Chaitya

Chaitya refers to a Buddhist shrine that contains a stupa or a place of worship. Chaitya also means “something related to the mind.”

4. Chakradev

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Chakradev, means “King or Lord of the Chakra.

5. Chakravarthy

The name Chakravarthy refers to an emperor or “a sovereign king.”

6. Chakresh

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Chakresh, means “a powerful ruler.”

7. Chakshu

A unique name for Meen Rashi boys, Chakshu means “eyes.”

8. Chanakya

Chanakya derives its name from “Chanakya,” a famous scholar, politician, and writer of the Mauryan times.

9. Chandan

Chandan means sandalwood. Chandan also refers to something pious and auspicious.

10. Chandrahas

A unique name, Chandrahas, means “one who has a shining smile like Moon.”

11. Chandrashekhar

Another name for Lord Shiva, Chandrashekhar, means “one who holds Moon in his hair knot.”

12. Charandev

The name Charandev means “one in whose feet lies in heaven.” Charandev also means the Moon.

13. Charanjit

A unique name, Charanjit, means “one who has won over the Lord.”

14. Charanvir

Charanvir means “brave.” Charanvir also means “one who is swift on the feet.”

15. Charish

The name Charish means “elegance” or “to be graceful.”

16. Charith

Charith refers to a person with a good and noble character.

17. Charvik

A unique name, Charvik means “smart,” “intelligent,” and “clever.” Charvik also means “thoughtful.”

18. Chayan

The name Chayan refers to the Moon.

19. Cherasya

Cherasya refers to a pious and virtuous person.

20. Cherith

A unique name, Cherith means “someone beloved.”

21. Chetan

The name Chetan refers to a spirited person. Chetan also means “perception” and “intelligence.”

22. Chidakash

Another name for Lord Brahma, Chidakash, means “absolute.” Chidakash also refers to a supreme being.

23. Chinmay

It refers to someone knowledgeable or someone who is an embodiment of knowledge

24. Chirag

The name Chirag means a bright and illuminated lamp. Chirag also means “brilliance.”

25. Chiraksh

A unique name, Chiraksh, means one with beautiful eyes.

26. Chirayu

Chirayu means to live for long or “immortality.” Chirayu also means “blessed with a long life.”

27. Chirush

A unique name, Chirush, means a “smile.” Chirush also means God.

28. Chitrank

A unique name, Chitrank, means the Moon.

29. Chitransh

Chitransh means an artist, one who is very talented in painting and drawing.

30. Daanish

Daanish refers to an intelligent, wise, and knowledgeable person. Daanish also means “consciousness.”

31. Daivat

The name Daivat means “luck” or “fortune.” Daivat also means “heart of the Gods.” Daivat also refers to someone powerful.

32. Daiwik

The name Daiwik means by “God’s grace.” Daiwik also means “one who has divine or extraordinary power.”

33. Daksh

The name Daksh means “talented and capable.” Daksh also refers to Lord Brahma’s son.

34. Dakshesh

The name Dakshesh is an epithet of Lord Shiva.” Dakshesh also refers to “Lord of Daksha.”

35. Dakshith

The name Dakshith has its origin from the word “Daksh,” meaning “competent,” “intelligent,” or “honest.” It is also another name for Lord Shiva.

36. Danta

Another name for Lord Hanuman, Danta, means calm.

37. Darpit

It means “reflection.” The name also refers to someone bright and radiant.

38. Darsh

Another name for Lord Krishna, Darsh, means “handsome” or “when the Moon is just visible.”

39. Darsheel

The name Darsheel means “sober and good-looking.”

40. Darshik

The name Daarshik refers to an individual with good perception.

41. Darshish

The name Darshish means “an exam or assessment of life.”

42. Darshit

The name Darshit means “one who has a vision.” Darshit also means signs.

43. Darwesh

The name Darwesh means something mystical. Darwesh also means “Lord of truth.”

44. Dayananda

The name Dayananda means king or emperor. Dayananda also means “a kind and merciful individual.”

45. Deekshith

The name Deekshith refers to an analytical and intelligent person.

46. Deepansh

The name Deepansh means “the brightness that comes from the Sun.” Deepansh also means “a part of the light.”

47. Deshik

Deshik means a spiritual teacher or “one who guides us in the divine path.”

48. Dev

Dev means God. Dev also refers to someone divine or heavenly.

49. Devaditya

A unique name, Devaditya, means “God or Lord of the Sun.”

50. Devakinandan

Devakinandan refers to one of the many names of Lord Krishna. Devakinandan means “son of Devaki.”

51. Devanshu

The name Devanshu means “God’s aura or rays.” Devanshu also means “part of God.”

52. Devarsh

The name Devarsh means “a gift from God.”

53. Devarya

The name Devarya means a “divine or religious belief.”

54. Devashish

The name Devashish means “pleased by God.”

55. Devavrata

Devavrata refers to a religious individual. Devavrata also means “one who accepts all penances.”

56. Devayan

Devayan means “one who serves God.”

57. Devesh

One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Devesh, means “Lord or King of the Gods.”

58. Devish

One of the many names of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, and Lord Brahma, Devish, means “chief or king of the Gods.”

59. Digambara

Another name for Lord Shiva, Digambara, means “one who has the skies as his clothes.”

60. Digvijay

The name Digvijay means “one who gains victory over others.”

61. Dikshant

The name Dikshant refers to “a boy who has successfully completed his education.” Dikshant also refers to an educated and knowledgeable person.

62. Dinesh

It is among the several names of Sun God.

63. Diryas

A unique name, Diryas means “lion.”

64. Dishanth

The name Dishanth means “a direction” or “show a path.” Dishanth could also refer to the sky or the horizon.

65. Divij

The name Divij means “divine” or “something that came from heaven.”

66. Divit

The name Divit refers to an immortal person.

67. Divyam

Divyam refers to someone pure, divine, and spiritual. Divyam also means “smart and talented.”

68. Divyansh

The name Divyansh means something pious or a “part of God.” Divyansh also means “spiritual wisdom.”

69. Divyant

The name Divyant refers to someone smart and handsome.

70. Diyan

A unique name, Diyan, means “flame of a lamp or light.”

71. Dousik

The name Dousik means “intelligent and knowledgeable.”

72. Dravya

The name Dravya means “liquid.” The name could be an allegory to a person with free-flowing thoughts and open-mindedness.

73. Dreshal

The name Dreshal means “God’s blessings” or “God’s child.”

74. Drish

The name Drish means “an imaginative person who can envision.”

75. Drupad

Drupad means “to be firm-footed.” Drupad also refers to a king.

76. Druv

Druv is the name of a pole star. Druv also refers to someone firm or immovable.

77. Druvam

Druvam has its origin from the word “Dhruv/Druv,” which means a pole star. Druvam could also mean an “eternal sound” or “heaven.”

78. Druvan

The name Druvan means “faithful and trustworthy.”

79. Durgesh

The name Durgesh means “one who is the king or Lord of the forts.”

80. Durjaneeya

The name Durjaneeya means “difficult to know.” The name could refer to a person who is calm and reserved.

81. Durjaya

The name Durjaya means “someone difficult to conquer” or “unvanquished.”

82. Durkesh

The name Durkesh means “a bright and shining pearl.” It is also another name of Goddess Durga.

83. Durvank

Durvank means “a gifted friend worth treasuring.”

84. Durvasa

Durvasa is derived from the name of a sage mentioned in Mahabharata.

85. Durvish

A unique name, Durvish, means “one who is not affected by the poison.”

86. Dushyant

Dushyant comes from the name of King Dushyant, a brave and powerful ruler mentioned in the Mahabharata.

87. Dwij

Dwij means “a person who lives a principled life and works towards attaining enlightenment.”

88. Dwijain

The name Dwijain means “one who is luminous and radiant like the moon.”

89. Dwijaraj

Dwijaraj means “king or Lord of the Brahmins.” Dwijaraj also refers to someone with a fair complexion

90. Thakarshi

A unique name for Meen Rashi boys, Thakarshi refers to one of the many names of Lord Krishna.

91. Thaksha

Thaksha means “eyes like a pigeon.” It refers to someone with beautiful eyes.

92. Thanmai

The name Thanmai means “ecstasy.” Thanmai also means “concentration and focus.”

93. Tharak

Tharak means “to protect.” Tharak also means “a star” or refers to the “pupil of the eyes.”

94. Tharun

The name Tharun means “ageless” or “youthful.” Tharun also means “gentle.”

95. Tharush

A unique name, Tharush means “to conquer” or “conqueror.”

96. Thavan

Thavan is one of the many names of Lord Shiva.

97. Thavanesh

Thavanesh means someone “beloved of Lord Shiva” or “blessed by Lord Shiva.” It also refers to a worshiper of Lord Shiva.

98. Thejas

The name Thejas means “brilliance.” Thejas also means “radiant energy.”

99. Thooyavan

A unique name, Thooyavan refers to someone flawless or pure.

100. Thrish

The name Thrish means “noble.”

100 Meen Rashi Names For Girls With Meanings

101. Chahana

The name Chahana means “affection.” Chaahana also means “desired.”

102. Chahek

The name Chahek means “to giggle.” It also refers to a jovial person.

103. Chainika

The name Chainika means “the chosen one” or “the selected one.”

104. Chaitali

The name Chaitali refers to an individual born in the Chaitra month. Chaitali also refers to someone with a sharp memory.

105. Chaithra

The name Chaithra refers to the “first month of the Spring season.” Chaithra also means “new bright light.”

106. Chaitravi

The name Chaitravi means someone who is a “natural leader.”

107. Chakria

Chakria derives its name from the word “chakra.” Chakria is another name for Goddess Lakshmi.

108. Chakrikaa

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Chakrikaa, means “the Goddess who possesses the divine wheel.”

109. Chanasya

A unique name, Chanasya, refers to someone delightful and pleasant.

110. Chanchal

The name Chanchal means one who is “restless, playful, and lively.”

111. Chandana

Chandana derives its name from “Chandan,” which means sandalwood. Chandana also means “moonlight.”

112. Chandrabali

The name Chandrabali means “moonlight.”

113. Charishma

The name Charishma refers to someone joyous and blissful.

114. Charmy

The name Charmy means “pretty and charming.”

115. Charu

The name Charu means “beautiful” or “cherished.”

116. Charul

The name Charul means “a charming and pretty person.”

117. Charushila

The name Charushila means “a beautiful woman having moral qualities.” Charushila also means “pretty pieces of jewelry.”

118. Charvi

The name Charvi means “a young and beautiful lady.”

119. Chasheen

The name Chasheen refers to someone sweet and affable.

120. Chaula

A unique name, Chaula means a deer or a buck. The name could refer to someone who is as graceful as a deer.

121. Chavi

The name Chavi means “image” or “impression.”

122. Chaaya

The name Chaya means a reflection or a shadow. Chaya also means “filled with life and happiness.”

123. Chayana

The name Chayana means “the Moon.”

124. Cherika

The name Cherika means “the Moon.”

125. Cherry:

The name Cherry refers to a fruit. The name also refers to someone who is a sweetheart or a dear one.

126. Cheshta

The name Cheshta means “to keep trying.” The name is used to refer someone with a strong determination or will power.

127. Chetal

The name Chetal means “to have life.” Chetal also means “vitality.”

128. Chetna

The name Chetna means “consciousness.” Chetna also means “power of intellect or alert.”

129. Chinmayi

The name Chinmayi means “supreme consciousness.” Chinmayi also means “blissful.”

130. Chintanika

The name Chintanika means “contemplation.” Chintanika also means “meditation” or “a relaxed state of mind.”

131. Chitrakshi

Chitrakshi refers to an individual with colorful eyes.

132. Chitrangada

The name comes from the name of Arjuna’s wife in Mahabharata.

133. Chitranshi

A unique name, Chitranshi, refers to “a small part of a story or essay.”

134. Chitrini

The name Chitrini means “a beautiful woman with artistic talent.”

135. Daksha

It is another name for Goddess Parvati and Goddess Sita. The name Daksha means “the Earth.”

136. Dakshaja

A unique name, Dakshaja means “daughter.”

137. Dakshata

Dakshata refers to a skillful person.

138. Dakshita

The name Dakshita means “an expert.”

139. Dani

The name Dani means “a powerful and kind God.”

140. Danvi

The name Danvi means “charitable.”

141. Danyata

The name Danyata means “wealth, success, and fortune.” Danyata also means “fulfillment.”

142. Darika

A unique name, Darika, means “a beautiful maiden.”

143. Darshi

The name Darshi means “moonlight.” Darshi also means “to nurture and help someone.”

144. Darshika

The name Darshika means “a clever and intelligent person.” Darshika also means “to perceive.”

145. Darshinika

The name Darshinika means “to see quietly.”

146. Darshitha

The name Darshitha means “to show” or “to perceive.”

147. Debadrita

A unique name for Meen Rashi girls, Debadrita means “a very talented person.”

148. Deeksha

Deeksha means “an individual filled with happy feelings.” Deeksha could also mean “sacrifice.”

149. Deena

The name Deena means “vindicated.” Deena also means a “divine valley.”

150. Deepanwita

A beautiful name, Deepanwita, means “one which is lit by a lamp.”

151. Deepti

The name Deepti means “a glowing and brilliant flame.” Deepti also means “beauty.”

152. Deeptika

The name Deeptika means “a beam or ray of light.” Deeptika also means “an enlightened person.”

153. Deleena

A beautiful name, Deleena, means “one who is good looking and perfect.”

154. Dema

The name Dema means “rain bearing Mother Earth.”

155. Demira

A unique name, Demira, means “an ardent devotee or follower of Lord Krishna.”

156. Devangana

A beautiful and unique name, Devangana, means “a celestial or divine maiden.”

157. Devanshi

The name Devanshi refers to someone divine. Devanshi also means “part of the Almighty God.”

158. Devasena

The name Devasena means “consort of Lord Subramanian.”

159. Devasmitha

The name Devasmitha means “one who has a divine or beautiful smile.”

160. Devoshri

The name Devoshri means “the diamond of Kohinoor.”

161. Digna

The name Digna means “a praiseworthy person.”

162. Diksheeka

The name Diksheeka means “a simple, silent, and sober person.”

163. Dimple

Dimple refers to an adorable and jovial girl who makes everyone feel lively.

164. Dipasha

The name Dipasha means “one who possesses light.”

165. Dira

The name Dira means “someone pretty and beautiful.”

166. Dishani

The name Dishani means “queen of the four directions (east, west, north, and south).”

167. Dishita

Dishita means “one who is focused.” Dishita also means “one who knows the direction.”

168. Diti

Diti means “beauty and splendor.” Diti is also the name of King Daksha’s daughter.

169. Ditvi

The name Ditvi means “divine.”

170. Dityaa

One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi, Dityaa, means “answer to one’s prayers.”

171. Divashini

The name Divashini means “to shine all day long.”

172. Divena

Divena refers to someone who resembles or looks like a Goddess. Divena also means the “eye of God.”

173. Divija

The name Divija means “a divine individual born in heaven.”

174. Divisha

A unique name, Divisha, is one of the many names of Goddess Durga.

175. Divyanka

The name Divyanka means “a divine person who is a gift of God.”

176. Divyanshi

The name Divyanshi means “one who is part of divine power.”

177. Diya

The name Diya means “a lighted or illuminated lamp.”

178. Dorothy

A unique and modern name, Dorothy, means “one who has a vision and loves freedom.” Dorothy also means “God’s gift.”

179. Drasthi

The name Drasthi means a “self-reliant person.”

180. Drisana

A beautiful name for Meen Rashi girls, Drisana means “daughter of the Sun God.”

181. Drishya

Drishya means “someone who is visible” or “someone who has vision.”

182. Driti

The name Driti means “determination and steadiness.” Driti also means “courage” and “patience.”

183. Druvi

A unique name for Meen Rashi girls, Druvi means “firm” or “resolute.”

184. Duhita

The name Duhita means “daughter.”

185. Durga

It comes from the name of Goddess Durga, and it is also another name for Goddess Parvati. Durga means “wisdom and power.”

186. Durva

Durva derives its name its “Durva,” a sacred and auspicious grass often used by the Hindus for religious purposes.

187. Dushala

A unique name, Dushala, is the name of King Dhritarashtra and Gandhari’s daughter.

188. Dwisha

The name Dwisha means “direction.”

189. Thanika

The name Thanika means “rope.”

190. Thanirika

The name Thanirika means “a flower.”

191. Thanishka

The name Thanishka means “Goddess of gold and angel.”

192. Thanishtha

A unique name, Thanishtha means “sincere, loyal, and dedicated.”

193. Thanusiya

The name Thanusiya means “a great devotee.”

194. Tharaa

A unique name, Tharaa means “wealth and fortune.”

195. Tharunika

The name Tharunika means “a young girl” or “a lady.”

196. Thaswika

It is one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi.

197. Theertha

The name Theertha means “holy or sacred water”. Theertha also means “places of pilgrimage.”

198. Thejal

The name Thejal means “brilliant and lustrous.” Thejal also means “full of energy.”

199. Thiya

A unique name, Thiya means “a gift or blessings of the God.”

200. Thrisha

The name Thrisha means “a star.” Thrisha also refers to someone noble.

Those born under Meen rashi are known to be selfless, versatile, and compassionate. Meen rashi babies are also likely to be creative. So go ahead and pick a unique name from the list, for your adorable young one.

Do you have a Meen rashi name to share? Let us know in the comment section below.

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