200 Latest Mesha Rashi Or Aries Names For Boys And Girls

The first sign from Vedic astrology, the Mesha or Mesh Rashi, corresponds to Western astrology’s Aries zodiac sign. Mesha Rashi names for boys and girls mostly begin with “A,” “E,” or “L” sounds. The animal ram represents this sign.

In this post, we have put together a list of names from Mesha Rashi, including their meaning, for your little ones.

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100 Mesha Rashi Names For Boys, With Meanings

1. Aadhish

A modern name, Aadhish, refers to “an individual full of wisdom and with supreme power.” Aadhish also means “an emperor.” 

2. Aadi/Adi

The name Aadi/Adi means “a start” or “a beginning.” Aadi also refers to the “source form of life.” 

3. Aadit

The name Aadit refers to the “Lord of the Sun.” Aadit also means “peak” or “radiant.” 

4. Aarav

The name Aarav has its origin from a Sanskrit word, which means “peaceful.” The name Aarav also means “radiating light” or “hope.” 

5. Aarit

The name Aarit means “honor.” Aarit also refers to an individual who seeks the right direction. 

6. Aaron

A unique and modern name, Aaron, means “enlightened.” The name Aaron also means “powerful mountain.” 

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American actor-producer Aaron Paul is a famous namesake. He has won several awards, including the Critics’ Choice Television Award and Primetime Emmy Award.

7. Aarshabh

A name with a religious origin, Aarshabh, is another name for Lord Krishna. 

8. Aarunya

The name Aarunya means “merciful” or “compassionate.” 

9. Aarush

The name Aarush means “calm.” Aarush is also another name for the Sun. 

10. Aaryan/Aryan

The name Aaryan/Aryan refers to “a kind-hearted person who does good to others.” 

11. Aashish/Ashish

The name Aashish/Ashish means “blessings.” Aashish also refers to the “bestowment of mercy of the Almighty.” 

12. Aashresh

The name Aashresh refers to “an intelligent person, one who is quick to understand and apply ideas.” 

13. Aashutosh/Ashutosh

One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Aashutosh/Ashutosh, means “one who can be easily pleased.” The name Aashutosh also refers to “one who fulfills wishes instantly.” 

14. Aashvith

A name with an interesting meaning, Aashvith refers to “a large expanse of emotions.” 

15. Aatreya

The name has its origin from “Aatreya,” a renowned sage with immense knowledge about the Ayurveda. The name Aatreya means “clever.” 

16. Aavansh

A unique name, Aavansh, means the “forthcoming generation.” 

17. Aayansh/Ayansh

Aayansh or Ayansh means the first rays

Image: Shutterstock

The name Aayansh/Ayansh refers to the “first rays of the light.” Aayansh also means “God’s gift” or “the brightness of the sun.” 

18. Aayush

A modern name, Aayush, means “one blessed with a long life.” The name Aayush also means “a blessing.” 

19. Abhay

The name Abhay means “fearless, one who is not afraid of anyone or anything.” 

20. Abhigyan

The name Abhigyan means “source of knowledge.” 

21. Abhijit

Another name for Lord Krishna, Abhijit, refers to a “successful and victorious person.” 

22. Abhimanyu

The name has its origin in Mahabharata, referring to “Abhimanyu,” the son Subhadra (Lord Krishna’ s sister) and Arjun (a Pandava known for his archery). The name Abhimanyu means “passion” or “self-respect.” 

23. Abhinandan

The name Abhinandan means, “to welcome someone cordially.” The name Abhinandan also means “to celebrate or rejoice.” 

24. Abhiraj

A unique name, Abhiraj, refers to a brave, fearless, and courageous king or ruler. 

25. Abhishek

The name Abhishek often refers to the “an auspicious bath for a deity.” The name Abhishek also means “a shower of milk.” 

26. Abir

A unique name, Abir, refers to one who fights for peace. 

27. Achintya

A unique name, Achintya, refers to one who is “a healer of all worries.” Achintya also means “beyond comprehension.” 

28. Adarsh

The name Adarsh has its origin from a Sanskrit word, which means “an ideal man.” The name Adarsh also means “one who has principles and follows them diligently.” 

29. Adhish

Another name for Lord Shiva, Adhish, refers to the “supreme God, one who is worshipped by other Gods.” Adhish also means “a king.” 

30. Adhrith

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Adhrith, refers to an independent individual.

31. Adidev

A unique name for Mesha Rashi boys, Adidev, means “Lord of the Lords.” 

32. Aditya

The name Aditya refers to the “Sun God.”

33. Advik

The name Advik refers to something unique and matchless. 

34. Agasthya

Agasthya derives its name from a renowned sage and scholar of the Vedic times. Agasthya is also one of the many names of Lord Shiva. 

35. Ahan

The name Ahan means “sunrise.” Ahan also refers to “the beginning of something.” 

36. Ahil

The name Aahil refers to “an emperor who rules or presides over various nations.” 

37. Ajay

The name Ajay means “one who is unconquerable or invincible.” 

38. Akrish

A name with a religious origin, Akrish, refers to “Young Lord Krishna.” 

39. Akshaj

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Akshaj, means a “thunderbolt.” 

40. Akshant

A unique and modern name, Akshant, means “one who always wants to win.” 

41. Akshay

The name Akshay means “immortal or eternal.” 

42. Akshit

The name Akshit means “secure and permanent.” It also refers to something that cannot be easily broken. 

43. Akul

A name with a religious origin, Akul, is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. 

44. Alok

The name Alok means “light.” The name Alok also means “brilliance” or “vision.” 

45. Amar

The name Amar refers to one who is immortal. 

46. Aman

The name Aman means “harmony and peace.” 

47. Amay

A name with a religious origin, Amay, is one of the many names of Lord Ganesha. Amay refers to “one who is free of flaws and not cunning.” 

48. Amit

A name with a religious origin, Amit, is another name for Lord Ganesha. The name Amit also refers to “one with immeasurable and limitless power.” 

49. Anant

Another name for Lord Brahma, Anant, means “infinite” or “one who is immortal.” 

50. Aneek

One of the many names of Lord Ganesha, Aneek, refers to “one who is strong.” The name Aneek also means “light” or “warrior.” 

51. Angad

The name Angad has its origin in Ramayana, referring to the son of King Bali. The name Angad means “a warrior” or an “armlet.” 

52. Aniket

Another name for Lord Shiva, Aniket, means “he who is present in everything.” 

53. Anil

The name Anil refers to the “God of the wind and air.” The name Anil also means “brilliant” or “shining.” 

54. Anirudh

The name Anirudh means “one who is unstoppable.” Anirudh also means “victory.” 

55. Anish

The name Anish means “supreme” or “a close friend.” The name is one of the many names of Lord Vishnu. 

56. Anishk

The name Anishk refers to a “supreme being, who has no enemy.” 

57. Ankur

The name Ankur means “newborn or new life.” The name Ankur also means “blossom” or “spring.” 

58. Anmay

The name Anmay refers to “a valuable thing that cannot be broken easily.” 

59. Ansh

A unique name, Aansh, means “a portion of something.” The name also means “day.” 

60. Anshit

A unique and modern name, Anshit refers to “the Sun.” 

61. Anshul

A unique name, Anshul, means “brilliant” or “radiant.” The name also refers someone who glows like a Sunbeam. 

62. Anshuman

A name with a religious origin, Anshuman, is one of the many names of the Sun God or Lord Surya. The name Anshuman means “bright and radiant.” 

63. Anuj

A name with interesting meaning, Anuj means “younger brother.” 

64. Anush

The name Anush means “sweet and pleasant.” Anush also refers to a star. 

65. Archit

The name Archit means “to worship.” Archit also means someone respected and revered. 

66. Arhaan

Arhaan is a powerful name for a born leader

Image: IStock

The name Arhaan means “a born leader” or “a ruler.” 

67. Arijit

The name Arijit means “one who wins over or conquers the enemies.” 

68. Arjun

The name Arjun has its origin in The Mahabharata, referring to one of the Pandava brothers who was an expert archer. Arjun means “bright and open-minded.” 

69. Arnav

The name Arnav refers to “an ocean” or “a sea.” 

70. Aruj

The name Aruj refers to the “rising sun.” Aruj also means “one who is born of the Sun.” 

71. Aryaditya

A unique name, Aryaditya, refers to “a noble conqueror” or “a noble person, bright like the sun.” 

72. Aryaveer

The name Aryaveer means a “noble, brave, and courageous man.” 

73. Ashok

The name Ashok has its origin from “Ashoka,” one of the most famous kings of the Mauryan Dynasty. The name Ashok also means “one who is content and happy.” 

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The Mauryan Emperor Ashoka is a popular namesake. He was the first Indian emperor in recorded history to attempt to unify the whole subcontinent under a single centralized economy.

74. Ashrith

A unique name, Ashrith, means “one who gives shelter or refuge to others.” 

75. Ashvik

A modern name with an interesting meaning, Ashvik, means “one who is blessed to be triumphant.” 

76. Ashwin

The name Ashwin has its origin from a Sanskrit word, which means “light.” The name Ashwin also means “brave knight.” 

77. Atharv

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Athrav derives its name from “Atharvaveda,” one of the four Vedas. The name Atharv also means “one who has a sound knowledge of the Vedas.” 

78. Atishay

The name Atishay refers to one who is successful. The name Atishay also means “dynamic and wonderful.” 

79. Avaneesh

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Avaneesh, means “Lord or master of the whole world.” 

80. Avi/Abhi

The name Avi/Abhi means “charismatic and loving.” The name Avi also means “one who is fearless.” 

81. Avighna

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Avighna, means “one who removes all obstacles.” 

82. Avikshit

A modern name for Mesha Rashi boys, Avikshit, means “one who is invincible.” 

83. Aviraj

The name Aviraj refers to the “king of the kings.” Aviraj also means “to shine like the bright sun.” 

84. Avirat

The name Avirat refers to something permanent and continuous. 

85. Avyan

The name Avyan refers to an individual without any imperfection. Avyan also means “eloquent.” 

86. Avyukt

A unique name, Avyukt, is another name for Lord Krishna and refers to “one with a clear mind.” 

87. Ayan

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Ayan, means “ the pathway to the sun.” 

88. Ayushman

The name Ayushman means “blessed with a long life.” 

89. Ehan

The name Ehan means “the glowing full moon.” Ehan also means “to expect.” 

90. Ekansh

The name Ekansh means “absolute.” Ekansh also means “whole” or “complete.” 

91. Eshan/Ishan

Another name for Lord Shiva, Eshan, means “aim” or “wish.” 

92. Ishank/Eshank

The name Ishank/Eshank refers to the “peak of the Himalayas.” 

93. Lakshit

It is derived from the word “Laksh,” meaning “target.” Lakshit also means “goal” or “ambition.” 

94. Lavesh

The name Lavesh has its origin from a Sanskrit word, which means, “a small particle.” The name Lavesh also means “God of Love.” 

95. Lavin

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Lavin means “fragrance.” 

96. Lavit

A name with a religious origin, Lavit, is another name for Lord Shiva. 

97. Lavyansh

The name Lavyansh has its origin from the word “Lavanya,” meaning “beauty.” Lavyansh, thus, refers to one who is handsome and attractive. 

98. Lohith

One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Lohith, means “sandalwood” or “saffron.” The name Lohith also refers to “something made of copper.” 

99. Lokesh

One of the many names of Lord Brahma, Lokesh, means “ruler of the world.” 

100. Luv

The name Luv has its origin in Ramayana, referring to one of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita’s twin sons. 

100 Mesha Rashi Names For Girls, With Meanings

101. Aabha

The name Aabha means “bright and radiant.”               

102. Aadhira

Aadhira means the moon

Image: Shutterstock

The name Aadhira means to “remember something nostalgically.” Aadhira also refers to the Moon. 

103. Aadhyasri

The name Aadhyasri means “the beginning.” 

104. Aadvika

The name Aadvika refers to “one who is unique in all aspects.” Aadvika also means “the Earth.” 

105. Aaghnya

A unique name, Aaghnya refers to “one born from fire.” 

106. Aahana

The name Aahana refers to “one born during the day.” Aahana also means the “inner light” or “immortal.”

107. Aanchal

A unique name, the name Aanchal means “a protective shelter.” 

108. Aarabhi

The name Aarabhi has its origin from a musical note (Raga) in the Carnatic music. 

109. Aaradhya

The name Aaradhya means “to be adored or worshipped.” 

110. Aarani

The name Aarani has a locational origin, referring to a place situated in Tamil Nadu. The name is also another name of Goddess Lakshmi. 

111. Aaratrika

A unique name, Aaratrika, refers to the “dusk lamp placed beneath a Tulsi plant for worship.” 

112. Aaravi

A unique name, Aaravi, means “peace and tranquility.” 

113. Aarna

One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi, Aarna, means “a river or a stream.” 

114. Aarohi

The name Aarohi refers to a musical and melodious note or tune. The name Aarohi also means “progressive.” 

115. Aarti

The name Aarti means “to worship God by singing songs or hymns in praise of God.” 

116. Aarvi

A unique name, Aarvi, means “peace” or “harmony.” 

117. Aashita

Another name for the Yamuna river, Aashita, means “one who is full of hope and honesty.” 

118. Aashrita

A name with a religious origin, Aashrita, is one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi. 

119. Aashvi

Another name for Goddess Saraswati, Aashvi, means “blessed and victorious.” 

120. Aastha

The name Aastha means “faith” or “trust.” 

121. Aathmika

The name Aathmika likely refers to a soulful person. 

122. Aayati

The name Aayati means “something royal” or “dignity.” 

123. Abheesha

A unique name, Abheesha means the “Goddess of ambition and goals.” 

124. Abhigna

A unique and modern name, Abhigna, means “one who is knowledgeable.” Abhigna also means “triumph” or “beautiful.” 

125. Abhishree

The name Abhishree means “fearless beauty.” Abhishree also means “to enlighten.” 

126. Aditi

The name Aditi refers to the mother of the Devas (God). The name Aditi also means “creativity” or “liberty.” 

127. Adrija

One of the many names of Goddess Parvati, Adrija, means “one who is Mountain born.” 

128. Agamya

The name Agamya means “a beautiful maiden who has the zeal to learn and gain knowledge and wisdom.” 

129. Aishiki

The name Aiskhiki means “someone divine or regal.” 

130. Aishwarya

The name Aishwarya means  “fame, prosperity, and wealth.” 

131. Akshara

Another name for Goddess Saraswati, Akshara, means “alphabets or syllables.” 

132. Alekya

The name Alekya means “a beautiful painting.” 

133. Alisha

The name Alisha means “one who is protected by the Almighty.” Alisha also means “silk of heaven or paradise.” 

134. Alka

The name Alka means “a lock of curly hair” or refers to a girl with lovely hair. Alka also means “youth.” 

135. Alvira

A modern name for Mesha Rashi girls, Alvira, means “a beloved or one who is loved dearly.” 

136. Akansha

A unique name, Akansha, means “desire.” 

137. Amaya

The name Amaya means “something limitless” or “immeasurable.” 

138. Ambika

A name with a religious origin, Ambika is another name for Goddess Durga and Goddess Parvati. Ambika means “a mother.” 

139. Anaida

The name Anaida refers to someone who is exceptionally beautiful and intelligent. 

140. Anaisha

A unique name, Anaisha, means “something special or unique.” 

141. Anamika

The name Anamika means “virtuous” or “free of limitations.” 

142. Ananya

The name Ananya means “one who is unique and different from others.” Ananya is another name for Goddess Parvati. 

143. Anaya

A unique and modern name, Anaya, means “the gracious God.” 

144. Anika

One of the many names of Goddess Durga, Anika, means “one who is gracious and has a sweet face.” 

145. Anjali

The name Anjali refers to an offering made to God. The name also means “homage” or “respect.” 

146. Anjana

The name Anjana has a religious origin, and refers to the mother of Lord Hanuman. 

147. Anju

The name Anju means a “benevolent person.” 

148. Ankita

The name Ankita means a “mark or symbol of something auspicious.” Ankita also means “distinguished.” 

149. Anshi

The name Anshi means “one who is a gift from God and is a wonderful human being.” 

150. Antara

The name Antara refers to a “paragraph of a song.” Antara also means “something or someone very pretty and beautiful.” Antara also refers to a note in Hindustani Classical Music. 

151. Anukriti

A name with an interesting meaning, Anukriti, means “a photograph.” 

152. Anupama

The name Anupama means “something precious and unique.” 

153. Anupriya

The name Anupriya means “a beautiful and beloved daughter.” 

154. Anuradha

Anuradha means a bright star in the sky

Image: IStock

Anuradha means a “bright star.” The name also refers to a Nakshatra (constellation). 

155. Anushka

The name Anushka means “ray of light.” Anushka also means “one who is gracious.” 

156. Anushri

The name Anushri means “good-looking and pretty.” 

157. Anvaya

The name Anvaya means “a family.” 

158. Anveeksha

The name Anveeksha means “to meditate.” 

159. Anvi

The name Anvi refers to the Goddess of the forest. The name Anvi also means “one who loves nature.” 

160. Anvika

The name Anvika means “complete.” Anvika also means “strong and powerful.” 

161. Anvitha

A unique name, Anvitha, means “one who bridges the gap.” 

162. Anwesha

A unique name, Anwesha means “curiosity” or “quest.” 

163. Aparna

The name has a religious origin. Aparna is one of the many names of Goddess Durga and Goddess Paravati. 

164. Aresha

The name Aresha means “a queen.” 

165. Arika

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Arika, means “one who is a complete ruler.” 

166. Arnavi

The name Arnavi means “an individual with a big heart.” 

167. Arshiya

The name Arshiya means “something divine or heavenly.” 

168. Aryahi

A name with a religious origin, Aryahi, is another name for Goddess Durga. 

169. Ashi

The name Ashi means “smile and laughter.” 

170. Ashmi

The name Ashmi means “something hard and strong” or “self-respect.” 

171. Ashna

The name Ashna means “the one who is devoted to love.” 

172. Ashwika

A name with a religious origin, Ashwika, is another name for Goddess Santoshi Maa. 

173. Asmiya

A unique name, Asmiya, means “diamond.” 

174. Avantika

The name Avantika has a locational origin, referring to the sacred and beautiful city of Ujjain. The name Avantika also means “humble” or “modest.” 

175. Avika

A modern name, Avika refers to the “rays of the Sun.” Avira also means “diamond.” 

176. Avipsa

The name Avipsa means “sophisticated.” The name Avipsa also refers to the Earth. 

177. Avira

The name Avira refers to a strong and brave individual. 

178. Avni

The name Avni means “the fertile earth.” 

179. Ekanshi

The name Ekanshi refers to a kind-hearted individual. 

180. Ekta

The name Ekta means “harmony or unity.” 

181. Ekveera

A unique name with an interesting meaning, Ekveera, refers to daughter of Lord Shiva. 

182. Esha

Another name for Goddess Parvati, Esha, means “desire” or “pure.” 

183. Eshanika

A beautiful name, Eshanika, means “to fulfill one’s desires.” 

184. Eshanka

Another name of Goddess Parvati, Eshanka, means “the consort of Lord Shiva.” 

185. Eva

The name Eva means “to live” or “life.” 

186. Ishanvi/Eshanvi

A unique name, Ishanvi/Eshanvi refers to the Goddess of learning. Ishanvi is also another name for Goddess Parvati. 

187. Ishika/Eshika

The name Ishika/Eshika means “daughter of God.” Ishika also means “an arrow.” 

188. Ishita/Eshita

The name Ishita/Eshita refers to wealth. The name Ishita also means “desire” or “mastery.” 

189. Laavanya

A beautiful name for Mesh Rashi girls, Laavanya means “beauty or grace.” 

190. Lakshita

The name Lakshita means “one who is distinguished and regarded.” 

191. Lamya

The name Lamya means “brilliant” or “shining.” 

192. Latika

The name Latika refers to the vermillion dot applied by women on their forehead. Latika also means “a small creeper or vine.” 

193. Leena

The name Leena refers to the Goddess of good luck and fortune. The name is also an epithet of Goddess Lakshmi. 

194. Lekha

The name Lekha means “line,” “mark,” or “writing.” 

195. Lekshana

The name Lekshana refers to an auspicious sign. The name also means “goal” or “vision.” 

196. Lipika

Lipika means a short manuscript

Image: Shutterstock

The name Lipika refers to a short letter or manuscript. 

197. Lithika

The name Lithika means “one who is cute and perfect.” 

198. Lithisha

The name Lithisha means “happiness.” 

199. Lochana

The name Lochana means “one with bright eyes.” 

200. Lopamudra

The name Lopamudra means “one with hidden talents” or a “learned woman.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Aries baby names have positive connotations or associations?

Yes, Aries names often reflect the zodiac sign’s characteristics like courage and leadership. For instance, Aadhish, which means ‘an individual full of wisdom and with supreme power,’ resonates with qualities like bravery and determination. Also, the names of Goddesses like Ishanvi and Ashwika carry pious meanings, evoking faith and devotion.

2. Do Aries baby names have connections to specific gemstones, colors, or other symbols?

The gemstone often associated with Aries is diamond, which is thought to indicate clarity, strength, and resilience. The color of Aries is considered red, symbolizing enthusiasm, power, and boldness.

Many parents want to name their children based on their zodiac signs. So, if your baby belongs to Mesha Rashi or Aries, you may want them to have a name that belongs to the same zodiac sign. Mesha Rashi people are known to be ambitious and uncomplicated. They are loyal to their loved ones. Babies born under this zodiac sign are happy and cheerful. They also display good leadership qualities as they grow up. The list provides you with meaningful Mesha Rashi names for boys and girls. You may choose the one that suits your child’s personality.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Infographic: Mesha Rashi Names For Boys And Girls

Mesha, or the Mesh Rashi, is the first sign of Vedic astrology, and it corresponds with the zodiac sign Aries from Western astrology. So, if your baby was born under this sign and you want to give them a name related to the sign, scroll through the infographic below for interesting options.

beautiful names for your rashi aries baby (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Mesh Rashi corresponds to the Aries zodiac sign in Western astrology, with the animal ram (a male sheep or goat) as its symbol.
  • Names such as Aryaveer, implying ‘noble,’ Aditi, meaning ‘liberty,’ Ashmi, signifying ‘self-respect,’ and Ahan, symbolizing ‘sunrise,’ are great choices.
  • Given that the gemstone associated with the zodiac Aries is a diamond, names like Asmiya and Avika for girls can also be choices for your princess.
Mesha Rashi names of boys and girls_illustration

Image: Dall·E/MomJunction Design Team

Welcome to our video on unique and rare baby names for Aries! Get inspired by these spring baby names perfect for your Aries baby.

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