Is Microwave Usage Safe During Pregnancy?


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Do you find it hard to believe that the microwave in your kitchen can be harmful for your unborn child? Pregnancy is the time when you need to stay away from all possible dangers. You seem to be enveloped with plenty of dos and don’ts that actually make you feel as if you are subject to a long list of commandments.

Since it is not only about you, but also the little life growing inside, you need to be properly informed about the risks and benefits of using microwave during pregnancy.

Research Findings About Usage Of Microwave In Pregnancy:

Several studies have been conducted over the years to confirm the effects of microwave during pregnancy. Here is a closer look at the findings:

  • Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gaur of Phoenix Hospital states “Microwaves can be harmful if they are leaking radiation”. Since the microwaves can travel up to 12 cm, pregnant women standing near the oven are exposed to the harmful rays.
  • Leakages from the microwave are more when the doors are damaged. Leakage from the old and damaged microwave tends to be higher.
  • Professional Service Associates conducted a survey, when the repair servicemen of microwave found that 56% of the microwaves that were more than 2 years old showed 10% higher leakage that was much higher than the FDA set safety standards.
  • Radiations from microwave are said to result in malnourished babies, infertility, cell death, miscarriages and damaged DNAs.
  • A recent research finding has concluded mothers who were exposed to electromagnetic fields, gave birth to babies with childhood asthma. The study found chances of babies developing asthma were higher when mothers were exposed to the highest level of electromagnetic fields compared to the mothers who had the least exposure.
  • Dr. Shaktibhan Khanna in Apollo Hospital however, stated that none of the studies conducted can conclude that microwaves have ill effects. He does not advise women to stop using microwaves in pregnancy.

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Is It Safe To Use Microwave During Pregnancy:

If you are confused whether to continue using microwaves in your pregnancy, here are some facts presented for your help:

  • Radiations from microwave are invisible and odorless that makes it hard to detect.
  • Those using radioactive materials must be aware of the biological risks of radiation for the unborn child.
  • Foods in the microwave are cooked by exposing them to the microwave energy. The ovens at home operate at 2,450 million cycles every second.
  • To ensure safety make sure your microwave does not leak.
  • In case you are concerned, some practitioners suggest that you place the food in the microwave and walk away. You can avoid exposure to EMF this way.
  • You must refer to the instruction manual and the ways to operate the oven.
  • Avoid overheating foods or using the microwave for too long.
  • Look for the BIS accreditation or ISI mark.
  • To be on the safe side, it is better to avoid heating foods in plastic bowls, as sometime the plastic might melt to break and mix with the food.

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Taking care of these precautionary measures will lessen the probable damages and you will be able to use the microwave longer.

The modern microwaves designed for domestic purpose are shielded to lessen radiation levels. The operating ovens generally do not leak and, in case they do, the leakage is almost negligible.

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According to the reports of FDA most of the microwaves emit very little radiation, even in case of damaged seals, hinges or latches. Make sure to check for the leakages and if you cannot replace it, it is better to avoid using it.

Healthcare professionals always believe it is good to take precautions. Tell us what you feel about whether is it safe to use microwave during pregnancy in the comment section below.

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