How Most Mothers-In-Law Transform During Their Daughter-In-Law's Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a significant phase of a woman’s life. It’s a time when you need all the TLC you can get. The relationship with your mother-in-law also transforms when you’re with a baby bump. Though we cannot speak for all, if you’ve got a caring MIL, chances are the bond you share will only deepen during this time. She will make sure you have everything you need and ensure you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Below we list down six ways mother-in-law’s transform during your pregnancy.

1. She Wouldn’t Let You Do Any Chores

She Wouldn't Let You Do Any Chores

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If you have a caring MIL, she will never burden you with too many house chores during your pregnancy. In fact, she might pester you in the middle of a chore until you stop and lie down. Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to take complete bed rest — unless, of course, your doctor asks you to — but taking on heavy work during this time can be exhausting for the mind and body. And having a mother-in-law who understands this is a blessing in so many ways. She will take care of you, just like your own mother. And the best part is you can always count on her when the baby is born. Whether you need someone to babysit while you take a quick nap or need a hand changing your baby’s diaper, she’ll always be there to help.

2. She Will Cook Your Favorite Food

She Will Cook Your Favorite Food

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During pregnancy, eating healthy becomes the utmost priority for you and your baby’s health. Being aware of this fact, your MIL will always keep your food preferences in mind whenever she’s making a meal. Gone through the journey herself, she might even cook up one of your favorite foods to satiate your pregnancy cravings.

3. She Will Help You Deal With Pregnancy Anxiety

She Will Help You Deal With Pregnancy Anxiety

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While you might not need unsolicited advice, your MIL will help you navigate through pregnancy anxiety, having gone through it herself. She might have some tips or personal stories that might prove to be helpful. Even though each pregnancy is different and unique in its own way, certain anecdotes can help you feel more at ease. Also, knowing that you are not the first person to have these thoughts and that your MIL has been through it herself can definitely help you relax a bit.

4. She Will Make Your Health A Priority

She Will Make Your Health A Priority

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A caring mother-in-law knows how tough pregnancy can be. She will be considerate of your health and pregnancy. She will make sure you get uninterrupted sleep and would be understanding if you take time to wake up in the mornings. She will make you ginger ale when you are dealing with heartburn and give you crackers to keep on your nightstand when you wake up feeling nauseous. She might also share some tips that helped her tackle all the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy.

5. She Will Accompany You To Your Gyno Appointments

She Will Accompany You To Your Gyno Appointments

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Your mother-in-law will be excited and curious about your little one’s well-being. So, she might be all too keen to accompany you to all your gyno appointments if you ever need someone or if your husband can’t make it one day. She will make sure you’re supported and will never miss an opportunity to show you that.

Below we list down two ways how it can get overwhelming to have a mother-in-law during your pregnancy and how to deal with it:

The Pushy Mother-In-Law

Pushy might seem somewhat deceptive; however, this type of MIL fails to understand boundaries. They might have your best interest at heart, but if your mother-in-law is keen on getting invited everywhere and doesn’t recognize boundaries, it’s best to have a conversation with her. Try to calmly let them know that you want your privacy at certain times or would like to spend the time just with your partner. This type of MIL may insist on being in the birthing room with you. So, if you don’t feel comfortable with it, let her know that you prefer that you and your baby have some privacy soon after birth.

The Overhelper Mother-In-Law

Mothers-in-law can be extremely helpful. They run errands, do chores, accompany you to doctor’s appointments, and even cooks your favorite meals. However, if you feel that your MIL doesn’t allow you to do things that you are capable of doing on your own or wish to do by yourself, it can cause a problem. In an attempt to help, you might also find yourself at the receiving end of unsolicited advice. Again, the only way to deal with it is to be open but turn them down gently. Thank them for all they have done, and let them know first that their help is much appreciated. Then, tell them that you wish to do certain things yourself and would come to her if at all you need any help.

The presence of a caring mother-in-law can help you in so many ways during your pregnancy. But it can also get pretty overwhelming when you are constantly bombarded with unsolicited advice.

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