37 Awesome Printable Minecraft Coloring Pages For Toddlers

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Minecraft isn’t just a video game, it’s a cult. This construct-driven game requires children to make fantastic cities, buildings, and worlds using various blocks in a three-dimensional environment.

If your child keeps playing Minecraft all day long and you are worried about how it may impact his vision, then we’ve got a perfect solution for you. Use coloring pages to keep your child’s interest in all things Minecraft, without letting him play on the PC all day. Here is MomJunction’s collection of 24 Minecraft coloring pages for kids to get your little geek started.

Best Minecraft Coloring Pages

1. Steve:

Here’s a coloring page of Steve, the protagonist of the famous video game. Much has been speculated about Steve- who he is, where he originated, what is his goal and whether he is even human. But not much has been determined. He could be a sadistic mass homicidal maniac, a monster or a gentle, generous man, like the villagers.

Steve has the capacity to carry about four hundred thousand tons material, and can break rocks and solid wood trunks. He deals with creatures that are bigger and powerful than him. He can craft potions, diamond blades and complex buildings. He is the master of various arts and can quickly regenerate from wounds.

Steve has dark brown hair, blue eyes, dark skin, nose, and mouth. He appears in light blue shirt, a pair of jeans and gray shoes. So instruct your child to use the same colors for coloring his minecraft steve coloring page.

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2. Alex:

This coloring page features Alex, the deuteragonist of this game. Alex is one of the most powerful characters in Minecraft. He can carry over four thousand tons of materials, can break solid wood trunks and rocks with punches. And if you give him enough time, he could even cut diamond and minecraftian obsidians. Alex also has an excellent combat proficiency. He can deal with creatures that are much bigger and powerful than him. His super strength also includes being able to jump over one meter with ease.

Alex has pale white skin, long and bright orange hair hanging to one side, and dark green eyes. He wears a light green shirt that he never tucks in, a pair of brown pants, and gray boots.

3. Minecraft Mob:

Here’s a coloring page of Minecraft mob, the living game entities affected by physics. The Minecraft mobs are divided into six types- Boss, Utility, Passive, Neutral, Tamable, and Hostile. All the mobs are extremely useful to the players. The Boss and Hostile drop valuable items along with points when killed. The Utility and Tamable Mobs protect the villagers and players from the Hostile Mobs. The Passive Mob give beneficial items to the players, but only if they have the right tools. The Passive and Neutral Mob can be tamed. And, a fun fact is that if you name a mob “Dinnerbone”, it will turn upside down. But which group does this mob belong to? Let your kid decide that as he colors.

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4. Wolf

This coloring page features a wild wolf, a neutral mob that can be allied with the player. Wolves spawn in grassy and well lit areas like forests and biome. Naturally spawned wolves are untamed and can become aggressive and hostile when attacked by the player. And, they drop three experience points when killed by a tamed wolf or a player. The wolves exhibit three different states- wild, hostile, and tamed.

The wild wolves attack the nearby sheep only when provoked. And, they do not award any loot when killed. If you give enough bones to the wolves, you will see a puff of heart particles appearing. And if you get a red collar, you can turn it into a tamed wolf. But once a wolf turns hostile you can never return it to its original form. You can recognize a hostile wolf by its red eyes.

5. Enderman:

The Enderman is a black colored rare mob with long legs and arms. The Enderman is generally passive or neutral, but turns extremely aggressive when a player looks directly at them. Once looked, the Enderman will stare back at the player he or she looks away. The Enderman takes damage under control by coming in contact with water and sunlight.

The Enderman spawns on solid blocks at level 7 or less. They spawn at the End in groups of 4, but in the Overworld, they spawn in packs of 1 to 4 and can even be rarer than most of the mobs.

As for the droppings, the Endermen can drop 0 to 1 ender pearls and five experience orbs when killed by a tamed wolf or a player. An Enderman holding a block will drop the entire block.

6. Ender Dragon:

Here’s a minecraft coloring sheet of Ender Dragon, a boss mob that appears at the end with beams of light erupting from its body. The ender dragon will soon explode, dropping enough experience to bring a player with no experience to level 77.

Ender Dragon was the first mob boss to be added to this cult game. It spawns naturally in End, just when the first player enters the End. The players of the game can even re-spawn the ender dragon once they have completed the flight by just placing four ender crystals on top of the exit portal. But, they should ensure that they put one on each side.

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7. Skeleton:

The skeleton you see here is one of the members of the hostile mobs that shoot an arrow the moment it spots the player. It spawns at night on the surface, dark areas, and caves. The skeleton catches fire when it is exposed to sunlight.

The skeletons move very quickly, bunny hopping, and strafing at the same time, which makes difficult for players to hit them with projectiles. If a Skeleton’s arrow hits an aggressive mob, the mob will attack the skeleton. And if the skeleton arrow hits the Creeper, a music disc will drop. Besides the normal drops, the skeleton also gets a chance to a drop an enchanted or regular bow.

8. Villager:

Here’s a coloring page of one of the villagers, also referred to as a Testificate. The villagers are intelligent passive NPC that the players can trade with. Each villager follows one of the given professions- farmer, butcher, blacksmith, librarian, and priest. The farmer wears a brown robe; the priest wears a purple robe; the blacksmith wears a black apron, and the butcher wears a white apron. Now, it’s up to your child what he wants to make this villager.

The villagers live in various buildings of the village. The priest and zombie can also be found in the igloo basements. The villagers spawn along naturally when a player uses a potion of weakness on a zombie villager. Upon spawning, the villagers leave their houses and begin exploring the village. They usually wander inside the villages aimlessly during the day.

9. Zombie Villager:

This coloring page shows Steve in a duel with a zombie villager. Zombie Villager is a part of the hostile mob. The zombie villager has the head of a villager and body of a Zombie. It has black eye sockets, green skin and mostly appears wearing purple pants and a blue shirt. These zombies are even more dangerous in caves, where they can appear suddenly from dark places.

Apart from the standard drop, Zombie villager can also drop potatoes, carrots, helmets, iron ingots, swords, and shovels.

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10. Spider:

This is no ordinary spider. The Spider from Minecraft is a member of the hostile mob. It is the primary source for obtaining string. This black spider has glowing red eyes and spawns in dimly lit areas in the cave and on the surface. When these spiders are exposed to sunlight, they can no longer attack the player unless you provoke them.

Apart from running at nearly the same speed as the player, these spiders can also climb the walls. During the daytime, these spiders can be lit on fire without becoming violent. Players are asked to listen for the distinctive hissing sound these spiders regularly make.

11. Iron Golem:

Iron Golems are large, strong utility mob that shows up in the villages. Their duty is to attack the violent mobs that attack the inhabitants. They can even present a rose to show their friendliness.

Golems spawn in a 16*16*16 area that is centered between 21 or more valid doors in a village. The Golems can spawn only in transparent blocks with a solid surface.

The player can create an Iron Golem by placing 4 Iron Blocks into a T shape. Then, they need to place a pumpkin on the block to give it a + shape. Players can also create the Iron Golem by placing blocks in a similar fashion used to create withers and snow golems.

Iron golems drop 0 to 2 poppies and 3 to 5 iron ingots upon death. And just to remind you, the looting enchantment is ineffective against these mighty creatures, as it does not give any poppies or ingots when killed. Iron golems can turn aggressive against any neutral mob or hostile other than wolves and creepers. They only stop being aggressive if they defeat the mob that has attacked, or when all players exit the game.

12. Ghast:

Do not go by the size. Even the tiniest of Minecraft characters can be extremely dangerous. Ghasts are mobs that float in the air and shoot fireballs from their mouth. The fireballs shot by Ghasts reflects back if they are struck with tools or bare hands before impact. You can kill the ghast entirely by reflecting their attacks back at them.

Ghasts spawn near the portals outside the Nether. To spawn, the ghasts require a solid block under them and a free space of 5*4*5 to spawn.

The ghasts drop 0 to 2 gunpowder and even a ghast tear in some occasion. They can even drop five experience when killed by a player. And they even make high pitched and infant-like noises while attacking.

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13. Minecraft Pig:

Here’s a coloring page of a Minecraft pig, the passive animal mob that spawns in grassy areas. When you use a saddle on them, they become able to be ridden by the player. But you can control them by using a carrot on a stick. You can even remove the Saddle by killing the saddled pig.

The pigs are used mainly for porkchop gathering. But first, the player has to make a fenced area four blocks wide and one block deep. Then you have to lure the pigs into the farm with carrots. Now breed them as often as you can.

The pig turns into a zombie pigman when it is struck by lightning.

14. Diamond Sword:

Here’s a coloring page of the diamond sword, one of the most effective melee weapons for killing players and creatures. Hundreds of blocks can be destroyed in a jiffy with this sword. If you are attacking the sword while at walking speed, or even slow, the enemies will be knocked off and damaged from the slashing attack.

Pressing attack on the sword can increase the player’s damage to both mobs and co-players. But the durability of the sword also decreases upon damaging.

The swords hold high value even to the villagers. The villagers trade the sword for 12 to 14 emeralds.

15. Creeper:

Here’s a coloring page of a Creeper, the hostile creature that emits a hissing sound followed by an explosion when it comes near the player. The creepers can spawn anytime underground and in the dark locations or at night on the surface. The creepers do not catch fire when exposed to sunlight.

The explosion time of a Creeper also resets when the player moves out of its blast radius before detonation. When a Creeper is killed before their explosion is triggered, it will drop gunpowder.

But if the lightning strikes with four blocks of a creeper, he will get electrified, which will transform it a Charged Creeper, also known as Thunder Creepers.

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16. Wither Skeleton:

Here’s a coloring page of a wither skeleton in action. Wither skeletons are hostile mobs that spawn in the Nether fortress at a level of 7 or less. During the Halloween, the Wither skeletons have a 23% chance of spawning while wearing a pumpkin and 3% chance of spawning while wearing a jack-o-lantern. If the wither skeleton wearing jack-o-lantern or pumpkin is killed using an enchanted too, there can be a 3% extra dropping.

When the wither skeletons hit a player, they inflict a poison like an effect. And unlike the regular skeletons, the wither skeletons do not get damaged by fire, daylight or lava.

The wither skeletons drop 0 to 1 coal and 0 to 2 bones. In addition to the normal drops, Wither skeleton also drop skeleton skulls and stone swords. There is even a 22.5 chance of dropping their skull when killed by a player.

17. Zombie Pigman:

Here’s a coloring page of Zombie Pigman, the neutral mob from the Minecraft series. The Pigmen spawn in the dimly lit areas in the Nether or when a bolt of lightning strikes on the surface. The Pigman even has a 5% chance of spawning as a baby zombie pigman and a baby zombie pigman has 5% chances of spawning as a pigman jockey. And all the pigmen spawn with a golden sword that is randomly enchanted. Attacking even one Zombie Pigman can cause the whole surrounding group to become hostile.

The zombie pigman drops 0 to 1 rotten fish and 0 to 1 gold nuggets. The amount can be increased by using 1% per level of looting. Just like the normal zombies, even zombie pigman may drop gold ingots, gold helmets, gold swords and gold shovels in addition to their normal drop.

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18. Horse:

The Minecraft horses are tamable mobs that come in five variants- donkeys, mules, horses, skeleton horses and zombie horses. These variants appear in different color coats that exhibit different color markings. Donkeys and horses spawn in savannas and plains in herds of 2 to 6. All the members of the flock have same color combinations, but the markings may vary.

Mules can only be spawned in the survival mode by cross breeding a donkey with a horse. The skeletal horses are spawned as skeleton traps from the lightning strikes. Zombie horses have to be summoned by issuing a command.

The adult Minecraft horses have 1.6 blocks high and 1.4 blocks wide. Foals are about the half size, but they get progressively bigger as they age. And unlike ocelots and wolves, the appearance of horses does not change after being tamed.

19. Chicken:

Out of all the Minecraft animals, chickens are my favorite. These passive, egg-laying animals generate natural on grass blocks. You can breed the chicken with beetroot seeds, wheat seeds, and pumpkin and melon seeds for producing baby chicken. The thrown eggs have a 1/8 chance to spawn a baby chicken, which if successful, can spawn four chicks instead.

Chickens drop 0 to 2 feathers and a unit of raw chicken. If the chicken dies while placed on the fire, it will drop cooked chicken instead of raw chicken. Now that’s amusing. Chickens drop 1 to 3 experience when they are killed by a player or a tamed wolf. Unlike adult chickens, baby chickens do not drop anything.

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20. Sheep:

Sheep are passive animal mobs supplying wool and mutton. Most of them are white with 81.83% chance of spawning. Ther rarer varieties black, dark gray and light gray sheep have 5% chance whereas brown with 3%, pink with 0.164% chance of natural spawning. When the sheep is killed, it drops one wool, but with wooly sheep, one to three wools are dropped. Sheep also drops one to two raw mutton. If the sheep dies while on fire, it gives a cooked meat. Lambs are also like other baby animals and do not drop any items. They cannot be sheared as well for wool. Sheep can be bred with wheat. You can instruct your little one to color this sheep image that goes with a single shade.

21. Ocelot:

Here’s a coloring page of a Minecraft Ocelot. It’s a passive and shy character that does not attack the player. And it’s one of the few mobs with the ability to sprint. These cute creatures spawn on leaves or grass blocks at sea level in jungle biomes. But there’s 1/3 possibility that the spawn attempt may fail. When you feed a tamed cat uncooked fish, it will enter the love mode. The breeding will create a kitten, after which the parents cannot breed for 5 minutes. The growth of the cat can be accelerated by using raw fish. And each fish takes 10% of the remaining time to grow up. Ocelots drop 1 to 3 experience when they are killed by a tamed world or a player.

22. Wither:

Here’s a coloring page of Wither, or Boss, as he is better known as. Wither is a three-headed powerful boss mob, and the second boss mob to be added to the Minecraft series. Players can create withers by placing a soul stand in a T-shape and 1 wither skeletons on the top. The last block set should be one of the three wither skeleton skulls. And the skull that triggers spawning should be placed by the player or the dispenser.

When spawned, the wither flashes blue and grows with the health bar filling from half to full. In this state, the wither is invincible.

The wither drops a nether star upon death, which stays on the ground and does not despawn until picked up. Even the looting enchantment does not work on this strong creature. The wither also drops 50 experiences when killed.

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23. A Herd Of Zombies:

Here’s a coloring page of a herd of zombies. Zombies are highly aggressive and violent mobs that spawn in groups in dimly lit areas in the caves and on the surface. Just like Skeleton, Zombies can set on fire when they are exposed to sunlight. These zombies pursue a player only when spotted. And they make absolutely no attempt to stay out of the water or avoid hills and cliffs.

24. Minecraft World:

This coloring page displays the grandeur of the Minecraft world. The Minecraft world has four worlds to be explored. The player has to begin with Overworld, which looks very similar to earth with tundra, savanna, jungle, forest and desert. The second world is Nether, an incredibly exciting and dangerous place. To create the Nether portal, the player has to make an Obsidian door frame and then light the inside with fire. The third world is the End, which can be reached through a portal created by a complicated process.

Lastly, you have the city word. To build the city, people have to start with the creative mode with seeds and flat land. Now the player has to build a house using stone, bricks, iron and wood planks.

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25. Gangnam Style:

What character is this? We have never come across such a character in Minecraft. We know most of you must be questioning the same to yourself. The character here is Psy, from the famous Korean video Gangnam Style. The song became a pop sensation of the year 2012 and was viewed 360 million times on YouTube. So how could Minecraft stay behind? Hence, they posted the Minecraft parody by Captain Sparklez soon after the release of the original song. And just like the original, even the parody has been viewed a million times. Have you seen it yet?

26. Cake:

Minecraft cake is produced by crafting and placed over the surface for any player to consume. It is made of an egg, three buckets of milk, three wheat and two sugar. If a player consumes the cake once, it appears as to cut into thirds or sixths. It is placed 1/4 lower to the regular block and contains red cherry like topping and white icing. You can ask your child to color this cake picture likewise. Unlike other foods, cake makes so sound when eaten. Multiple players can consume the same cake at the same time. A whole cake emits a signal strength of 14, and this decreases with each bite by two units.

27. Pickaxe:

A pickaxe is a standard tool used in Minecraft that can destroy all stone and ore blocks faster than any other tool. When the pickaxe breaks one block, it is one durability. For instant breakage of blocks, it is zero durability. Different qualities of pickaxe harvest different blocks and ores. Iron or diamond pickaxe can mine gold ore, and any color pickaxe can mine white stone. Iron pickaxes can break all blocks except Obsidian. They also mine materials depending on the speeds. You can download this coloring page of pickaxe and ask your child to add colors.

So this was our compilation of minecraft coloring pictures. We hope we did not miss out your child’s favorite Minecraft characters. And if we did, let us know in the comment section below!

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