10 Minecraft Games And Activities For Kids To Play

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Minecraft games and activities are extremely popular among children. Minecraft games for kids have swiftly become one of the most popular games in the world. Sunrises and sunsets, working all day, crafting tools and buildings out of diverse materials, farming, and caring for animals are all included in the game. Kids are always on the lookout for new products and want to be kept informed about them. If you’re looking for some fun Minecraft games for kids, keep reading this post.

What Is Minecraft Game?

Minecraft is a video game that was originally created by the Swedish programmer Markus Notch Persson. It is a game where you have to dig (mine) and then build (craft) different types of 3D blocks. All the action takes place inside an imaginary world that has a lot of different terrains and places to explore.

The minecraft game for kids uses a lot of real and everyday experiences such as gathering different materials to make your own tools, spending the entire day working even as the sun rises and sets, experiencing occasional rain and thunder storm, taming and taking care of animals, farming and producing food and so on. There are various modes that your kids can choose from. While some levels are only about building the game, some also require you to fight for your survival and protect yourself from hunger, bad people and other dangers that are around.

Top 20 Minecraft Games And Activities For Kids:

Here is a mix of 20 minecraft games for kids to play with other children which they absolutely love:


1. Minecraft Mine Cave:

  • In Minecraft Mine Cave, your kid has to control the character known as Steve and try and collect all the stars that are there inside the cave.
  • Your kid also has to avoid the bats that are inside the cave and collect as many points as possible.
  • Once your kid has done that, they can go towards the exit door and move on to the next level.
  • It is a multilevel game. Explore this mindcraft kids games and fulfill them with fun.

2. Minecraft Min 3:

  • In Minecraft Min 3, your kid has to take on the role of a miner and remove as many blocks as possible.
  • To do so, your kid will have to use the arrow keys and hold the X as they move over a series of blocks that are of the same color.
  • Once they do so they will be able to move the blocks and head towards the next level.

3. Minecraft Run 3D:

  • In Minecraft Run 3D, your kid will be playing a 3D running game.
  • Your kid will have to control the Minecraft character and help them to avoid any obstacles that come in the way.
  • The character cannot stop running, so your kid will have to pay a lot of attention to their moves.
  • Your kid also has to make sure that the character does not get stopped due to any obstacles so that they can collect as many coins as possible.
  • Once they do so, they can move on to the next level. It may be one of the best minecraft games to play for kids.

4. Minecraft Rock Vs. Zombie:

  • In Minecraft Rock vs. Zombie, your kid has to destroy all the zombies as fast as they can, in a pre-decided time limit. Your kid has to do this using a huge rock that will kill the zombies.
  • To make sure that your kid destroys the zombies, they first have to roll the rock and then change its direction. By doing so, they will be able to step over a zombie with the rock and be able to kill it.
  • There are a lot of different levels in the game and each level has different levels of zombies that your kid will have to kill as fast as possible.
  • Once your kid has killed all the zombies, their score will be calculated based on which they will be able to proceed to the next level.

5. Minecraft Bejeweled:

  • Minecraft Bejeweled is a logic based game in which your kid has to compete through a level in five minutes and try to beat the clock.
  • Your kid has to make different groups of three or more jewels that have the same color or are of the same type. Once they do so, they will be able to eliminate the jewels and get more points.
  • There is only one level in the game and the objective is to beat the clock.

6. Minecraft Tower Defense:

  • In Minecraft Tower Defense, your kid has to play a game that is based on the minimalist strategy concept.
  • The game is made in pixel style.
  • To play the game, your kid will have to know how to protect their home from incoming creeper waves.
  • Your kid will have to use their shovel and dig out a way to their house that will resemble a maze-like path.
  • Your kid will also have to build lots of turrets along the way so that all the mobs that are trying to attack their home will be killed before reaching them.
  • Your kid will also need a lot of resources to build and upgrade the turrets and can do so by killing more and more enemies.
  • Your kid can also use the same resources to lay various traps for their enemies on the path so that they get killed.
  • Each time an enemy reaches your kid, they will end up losing a heart. The game will end when your kid loses all the hearts, so your kid has to really fight to keep the enemies away.

7. Minecraft Diamond Mine Game:

  • In Minecraft Diamond Mine game, your kid will get a lot of adventure and thrill with the main character of Minecraft.
  • Your kid has to help the Minecraft character to move over all the obstacles that will come on the way and try to be the best out of all.
  • In this particular game, your kid has to try and help the character get as many gems and diamonds from the mine as possible.
  • Your kid has to help doing the same through each level in order to move to the next level, till they reach the last level.
  • Your kid will have to learn to properly control the character from Minecraft so that they can successfully cross the levels.
  • Your kid can reach the next level of the game only when they have collected all the diamonds that are there in that particular level.
  • There will also be a lot of lava in the game and your kid will have to make sure that the character is able to avoid coming in contact with it. If the character does touch the lava accidentally, they will lose their life and your kid will have to start back from the first level all over again.

8. Minecraft Tetris Game:

  • In the Minecraft Tetris game, your kid will have to make use of logic to advance ahead.
  • The game features the Minecraft character Steve and some other zombie characters who will try to keep a track of everything your kid does and will try and see how far your kid can advance.
  • Your kid will have to manipulate the Tetriminos and can only do so by moving each of them sideways.
  • Your kid can also try to find out ways in which they can rotate the characters in such a way that they can create a horizontal line of ten blocks without making any gaps in between.
  • As soon as your kid creates the line, it will disappear, and any block that was there above the line that got deleted will also fall.
  • Your kid has to try and move ahead through each level to get more scores.

9. Minecraft Skin Creator:

  • In Minecraft Skin Creator, your kid can create their own Minecraft avatars and give them an individual personality as they wish.
  • Your kid can go ahead and take Steve, who is the character from Minecraft and personalize him as per their choice.
  • Alternatively, your kid can also choose from various other Minecraft characters such as robots and zombies and personalize them as they want to.
  • Once your kid has given their character of choice a personal touch, they can save the changes and place them in the game. This kids minecraft games helps them to build whatever their mind can imagine.

10. Minecraft World Adventure Game:

  • The Minecraft World Adventure game is very similar to another game known as Mario’s world.
  • It is a game in which your kid has to explore and avoid any enemies, as well as use the special boxes that will get them some bonus objects that they can use to defeat the enemies.
  • Your kid can also try and go pass the enemies by avoiding getting hurt.
  • In this particular game, the zombie characters from Minecraft will be your kids’ enemies and they have to avoid them because if they come to your kid, your kid will become smaller. The second time it happens and your kid becomes smaller, their character will lose life. This mindcraft kids game is a super fun game with full of adventures. Kids can enjoy and have a great fun.


1. Build A House:

  • Help your kid build a house by choosing various materials such as wood, stone, plastic, discarded materials and such.
  • Your kids can use different colored cloths or wools to make carpets and use cardboard to make different types of furniture such as book shelves, cabinets, beds, tables and so on.

2. Become A Farmer:

  • After your kids have built a home, they can turn to farming to sustain themselves.
  • Show your kids how to dig and hoe and plant seeds. Your kids can choose from a variety of seeds such as carrots, wheat, tomatoes, cacti and even mushroom.
  • Your kid will have to carry water around and water the plants as and when it is needed. They will also have to tend to the plants and make sure they remove all weeds and bugs that could destroy their plant.

3. Tame Animals:

  • Your kid can teach basic commands to your family pet dog, such as sit, fetch, walk, stand and so on.
  • Once your kid is able to do so, you can teach them how they can take their pets out for walks and how they can do things together with their pet.

4. Make Natural Dyes And Dye Something:

  • Show your kid how to use natural ingredients such as vegetables and flowers to make natural dyes at home.
  • You can help your kid gather materials from around the house that they can use to make dyes. Some natural products that they can use are vegetables such as beetroots, flowers such as hibiscus as well as inks and such.
  • Once your kid has collected all the material, they can use it to make the dye and color things such as wood, clay, cloth and so on.

5. Read A Map:

  • Teach your kid how to read a map and how to use a compass.
  • Once your kids know all about a map and how to read it, they will be able to find out more fun places where they can build their imagined territory and will also know how to get access there.
  • Your kid will also learn to read the compass and understand how to know what direction they are in and where they have to go.

6. Go Fishing:

  • Your kid and you can head out for a day of fishing with all the required tools and accessories.
  • Help your kids choose a spot where they feel that will be good to catch some fish.
  • Once there, you can show them how to set up the hook and rod.
  • Fishing is all about patience, so you will have to make sure your kids learn how to sit quietly and wait for the fish to take the bait.

7. Build A Profile:

  • Just as in the game, ask your kid to do a mix and match of their clothes and accessories and create interesting profiles in real life.
  • Your kid can create different looks using the clothes and things they have and it will be a lot of fun for them to wear a new look each day, from the same clothes.

8. Create A Character:

  • Ask your kid to make their own version of a Minecraft character by observing the artwork in the game and using it on their own.
  • Your kid can take the same character from the game and give it a new twist, or make a new one from scratch.

9. Brew A Potion:

  • Let your kid make some fun pretend potions by using kitchen ingredients such as baking soda, baking powder, flour, food coloring and so on.
  • Let them make new inventions and potions that they can then use on unsuspecting family members.

10. Obstacle Course:

  • Ask your kid to make an obstacle course inside the house using regular stuff such as cushions, chairs, sheets and so on.
  • Make sure it is safe and that your kid can safely navigate around the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any risks involved when children play Minecraft?

The single-player “Creative” mode in the “Peaceful” setting is generally safe for children. However, multiplayer gaming may involve some risks, such as hate speech and explicit language. For their safety, ask them to play in “realms” created by someone they know and can only be joined with an invitation (1).

2. Does Minecraft help with ADHD?

Some children with ADHD may find playing Minecraft a relaxing activity that motivates them to accomplish virtual tasks without pressure. However, playing it too often may not be good for children as they lose interest in other activities.

All of the games described above are popular Minecraft games for kids, including Minecraft Run 3D, Minecraft Bejeweled, Minecraft Tetris Game, and Minecraft World Adventure Game. You can also join your children while they’re playing these games. However, because these Minecraft games can be quite addictive, make sure you give your child ideas for activities that revolve around the tasks in the game, such as building a miniature house at home, playing with pets and farm animals in real life, going fishing, and teaching them to read a map when going somewhere.


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