Top 10 Minecraft Toys For Kids

If you have a little Minecraft-fiend at home, who just can’t seem to get enough of the game, it’s possible that you’re worried about the time he spends on the screen. So, how can you get your little one to have a good time without his virtual world with bricks to build and create?

But, fret not! Momjunction is here to answer that question for you. Have a look at our list below. We’ve rounded up the ten best Minecraft toys for kids. So, you can rest easy and get him to do more than just play Minecraft on the PC all day long.

10 Best Minecraft Toys For Kids

1. ThinkGeek Officially Licensed Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword

Minecraft Toys For Kids - ThinkGeek Officially Licensed MinecraftBuy-Now

The top spot has to go to the Officially Licensed Minecraft Diamond Sword. It’s the same iconic weapon that Steve carries with him while journeying down into the mine. If this sword can keep Steve safe from spiders and zombies, then it will also give your child an edge to face the school.

The Sword is made from sturdy EVA foam, which means that it will stand more than 1500 uses. The sword looks very sturdy and hefty, but has enough cushions to make you feel comfortable. So let your child grabs the sword and enters into the world of imagination.

2. LEGO Minecraft 21118 The Mine

Minecraft Toys For Kids - LEGO Minecraft 21118 The MineBuy-Now

The second spot of the best Minecraft toys has the mine itself. With this LEGO set, your kid can build a different version of the Mine. The kit includes a mini figure of Steve armed with weapons, a Creeper, skeleton, spider, zombie and 926 LEGO pieces. Besides, there are also a mine cart, a huge mine cart track, Redstone, diamond and coal elements, two trees and torches.

Note- The set is not for novice LEGO builders. So, purchase this product only if your kid is well acquainted with LEGO.

3. Minecraft Plushies

Minecraft Toys For Kids - Minecraft PlushiesBuy-Now

Plushies make cute gifts for kids of all ages, regardless the gender. There are plenty of Minecraft plushies available, from mushrooms to ocelots to pigs, but there is something special about Creeper. This adorable and fluffy green stuffed toy, standing 2 feet tall will make a perfect collectible for children who are looking for the whole set.

When you squeeze the Creeper, it will make a creepy hiss and explosion sound. So this plushie will make a perfect stress reliever when the game turns too intense.

4. Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator

Minecraft Toys For Kids - Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie CreatorBuy-Now

Help your kid make his own Minecraft stop-motions movie with the Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator. The set comes with 15 props, four mini figures, and four backgrounds to help your kid bring his Minecraft story come to life. He just needs to select from the four iconic backgrounds for setting the stage and use the mini-figures and accessories to set up the scene. There’s also a free mobile application that will guide your child in creating the stop-animation movie. Children can change the props and background cards for endless storytelling.

5. Minecraft The End

Minecraft Toys For Kids - Minecraft The EndBuy-Now

Unleash the action of Minecraft with The End figures. The set includes two Minecraft figures, including a version of Steve carrying the bow, arrow and diamond armor. Then there is the Ender Dragon too with his articulated wings.

These with figures are inspired by Minecraft’s signature style and have authentic details and features. It will make a great gift for the little fans of this game.

6. Minecraft Periodic Table

Minecraft Toys For Kids - Minecraft Periodic TableBuy-Now

Minecraft Periodic Table is a collection of 27, one-inch thick element blocks, including Air, Water, Lava, Diamond Ore and Glowstone for creating new Minecraft worlds. The littlest fans can use the blocks for creating landscapes, forming periodic tables and playing with the mini-figures.

7. Minecraft Animal Toys

Minecraft Toys For Kids - Minecraft Animal ToysBuy-Now

Fun will never end with the set of Minecraft Animal Toy Pack coming in the form of Tame Wolf, Pig, Sheep, Cow, Ocelot, and Chicken. These animals do not pose any harm to the village, but help in the protection from the hostile mobs, providing wool, transportation and more. Children will have a great time playing with their animal friends.

All the animals have removable and replaceable body parts. So in the true Minecraft fashion, children can create their own hybrid animals.

8. Think Geek Minecraft Pickaxe

Minecraft Toys For Kids - Think Geek Minecraft PickaxeBuy-Now

How can your kid be a good miner without a good pickaxe? After all, there is no finer tool for the mines of Minecraft than a pickaxe. So we’ve got you the replicated, officially licensed pixelated Foam Pickaxe. This sturdy, yet pliant tool is safe for kids of all ages to play. Yes, it may not help him bash through rock or even drywall, but will make him feel that he can with this baby in his hand. Or your diehard Minecraft fan can even place this pickaxe next to the computer as he goes on his next quest.

The company claims that the pickaxe Minecraft kids toys can withstand more than 132 uses, making it a durable toy. And since it’s an officially licensed toy, your tyke will be happy too!

9. LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113 Playset

Minecraft Toys For Kids - LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113 PlaysetBuy-Now

Minecraft and LEGO are truly a match made in heaven. One cannot get closer to bringing the world of Minecraft to life by constructing your own scenes and characters from the beloved game.

Build the set for Minecraft invasion with the Lego Minecraft, The Cave Playset. The set includes two mini figures, namely Steve, a zombie and a spider, your accessory. A skilled LEGO enthusiast won’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes for building the set. Once it’s completed, it will be fun for kids to play with it. Or you can proudly display your kid’s work by placing it in the living room.

10. Minecraft Wall Torch

Minecraft Toys For Kids - Minecraft Wall TorchBuy-Now

Here’s an ultimate gift for the hardcore Minecraft fan in your house. Designed in signature Minecraft style, this wall torch looks identical to the one seen in the game. Children can use the torch to fend off the hostile spawns.

The square shaped flashlight shines vividly with three AAA batteries. The torch is also easy to hang on the wall, all thanks to the plastic hook at its base. So you can use the torch either as the night light or to enhance the room’s décor. And it will even keep the zombies away!

Your little one will be excited to the hilt on receiving these lovely toys. So, which one of these are you planning to get for your child? Share your choice with us by commenting below!

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