Missed Periods In Teenagers – Everything You Need To Know

Missed Periods In Teenagers

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Has your teen started her periods but has some problems with irregularity? Did you notice a missed period of late and are wondering what it could mean about your teen’s health?

If you or your teen are worried about a missed period, scroll down to know more about the reasons behind missed periods in teens & what it could signify.

Reasons For Missed Periods In Teens?

If your teen misses her period, it is natural to panic and assume the worst. But missing a period does not always signify a pregnancy. Here are some reasons for missed periods in teenagers: (1)

1. Excessive Exercising:

Sometimes, if your teen is an active participant in sports and has been involved in excessive exercising, it could lead to a slow or missed period.

  • If your teen participates in regular high-intensity sports, she may notice a change in her menstrual cycle.
  • Her flow may tend to be lesser, she may have her periods less frequently or she may even miss an entire month or two of her monthly periods.
  • It is your teen’s body’s way of conserving all the energy to help her feel more energetic during her rigorous sports time.
  • Once your teen gets less active in her active sports, her periods may come back to their normal cycle within a few months.

How To Help: It is important to schedule an appointment and take your teen for a medical assessment. Ask her to take a break from her sports schedule to see if it helps the periods come back on track.

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2. Amenorrhea:

If your teen has not started her periods even by the time she is 16 years of age, it could be a case of amenorrhea (2).

  • Amenorrhea could be of two types. The first one is when your teen has not experienced her periods yet, even though she is about 16 years of age. It is known as amenorrhea primary.
  • The second one is amenorrhea secondary, in which your teen may have started her periods, but they have now stopped. The gap could either be for six months or sometimes even more.

How To Help: In both the cases, it is important to schedule an appointment with your teen’s doctor and have an assessment done to know the cause.

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3. Stress:

Your teen will be going through a lot of emotional, physical, mental and psychological changes while she is going through her teen years.

  • So many changes happening in her body and around her are bound to make her feel confused, angry and even stressed.
  • Stress plays a big role in a female’s menstrual cycle. It is normal and even natural for your teen to stress through her growing up years. However, when the stress starts getting too regular and interferes with her day to day life, it can lead to an imbalance in her monthly periods too.
  • If your teen is suffering from emotional stress, it can hamper her periods and may cause a decrease in the flow, or make them stop for some time altogether.

How To Help: Help your teen relax by talking to her and understanding what could be causing the stress. Do not judge her or scold her as it may make her stop communicating her concerns with you. Tell her that being stressed can negatively harm her health and lead to various complications.

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4. Eating Disorder:

Your teen may suddenly be interested in fad dieting or eating less, which can also affect her periods.

  • Eating disorders are a known cause that can slow down or even stop the monthly periods.
  • Not eating a balanced or healthy meal, eating junk food or trying to skip food can all play havoc with your teen’s body. The results could be damaging and one of the first signs could be in the way her periods happen or miss out.

How To Help: Talk to your teen why she has the eating issues that she has. Give her healthier alternatives and help her realize that eating right can actually help her control her weight while remaining healthy.

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Teenager Missed Period – Health Hazards

Missing a period may signify some health hazards in your teen. Keep a watch out for the following:

  • Loss of bone density
  • A higher risk of suffering a fracture
  • Higher chances of developing osteoporosis in later years
  • Pregnancy

Hope you liked our post on missed periods in teenagers. Your teen’s monthly period is an important part of her growing up, so make sure you keep your doctor updated and mention any missed dates or delays.

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