200 Mithun Rashi Or Gemini Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Denoted by the symbol of “twins,” the Mithun Rashi falls at third of Hindu astrology or Vedic astrology zodiac signs. The Mithun Rashi names for boys and girls are expected to begin with “k,” “C,” “Ch,” “G,” and “Gh” sounds. This sign shares close similarity with Western astrology’s Gemini zodiac sign.

In this post, we bring you a list of some unique, familiar, and modern Mithun Rashi names, along with their meanings for your little one.

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100 Mithun Rashi Names For Boys With Meanings

1. Chhayank


The name Chhayank means “the mesmerizing light.” Chhayank also means “the Moon.” 

2. Chhatrajit

A unique name, Chhatrajit, means “one who protects mankind.”

3. Ghanendra

Another name for Lord Indra, Ghanendra, means “Lord of the clouds.”

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Ghanendra is a common name that’s used by speakers of Oriya, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Bengali languages.

4. Ghanish

The name Ghanish refers to a well-built person. 

5. Gharshit

The name Gharshit means “a knowledgeable person.” 

6. Kaarya

A unique name, Kaarya, means “a soft-spoken person.” Kaarya also means “intelligence.” 

7. Kairav

The name Kairav means “one who is born from water.” Kairav also means a “white lotus.” 

8. Kajish

A unique name, Kajish is one of the many names of Lord Ganesha. 

9. Kalhar

The name Kalhar means the “White Lily.” 

10. Kallol

A unique and modern name, Kallol, means “shouts of joy” or “splashes of waves.” 

protip_icon Trivia
Kallol is also the name of the famous Bengali literary movements of the 20th century between 1923 and 1935.

11. Kalp

Another name for Lord Shiva, Kalp, means “the Moon.” Kalp also means “competent,” “healthy,” or “thought.” 

12. Kalpak

The name Kalpak means “ceremony.” Kalpak also means “a heavenly tree.” 

13. Kalpit

The name Kalpit means “a visionary and creative individual.” Kalpit also means “reflection.” 

14. Kamod

A unique name, Kamod, means “one who grants wishes.” Kamod also means “generous.” 

15. Kanav

The name Kanav means “wise and intelligent.” Kanav also refers to “the Kundal in Lord Krishna’s ear.” 

16. Kanil

The name Kanil means “invincible and powerful, like Lord Vishnu.” 

17. Kanishk

The name Kanishk has its origin from “Kanishk,” the name of an ancient ruler who practiced Buddhism. 

18. Kanishkar

The name Kanishkar means “the youngest.” Kanishkar also means “God’s child.” 

19. Kapil

Kapil is the name of a famous sage of the Vedic times. Another name for Lord Vishnu, Kapil, also means “the Sun.” 

20. Kapish

A name with a religious origin, Kapish is one of the many names of Lord Hanuman. 

protip_icon Trivia
The word Kapish is spelled as capisce in Italian and means ‘to understand.’

21. Karanvir

The name Karanvir means “a courageous and benevolent warrior or soldier”. 

22. Karmdeep

The name Karmdeep means “gracious.” Karmdeep also means “lamp/light of God.” 

23. Karmjit

The name Karmjit means “one who wins over hurdles and obstacles.” 

24. Karna

The name Karna has its origin in Mahabharata, referring to Karna, “the firstborn of Kunti.” Karna also means “the ear” or “one who helps others.” 

25. Karnak

The name Karnak has a Sanskrit origin, meaning “a chamber of the heart.” Karnak also means “to be attentive.” 

26. Karnesh

A unique name, Karnesh, means “compassion.” Karnesh also means “Lord of mercy and benevolence.” 

27. Karnik

The name Karnik means “one who is in control.” Karnik also means “to judge.” 

28. Kartar

The name Kartar means “one who creates.” 

29. Karthikeya

A name with a religious origin, Karthikeya, refers to the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Karthikeya also means “one who bestows happiness.” 

30. Kartik

The name Kartik refers to a month in the Hindu Calendar. The name Kartik also means “to inspire someone with courage and happiness.” 

31. Karun

The name Karun means “one who is benevolent, generous, and merciful.” 

32. Karush

The name Karush means “dry” or “hard.” 

33. Karv

The name Karv means “desire.” Karv also means “something irresistible.” 

34. Kashyap

The name has its origin from “Kashyap,” a Vedic sage who was a part of the Saptarshi (revered seven rishis of the Vedic times). The name Kashyap also means “one who drinks water.” 

35. Kathit

Another name for Lord Shiva, Kathit, refers to something well-described or “one about whom much is said.” 

36. Kaush

A unique name, Kaush, means “talent.” 

37. Kaushik

Another name for Lord Shiva, Kaushik, means “the feeling of love and affection.” 

38. Kaustav/Kaustubh

The name Kaustav/Kaustubh refers to “the jewel worn by Lord Vishnu.” 

39. Kautik

The name Kautik means “one who is full of joy.” 

40. Kavach

Another name for Karna (the firstborn of Kunti), Kavach means “armor.” 

41. Kavan

The name Kavan means “water.” Kavan also means “poem” or “handsome.” 

42. Kaveer/Kavir

Kaveer/Kavir is a Gemini baby name meaning the Sun

Image: Shutterstock

The name Kavir means “bright and radiant light.” Kavir also means “the Sun.” 

43. Kavish

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Kavish, means “King of Poets.” 

44. Kavyansh

The name Kavyansh refers to a wise and intelligent person who is “born with poetry.” 

45. Kawaljeet

A unique name, Kawaljeet, means “one who sings songs of victory.” 

46. Kayan

The name Kayan refers to “the dynasty of King Kaikobad.” Kayan also means “something that holds great importance.” 

47. Kayosh

A unique name, Kayosh, means “rain-bearing clouds.” 

48. Kedar

Another name for Lord Shiva, Kedar, refers to the “peak or pinnacle of the Himalayas.” The name also means a “meadow” or “strong.” 

49. Keerthiraj

The name Keerthiraj means “a famed ruler.” 

50. Keshav

Another name for Lord Venkateswara, Keshav, means “God is gracious.” Keshav is also another name for Lord Krishna. 

51. Ketak

The name Ketak means “flower”. Ketak also means “gold ornament for the hair.” 

52. Ketan

The name Ketan means “home” or “abode.” Ketan also means “invitation” or “signal.” 

53. Ketav

A name with a religious origin, Ketav is one of the many names of Lord Vishnu. 

54. Keyaan

A unique name, Keyaan, means “the king.” 

55. Keyath

The name Keyath means “one who has come from the battlefield.” 

56. Khemraaj

Another name for Lord Shiva, Khemraaj, means “the kingdom of happiness.” 

57. Khushbir

The name Khushbir means “one who is brave and delightful.” 

58. Kian

The name Kian means “ancient.” Kian also means “God’s grace.” 

59. Kiash

A name with a religious origin, Kiash, is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. 

60. Kinshu

A name with a religious origin, Kinshu is one of the many names of Lord Krishna. 

61. Kinshuk

A unique and modern name, Kinshuk, refers to a flower. 

62. Kiranjit

The name Kiranjit means “victorious like the rays of Sun.” 

63. Kirav

A unique and modern name, Kirav, means “the Sun.” 

64. Kirshik

The name Kirshik means “good quality or talent.” 

65. Kirtesh

A unique name, Kirtesh, means “a famous and celebrated God.” 

66. Kirtit

The name Kirtit means “an eminent, famous, and celebrated person.” 

67. Kishan

Another name for Lord Krishna, Kishan, means “one who is dark-skinned.” 

68. Kishlay

The name Kishlay means “beloved.” Kishlay also means “lotus.” 

69. Kishor

The name Kishor means someone “young.” The name Kishor also means “the Sun.” 

70. Kishwar

The name Kishwar means “a region” or “a country.” 

71. Kivar

The name Kivar means “the Sun.” 

72. Kiyansh

A unique name, Kiyansh, means “an individual blessed with good and noble qualities.” 

73. Kiyash

A unique name, Kiyash is one of the many names of Lord Krishna. 

74. Koshal

The name Koshal means “happiness.” Koshal also means “wise,” “clever,” or “wealthy.” 

75. Koviddh

A unique name, Koviddh, refers to an intelligent and wise person. 

76. Krish

A name with a religious origin, Krish, is a diminutive of the name Krishna. 

77. Krishdeep

A unique name, Krishdeep, means “the radiance and light of Lord Krishna. 

78. Kritin

The name Kritin refers to a skillful individual. 

79. Kritya

The name Kritya means “an accomplishment” or “an achievement.” Kritya also means “action.” 

80. Krutarth

A unique name, Krutarth means “one who is obliged.” 

81. Kuber

A name with a religious origin, Kuber refers to “the king of wealth and riches.” 

82. Kuhan

A unique name, Kuhan, means “one who offers his service to Lord Rama.” 

83. Kulbir

The name Kulbir means a “brave soldier.” Kulbir also means “one who is the hero of the family.” 

84. Kuldeep

The name Kuldeep means “light or an enlightened one in the family.” 

85. Kulish

The name Kulish means “thunderbolt.” Kulish also means “one who is born in a good and noble family.” 

86. Kulreet

The name Kulreet means “to continue.” 

87. Kumaran

A name with a religious origin, Kumaran, is one of the many names of Lord Murugan. 

88. Kunal

Kunal is a Gemini baby name meaning lotus

Image: IStock

The name Kunal means “golden.” Kunal also means “lotus.” 

89. Kunj

A unique and modern name, Kunj means a “sweet and melodious voice.” Kunj also means “to live in greenery.” 

90. Kunjit

The name Kunjit refers to “something hidden in the forest.” 

91. Kunsh

The name Kunsh means “articulate.” Kunsh also refers to “someone/something that shines.” 

92. Kunwaar

The name Kunwaar means “prince.” 

93. Kush

The name Kush has its origin from Ramayana, referring to one of Lord Ram’s twin sons (Labh and Kush). Kush also means “sacred or holy grass.” 

94. Kushal

One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Kushal, means something “auspicious.” Kushal also means “skillful, happy, and intelligent.” 

95. Kushank

A unique name, Kushank, means “a piece of grass.

96. Kushanu

The name Kushanu means “fire.” 

97. Kushin

Kushin is another name for Valmiki, a revered sage who wrote the famous Ramayana. 

98. Kushyanth

The name Kushyanth means “happiness and merriment.” 

99. Kuvam

The name Kuvam means “the Sun.” Kuvam also means “producer of the Earth.” 

100. Kvanh

A modern name for Mithun Rashi boys, Kvanh, means “a melodious and sweet sound.”

100 Mithun Rashi Names For Girls With Meanings

101. Chhavi

A beautiful name, Chhavi, means “reflection of an image.” Chhavi also means “radiance.” 

102. Chhaya

The name Chhaya means “reflection” or “shadow.” 

103. Ghanapriya

A unique name, Ghanapriya means, “loved by the clouds.” 

104. Ghanashri

The name Ghanashri means “strength.” 

105. Ghanavi

The name Ghanavi means “melody.” Ghanavi also means “a singer.” 

106. Ghanika

A unique name, Ghanika, means “a beautiful flower.” 

107. Ghehna

The name Ghehna means “jewelry” or “one who wears jewelry.” 

108. Ghulika

A unique name, Ghulika, means “pearl.” 

109. Kaashvi

The name Kaashvi means “bright and luminous.” 

110. Kaasni

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Kaasni, means “flower.” 

111. Kavyanjali

A beautiful name, Kaavyanjali, means to “offer poetry.” 

112. Kairavi

The name Kairavi refers to the light of the moon. 

113. Kajal

The name Kajal refers to Kohl or eyeliner applied to the eyes. 

114. Kalindi

A unique name, Kalindi, is another name for the river Yamuna. 

115. Kalpana

The name Kalpana means “to image or fancy something.” Kalpana also means “dream-like” or “imagination.” 

116. Kalpita

A unique name, Kalpita, means “to be creative.” Kalpita also means “to invent.” 

117. Kalyani

One of the many names of Goddess Parvati, Kalyani, means “welfare and fortune.” The name Kalyani also refers to something auspicious. 

118. Kamakshi

It is another name for Goddess Parvati and Goddess Lakshmi. Kamakshi, means “one with beautiful eyes.” 

119. Kamalika

Another name of Goddess Lakshmi, Kamalika, means “lotus.” 

120. Kamini

The name Kamini means “a beautiful and affectionate woman.” 

121. Kamya

The name Kamya means “someone good-looking and beautiful.” Kamya also means “to be successful.” 

122. Kanak

Kanak is a beautiful baby girl name meaning sandalwood

Image: Shutterstock

A unisex name, Kanak means “gold.” Kanak also means “chandan or sandalwood.” 

123. Kanan

A unique name, Kanan means “the mouth of Lord Brahma.” The name Kanan also means “a forest.” 

124. Kanchana

The name Kanchana means “wealth” or “gold.” 

125. Kanchi

The name Kanchi means “a wasitband” or “brilliant.” It is also the name of a place of pilgrimage in southern India. 

126. Kangana

The name Kangana means “a bracelet.” 

127. Kanisha

The name Kanisha means “beautiful.” 

128. Kanupriya

Another name for Goddess Radha, Kanupriya means, “one who is beloved of Lord Krishna.” 

129. Kanvi

Another name for Goddess Radha, Kanvi means “a flute.” 

130. Karabi

A unique name, Karabi, derives its name from Karabi flower. 

131. Kareena

The name Kareena means “a dear one.” Kareena also means “pure and innocent.” 

132. Karishma

The name Karishma means “a miracle” or “a wonder.” 

133. Karnika

The name Karnika means “heart of the lotus.” Karnika also means “earrings.” 

134. Kartiki

A name with a religious origin, Kartiki, refers to “Ekadashi in the month of Kartik.” Kartiki also means “divine light.” 

135. Karunya

The name Karunya means “a kind-hearted, benevolent, and compassionate individual.” Karunya is another name for Goddess Lakshmi. 

136. Kashika

The name Kashika means something “radiant, bright, and shiny.” 

137. Kashish

A unisex name, Kashish, refers to Lord Shiva (Lord of Kailash). The name Kashish also means “a lovable and charming individual.”

138. Kasturi

A beautiful name, Kasturi, means “smell of musk.” 

139. Katyayani

A name with a religious origin, Katyayani is an epithet of Goddess Durga and Goddess Parvati. 

140. Kaushiki

A unique name, Kaushiki, means “something covered in or enveloped with silk.” Kaushiki is also one of the many names of Goddess Durga. 

141. Kautirya

Another name for Goddess Durga, Kautirya, means “one who lives in a hut.” 

142. Kavayah

The name Kavayah means “wise and intelligent.” 

143. Kaveri

A name with a locational origin, Kaveri, derives its name from “Kaveri,” a river in the southern India. 

144. Kavinaya

A unique name, Kavinaya means “a beautiful woman.” 

145. Kavishri

One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi, Kavishri, refers to a female poet (poetess). 

146. Kavita

The name Kavita refers to poetry or a poem. 

147. Kavni

The name Kavni means “a small poem.” 

148. Kavya

The name Kavya means “poetry in motion.” Kavya also means “foresight” or “something worth learning.” 

149. Kayra

A beautiful and modern name, Kayra means “a peaceful and unique female.” 

150. Keiyona

A beautiful and modern name, Keiyona means “morning star.” 

151. Kenisha

The name Kenisha means “clean water.” The name Kenisha also means “beautiful life.” 

152. Kesar

Kesar is a Mithun Rashi name meaning saffron

Image: Shutterstock

The name Kesar means “mane of a lion or a horse.” Kesar also means “saffron.” 

153. Kesha

The name Kesha refers to “the gracious Almighty”. Kesha also means “hair” or “immense happiness and joy.” 

154. Ketana

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Ketana means “home.” 

155. Ketki

The name Ketki has its origin from “Ketki,” a cream-colored flower. 

156. Kevika

A unique and modern name, Kevika, means “one who is like a flower.” 

157. Keya

A unique and modern name, Keya, means “speed.” Keya also means “a monsoon flower.” 

158. Khushi

The name Khushi means to be “happy and cheerful.” 

159. Kiana

The name Kiana means “the Moon.” Kiana also means “heavenly or celestial.” 

160. Kiara

The name Kiara means “dusky.” Kiara also means “a dark-haired person.” 

161. Kimaya

A unique name, Kimaya, means something “divine and miraculous.” 

162. Kimi

The name Kimi means “a beautiful story.” Kimi also means “righteous and noble.” 

163. Kinjal

A unique and modern name, Kinjal, means “the banks of a river.” 

164. Kiran

A unisex name, Kiran refers to the sun’s rays or “rays of the light.” 

165. Kirati

Another name for Goddess Durga, Kirati, means “one who lives in the mountains.” 

166. Kitu

The name Kitu refers to “a woman who sings.” 

167. Kiva

A beautiful and unique name, Kiva means “lotus.” The name also means “fair and beautiful.

168. Kivyaa

A unique name, Kivyaa, means “queen of birds.” 

169. Kiya

The name Kiya means “melodious” or “chirping of a bird.” The name Kiya also means “pure and happy.” 

170. Komal

The name Komal means “soft and delicate.” Komal also means “beautiful.” 

171. Koshi

The name Koshi comes from the name of river Koshi that flows in the Himalayas. 

172. Koyna

A beautiful name, Koyna, is another name for the Cuckoo bird. 

173. Krina

The name Krina means “beautiful.” 

174. Kripa

The name Kripa means “compassion and mercy.” 

175. Krisha

A unique name, Krisha, means “something divine.” 

176. Krishika

The name Krishika means “prosperity.” 

177. Krishitha

A beautiful and unique name, Krishitha means “a symbol of nature and prosperity.” 

178. Krisla

The name Krisla has a religious origin, deriving its name from Lord Krishna’s sister, Subhadra. 

179. Krisshia

A unique name, Krisshia, is another name for Lord Krishna. 

180. Krithi

The name Krithi means “a work of art.” 

181. Kritika

The name Kritika has its origin from the Nakshatra (constellation) Kritika. The name Kritika also means “a cluster of stars in a constellation.” 

182. Kriya

The name Kriya means “a performance.” 

183. Krishnavi

A unique name with an interesting meaning, Krishnavi, means “something that is sweetest to Lord Krishna.” 

184. Krupa

The name Krupa means “favour” or “grace.” 

185. Krupali

A unique name, Krupali, means “one who forgives.” 

186. Krushika

The name Krushika means “one who works hard to achieve her goals.” 

187. Kruti

The name Kruti means “creation.” 

188. Kuhu

The name Kuhu refers to the melodious sound made by the Cuckoo bird. 

189. Kumari

Another name for Goddess Durga, Kumari, means “a maiden” or “an unmarried girl.” Kumari also means a “princess.” 

190. Kumkum

A beautiful name, Kumkum refers to vermillion (a red color powder that married women put on their forehead). 

191. Kumud

The name Kumud means “lotus.” Kumud also means “joy of the earth.” 

192. Kunika

The name Kunika means “a flower.” 

193. Kunjal

The name Kunjal means “a nightingale.”  Kunjal also means to “live in greenery.” 

194. Kunjlata

A unique name, Kunjlata, means “one who has a melodious voice.” 

195. Kunjika

A unique name, Kunjika, means “of the forest.” 

196. Kunti

The name Kunti has its origin in Mahabharata and comes from Kunti, who was the mother of the Pandavas. The name Kunti also means “a spear.” 

197. Kusha

The name Kusha means “one who is talented.” 

198. Kushagri

The name Kushagri means “wise and intelligent.” 

199. Kushali

The name Kushali means “one who is clever and intelligent.” 

200. Kusum

The name Kusum means “to blossom.” Kusum also means “flower.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any specific gender-neutral Gemini names?

Yes, there are some remarkable gender-neutral Gemini names, such as Kanak, which signifies ‘gold’ or ‘sandalwood,’ Kashish, a name that describes someone who is very lovable and charming, and Kiran, a beautiful name that carries the meaning of ‘rays of light.’

2. What middle names complement a Gemini first name?

You may consider middle names such as Kritya, which means ‘an achievement,’ Ghulika, which means ‘pearl,’ Kalp, which means ‘the Moon,’ and Keyaan, which means ‘the king.’ These are some meaningful names that you can consider if you want to choose both the first and the middle name, according to the Mithun sign/Gemini sign.

3. What are some names related to Gemini mythology?

Several names can be derived from the Greek mythology of Gemini constellations, including Castor, meaning ‘to excel or to shine,’ Pollux, meaning ‘very sweet,’ Leda, meaning ‘Spartan Queen,’ Tyndareus, meaning ‘Spartan King,’ and Zeus, meaning ‘sky’ or ‘shine.’ Some other associated names are Idas, Lynceus, Poseidon, and Jason.

4. Is there a specific naming ceremony associated with Gemini babies?

Yes. According to Hindu Vedic culture, the naming ceremony for the baby is held on the 12th day of their birth, when they might be named as per their astrological zodiac signs, such as Gemini. A priest conducts a ceremony per Vedic traditions and suggests the baby’s name by analyzing the planetary positions at the time of the baby’s birth.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

If your baby is due towards the end of May or mid of June, then yours is a Gemini or Mithun Rashi baby. So if you are someone who believes in sun signs, this collection of familiar, unique, and modern Mithun Rashi names for boys and girls will come in handy. Since babies born under the Mithun Rashi are versatile, imaginative, cheerful, and curious with a sense of humor, pick a unique name that complements their personality when they grow up.

Infographic: Mithun Rashi Names For Boys And Girls

People belonging to the Mithun Rashi possess attractive personalities and intelligence. If you want your Gemini baby to possess such traits, we suggest you give them a name that matches their zodiac. And you will find the required list in the following infographic. So, read on.

mithun rashi gemini baby names with meanings (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • The zodiac sign of Gemini, also known as the Mithun Rashi in Indian culture, spans the months of May and June.
  • Represented by the twins Castor and Pollux, the people born under this sign are known for their versatile and multifaceted nature.
  • Naming your child based on their zodiac signs is believed to impact their life positively.
  • Kalhar, meaning ‘white lily,’ Kayosh, meaning ‘rain-bearing clouds,’ and Kavya, meaning ‘poetry in motion,’ are some examples of names you can choose from.
common unique and modern Mithun rashi names for boys and girls_illustration

Image: Dall·E/MomJunction Design Team

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