20+ Best Phone Games For Couples

Playing phone games for couples is an interesting way to connect with your partner, whether you are a couple in a long-distance relationship or partners living together. These games can help add spark to your relationship and strengthen your bond.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, these games can help you stay in touch with your partner and make you both feel closer to each other.

Moreover, mobile app games can also strengthen your bond, whether you’re trying to get to know your spouse better or add more spice to the romance. So, shift from the conventional card games and board games and play amusing phone games for couples given here and have a great time.

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20+ Best Phone Games For Couples

You may video chat with your partner and play these games for a lovely time.

1. Bounden

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This game inspires you to get up and dance. With Bounden, the motion sensors in your iPhone let you twist and twirl with your partner. You hold your smartphones at opposite ends and tilt them around a virtual sphere, following a trail of rings. As you swing your arms and twirl your body, you suddenly find yourself dancing. The dance styles include Bachata, Tango, and Salsa. Dance with Bounden is a two-player game that can be a delightful way to spend time with your love. So, wear your dancing shoes and prepare for this exciting ballet simulation.


2. The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile is an Android life simulation game. This game allows you to create your unique virtual world: find love, build your fantasy house, your society, and pretty much anything else you’d been doing in real life. You can even marry and have a family. This game has always had immersive gameplay, action, and an abundance of happy emotions. As you move through the game, you may meet new Sims, focus on collaboration to earn rewards, and reward your favorite Sims with stickers. The most rewarding aspect of playing The Sims Mobile is connecting with friends and lovers and could be a great matchmaking game.


3. Couple Game – Relationship Quiz

This game allows you to create your unique virtual world

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Couple Game is one of the best games for getting to know your significant other better. This game is one of the best conversation starters. Designed for the iPhone, this game has many engaging questions on any topic imaginable, from hobbies and holidays to romance and kissing. You only need to answer some questions and wait for your partner to respond to the same questions. You then try to guess each other’s answers. The partner with the highest score wins, but both of you are winners of this couple’s phone game.


4. Words With Friends

If you enjoy word games with your significant other, this scrabble-inspired game is right up your alley. With each appropriate word, you receive points according to its length. The multiplayer Words With Friends is an interactive game that tests your vocabulary skills and can be played with either your partner or friends. Of course, you will fall in love with words, but you might also find romance if you invite your iPhone partner to play or go to the Google store to download it on your Android. So, unleash the wordsmith in you and whisper sweet nothings to your better half.


5. Dots and Boxes

If you want to add some spice to your romantic life and find out what your love is, you need to connect the dots. Dots and Boxes is pretty challenging, but it can be an engaging and rewarding experience. The Android game’s concept is quite simple: Join the dots to close squares of the same color. The goal is to connect the dots to form a square, with each dot worth one point. The player that completes the most boxes gets the most points. You’ll find out who has more logic when you play Dots and Boxes. So, download this game, connect the dots, and fill your life with lots of love.


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Better Topics is also another interesting app for couples looking for refreshing their relationship.

6. Virtual Families 3

Phone games for couples

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Try Virtual Families, if you’re seeking to learn how families work together to reach a common objective. The game teaches couples how to manage their families in a fun and humorous way. In this couples game, you can marry, raise your children with your wife, and even adopt babies in a virtual environment. In addition, you can teach your children how to care for their homes and make wise decisions as they progress in life. The iPhone simulation game places you in various situations and obstacles that you must deal with, alongside your spouse.


7. Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light is an Android game about giving and connecting with others. In this phone game for couples, you can interact with your romantic other in real-time by using gifts of light, holding hands, and a variety of other ways. Players soar through an airy kingdom in pursuit of lost spirits and reviving the world. Along the way, you’ll probably meet a slew of other gamers who are also exploring Sky’s universe. This game could be a group activity. This game boasts stunning images and a fantastic


8. Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a simple game for iPhone with colorful visuals that is ideal for couples who can help each other across the street together. Your mission is to travel as far as possible without being obstructed by roadblocks on the way. In this phone game for couples, you’ll encounter bustling roads and natural waterways with logs floating on top. Each player can maneuver their character throughout the randomly generated world using taps and swipes. To see who can live the longest, you must avoid the difficult road full of obstacles and gain bonuses along the way.


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Download Love Nudge to stay in touch with your partner at all times, establish love goals, take quizzes, and track each other’s progress.

9. Desire

This is an intriguing phone game for couples that you may play with your partner without connecting to the internet. The Android game pushes your imagination and motivates you and your loved one to try something new, allows you to experiment with innovative ways to interact with your sweetheart. You can select from hundreds of dares and send them to your love. Each dare can earn you several points. You receive points when you take the dare and accomplish it on time. Desire includes a scoring system that allows you to unlock more challenging missions.


10. Draw Something

This is a great guessing game, which is fun to play too. Take your brush and start drawing with your partner from art to doodles. You don’t have to be a Da Vinci or a Picasso to be an artist. Draw Something is a free iPhone app based on Pictionary that lets you express yourself in an array of colors. Players take turns drawing an image of a given phrase, and you and your partner must identify what the phrase is from the drawing. When you are done, the other players guess what you drew and vice versa. The player who guesses correctly will get coins. The amazing Draw Something game allows its participants to meet new people by using art.


11. Pokémon Go

Use your smartphone to search for and capture Pokémon characters

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Try Pokémon Go if your significant other is on a journey to ‘get them all,’ or if both of you are looking to have fun together. The incredibly addictive game for iPhone allows you to use your smartphone with a strategy to search for and capture Pokémon characters in parks and other locations. So, gather your partner, go for a stroll with your furry friend, and find your Pokémon while you romp around town. While playing Pokémon Go on your phone, you can discuss various things, such as the game’s peculiar quirks, which Pokémon is the easiest to catch, and what level you attained.


12. Souls

Souls is a wonderful choice for couples looking for mobile role-playing games geared for casual gamers who enjoy exploring a finely crafted virtual world buried in hidden mysteries. This intriguing game sends players to a destroyed ancient world, compelling them to navigate its enigmatic environment and unearth its mysteries.


13. Hidden Object: Nature Escape

Mother Nature is known for being one of the most visually appealing mobile games that celebrates the natural world’s wonders, offering players a relaxing experience while they search for hidden objects. The game has appealing images and a high-definition layout, which enhances the beauty of the stunning landscapes, wonderful plant life, and animal portraits.


14. Evolution Board Game

This smartphone version of the popular board game provides a vivid and well-crafted experience with striking artwork and balanced mechanics. While the Evolution Board Game may appear simple initially, it is a sophisticated game in which players must adapt and strategize to outlast and outsmart one another. As species evolve, players must predict their opponents’ moves and choose between an easygoing herbivorous strategy and a more aggressive carnivorous strategy.


15. Dungeons of Dreadrock

This mobile game offers a vast universe filled with adventures and complicated chasms to explore, making it an appealing pick for puzzle fans who will be fascinated by its hundred skillfully created levels. What makes it even more unusual is its inclusivity since it tells its story in sixteen different languages, making it one of the few mobile games for couples that does not only cater to English-speaking players.


16. Happy Couple

Happy Couple

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Happy Couple is an interesting option for those who appreciate delightful trivia games and are looking for a simple yet engaging mobile game that can improve their mutual familiarity. This simple love quiz game assesses players’ understanding of one another. It’s also one of the best mobile games for couples who are beginners in the world of mobile games.


17. Ludo King

Consider playing Ludo King if you wish to relive your childhood games. It’s a simple and entertaining way to spend time, whether you’re with friends or a particular someone. You may also speak to your partner while playing and invite your Facebook friends to join you.


18. Badland

This entertaining mobile game also includes single and multiplayer modes, encouraging creativity by allowing users to create their own courses. Couples will find themselves trapped in a mysterious forest full of exotic creatures and trees, where they must fight the lurking threats of what looks to be a fairy-tale setting. Although this game has average difficulty and may be challenging for beginners, its unique art style and creative puzzles will always lead to an exciting and relaxing experience.


19. Spaceteam

Spaceteam is well-known for being one of the most amusing smartphone games, ideal for couples looking to de-stress and improve their communication skills. Although the idea behind this multiplayer mobile game is straightforward, it presents a challenge in which players must adhere to easy but pressing instructions and efficiently interact with other players.


20. Bowmasters


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Bowmasters is one of the most popular multiplayer games, with millions of fans worldwide. It is one of the most exciting mobile games for couples that appreciate amusing and unusual character designs. The game encourages experimenting with unconventional weaponry and engaging in entertaining tasks involving shooting at playful targets.


21. Dark City: London

Dark City: London is a spooky yet enjoyable puzzle-adventure gaming experience packed with spectacular visuals and an intriguing plot that adds excitement to the action. This game immerses players in a genuine Victorian-era London, assigned with uncovering the hidden truths of a looming clock tower calamity that might lead to serious jeopardy.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do phone games enhance communication between couples?

When couples run out of topics to talk about, phone games can keep the conversation going with a fresh approach. Also, these games encourage asking questions that you wouldn’t ask otherwise.

2. What are some disadvantages of playing phone games with your partner?

Phone games involve manual typing, which can be tiring for some people. Also, not everyone finds them engaging and may get bored easily. In addition, too much of phone games might reduce human interaction between partners.

3. Can playing phone games with your partner be a form of therapy?

Engaging in fun interactive games can help you unwind and relax. It may not be as effective as a therapy session with a professional, but it can help you divert your mind.

4. Are phone games for couples safe to download?

Games offered by reputable mobile game companies are safe when you download them through the Google Play store or App Store.

5. How often should couples play phone games together?

Couples can play phone games whenever they feel bored or want to indulge in fun activities. However, playing too often can dilute the fun of it.

With the rise in technology, communication, and entertainment have evolved immensely. Therefore, as a couple, you may find it fascinating to connect over phone games. If you have been tired of playing the same games, scrolling through this unique list of phone games for couples should have been exciting. The best part about them is that you can play them from any part of the world. You may also play with other couples and hop on to team challenges. So, don’t wait! Choose Bouden, Words with Friends, or Crossy Road. Start playing your favorite games and add some thrill and excitement to your relationship.

Infographic: Mobile Games For Couples

Spending time together with your partner gives you time to bond with each other and also make new memories together. But spending time does not always mean that you must go out to a fancy restaurant. You could sit back and enjoy playing mobile games with each other. We have prepared the following infographic to add to the list of mobile games.

mobile games for couples (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • Games are a good way for couples to bond, and mobile games are no exception.
  • Even if you are in LDR, games can keep the spark alive in your relationship.
  • Dots and boxes, desire, and happy couple are a few interesting mobile games you can try.
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