Moisturize And Cleanse: How To Choose The Right Baby Soap

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If you are a new parent, you may be faced with so many options these days. There are too many products, making different promises and calling for your attention. Do not fall for every promise that you hear, especially if it is about your baby’s skin.

Baby skin is soft and delicate. That is why one cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of choosing the right skincare products for babies. Keeping the baby’s skin soft takes care and effort. If you choose your products wisely, it can be made easier. We have put together tips for parents who are confused and clueless. Also, if you are someone who buys something off the shelf and doesn’t give a second thought to it, we urge you to read on.

Like most skincare products, there are a set of ingredients that are desirable in baby soaps, and there are some that should be avoided. The first step towards the right product is differentiating between the good ingredients and the harmful ones.

What Should Baby Soaps Have?

A good baby soap should contain mostly natural ingredients. Aloe vera, coconut oil, and so on moisturize the baby’s skin and prevent dryness. Also, the soap should be mild and gentle, as babies are extremely sensitive. Adding to this is the fact that they cannot express their displeasure effectively, which might take away from the fun of bath time.

Using soap with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties might help to prevent infections and allergies that regular soaps may cause. During summer, babies are vulnerable to prickly heat. Hence, for summers, pick out a soap with cooling properties that may help keep the skin cool and, therefore, the baby calm. For example, Himalaya’s Refreshing Baby Soap is specially designed for summer, and has watermelon, Khus Khus, and the goodness of Neem. These are ingredients that can fight prickly heat, and help to cool down the body. Khus Khus soothes the skin, while the antibacterial properties contained in Neem prevents skin problems in babies. It is also effective in healing rashes that appear during summer. Watermelon moisturizes and conditions the skin to keep it soft and smooth.

What Should Be Avoided?

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Make sure that the soap you are using is not toxic in any way. A good baby soap should be mild and free of harsh synthetic chemicals. Some soaps may contain chemicals that are harmful for the delicate skin of babies. You can avoid these by reading the labels carefully. Watch out for components such as parabens and synthetic colors. Himalaya Refreshing Baby Soap is free from these ingredients and is made of natural ingredients. It is suitable for use in summers to prevent prickly heat and related rashes.

Also, do not use extra lathering soaps and perfumed soaps because they may not be as effective as advertised.

The secret to maintaining the softness of your baby’s skin is simple: choose skincare products carefully. A soap that can cleanse and moisturize at the same time is the perfect combination we could ask for. Himalaya Refreshing Baby Soap contains ingredients that condition the skin, in addition to cleansing your baby’s delicate, soft skin. Also, it is free of toxic and harsh chemicals, so you need not worry about putting your baby in harm’s way.

A fun bath time demands preparation and attention. Pay attention to what soothes your baby and what irritates them. If you do, you can have bath time under control and make it enjoyable. As the first step, start by choosing the right kind of baby soap or baby wash. Do you have a bath time ritual that sparks joy in your baby? Share it with us.