Mom Delivers 5 Babies In 30 Minutes Without A C-Section

Mom Delivers 5 Babies In 30 Minutes Without A C-Section

For a woman, bringing a new life into this world can be one of the most fulfilling moments. If you ask any mother out there, she will remember childbirth as the most beautiful experience of her life, despite it being every bit painful. Just the joy of holding that little angel in their arms for the first time makes all the pain worth it.

For every woman, childbirth is unique and has its own share of ups and downs – be it a natural birth, water birth, or a Cesarean birth. It remains the most spectacular phenomena of life, whether one gives birth to a singleton or multiple babies at once. Here, we will talk about one such incredible childbirth story that happened in eastern India.

Quintuplets, Really?

Hailing from Ambikapur in Chhattisgarh, 25-year-old Manita Singh gave birth to quintuplets in a local government hospital. She was admitted to the hospital after complaining of having constant labor pains and was 26 weeks pregnant at the time.

The doctor, who began delivering the babies early morning, realized in the delivery room itself that Manita was carrying five babies (not one!) in her womb. She had never got an ultrasound done, and thus, neither she nor her husband was aware that they were pregnant with quintuplets.

While Manita thought she was pregnant with only one, she was blessed with five daughters, who weighed just over three pounds each. The babies’ delivery took only 30 minutes and was a natural one. Her daughters were then kept in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for a while under the doctor’s regular monitoring and supervision. The quintuplets were later handed over to the overwhelmed parents, Mahesh and Manita Singh.

Surprised But Elated

Surprised But Elated

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Manita’s first daughter was born somewhere around 11 in the morning, which was followed by the birth of her four sisters, within a matter of few minutes. The father of these tiny tots, 26-year-old Mahesh, was really happy upon hearing the news.

Two years prior to this, the couple had lost their son soon after birth. Heartbroken over the loss, both were extremely scared and worried this time around. Fortunately for them, they were blessed with five healthy daughters. Both were extremely thankful and grateful to God for showering them with so much love. At the time, the couple prayed for the girls to survive, with a hope to provide their tiny tots with a wonderful life.

From The Doctor’s Lens

From The Doctor's Lens

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The man of the hour, Dr. Tekam, is the one who led the team of doctors and is responsible for the successful delivery. This was his first case where he had to deliver five babies at once through natural birth.

While extremely happy for the parents, the doctor was skeptical too as the babies were premature. Hence, he decided to keep the babies under constant monitoring until he felt sure about their chances of survival. It was only after regular supervision that the doctor decided to hand over the daughters to their parents.

This story not only reinstates one’s belief in the miracle that childbirth is, but also furthers one’s belief in a mother’s unconditional love. A mother’s resilience and strength to withstand all pain and obstacle are respect worthy. More so, because mommies are only concerned about their infant’s wellbeing at that moment. They do not really care about the intense pain and even their own health as long as their baby is doing well.

While we have a Mother’s Day as a tribute for mums, a single day is not enough to show respect to all the mommies out there. So, here is a huge salute to all you mothers across the world. Thanks for just being the most amazing, selfless, and generous people ever!

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