220+ Hilarious Jokes For Mom To Laugh Out Loud

Becoming a mother and looking after a child is not a piece of cake, and you need time for yourself. Hence, take some time off your parenting schedule, scroll through this post on mom jokes, and have a hearty good laugh. Attending to your baby’s needs is important, but so is taking care of yourself.

You may also share these corny and witty jokes with your partner, friends, and family for a few chuckles. Read on for some exciting and funny mom jokes that may help you rejuvenate yourself and add to your humor.

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220+ Funny Jokes For mom

Listed below is a collection of funny mom jokes and puns that you can share with her through messages or read them out.

1. What is a universal mom code for “I don’t want to share.”

“It’s spicy.”

2. Son: “Mom, can I have $20?”
Mom: “Does it look like I am made of money?”
Son: “Well, isn’t that what M-O-M stands for?”

3. Why did the baby strawberry cry?

Because his mom was in a jam!

4. Why did they have to rush the mommy rattlesnake to the doctor?

She bit her tongue!

5. What did the baby corn say to the mama corn?

“Where’s Pop corn?”

6. Motherhood is a fairytale in reverse. You start in a beautiful gown and end up cleaning everyone’s messes.

7. Why is a computer so smart?

Cause it listens to its motherboard

8. Why do mother kangaroos hate rainy days?

Their kids have to play inside!

9. What kind of flowers are best for Mother’s Day?


10. Why is it sad when you sit around waiting for mom to make dinner?

Because you realize you are the mom.

11. What did the mama tomato say to the baby tomato?

Catch up!

12. Son: Dad, why did mom get heartburn after eating her cake?

Dad: She forgot to blow the candles out first.

13. Where did the spider learn how to make a Mother’s Day gift?

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On the web.

14. What do moms want for Mother’s Day?

Replacement silverware.

15. Why did the children give their mom a blanket for Mother’s Day?

Because they thought she was the coolest mom.

16. Why was the mother firefly so happy?

Because her children were all so bright.

17. What did the panda give his mommy?

A bear hug

18. Why did the mom bring a ladder to the bar?

Because she heard the drinks were on the house!

19. What did mommy spider say to baby spider?

You spend too much time on the web.

20. Son: “Mom, I need money for the movies.”

Mom: “Sure thing, sweetie. Just show me your report card first. Let’s see if you’ve earned a ‘sequel.'”

21. When does Mother’s Day come before St. Patrick’s Day?

In the dictionary!

22. What did Mom say when she found out I was eating my veggies?

She said, “You’re growing up to be a real ‘stalk’ broker!”

23. What did Timmy say to his mother when she set up his favorite feast for him?

You’re so grand, ma!

24. Why did mom become a gardener?

Because she wanted to ‘grow’ her own money!

25. What kind of sweets do astronaut moms like?

Mars bars

26. Daughter: “Mom, what’s it like to have the greatest daughter in the world?”

Mother: “I don’t know dear, ask your grandmother.”

27. Sunday school teacher: Tell me, Johnny. Do you say prayers before eating?

Johnny: No, ma’am, I don’t have to. My mom’s a good cook.

28. What did Mom say when I couldn’t find my shoes?

I guess you’ll have to put your ‘sole’ into it!

29. A police recruit was asked in his exam, “What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother?”

He said, “Call for backup.”

30. What did Mom say when I asked her to define “homework”?

It’s a magical spell that makes children disappear!

31. Why did the cookie cry?

Because his mother was a wafer so long!

32. Why do Mothers have to have two visits to the optometrist?

Because they also have eyes in the back of their head.

33. What did the mother say to the baby corn before it was time to go to school?

“Have an a-maiz-ing day!”

34. What did Mom say when I asked her to make me famous?

“You’re already a legend in this house!”

35. Daughter: Mum, what’s it like to have the greatest daughter in the world?

Mum: I don’t know dear, you’d have to ask Grandma

36. Why don’t moms ever lose at hide and seek?

Because they’re the ultimate experts at finding things!

37. Why couldn’t mom put her crochet project down on Mother’s Day?

She was hooked on it.

38. What did Mom say when I asked her to teach me to dance?

“Well, honey, I can’t teach you to ‘waltz’ into traffic!”

39. What is the name of the angry mother of a pea?


40. Moms have a secret superpower.

They can turn a messy room into a clean one just by saying, ‘I’ll count to three!’

41. Why were the rope children so quiet on Mother’s Day?

They were trying not to be knotty.

42. What did Mom say when I asked her to be my personal chef?

“I already am, dear! Every meal is a masterpiece!”

43. Why did the banana mom go to visit a doctor?

Because she was not peeling well

44. What did Mom say when I asked her to play hide and seek?

She said, “Honey, I’ve been hiding snacks from you for years!”

45. Where did the mother corn send her children to study?

In the sili-corn valley

46. What did Mom say when I asked her to help me with my math project

“Sure, but don’t expect me to ‘add’ to your problems!”

47. Why did the mommy cat want to go bowling?

Alley cat Mom jokes for a good laugh

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She was an alley cat.

48. What did Mom say when I asked her if she was on a diet?

“Yes, dear, I’m on a ‘see food’ diet – I see food and eat it!”

49. Why did corn mom get dressed up?

She had a cornball to attend at the school.

50. What did Mom say when I asked her if she was a superhero?

“No, but I am a ‘super’ mom, which is basically the same thing!”

51. What is every mother’s favorite holiday destination?


52. What did Mom say when I asked her to help me fix my bike?

“I’d love to, but I’m already ‘tired’ from raising you!”

53. Why don’t mothers wear watches?

There’s a clock on the stove.

54. What did Mom say when I asked her to define “technology”?

“It’s why I have to call you to help me with my phone!”

55. To Mum: I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m cold, I’m hot. Can I have…, Where are you?

To Dad: Where’s Mum?

56. What is mom’s favorite fashion advice?

“Darling, I’ve been setting trends since you were in diapers!”

57. Mom’s recipe for iced coffee: 1. Have kids. 2. Make coffee. 3. Forget you made coffee. 4. Drink it cold

58. Can mom rap, you ask?

She can wrap presents like a pro. Does that count?

59. Why was it so hard for the pirate to call his mom?

Because she left the phone off the hook

60. What’s a mom’s secret weapon for getting kids to eat their veggies?

It’s a secret sauce called ‘chocolate disguise’!

61. Why did the bean children give their mom a sweater?

She was chili

62. What was mom’s choice for a bedtime story?

Once upon a time, a mom needed her beauty sleep!

63. What was the name of the singer that mother liked the most?

Hannah Mom-tana

64. What was the reason for mom to bring a calculator to the dinner table?

Because she wanted to ‘add’ up all the deliciousness

65. What did the mama say to the foal?

It’s pasture bedtime.

66. Mom, do you believe in aliens?

“I believe in ‘parental’ aliens – they come from another planet called ‘Parenthood’!”

67. What did the baby Egyptian say when he got lost?

I want my mummy

68. Daughter: “Mom, can I get a loan?”

mom: “Sorry, honey, my bank account is ‘mompty’ right now!”

69. Bought my mom a mug that says, “Happy Mother’s day from the World’s Worst Son.”

I forgot to mail it, but I think she knows.

70. Daughter: “Mom, do you consider yourself a fashionista?”

Mom: “Sweetie, I’m not a fashionista; I’m a ‘mom’ista!”

71. What did the Egyptian family do on Mother’s Day?

Brought their mummy breakfast in bed

72. I asked mom if she believed in ghosts.

She said, “She believes in ‘boos’ – like the ones I give her when she tells jokes!”

73. Why is Mother’s Day before Father’s Day?

So the children can spend all their Christmas money on mom.

74. What’s a mom’s secret talent?

Finding lost items faster than a detective.

75. Where did the cow family go on Mother’s Day?

The moo-vies

76. What did Mom say when I told her I would be her personal chauffeur?

“You’ve been driving me crazy for years, isn’t that enough?”

77. Ryan: Why did you chop the joke book in half?

John: Mom said to cut the comedy

78. What’s a mom’s favorite kind of music?

Anything that drowns out the sound of bickering kids

79. What did the mother broom say to the baby broom?

It’s time to go to sweep!

80. What did mom say when I asked her if she’s a secret agent?

“If I told you, I’d have to do your laundry forever!”

81. Who granted the fish a wish?

The fairy codmother

82. Why did the mom enroll in a stand-up comedy class?

Because she realized she’s been delivering punchlines (and lunches) for years!

83. Where do baby transformers come from?

Opti-mom prime!

84. Are moms superheroes?

They don’t wear a cape, but they do wear an apron – it’s their ‘super’mom uniform.

85. What makes more noise than a child jumping on mommy’s bed?

Two children jumping on mommy’s bed!

86. “Mom, can you give me some relationship advice?”

“Honey, I’ve been married to your dad for so long; I’m practically a ‘relationship guru’!”

87. Science teacher: “When is the boiling point reached?”

Student: “When my mother sees my report card!”

88. How does a mom measure time?

In loads of laundry, cups of coffee, and milestones reached!

89. A child asks his dad, “What’s a man?” The dad says, “A man is someone who is responsible and cares for their family.” The child says, “I hope one day I can be a man just like mom!”

90. What did Mom say when I asked her for a pet dinosaur?

“Sorry, dear, but I can’t handle another ‘Jurassic’ mess!”

91. One mom to another: Silence is golden. Unless you have children, then silence is suspicious.

92. What did the mom say when her teenager complained about being bored?

“Oh, I have a to-do list for you!”

93. Why was the house so neat on Mother’s Day?

Because Mom spent Saturday cleaning it

94. Do moms follow fashion trends?

Fashion trends come and go, but my ‘mom jeans’ are forever!

95. What does a momma color wheel say to a baby color wheel?

Don’t use that tone with me.

96. Are moms magicians?

Of course they are! They make your laundry disappear, don’t they?

97. What is the most important day in Egypt?

Mummy’s Day

98. Daughter: “Mom, can you drive me to my friend’s house?”

Mom: “Sure, and you can teach me how to teleport while we’re at it.”

99. What did the lazy boy say to his mom on Mother’s Day when she was about to do the dishes?

Relax, mom… you can just do them in the morning.

100. Son: “Mom, I want a personal trainer.”

Mom: “You’re already your personal ‘drainer’ – You drain my energy every day!”

101. How do you keep little cows quiet, so their mommy can sleep late?

Use the moooooote button.

102. How does a mom keep her sanity?

By pretending that mismatched socks are a new fashion trend.

103. What was Cleopatra’s favorite day of the year?

Hillarious mom joke to share

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Mummy’s day

104. What is mom’s go-to career choice?

“Well, I’ve been a mom for years, so I’m basically a ‘professional juggler’!”

105. Why don’t they have Mother’s Day sales?

Because mothers are priceless.

106. What did the vacuum cleaner say to its little nozzle?

“Suck it up, kid!”

107. What did the children say to their mother to wish her a happy mother’s day?

They said, “Have a mom-entous Mother’s day.”

108. What did mom say when I asked her to define “patience”?

“Patience is what you develop when you raise a child like you!”

109. What did mommy pig put on her Mother’s Day pancakes?

Hog cabin syrup

110. Why did the fridge get emotional when it’s ice maker was born?

Because it knew it was now responsible for raising a “cool” kid!

111. What warm drink helps mom relax on Mother’s Day?

Calm-omile tea

112. What’s mom’s favorite superhero power?


113. How do you get the children to be quiet on Mother’s Day morning?

Say mums the word

114. Why did the coffee maker enroll its coffee bean in school?

To ensure it had a “grounds” for a bright future!

115. What did Eeyore say to his mom on Mother’s Day when he served her breakfast in bed?

I hope thistle makes you happy.

116. Why did the dishwasher ask its dish rack kid to help?

Because it’s time they learned to ‘rack’ up some responsibility!

117. Why did the mother needle get angry with the baby needle?

Because she got late, and it was past her thread-time!

118. What’s mom’s favorite dance move?

The ‘mom-bop.’

119. What did the digital clock say to its mother?

Look, Ma! No hands!

120. What did the car say to its baby car?

Don’t worry, little one, one day you’ll have the ‘drive’ to go places!

121. What did the kittens give their mom for Mother’s Day?

A subscription to Good Mousekeeping

122. What did Mom say when I asked her to be a detective?

I already investigated your room!

123. What has a long plume, wings, and wears a red bow?

A Mother’s Day pheasant

124. What’s mom’s favorite exercise?

Running errands

125. What did the mother say when her child was not trying to eat veggies?

Peas give them a chance.

126. Dad: “Our kids have boundless energy!”

Mom: “Yes, and I’m convinced they’re secretly powered by candy.”

127. Why did the mother’s day gift arrive the day after Mother’s Day?

It was chocoLATE

128. What’s mom’s favorite weather?

Sunny with a chance of napping.

129. What kind of candy do moms love for Mother’s Day?

Her-she’s Kisses

130. What did Mom say when I asked her to be a lifeguard?

I already saved you from countless disasters.

131. Why did the mommy horse want to race on a rainy Mother’s Day?

She was a mudder

132. What’s mom’s favorite musical instrument?

The ‘mom-phony.’

133. Why did mom get a plate of English muffins on Mother’s Day?

Her family wanted her to feel like a queen!

134. What’s mom’s favorite sport?

Extreme couponing

135. What did the child say after having her favorite sandwiches made by her mom?

She said, “This may sound cheesy, but you are grate.”

136. What did Mom say when I asked her to be a scientist?

I already experiment in the kitchen!

137. What did a child say after receiving a Star Wars’ toys from her mother on his birthday?

He said, “Yoda the best, ma.”

138. What’s mom’s favorite board game?

Monopoly – she’s the ‘mom’opoly master.

139. What magazine did the mommy cow read while her calves made a Mother’s Day brunch?


140. What do you call a small mom?


141. How is it that bat mothers sleep upside down?

Well, they get the hang of it!

142. What did mom say when I asked her if she could juggle?

I can juggle schedules, chores, and your endless questions!

143. What gift did the astronaut bring for her mother from outer space?

Mars bars

144. Why did the monster’s mother knit him three socks?

She heard he grew another foot.

145. How did everyone react when the mother wanted to have a snack party in the neighborhood?

Everybody chipped in for mom.

146. What’s mom’s favorite game night activity?

Charades – she’s a ‘mom-actor’ extraordinaire.

147. What did the Martians wear to Mother’s Day dinner?


148. What’s mom’s favorite game night snack?

She’s a ‘mom-corn’ connoisseur!

149. Who do flowers celebrate on Mother’s Day?

Their chrysanthemums

150. What’s mom’s favorite way to relax?

Lounging in the hammock – she’s a ‘mom-mock’ enthusiast.

151. What do young computers do on Mother’s Day?

Give memory cards to their motherboards.

152. What did the computer say to its baby?

“You’re my mini-me, and together, we’ll ‘byte’ into the world!”

153. How did the panda open her Mother’s Day card?

With her bear hands

154. What did the book say to its children?

As you grow, you’ll ‘cover’ more ground and ‘page’ through life’s adventures!

155. What did a snake mother want her baby snake to become once he grows up?

A civil serpent

156. Why did Mom bring a giraffe to the zoo?

Because she wanted to take the ‘high road’ to fun

157. What did the two moms eat when they hang out together?

Mothers eat M & M joke

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M & M’s

158. What did the coffee maker say to its kids?

“Brew-tiful things await you, my ‘espresso’ child!”

159. Why didn’t the teddy bear’s mommy want a big meal on Mother’s Day?

She was already stuffed!

160. What did Mom say when I asked her to be a veterinarian?

I’ve been taking care of your ‘sick’ excuses.

161. What did Bruce Wayne’s mommy put over his crib?

A bat mobile

162. Why did Superman ask his mom for help with laundry?

Because he couldn’t find his “super” socks!

163. What did the baby light bulb say to the mommy light bulb?

I love you, watts and watts!

164. Son: “Mom, can you do my laundry?”

Mom: “Sure, but it’s a ‘spin-off’ series, not a ‘rerun’.”

165. How do piglets wake their mama up on Mother’s Day?

With hogs and kisses

166. Why did the mama bird get a promotion?

Because she was an excellent ‘tweet’-cher!

167. When would you hit a Mother’s Day cake with a hammer?

When it’s a pound cake

168. What did the mama sheep say to her lamb who wanted to become a comedian?

You’re the ‘baa’-est comedian in the pasture!

169. What was the mother preparing to give the father for their wedding anniversary?

A mom-ologue

170. What did the TV say to its kids?

Don’t sit too close, or you’ll be grounded.

171. Why do mother spiders spend most of their time on the web?

Because they learn stitching from the internet

172. What did Mom say when I asked her to be a DJ?

I’ve already been spinning laundry tracks!

173. What did a beaver say to her mother?

She said, “Mom, you are the best; there is no otter like you.”

174. What’s mom’s favorite way to spend a rainy day?

Puzzles – she’s a ‘mom-puzzler’ pro.

175. Where do all the mother cars carry their baby cars?

On their mother hood!.

176. What’s mom’s favorite bedtime story to read?

The one where the kids go to sleep early!

177. What do kids use to measure the temperature of the body when falling sick?


178. Mother-in-law: “I always did things differently with my children.”

Mom: “That explains a lot.”

179. How did the alien boy write her Mother’s Day poem?

In uni-verses

180. Dad: “I can’t believe our son made that mess in the living room again!”

Mom: “Well, at least he’s consistent.”

181. What did the hermit crabs do on Mother’s Day?

They shellabrated their mommy.

182. How does the mother bat know her kids are telling the truth?

Because they always hang by her word!

183. What’s the best thing a new mom can get for Mother’s Day?

A long nap

184. What did the refrigerator say to its kids?

Chill out, my little cool beans!

185. What dessert did the mommy cat get after her Mother’s Day dinner?

Chocolate Mouse

186. What did the mama lion say to her cub who was misbehaving?

You’re ‘paw’-sitively driving me wild!

187. Why was the Mother’s Day cake so hard?

It was a marble cake.

188. What kind of flowers do yellow jacket mothers like for Mother’s Day?


189. Why did the sea captain’s mommy go out on Mother’s Day?

To shop the sails

190. Why did the mommy cat enroll in school?

To learn how to purr-suade her kittens to attend school!

191. What should you make mom for dinner on Mother’s Day?

Anything you want – she’s just happy that she doesn’t have to make it!

192. Why did Iron Man’s mom have trouble keeping up with him?

Because he always had too many ‘iron’ tasks!

193. Why was mom so happy to go to IHOP for pancakes on Mother’s Day?

She knew she wouldn’t have to do any dishes.

194. Why did the couch become a mom?

Because it always had to ‘cushion’ the family!

195. What did the waiter say to the mommy dog when he served Mother’s Day dinner?


196. Why did Elsa’s mom always ask her to ‘Let It Go’?

Because she couldn’t stand the frozen food section

197. What was the mommy cat wearing to breakfast on Mother’s Day?

She was still in her paw-jamas

198. Why did the mom love the Barbie movie so much?

Because it was a “dollightful” way to escape from reality

199. What did the banana’s mommy get on Mother’s Day?


200. Why did the mommy spider knit a scarf?

Because her web was getting chilly!

201. Why do sons love Mother’s Day so much?

Because it’s always on son day (Sunday)

202. What did the microwave say when it became a mom?

It’s time to heat some love!

203. Why do moms hope it doesn’t rain on Mother’s Day?

Because their children can’t play outside!

204. What did the mommy bookshelf say to its baby books?

“You’re all part of my shelf-expression!”

205. How did a grape thank her mother on Mother’s day?

It said, “I love you, mom, you did a fantastic job in raisin me.”

206. Why did the traffic light become a mom?

Because it wanted to teach the little lights to stop and go

207. What did a koala bear say to her mother after returning home after many years?

I will stick around this and will spend some koala-ty time with you, mom.

208. What did Spider-Man’s mom say when he asked for a bedtime story?

Once upon a web

209. What did the daughter say to her mom after gifting her flowers for Mother’s day?

She said, “I don’t say this a lot, but I am so happy to be or-chid

210. What did the mama snake say to her baby snake?

She said, “You’re hisss-terical!”

211. Which movie is the most favorite of mothers?

Mamma Mia is the favorite movie of mothers

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Mamma Mia!

212. What did the dishwasher say to its kids?

Let’s clean up our act!

213. How do all the children’s parents dress up during Halloween?

As Mummy and deadies

214. What did the fridge magnet say to its child?

You’re the coolest kid in the kitchen!

215. What did the mother shark say to her baby shark?

“Just watch your shark-asm, young boy!”

216. What’s mom’s favorite movie genre?

Romantic comedies – she’s a ‘momantic’ at heart.

217. Why is cleaning with children a tough job for moms to do?

Because it is like cleaning teeth with Oreos

218. Which city is every mother’s favorite?

Mom-te Carlo

219. What did the mama squirrel say to her little one?

“Quit nutting around and gather some food!”

220. How did the mother tomato greet her baby tomato?

“Let’s Ketch-up, son!”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it offensive to make fun of moms with mom jokes?

Mom jokes with clever wordplay can make a mother smile and lift her spirits. However, jokes that belittle her sacrifices and efforts, however, can be disrespectful and should be avoided.

2. What kind of humor do moms typically appreciate?

Moms enjoy humor that is lighthearted and presents an everyday circumstance with a humorous twist. They usually don’t appreciate jokes that have a degrading or demeaning tone.

3. Can mom jokes be considered a form of bullying or harassment?

Mom jokes are considered bullying if they are intended to demean mothers. It is considered harassment if these jokes are made in front of other people to humiliate them.

4. Do moms ever make fun of their parenting with mom jokes?

If a mother has a sense of humor and enjoys a good laugh even at her own expense, she will not hesitate to make a joke about herself and her parenting skills.

Motherhood is not easy, but you can push through this worthwhile journey with a little bit of silly teasing, jesting, giggles and laughter. These hilarious mom jokes are full of wit to kick away your blues and put a big smile on your face. So share these jokes with fellow mothers and make them laugh too. Scroll through these comical jokes anytime during the day to lighten your mood and bounce back with energy. These hilarious jokes will leave you in splits, so share them with your partner and children so you can laugh aloud together!

Infographic: Amusing Jokes To Have A Good Laugh With Mom

In our busy lives, we may not get much time to spend with our family, especially our moms, who always yearn for us. So, make the time you spend with your dearest momma cherishable by cracking some silly and funny hilarious jokes given in the infographic below. You can also share these jokes over text if you’re away.

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