10 Things No Mother Should Ever Apologize For

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Being a mom is no easy feat. Especially considering the society we live in is quick to criticize, motherhood can be pretty daunting. They are subjected to constant judgment in every decision they make, and it can be terrifying. But embracing motherhood doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey and has a learning curve to it. While anyone with a child can be a mother, it takes dedication, patience, and learning to become a good one. However, there are some things that no mother should beat themselves up about, no matter what. Here are ten things that mothers do that require no apology (so, dear moms, do NOT apologize for them):

1. Feeding Your Baby

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Society will have a thousand opinions about what kind of mother you should be and how you should take care of your baby. But the choice is yours. Whether you choose to breastfeed or formula-feed is completely your choice that you have taken due to any personal reason. No one has the right to come and lecture you on this. Though mother’s milk is considered to be the best source of nutrition for infants, at times it is not possible for the mother due to health reasons. Baby formulas are the next best choice in this situation.

Even when it comes to breastfeeding, some people would have a problem when you do it in public. Breastfeeding is a natural process of feeding one’s baby and the fact that some people find it gross shows how misinformed the world can be at times. Besides, many times mothers have a hard time looking for a good place to breastfeed. So they resort to feeding them in public. People need to be more understanding of this and show their support instead of sine remarks.

2. Your Financial Situation

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Many women feel the pinch when they can provide the best of the items for their little ones. Be it the shiny wooden crib, or the best of the stroller, mothers would at times apologize to people in discussions, as if they are at fault. Remember that your baby doesn’t need fancy things. They won’t be able to tell the difference between a cardboard box and an iPad. All they need is love and care. So, if you’re not rich, you don’t have to feel like less of a mom. As long as you have enough money to feed and clothe them, you’re doing just fine.

3. The Time You Take For Yourself

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When you have a baby, it’s only natural that you’d want to take care of them to your fullest capacity. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot take some time for yourself. You need some quality me-time, and that’s alright. Do not apologize for it because you deserve it, and no, it doesn’t make you a bad mother.

In fact, rest and relaxation are all the more important for new mothers. The nine months of carrying the baby and the painful delivery all take a toll on the body. The body takes many months to fully recover from all the wear and tear. So give it all the rest till you feel fully rejuvenated. You will be able to provide the best care to your baby only when you yourself are fully fit and there’s no need for you to be apologetic to have this me-time.

4. A Messy Environment

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Once your baby is born, taking care of your baby is a top priority. Between feeding and sleeping schedules, you’ll also have to take care of yourself, prep meals, shower, and shop for baby essentials. In all this chaos, cleaning your house seems next to impossible unless you have help. Every once in a while, your house will get messy, and probably you won’t feel like fixing it too. And that’s totally alright. You don’t owe anyone any explanation for this. It’s your house and whenever you feel like cleaning it is fine by all means.

5. The Way You Look

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The last thing on your mind after you have a baby is how “presentable” you look. It’s something that you don’t need to bother about, and you definitely should not ever apologize for.

6. Your Leaky Breasts

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You’ve just given birth, and your breasts are making milk — that’s a natural phenomenon. No matter how many nursing pads you use, sometimes they are bound to leak. If someone has a problem with it, they can suck it (no pun intended), but you don’t have to apologize.

7. You Being Unhappy

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Your hormones are all over the place, and it’s absolutely normal that you don’t feel happy and energetic all the time. Don’t feel bad about it because it’s normal, and it’s a part of your postpartum recovery.

8. Needing Help

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Yes, mothers are superhumans, but even they need help sometimes. If you need help taking care of your little one, with chores around the house or just about anything, feel free to ask your loved ones. But there is nothing to feel sorry about when you do.

9. The Type Of Birthing

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Whether you have a c-section delivery, home delivery, or hospital delivery, you have nothing to be sorry about. Your delivery is your decision, and it’s up to you to choose what you feel most comfortable with. If someone else says something like they know better, ignore them.

10. Your Social Life

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If you’re a mother with a newborn, you must be thinking, “What social life?”. Because it’s the reality! Your days become hectic, and so do your nights. So, if you have to skip a social gathering or two, you shouldn’t have to apologize for it. You’re doing the best you can, and your friends and family will understand.

As women, we need to stop apologizing for everything and nothing. More so when you become a mom because it’s a huge responsibility, and it’s challenging to step into motherhood. Therefore, take it one day at a time, and don’t apologize for going through the journey at your own pace and on your own terms! Was this article relatable to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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