50 Glorious Moorish Names For Baby Boys And Girls

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The Muslim inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula, Malta, and a few other places, were called Moors. Moors don’t belong to a defined ethnic group, as they are a diverse group of Africans, Berbers, and Arabs. Thanks to the influence of so many places and people, Moor names have an Arabic influence and sound like Muslim names. They are different from the contemporary Muslim names mainly because they are ancient. The usage of Moor names for boys increased in 1981, but Moorish girl names are rare. So, that gives you an opportunity to bestow a unique and popular name on your baby.

MomJunction brings the best collection of Moorish baby names for boys and girls.

Moorish Names For Boys With Meanings:

1. Aban:

Pronounced as Aa-baan, this name can be used for both boys and girls. It means ‘clear, lucid, or eloquent’. It belongs to the Persian-Iranian origin. In Persian folklore, Aban is the tenth day of the month of October. Aban is also the name of an angel.

2. Affan:

Affan is an unusual name with a great meaning. In Arabic, it means ‘chaste, pure, and modest’. It also means a ‘forgiving person’.

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3. Atiq:

It’s a popular name across the Muslim countries. This name has its origins in Africa. It means, ‘old or ancient’.

4. Curragh:

Curragh is a rare name for boys with its origins in the Celtic language. It means ‘from the moor’. Its other variants are Carrig, Chirag, and Cerys.

5. Habib:

It is also spelt as ‘Habeeb’ and is usually a last name than the first name. This Arabic origin name means ‘beloved or one who is loved’.

6. Hamid:

Hamid is an Arabic Arabic origin name and stands for ‘Praising God or being thankful’. This Moorish name is said to be associated with Prophet Mohammed.

7. Ismail:

Also spelled as ‘Esmail’ or ‘Ismael’, it means ‘heard by Allah or God will hear’. The name comes from Hebrew, where Isma means ‘hearer’ and eel means ‘God’.

8. Jabir:

Jabir is a simple and sweet name for boys. In Arabic, it means ‘consoler or comforter’ and also stands for an individual who does good things. The famous namesake is the Arab philosopher and alchemist Jabir Ibn Hayan. You could consider Gabir for a variant.

9. Khalid:

In Arabic, it means ‘magnificent or everlasting’. Its female variant is Khalida. The former king of Saudi Arabia Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz and the seventh-century military leader Khalid inb al-Walid are the namesakes for Khalid.

10. Galib:

Also spelled as ‘Ghalib’ It means ‘winner or conqueror’ in Arabic. The renowned poet Mirza Ghalib is one of the most famous namesakes.

11. Maymun:

This two-syllable name is pronounced as ‘May-Moon’. It’s a perfect Moorish name as it means ‘blessed, thriving, fortunate, or prosperous’.

12. Mauro:

It means ‘swarthy or dark skinned’. It’s used mostly in Spanish and Italian. Argentinean footballer Mauro Camoranesi and Swedish pop singer Mauro Scocco are two popular namesakes.

13. Najih:

It means ‘successful, prosperous, or fortunate’. The female variant of Najih is ‘Najiha’.

14. Razin:

Also spelled as ‘Razeen’, It can be used for boys and girls. It means ‘calm, dignified, subtle, or composed’.

15. Safwan:

If you want a different and unusual name, then ‘Safwan’ is the one. It means ‘rock’ and also stands for ‘pure’ and ‘unblemished’.

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16. Shabib:

Also spelled as Shabeeb, this name belongs to the scholar who wrote about the Holy Quran.

17. Shahid:

Shahid means ‘witness or observer’. Al-Shahid is one of the names of Allah. Bolywood actor Shahid Kapoor is one of the most known namesakes for Shahid.

18. Siraj:

Siraj is indeed a noble name as it is used in the Holy Quran to refer to Prophet Muhammad and the sun. It’s used for both boys and girls. It means ‘lamp or light’.

19. Talhah:

Also spelled as Talha, Talhah is the companion of Prophet Muhammad. Talhah in Arabic means ‘big tree’. It can also be used for girls.

20. Ubayd:

This name is Arabic for ‘faithful’ or ‘servant of God’. It’s the name of one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad. A spelling variation of this name could be ‘Obaidullah’ or ‘Ubaydullah’.

21. Wasil:

Wasil is a nice and short name to have for your boy. It means ‘considerate, connected’, ‘inseparable friend’ or ‘one who never ignores his friends and relatives’.

22. Yamin:

This Hebrew name has a unique meaning. It means ‘towards right’ or ‘right hand’. And we have Elliot Yamin the famous American pop singer.

23. Yousuf:

This name has its origins in Hebrew. It’s an ancient name that means ‘God gives, or Lord gave more’. Yousef, Youssef, and Yusef are spelling variants to this name.

24. Zayd:

If you want a short and stylish name for your boy go for Zayd. It means ‘growth, abundance, or plenty’. Zayd is currently at #994 on the baby name charts in the US. It’s also spelled as Zaid.

25. Zuhayr:

It’s a unique Moorish name with two syllables (zu-hayr). It means ‘bright’ in Islam and ‘sparkling, brilliant, or shining’ in Arabic. Names sounding similar to Zuhayr are Zahara and Zaccaria.

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A List Of Moorish Names For Girls:

26. Amat:

It means ‘period of time’. The Catalan form of this name is Amatus. Amat is also used as a last name in some cultures and has been a famous inspiration for many names.

27. Aurya:

It’s an unusual name for a girl. Derived from the Latin word ‘aurum’, it means ‘golden’ in Latin. The other variant is ‘Auria’. On a different note, if you want an aura associated with your girl, name her ‘Aurya’.

28. Bahjat:

This Arabic name is indeed beautiful, and it means ‘happiness’. What else can be more apt for your bundle of joy?

29. Banafsaj:

This sure is a tough name to pronounce but a unique one too. It means ‘violet’.

30. Baraka:

Pronounced as bah-ṙah-kah, this name means ‘blessing’ in Arabic.

31. Dhayl:

It’s one of the rare and unique Moor names for girls. It means ‘complement’.

32. Durra:

Durra was the Arabic name of the ninth century Basque princess and means ‘pearl’ in Arabic.

33. Halawa:

The name is as sweet as its meaning. If you want a name as sweet as your baby, then consider ‘Halawa’ which means ‘sweetness’.

34. Ishraq:

Your little one sure must have brought sunshine in your life and if you want to bring some sunshine into your girl’s life too, give her the name ‘Ishraq’. It means ‘sunshine’ or ‘illumination’. It can be used for both girls and boys.

35. Itr:

It’s a cool name, which is most likely to get trendy too. It means ‘perfume’ or ‘fragrance’.

36. Kanza:

Pronounced as kahn-zah, this name is sure to impress people. It means ‘hidden treasure’ in Arabic. In Japanese ‘kan’ means ‘warming sake’ and ‘za’ means ‘blossom’.

37. Maura:

This is Hebrew for swarthy or dark skinned. It’s predominantly used in German and Irish. The nicknames for Maura are Mo and Maur.

38. Muzna:

This name sounds very soothing and pleasant to one’s ears’. It’s one of the rare girl names meaning ‘rain’ or ‘cloud’.

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39. Najma:

It’s a lovely girl name meaning ‘star’ in Arabic. Naima can be used as a spelling variant.

40. Rahat:

This name means ‘comfort or rest’. It also means peaceful. This name ranked #5613 on the names chart in 2010.

41. Rhoslyn:

This name sounds sweet and stylish, and means ‘moor valley’. It has its origins in Welsh and Germanic languages. Rosy is its nickname. The other variants are Rozlyn, Roselin, Roslynn, and Rosalyn.

42. Rima:

Pronounced as Ree-mah, this cute name stands for ‘white antelope’. The famous namesake is Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010.

43. Salwa:

This is indeed a charming Moorish name, which literally means ‘solace’ and ‘comfort’. It also means ‘consolation’.

44. Sama:

Rooted in the Medieval Arabic era, Sama is an attractive girl name. It means ‘exalted, honored, sky’.

45. Sukayna:

Sukayna means ‘cute, adorable, or sprightly’. The other variant is Sukaina.

46. Suna:

Pronounced as soo-nah, it means ‘gold’ in Persian.

47. Umayma:

Its Arabic variant is Umama. It’s the name of the granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad and means ‘little mother’.

48. Yamina:

It’s derived from the Arabic word Yamin. Yamina means ‘right, proper, or suitable’.

49. Zubiya:

It’s a traditional Moorish name meaning ‘God’s gift’. Wouldn’t this be a perfect name for your baby daughter?

50. Zumurrud:

If you want a bright name for your girl, ‘Zumurrud’ is the one. It’s derived from Persian ‘Zumrud’ and means ’emerald’.

Moorish Last Names Or Surnames:

The Moorish surnames are usually derived from the name of the region of the ancestors. In other words, the last names of the Moors were given after the name of the place. For example, the Alarcons, the original bearers of this name, lived in the Alarcon region of Spain.

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The surnames invoke images of ancestral homes. The other popular Moorish last names are Alayza, Aldaba, Aldabeh, Albarado, Clayfield, Fondre, Grantham, Halyburton, Morris, O’Conry, Stirling, Tanner, Westcote, and Zambrano.

Weren’t those names unique, interesting, and beautiful? Which was your favorite name? Tell us in the comments section below.

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