50 Latest Mormon Baby Names For Boys And Girls With Meanings

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Mormons are a religious group and are members of the group The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as LDS. Their motto “in the world but not of the world” is seen in most of their traditions, including their newborns’ monikers. The Mormon baby names are similar to the standard English names but have a tweaked spelling, making them unique. Parents also love choosing Biblical names and original names for their babies. These names could be derived from their religious text, the Book of Mormon. However, finding the right Mormon name that conforms to the tradition, heritage, and culture and is trendy for a baby could be a difficult task. Hence, we have curated the following list for you inspired by the Church’s prominent figures and has a few Biblical origin names. The list also contains gender-neutral names that can be used either for your little boy or little girl. Read on and take your pick.

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Mormon Names For Boys

1. Aaron

Despite being around for more than half a century, Aaron is still an attractive and timeless choice for boys. The gentle name has Hebrew origins and means ‘high mountain or exalted’. In the Bible, Aaron is the name of Moses’ brother. His loyalty to Moses and the Lord and his wisdom and guidance were unparalleled.

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‘Aron,’ one of the variations of the name ‘Aaron,’ is the middle name of famous American singer and actor Elvis Presly.

2. Alma

Alma may be a female name, but it’s used primarily for males among the Mormons. The name is also associated with great missionaries and prophets in the Book of Mormon and is best suited for your knowledge lover. Alma is a Latin name, meaning ‘nourishing’.

3. Ammon

Ammon, a variation of the name Amon, is featured in the Book of Mormon. This Celtic form of Edmund with an upbeat feel has a great chance of competing with Damon and Aidan.

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Ammon also has ancient Egyptian roots, meaning “the hidden one.”

4. Amos

Short and sweet name Amos is associated with the father and son who dedicated themselves to protect the ‘holy things’. This Hebrew name, meaning ‘carried by God’, was used extensively during the Puritan times but went flat in the modern era. But it has made a revelation and has begun to move up the list and is currently one of the top 700 names for baby boys.

5. Bart

Bart, the short form of the name Bartholomew, has now become a permanent property, not just of the mischievous Simpson kid, but also of the Mormons. It means ‘son of the Earth’.

6. Beckette

Beckette, a handsome name with a rich sound, is the Mormon form of the name Beckett and means ‘bee cottage’. The original is a hot favorite among celebs, and going by the popularity of Beckette, even the latter can follow suit.

7. Braxton

Since most Mormons are descendants of the British, traditional English names are quite popular here. English name Braxton, meaning ‘Brock’s settlement’, has been climbing steadily ever since it featured on the baby name charts in the year 1985.

8. Brigham

Brigham Young, the Mormon leader, inspired the people of Utah to use this name. He’s renowned as the second president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Your son named Brigham will be a source of inspiration and a blessing to his community. Brigham means ‘little village near the bridge’.

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Spelling variants of Brigham include Briggam, Brigham, and Brighame.

9. Cohyn

Cohyn, a variant of the name Cohen, meaning ‘priest’ is a royal name, not just among Jews, but also with the Mormons. Just like several other names in the list, even Cohyn began as the last name, but is now gaining traction as a first name.

10. Dallin/Dallen

Dallin is one of the most used names among Mormon boys. Its namesake is Dallin H. Oaks, a member of the LDS church and a former president of BYU. The name Dallin means ‘from the valley’.

11. Elijah

Elijah is the name of the prophet in the Old Testament who went to Paradise in a fiery chariot. With more than 10,000 parents selecting this name for their children, Elijah has become one of the top ten names in the Social Security Administration list. Elijah means ‘Yahweh is God’.

protip_icon Did you know?
Elijah Holyfield is an American football player and the son of Evander Holyfield, a former world champion boxer.

12. Gideon

Gideon was the name of the leader of the Church and archenemy of the wicked king Noah. The name has Hebrew origins, with multiple meanings such as ‘feller’, ‘hewer’, and ‘mighty warrior’. The moniker has risen in popularity in the last decade and is one of the top 300 baby boy names today.

13. Isaiah

Unlike the brethren Elijah and Isaac, Isaiah is not popular in the rest of the world, except Utah, of course. And it’s solely because of its extensive usage in Utah, Isiah ranks so high in America. Isaiah means ‘salvation of the Lord’.

14. Jacob

This Biblical name, meaning ‘supplanter’ has been the top ten baby boy name for decades, and there’s no way it is going down the list.

15. Jared

This Old Testament name, which was revived in the 60s by the TV Westerns, is still an appealing option, especially in Utah. Jared means ‘he descends’.

16. Joel

This Biblical name, belonging to one of the ‘mighty men’ of King David, was taken up by the Puritans in the 16th century. And now, it’s used by practicing Christians all over the world. Joel means ‘Jehovah is his God’.

17. John

John, meaning ‘God is gracious’, holds the honor of being the most popular Christian baby boy name for over 400 years. John was one of the foremost Doctors of the Church who thrived because of his kindness, goodness, humility, and obedience to the will of God. Its namesake is John Taylor, one of the founding members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

18. Joseph

The moniker Joseph holds a special place for the Mormons because it’s associated with Joseph Smit, the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement. Joseph means ‘Jehovah increases’.

19. Layton

This Old English name, meaning ‘settlement with a leek garden’, is at an all-time high in the US, holding the 544th spot. Its most famous bearer is Layton Williams, the English actor.

20. Oakley

Just like oak, even the name Oakley is steady and has deeper roots. This moniker was on the rise for both boys and girls, especially in the US, but rose sharply for boys in the year 2016. The name Oakley means ‘wood clearing or oak wood’.

21. Oliver

Oliver H. P. Cowdery was an important participant in the Latter Day Saint movement, along with Joseph Smith. The name evokes a sense of purity, gentleness, and honesty and means ‘olive tree’.

22. Orson

Orson, a Latin name meaning ‘bear cub’ is an uncommon name that hasn’t featured on the popular name list since 1901. However, this adorable name was borne by several LDS apostles during the pioneer times.

23. Porter

Orrin Porter Rockwell, a friend and bodyguard of Prophet Joseph Smith is remembered for his pledge never to cut his hair and always remain faithful to the Almighty. Porter is an old-timey name, meaning ‘gatekeeper’.

24. Ronan

The compelling and legendary name, borne by Scottish and Irish saints, is also used by the Mormons, though not extensively. Even Ronan Keating did his bit to popularize this name. Ronan means ‘little seal’.

25. Rudy

This stylish name, used recently by Jude Law for his son, has experienced a consistent usage in America, including Utah. Rudy is the diminutive of the name Rudolf and means ‘famous wolf’.

26. Spencer

This classic name, meaning ‘dispenser of provisions’, has ties with modern-day LDS prophets as well. For instance, Spencer W. Kimball, the 12th president of the Church, was known for announcing Priesthood to all worthy males.

27. Wallace

The name Wallace honors Wallace B. Smith, a Mormon who presided over the Community of Christ. Wallace, meaning ‘foreigner or stranger’, originated from the names given to British people to distinguish them from Anglo-Saxons.

28. Wyatt

This hot and cool English name, meaning ‘brave in war’, has been moving up and down the charts for several years now. It has the rustic and cowboy charm of the Southern states and the elegance of metropolitan cities.

Mormon Names For Girls

29. Ada

This 19th century’s favorite moniker, meaning ‘noble, nobility’, would make a great alternative to the over popular name Ava. In the Bible, Ada is the name of one of the first girls mentioned in the Book of Genesis.

30. Ardeth

Do you know why Ardeth is so popular among the Mormons? It’s the name of the 9th general president of the Young Women’s Organization. This unique name evokes joy. It is a form of the name Ardith and means ‘blooming fields’.

31. Ashtyn

Ashtyn, a variant of the name Ashton, meaning ‘ash tree place’, is looking good enough to surpass the original. It’s a unisex name, so it’s upon you to decide whom you want to bestow it on.

32. Brighten

It takes immense courage to pick a vocabulary word as a baby name and make it extremely popular. That’s exactly what the Mormons have done with the name Brighten. Brighten isn’t heard beyond the boundaries of Utah, but it soon can. You just never know.

33. Clara

European name Clara, meaning ‘bright or clear’, has surpassed its sleeker cousin Claire on the popularity charts. This name is widely known for its association with the It Girl, Clara Bow.

34. Dinah

Dinah is a charming, but underused Hebrew name, meaning ‘God will judge’. The rich musical and literary cred would make a vivid name for a southern girl who considers charity and forgiveness as her life’s purpose.

35. Eden

This attractive and serene Hebrew name, meaning ‘a place of pleasure and delight’, is basically a place name drawn from the Bible.

36. Eliza

Eliza, the short form of Elizabeth, is best remembered for being the name of Zion’s Poetess, Eliza Sow, the president of the Second Relief Society. The name Eliza means ‘consecrated to God’.

37. Galilee

This unusual moniker derives from the name of a large region in northern Israel. It’s said that Galilee was the residence of Jesus Christ for over 30 years of his life. Galilee means ‘the province’.

38. Hannah

Hannah, one of the top used Biblical names has a soft and gentle sound, is homey, but also has a sophisticated image, all thanks to a list of queens tied with this name. Hannah means ‘grace’ and is best suited for the little miracle in your life.

39. Ivy

This energetic, quirky, and smile inducing name has propelled even higher up the charts ever since Beyonce and Jay Z picked it for their baby girl. In the floral language, Ivy symbolizes faithfulness.

40. Josephine

Josephine, with a large measure of character, class, and offbeat quality, is a popular name in Utah. The high number of vivacious nicknames makes it an even more appealing option for your baby girl.

41. Jossilyn

Jossilyn, a variant of Jocelyn, meaning ‘member of the Gauts tribe’, has got a new lease of life due to the passion for ‘y’ in girl names among the Mormons. It originated as a masculine name, but later shifted territory due to its soft, feminine sound.

42. Kaidence

Kaidence, the newly introduced version of the rhythmic name Cadence, is ruling the charts already in just three years. The only concern with this name is that it can pose pronunciation problems. Kaidence means ‘rhythm’.

43. Kairi

Kairi, a Japanese name, meaning ‘sea’, entered the US Social Security Administration list in the year 2010 and continues to move upwards. The name is globally popular because of its association with the female lead in “Kingdom of Hearts”.

44. Madelyn

Madelyn, the most popular spelling of Madeline used in Utah, currently sits pretty on the 62nd spot, which speaks a lot about its popularity. We think Madelyn is the best pick if you want a ‘lyn’ ending name for your daughter. Madelyn means ‘from Magdala’.

45. Martha

The Biblical name Martha is also the name of the first female senator of the US. Meaning ‘lady’, Martha was highly used throughout the 20th century, but has started seeing a dip.

46. Payslee

Payslee, a Mormon variant of the name Paisley, is originally related to the Scottish town and a beautiful Indian fabric. This moniker has experienced a remarkable success story in Utah and is one of the most used names for girls today. Payslee means ‘church or cemetery’.

47. Sariah

Sariah, the name of Lehi’s wife, is widely regarded as the woman of sacrifice, faith, and resilience. This moniker, presumably a combination of Sarah and Mariah is unique to the Book of Mormon. It means ‘princess of the Lord’.

48. Stephanie

Stephanie, meaning ‘garland or crown’, has experienced more staying power than most of the male names turned female. Even after having a long run of popularity, Stephanie still has several takers today.

49. Tabitha

Tabitha, meaning ‘gazelle’, was originally the name of a woman restored to life by St. Peter in the Old Testament.

50. Trinity

Trinity, meaning ‘triad’, picked up on the charts after the release of the movie “The Matrix”, where Trinity was the name of the female lead. The euphonic sound and spiritual meaning make it even more special.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of names in the Mormon faith?

In the Mormon faith, giving a name is considered essential and is an ordinance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a sacred act performed by the authority of the priesthood (1).

2. Are there any specific guidelines or recommendations for choosing a Mormon baby name?

There are no set rules for choosing a Mormon baby name, but some popular Mormon naming types include combination/invented names, creatively spelled names, Book of Mormon names, other religious names, theme names, and inspired names. The majority of Mormon names are a reflection of the church’s emphasis on lineage, family, missionary activity, service, and devotion to one’s religion (1).

3. Are there any traditional or historical Mormon names that are still popular today?

Aaron, Joseph, Amos, Hyrum, Jared, and Alma for boys and Emma, Mary, Eliza, Sarah, and Lucy for girls are traditional or historical Mormon names still used today.

4. Are there any famous or notable Mormons with unique names?

The former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his sons Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben, and Craig are prominent Mormons with unique names.

5. How do Mormon baby names compare to names in other religions or cultures?

Mormon baby names may have some similarities to names in other religions or cultures but may also have some unique features. They may choose religious names that reflect their faith or beliefs, but the choice of baby names can vary widely among Mormons from different regions (1).

We hope that this list of Mormon baby names will be helpful for you when you are in search of unique yet meaningful names for your baby. We have included names for both boys and girls in the list to make your search easier and help you find the right name for your little one. Names such as Aaron and Elijah have a biblical and historical touch to them, whereas names such as Josephine and Ada have a touch of class and nobility to them. So scroll through and choose the perfect name.

Key Pointers

  • Mormons typically select baby names that reflect their religious beliefs and cultural roots.
  • Dinah, Joel, and Eliza are among the familiar Mormon names deeply connected with God and his grace.
  • Boy names such as Aaron, Bart, and Ardeth carry meanings associated with nature and its beauty.
  • Ada, Sariah, and Cohyn are names exuding a noble and royal vibe.
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Infographic: Mormon Baby Names With Meanings

The Mormon Church is considered the original church founded by Jesus Christ. If you are looking for names for your baby inspired by the church with deep meanings, we have the right list for you in the following infographic. Give it a read and share it with others as well.

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Delve into the world of various names, their meanings and associated history that are present in ‘The Book of Mormon’, in this interesting video.


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  1. Jennifer R. Mansfield; (2012); “It’s Wraylynn – With A W”: Distinctive Mormon Naming Practices.
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