100 Adorable Moroccan Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Moroccan Girl Names

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The moment we hear about Morocco, the classic movie “Casablanca” comes to mind. But there’s a lot about Morocco beyond this film.

Morocco, a country rich in culture and heritage, is tied to its official religion – Islam, which explains the extensive use of traditional Arabic names by the Moroccans. While the baby girl names are ultra-feminine and cute, the boy names have serious swag. Even the meanings are as beautiful and serene as the names. A touch of French is also seen in some of the names, as the country was briefly ruled by France. MomJunction brings you a handy list of Moroccan baby names for your reference.

Moroccan Girl Names:

1. Adilah:

Meaning ‘honest and just’, Adilah is a perfect name for girls. This name will inculcate the just and fair qualities we want to see in our girls.

2. Aicha:

Aicha, the Moroccan for Aisha, is the name of Prophet Mohammed’s most favorite wife. In some languages, Aish means ‘wheat’, ‘food’, or ‘barley’, making it symbolic of the sustenance of life.

3. Aleah:

Aleah, the modern spelling for Aliyah, is an exquisite name, meaning ‘high or exalted’. Its variation Aaliyah currently ranks #48 and is given to 5,000 baby girls every year. So think out of the box and name your daughter Aleah.

4. Amina:

Amina means ‘trustworthy and faithful’, two of the greatest qualities we look for in a friend. It is one of the top names for girls in Bosnia, France, England, and Wales.

5. Amira:

Amira is a shimmering Moroccan girl name, meaning ‘king or ruler’. In some Arabic communities, it’s usually given to girls born during the feast of Shavuot. Add an ‘h’ at the end if you want to give the name an edgy look.

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6. Anisah:

Anisah, meaning ‘good-natured’ will inspire your daughter to be at her best with everyone. Its phonetic spelling, Anisa, was chosen by Macy Gray for one of her daughters.

7. Asmaa:

In Islam, Asma was the name of Muhammad’s niece, who helped his uncle escape to Mecca. Asmaa is its Moroccan form and means ‘supreme’.

8. Ayat:

Meaning ‘verses of Quran’, Ayat would make a lovely option for parents looking for something spiritual for their daughters.

9. Aziza:

Speaking of gorgeous Arabic Moroccan baby names, Aziza means ‘gorgeous’ in several African languages, not just Moroccan. In Arabic, it means ‘precious’.

10. Buchra:

A cute Moroccan variation of the Arabic name Bushra, it means good omen. We think it would make an offbeat substitute to the familiar Bariah and Mariah.

11. Chaima:

The name Chaima is gender neutral, but is used mainly for girls. It’s originally a French name, meaning ‘with a beauty spot’. And currently just 0.001% of the population is named Chaima.

12. Faiza:

Faiza is a tremendously exotic name, meaning ‘victorious’. This name also features in Marvel comics. We bet you didn’t know this.

13. Farah:

Farah is a soft and melodic Arabic origin name, known throughout the world via Farah Palavi, the last empress of Iran. Farah means ‘happiness’.

14. Farida:

This unique sounding name actually means ‘unique’. It’s globally recognized namesake would be Farida, the Queen of Egypt.

15. Fatiha:

One of the loveliest Moroccan girl name in our opinion, it’s smooth, fluttery, and has a beautiful meaning – ‘conqueror’. Fatiha is also the title of a verse in Quran.

16. Fatima:

In the Quran, Fatima is the name of Prophet Mohammed’s daughter and one of the four perfect women. Crossing cultures would be a bit of work for this name, but it will eventually make its way to the mainstream.

17. Habiba:

Habiba is a Muslim baby girl name, popular in North Africa and Somalia. It means ‘sweetheart or beloved’.

18. Hadiya:

This Moroccan name is sweet, soft, and would fit well amongst the stylish, multicultural names of today. Besides being a Quran name, Hidaya was also an Ethiopian group that controlled the Hadiya kingdom.

19. Ikram:

Ikram is basically a baby boy name, but is used for girls in Morocco. It means ‘honor or hospitality’.

20. Imane:

One of the best-known Moroccan names, thanks to the Iman, the Somali-American model, this name means ‘faith’. If you want, you can snip ‘e’ from the end.

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21. Ines:

Surprised to see this Portuguese name on the list? Even we were. But it’s going pretty good in Morocco, considering it’s in the 26th spot.

22. Jamila:

Jamila is a soft and appealing name, with a ‘beautiful’ meaning. Some say that it has origin in Swahili, but others argue that it’s an Arabic name.

23. Jasmin:

One of the few Moroccan girl names that does not end with ‘a’. If you want to make it look stylish, opt for its variation Jazmin. Meaning ‘jasmine flower’, Jasmin ranked #112 in the Social Security Administration list last year, which isn’t bad.

24. Khadija:

Khadija was the name of the first convert to Islam and the first wife of Prophet Muhammad. Moroccans would associate this name with Khadija Abbouda, the Moroccan archer who participated in the 2008 Olympics.

25. Khalida:

Khalida, the evocative Moroccan name, is basically the male counterpart of Khalid. It returned to the US top 1000 after a decade-long hiatus. Khalida means ‘immortal or everlasting’.

26. Latifah:

Queen Latifah, the famous singer and actress made this Moroccan name famous. Latifah means ‘kind and gentle’.

27. Layla:

This exotic Moroccan name, meaning ‘darkness and intoxication’, has featured in a plethora of romantic Arabic poems. Even today, this name brings to mind a brown-haired and brown-eyed girl.

28. Maria:

This Latin origin name retains a timeless beauty. Its widespread use has produced some notable namesakes in almost every field, for instance, Maria Sharapova, the tennis sensation and Maria Shriver, the American journalist.

29. Meryem:

As Mary is moving further out of style, its variations are becoming more and more popular with every passing day. In Morocco, Meryem, a variation of Mary, sits on the 13th spot.

30. Nadia:

Nadia, meaning ‘hope’, has the charm and energy of Olympic gold medalist Nadia Comaneci. This name even featured in the in the movie ‘Lost’.

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31. Nahla:

Nahla sounds regal and rhythmic. We’re sure no one will ever get tired calling out this name. Its meaning ‘a drink of water’, which is as distinctive as the name. Halle Berry also picked this name for her daughter.

32. Naima:

Naima means ‘pleasant, likeable’, which are exactly what parents want their daughter to be. It’s associated with Naima Mora, the winner of America’s Next Top Model.

33. Nora:

This refined name, meaning ‘light’ brings to mind the headstrong and independent heroine of “A Doll’s House”.

34. Nour:

With names like Eleanor and Nora on the rise, we predict that Nour will also be embraced. This name has roots in both Arabic and Dutch, and is trendy in both the cultures. Nour means ‘glow or light’.

35. Rabia:

This beautiful name is redolent of mythology. Rabia is supposed to be one of the ten angels who accompany the sun in its daily orbit. This Moroccan name means ‘spring’.

36. Rachida:

This lovely name is bound to capture everyone’s hearts. It’s a Moroccan version of Rashida and means ‘rightly guided’.

37. Rehana:

Rihanna might sound and look cooler, but nothing can take the charm from the original Rehana. Meaning ‘sweet basil’, this moniker will fill your child’s life with the scent of this herb.

38. Sabrina:

This bewitchingly radiant name shares its glamorous connection with Audrey Hepburn, who starred in a film named “Sabrina”. Sabrina means ‘legendary princess’.

39. Saeeda:

This female form of Said is used eminently in Morocco. It means ‘lucky and fortunate’, which we’re sure your child will be, no matter what name your pick.

40. Safaa:

If you wish your daughter to grow up into a lighthearted and cheery person, consider this radiant name, Safaa. Safaa, also the name of a hill in Mecca, means ‘purity’.

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41. Salima:

This Moroccan name, meaning ‘safe and healthy’, symbolizes everything you want for your baby girl. And believe us, it’s super popular throughout the Arab world. The notable and inspiring namesake is Salima Ghezali, the Algerian writer and journalist. Salima means ‘safe or mild’.

42. Salma:

The top Moroccan name for girl – Salma Hayek, the Mexico-born actress, should be credited for increasing the oomph quotient of this name. Salma means ‘peace’.

43. Samira:

Samira is a shining Moroccan name with an intriguing meaning. Originating in the Arabic language, Samira means ‘companion in a conversation’. Its namesake is Samira Bellil, French activist and feminist.

44. Sarah:

A name like Sarah is bound to be popular, whether it’s in Asia or Africa. Sarah features in both Bible and Quran, as the name of the wife of Abraham. It means ‘princess’.

45. Sophia:

This American name holds the 60th spot and the most popular Moroccan baby girl names. Did you know Sophia gained its first popularity via Saint Sophia, who was venerated in the Greek Goddess church?

46. Soraya:

This stunning name was made famous on the western side of the globe by the Iranian Empress, who settled in France. Soraya means ‘jewel’.

47. Yasmine:

The sweet fragrance of this name is spread all over the Southern and Near Eastern world. It’s listed on the Social Security list in a variety of variations. But Moroccans prefer using this spelling.

48. Zara:

Meaning ‘princess’, this name got a touch of royalty when Princess Anna bestowed it on her daughter. Name your little love Zara and see her blossom into a graceful and confident woman.

49. Zaynab:

The original spelling Zaynab is featured in the Quran, but its variant Zainab is more prevalent all over the world, including Morocco. We love its Turkish form, Zeynep as well.

50. Zohra:

Zohra is an out and out feminine name, meaning ‘flower blossom’. In the Bible, Zohra is the name of a city.

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Moroccan Boy Names:

51. Aamir:

Aamir hails from an Arabic word and means ‘prince, ruler’. The most famous Amir in India is Aamir Khan, the Bollywood actor.

52. Abbas:

Abbas is an Arabic name, meaning ‘lion’. Naming your son Abbas will hopefully make him as strong as a lion, both in health and character.

53. Abdel:

In Morocco, Abel is often used in conjunction with Rahman, Kader, Aziz Rahim, and Salam. It means ‘servant’.

54. Abdellah:

Another Islamic favorite, but the spelling is different from what is commonly used all over the world. Its variation Abdulla has been gaining momentum in the US and has been in the top 700 for three years. Abdellah means ‘God’s slave’.

55. Adam:

Adam is a primal Islamic and Old Testament name, meaning ‘son of red earth’. The proper Moroccan pronunciation would be ‘Aa-dam’.

56. Adil:

Parents looking for something short, sweet, and non-traditional can consider Adil. It means ‘just’.

57. Ahmed:

Used as both first and last names, Ahmed has roots in Arabic and means ‘praiseworthy’. Its variation, Ahmad, is popular amongst Muslim families.

58. Ali:

Ali, meaning ‘greatest’, is mentioned as one of the attributes of Allah in the Quran. It will forever be tied with late Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all generations. You can even snip it to hip Al for the nickname.

59. Amine:

An old, but safe option – Amine, means ‘faithful and trustworthy’.

60. Anas:

Anas, meaning ‘affectionate and friendliness’, is the name of one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad.

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61. Aryn:

If you want most traditional moroccan baby name with a non-traditional spelling, you can pick Aryn, a form of Aaron. Aryn means ‘messenger’.

62. Ayoub:

Ayoub is the Arabic version of Job, the name of a Biblical Prophet. This name means ‘returning to God’.

63. Beni:

Beni would be the perfect pick if you want your baby boy to be named after a location in Morocco. You can also use it as a short form for Benjamin.

64. Bilal:

This ancient African name is popular amongst Muslims of Bosnia, Turkey, and Morocco. Some of our readers will recognize this name as the name of the American musician, Bilal Abdulsamad.

65. Brahim:

Brahim is the Morocco name of Prophet Abraham, the messenger of God and means ‘father of multitudes’.

66. Driss:

Driss, the Moroccan for Idris, is mentioned twice in the Quran in its original form as the name of prophet Muhammad. It’s also a Welsh name, meaning ‘lord’.

67. Emir:

A fitting name for parents who wish their child to achieve greater heights in his life. Emir means ‘chief’ or ‘commander’.

68. Hachim:

Hachim is the Moroccan variation of Hakim and means ‘judicious’. It’s one of the nine attributes of Allah that also classify as worthy names. The famous bearer of this moniker is Hachim Mastour, Moroccan football player.

69. Hamza:

Hamza, the name of the legendary uncle of Prophet Muhammad, ranks third in popular in Morocco. His valor is recorded in Hamzanama, which translates to The Story of Hamza. Hamza means ‘lion’.

70. Hassan:

Hassan, meaning ‘handsome’, is one of the most familiar Arabic names. It has appeared in the US Social Security Administration top 100 list since the year 1971.

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71. Idrissa:

This Arabic name, which is equal to the biblical name Enoch, is commonly heard in Western and Northern Africa. Idrissa Gueye, the Senegalese footballer, is perhaps the most famous person with this name.

72. Ilyass:

lyaas, the Arabic version of Elijah, meaning ‘Yahweh is God’ has become a fashionable choice of late.

73. Ismail:

Ismail is the Arabic spelling of Hebrew name Ismael and means ‘God will hear’. You must have heard this name in “Does My Head Look Big in This?”

74. Issam:

Issam is an elegant and literary-sounding name, meaning ‘bond.

75. Jamal:

No wonder this name gets so much attention. Jamal means ‘handsome’, which every mother thinks her baby boy to be. People in the US can use it as an alternative to Jason or James.

76. Kadin:

Kadin is a famous Moroccan boy name, meaning ‘friend or companion’. What more could you want from your sweet one than being a great companion to his pals?

77. Kareem:

A favorite with the Moroccans. Kareem made its first appearance in the US Top 1000 list in the 1972, which also coincides with the early career of basketball player cum writer, Kareem Abdl Jabbar. This name means ‘noble’.

78. Khalid:

Khalid is quite popular in Islamic history, thanks to the seventh century military leader, Khalid Ibn Walid. It means ‘immortal or everlasting’.

79. Maleek:

Maleek is one of those few names that isn’t too common, but is quite easy to pronounce. It’s a form of Malachi, and means ‘angel of God’.

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80. Marrakech:

If you can have Paris, London, and Brooklyn, why not Marrakech? Marrakech, the name of the fourth largest city of the Kingdom of Morocco, would make a happening name for your son.

81. Mehdi:

This Farsi name is derived from the name Mahdi, who is believed to rule the Day of Judgment and get the world rid of evil. Mehdi means ‘rightly guided’.

82. Mohamed:

Mohamed, the Moroccan variation of Muhammad, has been one of the top 500 baby names for six years now. It’s associated with the powerful Mohamed Morsi, the fifth President of Egypt.

83. Moroccan:

It cannot get more straightforward. Recently, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey were in the news for naming one of their twins Moroccan. The name did not make to the Social Security List, but it will surely enter the list of the unique names of all times.

84. Morocco:

The name Morocco featured for the first time in Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice”. So you can say that it was coined as a baby boy name for the first by Shakespeare. Now you decide which one sounds better, Moroccan or Morocco.

85. Mustafa:

Apart from Turkey, Mustafa is used widely in Morocco as well. It’s an epithet of Prophet Muhammad and is the name of the four Ottoman sultans. The other spelling variations of Mustafa are Moustafa, Mostafa, and Moustapha. Mustafa means ‘the chosen one’.

86. Nabil:

Nabil, meaning ‘high-born’ is a pleasant and exotic Moroccan name that’s not very common in non-African countries.

87. Nadim:

You just cannot go wrong with this one. Nadim and its variation Nadeem means ‘good friend’.

88. Omar:

This fashionable male name is taken from the Arabic name Umr, which means ‘flourishing and populous’. Bestowing this name on him will transcend him to greater heights.

89. Osman:

This name is best known as the moniker of the creator of the Ottoman Empire. Did you notice that Osman is also the anagram of Mason? The meaning of Osman is ‘black’.

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90. Rachid:

This name honors Rachid Yazai, the Moroccan scientist known for his contribution to the lithium batteries and Rachid Taha, the Algerian activist and singer. Rachid and its variation Rashid are one of the 99 names of Allah and mean ‘the guide’.

91. Rafiq:

Rafiq is a confident Moroccan choice, meaning ‘friend or companion’. Children will associate this name with Rafiki, the wise confidante from “The Lion King”.

92. Rahim:

Rahim, meaning ‘empathetic and merciful’ is an auspicious name for the Moroccan Muslims. It’s currently selling because of Rahim Shaheed Moore, the American NFL football player.

93. Rayan:

This Moroccan name, meaning ‘land lush in water’ is a term of authority in India. Rayan Lopez, the American rapper is its modern namesake.

94. Said:

Said, the simpler variation of Sa’Id and Sayeed is used heavily by the Arabs and Africans, but more as a last than the first name. The meaning of Said is ‘happy’.

95. Sami:

Sam, Sammy, and Samuel have become super common now. It’s time to opt for unique and sweet as honey name, Samir. Samir means ‘friend or breeze’.

96. Sulaiman:

Sulaiman is another popular name in Africa, including Morocco. It’s an Arabic version of Solomon and is borne by several notable people like Sulaiman Layeq, the Afghan poet and philosopher, Sulaiman Al-Tajir, the Iranian traveler and writer and Sulaiman Nadvi, the Indian writer and Islamic scholar. It means ‘peace’.

97. Tangier:

This Morocco place name is as evocative and exotic as the Moroccan bazaars. Tangier conjures images of domed minarets, camels, and palm trees.

98. Youness:

Youness, the Arabic and Moroccan version of Jonah, gained 0.45% to reach to the 13th spot this year. This name means ‘dolphin’.

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99. Yousef:

This name will never wane in popularity, no matter what place you are and which year it is. In the United States, Yousef ranks #786, while its variation Yusuf ranks #592. In Wales and England, both the variations are super popular. Yousef means “Allah increases in piety, power and influence”.

100. Zakaria:

Zakaria is the Arabic form of the Hebrew name Zechariah and means ‘God has remembered’.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Moroccan names through our article. Let us know what you feel about it by commenting below!

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