134 Most Badass Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Conventional and classic baby names are trending in today’s world. However, few parents like to keep it unique by considering some badass baby names when naming their little one. While baby names inspired by colors, nations, celebrities, and politicians are common, a unique badass name could make your baby stand out from the crowd. Moreover, contrary to popular beliefs, having a badass name does not indicate that your baby will grow into a rebellious person.

A badass baby name could be modern or inspired by some popular name. So, go on and choose your favorite badass baby name from our list.

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Most Badass Girl Names, With Unique Meanings

1. Aella

Aella was the fierce Amazon warrior notorious for wielding a double-edged sword in Greek mythology. This beautiful name means ‘whirlwind.’ We’re not quite sure about its pronunciation. Perhaps our Greek readers could help us with it.

2. Aiden

The Irish name Aiden has become quite popular in recent years, probably because of its meaning ‘little and fiery’. The name is inspired by Aodh, the Celtic god of the sun, but there are similar versions of it found in some cultures, for instance, Aydin, which is a Turkish name, meaning ‘enlightened.’

3. Alice

If you are looking for a badass name that is popular and familiar, go for Alice. This is the name of the lead character in the beloved story ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Alice is a clever, well-mannered, and curious girl who finds her way in this world.

4. Alexandra

This name is the feminine form of the Greek name Alexandros, which is in turn derived from the words ‘Alexin,’ which means ‘protect,’ and ‘aner’ meaning ‘man.’ Give your baby girl this mighty name, and it might inspire her later in life.

5. Alexa

This stylish and badass name is the short form of Alexandra. It is also the name of Amazon’s virtual assistant AI technology. If you are looking for an extraordinary name for your one-of-a-kind little girl, then go for this name.

6. Amelia

Amelia Bloomer, the women’s rights activist, is best known for advocating for the less restrictive women’s clothing in the 19th century. She is also considered the first of the feminists. The name also brings to mind the aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart.

7. Angelina

The name may mean ‘angel,’ but its most famous bearer Angelina Jolie is anything but. This feisty actor epitomized the bad girl by declaring her love for knives and wearing blood around her neck. Today, Angelina Jolie is an iconic actor and a humanitarian. This moniker is also shared by Angelina Grimke Weld, the abolitionist who fought for women’s rights.

8. Ariel

This name is derived from the Biblical Hebrew word ‘Ariel,’ which means ‘lion of God.’ If you are a big fan of the Disney princesses, then name your little one Ariel after the little mermaid Ariel, who is bright, spirited, and passionate.

9. Artemisia

Do you think your bundle of joy has a fine, artistic mind? Then name her Artemisia after one of the most badass artists of the Baroque era. Artemisia Gentileschi achieved acclaim at a time when women were not even allowed to attend the art academies. She was raped by her colleague’s father and had to go through a brutal trial. Her rapist was convicted, but he did not serve his sentence. After the trial, Artemisia painted her most famous work, “Judith Slaying Holofernes”, as revenge for her trial.

10. Beatrice

This name originates from Latin and means ‘she who brings happiness.’ This unique name became popular because of Dante Alighieri’s poem about the Florentine woman Beatrice Portinari. Dante saw Beatrice as a savior and one who removed all evil intentions from him. If you also feel the same about your little rebel, then name her Beatrice.

11. Bessie

Bessie Coleman overcame racial discrimination and became the first African American woman to earn a pilot license. Bessie was pretty daring. She became a high-profile pilot and took part in notoriously dangerous air shows. She is known as ‘Queen Bess’ and ‘Brave Bessie’ due to her courage and determination.

12. Blair

This name evokes not just the Ivy League elitism but also high-stakes revenge schemes. This name was personified perfectly by Blair Waldorf, the “Gossip Girls” evil queen. With her icy stare and flawless hairs, Blair Waldorf commanded both adoration and attention wherever she went. And Blair can be used for baby boys as well.

13. Beretta

Beretta is one of the most usable word names we have come across. The gun Beretta, manufactured by the Italian firearms manufacturer, was named after the company’s owner. This name has now entered the mainstream as a badass baby name.

14. Buffy

Inspired by the famous TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the name Buffy might suit your little rebel. Just like Buffy, your little princess might also grow up to be upbeat and a natural leader. She may have a strong moral compass, values, and an unbent determination to do the right thing.

15. Carol

Carol aka Captain Marvel

Image: Shutterstock

Carol, aka Captain Marvel, is a female superhero fictional character from Marvel comics. She was created to be pretty badass and with a never-to-give-up attitude. She is daring, dashing, and takes head-on with Thanos. Now that sounds like a perfect name for your little rebel, isn’t it?

16. Carrie

This name originates from Old German and means ‘free man.’ Many badass women who are free-spirited and daring are given this name. One such prominent personality is Carrie Underwood, an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. Her never-give-up attitude has enabled her to overcome all the hurdles in life. She is such a badass that after experiencing a scary fall and injuring her face, she immediately started recording. Isn’t she a mighty influence for your young rebel?

17. Cassandra

This name is derived from Greek Mythology and means ‘a person who prophesies doom or a disaster.’ It is also known to carry the meanings ‘man’s defender’ or ‘warrior.’ If your daughter is a born rebel, name her Cassandra.

18. Clara

Clara or Klara is a feminine form of the Late Latin name ‘Clarus,’ which means ‘clear, bright, and famous.’ Many badass women with this name have had a big impact on society. A famous person with this name is Nurse and Red Cross founder Clara Barton, an American feminist who fought for gender equality.

19. Chanel

This name is inspired by the well-known French designer Coco Chanel who revolutionized the fashion industry. A daughter of a peasant and a street vendor, she went on to become the renowned fashion designer who ruled Parisian haute couture for six decades. The fashion label she created is still a hot brand.

20. Cecilia

Another badass woman who was brave enough to question society’s norms was Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin. She discovered that stars are primarily made up of hydrogen and helium when she was in grad school.

21. Courteney

This name is derived from the French word ‘Courtois,’ meaning ‘courteous.’ A famous personality with this name is Courteney Cox, who played the infamous Monica Gellar in the popular 90s TV show Friends. She is pretty badass and loves motorcycles. If you are a die-hard fan of the series or the actress herself, then give your little girl this name.

22. Diana

This name is associated with quite some brave women, both in fiction and real life. Princess Diana of Wales is probably the most badass princess ever. She made her mark among the British royalty. She was not only bold with her decisions but is also known to be a great philanthropist. Diana Prince of the Amazon is the fictional character of Wonder Woman, who is a popular female superhero. Her strong association with virtues such as honesty and sincerity could help your daughter excel in the future.

23. Dominique

This is a French and Latin originated name which means ‘lord.’ This unique name can make your badass baby girl stand out from the crowd.

24. Eleanor

Eleanor is a Hebrew name with the elements ‘el’, which means ‘God’ and ‘or’ meaning ‘light.’ This beautiful name was adorned by Eleanor of Aquitaine, a sharp-witted aristocrat. Her tactfulness and intelligence changed the course of England and France.

25. Elisa

Give your little rebel this name if you want her to follow her heart and make a difference in the world. Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu was one of the first women to obtain an engineering degree in 1912. She busted the stereotype that women cannot become engineers and became a role model for many women to pursue their dreams.

26. Elizabeth

This may be a classic name, but many women in history who adorned this name were badass and did things that were an inspiration to all women. One such lady is her highness Queen Elizabeth of England. She is the longest-reigning monarch. From serving as a mechanic during World War II to playing a cameo in a James Bond movie, England’s queen has many feathers in her cap.

27. Ellen

If you are a fan of Ellen Degeneres, then name your child after her. She is not only a renowned comedian and TV host but also an advocate of LGBTQ rights. She is known for her kindness and compassion and would make a wonderful role model for your little one.

28. Ember

This name means ‘spark burning low,’ or ‘a glowing fragment.’ It would make an apt name for your little rebel who shows signs of a rockstar.

29. Emma

This name is inspired by women (both real and fictional) who were pretty badass. Affectionately known as Grandma Gatewood, Emma Gatewood (67) was the first woman to walk the Appalachian Trail solo in one season. She also completed the hike three times, the last one at the age of 75. And who can forget Emma Watson? She played the role of the bright witch from the Harry Potter series and became popular for her intelligence and cute looks.

30. Estee

This name is inspired by the cosmetic company Estee Lauder. This company was founded by Josephine Esther Mentzer, the only woman to be featured on Time magazine’s 1998 list of ‘20 most influential business geniuses in the 20th century.’

31. Evelyn

Used originally as a surname, Evelyn means ‘wished-for child.’ This name has English and French origins. It is also known to be a feminine Norman French diminutive of the name Ava. Many badass women were given this name; one among them is Evelyn Witkin, an American geneticist. She was awarded the National Medal of Science for her work in DNA mutagenesis and DNA repair.

32. Florence

Also known as ‘The lady with the lamp,’ Florence Nightingale is the badass woman behind the healthcare reforms in the 19th and 20th centuries. Her nursing work during the war made her a figure of public admiration. Because of her reforms, nursing gained the respect it deserved.

Delilah Loeppky, a mother of three, reveals a few names she would love to use for her baby. On the list is Florence, about which she says, “It is kind of a unisex name… I think it’s really handsome. I don’t know what we would use as a nickname for a boy, obviously for a girl, you probably use the name Flo, which I don’t love, but I’m not super against. But the whole name Florence, I think sounds very nice, so maybe like a middle name, possibly. That would be something we would choose. Zach (husband) doesn’t love it but he doesn’t hate it, and I like it for both a boy and a girl. So, that’s one that’s definitely gonna stick around on our list (i).”

33. Gloria

This name is inspired by Gloria Steinem, who is known as the most famous American activist. She was a feminist and was recognized as a leader and spokesperson for the American feminist movement in the late 1960s. Gloria means ‘glory to God.’ If you wish your child to shine bright in the future, then give her this name.

34. Grace

Grace Hopper was one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer and was a pioneer of computer programming. She was a successful programmer in a male-dominated field and also served in the male-dominated U.S Navy.

35. Harriet

This name is derived from the German name Heimiric, which is in turn derived from the elements ‘Heim’ which means ‘home’ and ‘ric’ meaning ‘power,’ or ‘ruler.’ There are many badass women in history who were named Harriet, with one of the most prominent being Harriet Tubman, an American abolitionist and political activist. She was known as the ‘Queen of the underground railroad” and the ‘Moses for her people.’ She took many roles, from a spy to a nurse, while helping slaves escape. She had a bounty on her head.

36. Harley

This macho biker name has now traveled to the female territory. It was given to over 900 girls last year, double the number of baby boys named Harley. Harley entered the female side in the year 1991, after the introduction of Joker’s female assistant Harley Quinn in the Batman universe. In the United Kingdom, Harley holds the 49th spot, not bad for a badass baby name. And we predict that it will climb even further.

37. Harlow

Harlow is an English baby name that means ‘meadow of hares.’ What makes badass baby names stand out is that it does not refer to the cute, little bunnies, but energetic and anti-social hares. A girl with this name would not be afraid to be herself.

38. Hazel

If you want to inspire your daughter to be confident in her own skin and fight discrimination, then name her Hazel after Hazel Scott, a jazz and classical pianist, singer, and actor. She was a performing artist and an outspoken critic of racial discrimination and segregation. She even refused to perform for segregated audiences and fought to improve the representation of Black Americans in films.

39. Heddy

Heddy Lamarr is the true example of the phrase ‘beauty with brains.’ She was an American actress, inventor, and film producer. She co-invented the early version of the frequency hopping spread spectrum communication for torpedo guidance, which helps transmit signals without being jammed by a third party.

40. Irena

Irena Sendler was a braveheart who not only risked her own life to smuggle 2,500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto but also helped create false identities to save them from the Holocaust. She was a courageous woman and was awarded Poland’s highest honor for her wartime humanitarian efforts.

41. Ida

If you want your baby to fight tirelessly for justice, you couldn’t pick a name better than Ida. Ida Wells-Barnett was a brilliant American suffragist, journalist, and anti-lynching campaigner. She wrote on the history and law of lynching and worked with multiple associations and organizations to advance African-American women. She even blocked the establishment of segregated schools in Chicago.

42. Jasmine

Although the name reminds us of a sweet-smelling flower, it is adorned by a badass fictional Disney princess. Jasmine from Aladdin is more than a pretty face. She is no ordinary princess and knows how to fulfill her dreams. She breaks the rules for the greater good and writes her own destiny.

43. Jessica

Jessica is a traditionally feminine name derived from Hebrew and means ‘rich,’ or ‘God beholds.’ Many famous women embraced this name and added a daring and badass vibe to it. One such celebrity is Jessica Simpson, an American singer, actress, and fashion designer, who promotes positive body image and inspires young girls to feel comfortable in their skin. Jessica could be a great name for your little girl.

44. Julia

This name is inspired by Julia Morgan, who was an American architect and engineer. She was the first woman to be admitted to the architecture program at l’École Nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts and was also the first female licensed architect in California. Give this name to your baby girl if you wish her to break stereotypes and fulfill all her dreams.

45. Kartini

Do you wish your daughter to become a famous activist and writer? Then you can name her Kartini for Raden Ajeng Kartini, the social activist who advocated for women’s education and emancipation and wrote about the need for protection of traditional arts and public health on the island of Java. Some even regard her as Indonesia’s first feminist.

46. Leia

If you are an ardent fan of Star Wars, then you just can’t ignore how badass Princess Leia was. She broke out of the prison aboard the Death Star and led the rebellion against the Empire. She is fearless on the battlefield and dedicated her life to end the tyranny of the Empire.

47. Lilian

Consider naming your little rebel Lilian after Lilian Ngoyi, who was a South African anti-apartheid activist. She was also the first woman to be elected to the executive committee of the African National Congress. Lilian dedicated her life to the struggle against oppressive measures to secure a better future for future generations.

48. Lilith

This Hebrew name can mean ‘ghost,’ ‘night monster,’ or ‘storm goddess,’ depending on the translation. As per Jewish folklore, Lilith was Adam’s first wife but was banished from the Garden of Eden when she refused to make herself subservient to Adam. The name is not very popular within the religious communities but has blossomed through pop culture as a name full of independence and strength.

49. Lola

The name Lola brings to mind a sly temptress who does not like following rules. Both Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich played the roles of saucy Lolas in “Bombshell” and “The Blue Angel,” respectively. And how can anyone forget the catchy chorus “L-O-L-A”? This name is a favorite in Hollywood right now.

50. Lucy

This is a common and warm name for a baby girl. However, many badass women adorned this name and created history. Lucy Parsons was a labor organizer and a radical socialist who fought for equal rights in the late 19th and 20th centuries. She was known for her powerful speeches.

51. Luna

The name Luna is as powerful as the celestial object it is named after. Luna means ‘moon,’ which is not just a beautiful celestial object but also controls the tides. This moniker shines as brightly as the moon, enlightening the dark world. Plus, the Greek goddess of the Moon, Artemis, was also a badass.

52. Lyra

This name has several meanings. It is named after a Greek antique harp-like instrument called the lyre. There is a constellation of stars in the northern sky named after it too. Give this unique and special name to your special little girl.

53. Maria

This name is stylish and modern at the same time. One badass woman with this name is Maria Stewart, who was the first woman to openly address a mixed audience of black and white men and women in the U.S. She was also the first African-American woman to make public lectures and deliver lectures about women’s rights and make a public anti-slavery speech.

54. Marie

If you wish your baby girl to become a great scientist one day, then name her after the first person to win two Nobel Prizes in science. She is none other than Marie Curie. She was a badass woman who worked with potentially dangerous metals because of her zeal and enthusiasm towards science. Her research gave humanity precious knowledge about radioactivity.

55. Maya

Although this name seems subtle and out of a fairy tale, some pretty badass women were named Maya. One such brave woman was Maya Angelou, an American poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist. She faced many struggles in her early life, but with grit and determination made an exceptional mark on society.

56. Meryl

This name is unique and can be a great choice for your little rebel. The name is inspired by Meryl Streep, who is known as the ‘best actress of her generation.’ She holds the record of being nominated 21 times for the Oscars. She is brave enough to speak her mind and has given many impactful speeches on equality and breaking stereotypes.

57. Merida

Merida is a badass Disney princess

Image: Shutterstock

She is another badass Disney princess who is rebellious and refuses to have her fate decided for her. She is keen and focused on getting her way around the system without losing her identity. She is unapologetic to speak her mind and even learns from her mistakes.

58. Milunka

This is a unique name for your little rebel. This name earned recognition after the badass woman who adorned it. She is none other than Milunka Savic, a Serbian heroine who fought in the Balkan wars and World War I. She is considered the most-decorated female combatant in the recorded history of warfare.

59. Miranda

If you watched the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ then you cannot resist falling in love with the character of Miranda, the mastermind behind Vogue magazine’s success. She is a true badass and knows her way in this world. She is fiercely independent and powerful. Ahough her attitude and grace earned her a few haters, they just cannot help but want to be like her.

60. Nadia

This unique name means ‘hope’ in Slavic languages. This name is pretty badass and is given to the warning system’s voice in the Russian military aircraft. If you are looking for a unique name for your little one who is badass and elegant at the same time, then go for Nadia. It is also the name of a Romanian gymnast who was awarded a perfect score of 10 at the Olympic games.

61. Nancy

If you want your daughter’s name to be exceedingly glamorous and badass at the same time, we suggest you name her Nancy, after Nancy Wake, the journalist and spy of the French Resistance during the Second World War. During the war, Nancy saved the lives of over a hundred Allied soldiers and downed aviators by escorting them through France to Spain.

62. Natasha

This Russian origin name means ‘birthday of the Lord.’ It is a beautiful and exotic name that entered the American mainstream post the Cold War. Many badass and fierce fictional women characters were named after Natasha. One character with this name is Natasha Romanoff, who is a special agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

63. Naomi

Naomi Parker Fraley was the inspiration behind the famous ‘We Can Do It’ poster. During World War II, she was photographed while operating a machine tool. This photograph became an inspiration to many women workers to achieve their dreams, breaking gender stereotypes.

64. Nebula

What can be a more badass name than Nebula? It originates from Latin and means ‘mist.’ Astronomically, a nebula is an interstellar of dust, hydrogen, helium, and other ionized gases. This is a unique name and can make the perfect fit for your little rebel star.

65. Olivia

Inspired by the infamous badass character Olivia Pope from the TV series Scandal, this name is both stylish and badass. The character Olivia is a problem solver and is intelligent, fearless, and strong. She always manages to pull off the impossible and aces at whatever she does.

66. Oprah

From misery to bliss, the journey of Oprah Winfrey is an inspiration to females around the world. She was a badass woman who never gave up despite the hardships in life. She has seen many lows in her life but rose to fame and is now considered one of the most influential women on the planet.

67. Ramona

This is a feminine form of the Latin name Ramon which means ’protecting hands.’ Give this name to your little bundle of joy who would grow up to be a badass woman just like you.

68. Raven

Raven Darkholme is one of the most badass superheroines. In the X-men movies. Raven was a close aid of Professor X, the leader of X-Men. She fought for mutant justice with him. And there’s Raven from the series “That’s So Raven.” People who have watched the series must be well aware of how cool and daring Raven was on the show.

69. Regina

Regina is the lead antagonist in the movie and musical Mean Girls. She is the leader of plastics and can go to any extent to get what she wants. With her manipulative schemes and her dominant personality, she always wants to be the center of attraction. Besides the negatives associated with this name, it would make a stylish name for your little girl.

70. Ruby

Ruby is one of the coolest badass baby girl names, especially when you consider the bad girl’s power, Ruby Rose in “Orange Is the New Black,” who is a DJ, model, and a recording artist.

71. Sadie

The hissing sound of this name is reminiscent of a snake. And it also has a snobbish air to it. Along with these, Sadie also brings to mind the cool girl that everyone loves to hate. And the Beatles immortalized this name via their song, “Sexy Sadie.”

72. Sandra

Give your little girl this name if you wish her to show strength and perseverance in achieving her dreams. This name is inspired by Sandra Day O’ Connor, a badass woman who defied many obstacles and became the first woman justice on the US Supreme court.

73. Scarlet

The word scarlet is named after the color scarlet, which is a symbol of courage, passion, force, joy, and heat. This could be an apt name to give your little badass baby girl who you wish to become strong and confident one day. The Scarlet Witch is a fictional superhero who is known to be the most powerful Avenger.

74. Serena

The first thing that strikes our mind when we hear this name is ‘Tennis,’ Yes! Serena dedicated her whole life to this sport and became one of the most badass tennis players in the world. She is a real-life example of how consistency and perseverance can make you great. She also fights for equal pay and recognition for women and is unapologetically proud for who she is. She is indeed a great inspiration for your little rebel.

75. Shabina

Shabina is a badass Arabic baby name

Image: Shutterstock

Shabina is a beautiful Arabic name and means ‘eye of the storm’, which is just, well, badass. In nature, the eye of the storm is the region of calm weather in the center of hurricanes, cyclones, and tropical storms. If you go with the metaphorical sense, don’t we all want to be the eye of the storm in life?

76. Shuri

This sounds like an exotic name to give your spirited little girl. If you watched the movie, Black Panther, then you would be impressed with princess Shuri of Wakanda. She is the badass brains behind the high-tech wonderland. She creates most of the technology and never shies away from a fight to save her country.

77 Sofia

Are you looking for a stylish name that is badass too? Go for Sofia, which is inspired by the name Sofia Lonescu-Ogrezeanu. She was the first female to become a neurosurgeon and perform a successful emergency brain surgery on an injured boy. Her contributions helped develop neuroscience in Romania.

78. Stormi

This is a special and unique name and is an alternative spelling of the Greenlandic ‘Storme,’ meaning stormy. Stormi is a special and unique name, and very few people adorn it. One among them is the daughter of Kylie Jenner. She is a born badass baby who owns some of the most luxurious items ever that include custom couture dresses, diamond rings, and much more.

79. Tempest

Tempest is a cool and evocative word name. The first part of Tempest, a moniker from England, speaks of a temperate nature. But it also refers to the turbulent storm. This moniker is for girls who are passionate by nature but would also come to reason quickly.

80. Tequila

It cannot get more badass than his. Tequila is a Spanish name for liquor that is obtained from the agave plant. This alcohol is believed to bring out the real person. So a girl named Tequila would also be a real thing. She will not try to hide her original self from anyone.

81. Tiana

If you want your little one to become hardworking and sincere, then name her after the Disney Princess Tiana. Although she is not royalty, she has all the great qualities of a princess. Her incredible dedication towards her dreams is something your daughter might pick up once she knows the inspiration behind her name.

82. Trinity

This name originates from the Latin word ‘triad’ and refers to the holy trinity in the Christian faith. If you are looking for a religious name that is badass, too, then go with Trinity. It is also the name of a fictional character in the movie The Matrix. Can we forget how badass she was, fighting hand-in-hand with the men, dodging bullets, and saving people?

83. Victoria

Although this may sound like an old era name, it would be the perfect badass name for your little girl. This name is derived from the Latin words ‘victory’ and is also the name of the goddess of victory according to Roman mythology. This is also the name of the Queen of the United Kingdom. She ruled for 63 years.

84. Virginia

Virginia Apgar was the lady behind the Apgar score, a way to assess the health of a newborn. She was a leader in the field of anesthesiology, teratology, and neonatology.
Badass Nicknames For Girls

85. Blaze

Blaise is originally a trendier form of the Latin Blaise. It has featured in the Arthurian legend as the name of Merlin, the Magician’s secretary. This unisex name has a connotation that does not match its meaning. It may sound fiery, hot, and combustible, but Blaze means ‘the one who stutters.’ Amanda Bead named her son Blaise, but you can stick with Blaze.

86. Rebel

Rebel is usually considered as a girl’s name, all thanks to the outstanding comedian Rebel Wilson, but we think it would work equally well for the boys but as a nickname. The term rebel means ‘someone who rises against the masses.’ It also brings to mind the ferocity of James Dean and Katniss Everdeen.

87. Rogue

Rogue is a prime example of aggressive word names that are the off-the-grid branch of the new macho baby names. The name means a man who is a major troublemaker,’ with troubles ranging from mischief to lawlessness. But to us, the name reminds us of the Marvel female superhero of the same name.

88. Roxy

Roxy is one of those monikers that only a leather-clad vixen can pull off. Who would even think of messing with a girl named Roxy? This short form of Roxanna, meaning ‘dawn and bright,’ has a tough and sassy vibe to it. And it has a bad-girl history as well, thanks to the infamous “Police” song.

89. Xena

This bold name, beginning with the powerful ‘X’ and softened by the final ‘A,’ is sure to catch many parents’ attention. And it is associated with the television warrior princess as well.

Most Badass Boy Names, With Unique Meanings

90. Ace

Ace is no longer tied to the weak and hapless Ace Ventura. From acing an examination to an ace up the sleeve, this moniker sounds bad to the bone even after having so many positive connotations. Jessica Simpson, Jennie Finch, Natalie Appleton, and Tom Dumont all have little Aces. The meaning of Ace is ‘one, unity.’

91. Aiden

This Irish origin name means ‘born of fire.’ Now that is one badass name, isn’t it? In Hebrew, Aiden means ‘attractive,’ or ‘handsome.’ Give this name to your baby boy who will grow up to be smart, attractive, and powerful.

92. Alfred

Yes, we know that Alfred is a bit mature and old school for a baby, but it has a very positive meaning of ‘sage and wise.’ This name holds the combined power of whimsy and intelligence, traits that parents want in their children. This name comes from the Old English name Aelfraed and means ‘elf counsel’. Plus, it has cute nickname possibilities in Freddy and Alfie.

93. Andrew

This is another popular name for baby boys and is frequently shortened to Andy or Drew. It is derived from the Greek word ‘Andreas,’ which means ‘brave,’ ‘courageous,’ and ‘warrior.’ Many famous people adorned this name and made it sound pretty badass. One among them is Andrew Murray, a professional tennis player who won three grand slam singles titles. He was always vocal and supportive of women in tennis. He was pretty badass in supporting women. This could make a pretty good name for your little dude who would grow up to respect and support the women in his life.

94. Arnold

Only one celebrity flashes our mind when we hear this name; he is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The bulky, macho, and tough-guy look he carries in his movies made him super rad and a perfect badass. Arnold is composed of Germanic elements, including ‘arn,’ which means ‘eagle,’ ‘power,’ or ‘brightness.’ You can use this macho and cool name for your little guy.

95. Axel

Axel is a Scandinavian form of the Biblical Absalom, the son of King David. This super cool and badass moniker is associated with the “Guns n Roses” frontman Axl Rose. Interestingly enough, the meaning of Axl is ‘father of peace,’ which is in a way opposite of badass. But it still sounds pretty great. You can use Ax as the nickname. It is very edgy and sounds cool.

96. Blade

The name Blade may sound a bit irregular, as it is smooth and macho at the same. Some parents may find it a bit threatening, though. And we have a superhero of this name as well. The superhero Blade is immune to the bites and hypnosis of the supernatural vampires. He lacks the powers and abilities of a superhero and relies on his skill and determination.

97. Brad

This name has two meanings; the English origin says Brad means ‘A broad meadow,’ whereas, according to the Bible, it means ‘spirit’ and is of Hebrew origin. The famous actor Brad Pitt has made this name popular and famous. He played many daring and adventurous roles in movies, making him one of Hollywood’s most badass actors.

98. Boris

This old Russian baby name, meaning ‘to fight,’ is gaining popularity in Europe. The only issue is that you could be setting your son for a job in skull-cracking; if you bestow the name on your child (we hope you know about the Boris tattoo skull reference’.

99. Breaker

Breaker is an aggressive baby boy named on the lines of Heller and Tracker. This robust name has become a hip amongst parents who have issues with the law.

100. Bruce

Bruce, badass baby names

Image: Shutterstock

This name is common among the English and the Americans and means ‘thick bush.’ The name was popularized by a 14th-century folklore tale where King Robert the Bruce learned the value of perseverance from watching a spider spin a web. Bruce is also a badass name given to the infamous character in the Batman series. Bruce Wayne, who is the brain behind The Batman, is smart, uber-rich, and also mysterious in his own way.

101. Bruno

It is derived from the old high German name ‘Brun,’ which means ‘brown.’ If you listen to English pop songs, you might have heard about Bruno Mars. He is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist. You can name your baby boy Bruno and introduce him to this multi-talented musician.

102. Buster

Belonging to the category of old-fashioned nicknames like Biff, Buzz, or Bud, Buster is a bit of a belligerent. Jonny Lee Miller and Michelle Hicks moved outside the box when they used it as a middle name for their son Timothy.

103. Cassius

The power name Cassius owes its fame to the professional boxer and cultural icon Muhammad Ali, who was born Cassius Marcellus Clay. The moniker was also chosen by actor Balthazar Getty and singer Bobby Brown for their son. With such namesakes, it’s no surprise that Cassius has become so popular over the years.

104. Conan

If you watch the late-night shows, then you should be familiar with Conan O’ Brien. He is a household name for his whacky comedy in his late-night performances. He started off as a comedy writer and is still giving a tough competition to other late-night hosts. He is pretty badass in speaking his mind and entertaining his audiences with his pranks and comedy timing. Conan is an Irish name that means ‘hound,’ or ‘wolf.’ If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind name for your little man, then go with this.

105. Dagger

Dagger is a sharp and edgy name that some parents may arm their children to prepare them for a war in the cruel world. While it sounds badass, there are also plenty of reasons not to name your child Dagger.

106. Damon

Damon, the tougher and edgier version of Damian, implies stoic strength. It is perfectly embodied by the anti-hero vampire Damon Salvatore in “The Vampire Diaries.” In classical mythology, Damon was the symbol of true friendship. He risked his life to save his friend Pythias from execution.

107. Darby

If you want a hardcore badass name for your kid, look no further than Darby. Darby Crash was the famous frontman for the punk rock band “The Germs.” The name means ‘deer town,’ relatively peaceful, isn’t it?

108. Dean

When it comes to honoring the badass James Dean, you could just go with his last name Dean, which means ‘having lived near a valley.’ This moniker conjures up images of a young boy with slicked-back hair riding a motorcycle at midnight.

109. Denzel

This Cornish origin name means ‘from the high stronghold.’ This name gained popularity after the two-time Academy winner Denzel Washington. This powerful yet classic name would be apt for your little rebel.

110. Dustin

In ancient German, Dustin means ‘brave fighter,’ or ‘valiant fighter.’ This name is a friendly and warm name for your baby boy. It was made popular and badass by the character Dustin Henderson of the super hit TV series Stranger things. He is a science geek and values friendship more than anything. Dustin is cute and funny. He started off as a goofy sidekick but became the most important member of the group.

111. Flynn

This Irish surname or first name means ‘reddish complexion.’ This name became famous following the animated series Tangled. Flynn Rider is the secondary main character in the movie who turns from a thief to a badass hero. He saves the princess from the witch and unites her with her parents.

111. Jack

This is one of the most common names for baby boys, but it also has a badass kick to it. Although it has been around for quite some time, this name shot to fame after the release of the movie series ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean.’ Captain Jack Sparrow is the notorious pirate who likes to live life on the edge. His spontaneity and risk-taking abilities made him one badass pirate.

112. Kanye

Kanye is a Yoruba name meaning ‘next in line to the chieftaincy.’ This name was made popular by the American rapper and record producer Kanye West. If you are looking for a badass name for your baby boy that is stylish and rad, then go with this name.

113. King

This moniker has some mixed connotations. Some people find it more fitting as the name for a dog. But it’s also a strong name with notable associations, Like Elvis King and Dr. Martin Luther King. The moniker entered the popularity list in the year 2006 at the 898th spot. Today, it’s under 200.

114. Kodiak

Kodiak has been hot, or you can say cool, for several years now. It has an American, cowboyish charm to it. The Russian and American name Kodiak means the same thing in both countries ‘ islands. But in Alaska, Kodiak means a badass ‘grizzly bear.’ So a baby boy named Kodiak will not be afraid of anything.

115. Leo

This name feels as powerful and badass as the animal that inspired it. Leo means ‘lion’ in Latin. Twelve popes and many saints were also named Leo. The legendary Russian writer Leo Tolstoy carries this name as well. So, you can go with this name for your cutie little guy who might grow up to become fearless and powerful.

116. Lowell

Lowell is usually considered a last name as the first name for boys and means ‘young wolf’. The popularity of this name hit its peak in the 1930s when it was in the top 150. Since then, there haven’t been many takers of this name, which in a way is good for your baby. He would stumble into another Lowell in his school.

117. Luis

This German origin name means ‘famous in battle.’ It is a name that was adorned by many kings in the past. The sanctified French King Luis largely contributed to the popularity of this name. Consider naming your baby boy this short yet stylish name.

118. Maddox

Maddox is out and out badass. Not just because of the trendy ‘x’ ending, but also because it has a super cool association. The famous celebrity Angelina Jolie chose his name for her first children, which brought this moniker to the mainstream. Since then, there has been no going back for this name. Earlier, Maddox was an obscure Welsh family name related to Madoc, meaning ‘fortunate.’

119. Maximus

This is a Latin term for ‘greatest,’ or ‘largest.’ It is also the name of the chief high priests in ancient Rome. Maximus sounds cool and badass and can be the perfect name for your little man whom you aspire to do great things.

120. Nichola

Derived from the Greek word Nikolaos, this name means ‘victory of the people.’ A great scientist adorned this name; he is none other than Nikola Tesla. He was such a badass scientist whose thoughts were far ahead of his time and made some mind-boggling inventions. Name your little boy after this great man who may inspire him later in life.

121. Ranger

Ranger is an occupational baby boy name, meaning ‘forest guardian.’ The name Ranger sounds much better than Danger. It has a western, cowboyish feel to it.

122. Rocco

Tough as nails and hard as the rock, Rocco is the guy who commands respect wherever he goes. It might sound big mature for a baby, but he will eventually grow into it. This name caught the fancy of Madonna and Guy Ritchie as well, and they named their son Rocco.

123. Rocket

Here’s an instance of a word turned into a name. Rocket is a badass name, meaning ‘jet-propelled.’ The famous hip-hop star Pharrell Williams also named his son Rocket. He quoted that his wife randomly chose the name from the lyrics of Pharrell’s favorite musicians.

124. Ryder

Ryder is another super badass name for you to consider. It sounds like it belongs to a race car driver, even though it means ‘messenger.’ The name tripled in popularity after Kate Hudson gave this name to her first-born baby.

125. Sylvester

One larger-than-life Hollywood action hero is Sylvester Stallon. With his bulky muscles and endless quips, he became an instant hit in action movies. He won many hearts with his badass characters, such as Rambo and Rocky. If you think your boy is destined for greatness and fame, then name him Sylvester.

126. Phoenix

Although it is mystical, isn’t Phoenix the most badass bird? It is said to be a long-lived bird that arises from the ashes of its predecessor. It teaches us the fact that no matter how bad life gets, we always have to have the will to rise from the ashes. Inspire your baby boy by naming him Phoenix. It is a unisex name that can be used for your baby girl too.

127. Puma

Puma is a large cat, just like a mountain lion or a cougar. This strong hunter, like most of its cousins, easily adapts to its environment. Just like its bearer, even the name means ‘strength,’ and that’s what makes it badass. This jaunty name has taken a flight not just among the celebs but also other parents.

128. Victor

Used as both a given name and a surname, this Latin-origin name means ‘winner,’ or ‘conquerer.’ From Popes to fictional villains, Victor is a name adorned by many people. It also has a mystery and a classic vibe to it, so if you want to go old school with your baby boy’s name, then go for Victor.

129. Wyatt

Wyatt is a relaxed yet highly respectable name. It is an English baby boy name meaning ‘guide, wood, or wide.’ It’s most badass bearer is Wyatt Earp, the wild west hero, and badass frontier officer. It’s currently in the 39th spot, the highest it has ever reached. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn were the first celebs to use Wyatt for their son.

Badass Nicknames For Boys

130. Diesel

Diesel is a recent entry in the neo-macho, badass names along with Ranger, Harley, and Breaker. People may think of it as a word name for the fuel, but it’s actually a German surname, derived from Mathias or Matthew. This name entered the American name lexicon, thanks to the celebs Casey Daigle and Jennie Finch, who chose it for their baby.

131. Flash

Flash is a great badass nickname for your son. Most people would associate it with Flash Gordon, the superhero, but Flash would also appeal to modern parents looking for an active baby boy name. Or you can even use it as a nickname.

132. Hunter

Hunter is a popular badass nickname

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Hunter is a straightforward American name, meaning ‘the one who hunts.’ The name Hunter combines the macho imagery with softened masculinity. It was and still is the top pick of parents who wanted something stronger than Jason and Michael.

133. Jax

The name started as a soap opera character but is now associated with Jax Teller, the central character on “Sons of Anarchy” fans. In the series, Jax is the tattooed president of a motorcycle club. We think Jax would make a cool short form for children named Jackson, Jaxon, or Jackson. This name has shot 100 places in the last two years.

134. Neo

This name entered the mainstream via Keanu Reeves’ character in “The Matrix.” And going by the movie, this name is definitely badass. Neo Rauch, the contemporary German artist, is one of the famous bearers of this name.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can parents ensure that their baby’s ‘badass’ name is not seen as offensive or inappropriate?

Parents need to thoroughly research a name before finalizing it for their child. They should check its meaning in different languages and its famous name-bearers to avoid giving their child a name that could subject them to ridicule.

2. Are there any legal restrictions or implications when it comes to giving a baby a ‘badass’ name?

Naming laws in the US vary by state. Some states have restrictions on the number of characters in a name, while others do not allow numbers or symbols. The majority of states prohibit names consisting of profanity, obscenity, or foreign characters.

3. Are there any drawbacks to giving a baby a badass name?

Selecting a name for your baby is a personal choice. However, unconventional names may occasionally face skepticism or judgment. In addition, some badass monikers can be challenging for others to understand or pronounce correctly. Furthermore, certain titles might not align with societal expectations or traditional norms, potentially influencing how the child is perceived in various social settings. Therefore, carefully consider the long-term consequences and societal expectations before choosing a distinct name for your child.

What name you choose for your child is your choice. But remember, the name you pick will be a part of your young one’s identity for life. So select a name that is unique and catchy. Aiden, Alexa, Beatrice, and Hunter are some of the several badass baby names that have a quirky feel to them. You can pick any of these short, sweet-sounding names for your baby boy or girl. So check out these names with your partner and give your baby a name they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Infographic: Powerful And Badass Names For Your Little Rebel

People are identified by their names. A badass name may be the best choice if you want your child to be strong, powerful, and who can change the world. You’ll find some of the most awesome badass names in the infographic below for both girls and boys. Keep reading and pick the one you like.

strong and cool names for your little one (infographic)

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