5 Most Common Mood Swings During Pregnancy And How To Combat Them?

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Have you noticed yourself getting weepy more often than usual ever since you found out that you were expecting? Worry not, because it is completely normal. Moreover, you are going to get a lot of mood swings throughout your pregnancy increasing by the time you deliver. Sometimes the mood swings continue even beyond delivery.

Knowing what you are feeling is normal and is the first step towards accepting the mood swing during pregnancy and taking action to avoid unpleasant consequences.

5 Most Common Mood Swings During Pregnancy:

1. Why Do I Feel So Depressed, When Just Yesterday I Was Feeling So Happy About The Pregnancy?

Blame it on the pesky hormones of pregnancy. They don’t let you rest in peace. They alter the release of neurotransmitters from the brain, leading to vast fluctuations in your feelings. One day you might feel chirpy and upbeat, the other day you may feel depressed and low. At times you feel unsure about the pregnancy. Yes, it is completely normal and happens to many women. It has nothing to do with how you will really feel about the baby when it finally arrives. However, if your depression lasts for more than a couple of days, maybe it is time to check up with your doctor.

2. Why Do I Feel So Absent-Minded?

Just some of the perks of being pregnant-yes, you do get absent-minded and forgetful. Add to that clumsiness because your hormones cause loosening of the joint ligaments causing you to drop the jar of pickle when you thought you were holding it well.

Let this be just another reason to put your feet up and relax, and let others take over the household chores for a while. Allow yourself to be pampered.

3. Why Do I Feel So Irritable And Angry?

Making a baby is hard work. Imagine the amount of work the female body has to do when pregnant. Even at rest, the amount of energy spent by a pregnant woman is same as that of an average male doing mountain climbing.

Now add to that the hormonal changes that are sweeping across your veins. As if that wasn’t enough, there is the problem of shifting center of gravity causing your spine to curve excessively.

Compounding all of these is the gassiness, the flatulence, constipation, acid reflux and a host of other things that never let you rest in peace.

Isn’t it but natural that you won’t always be happy and cheerful while you are pregnant? There will be days when you will want to punch someone on the nose. There will be days when you want to throw a huge tantrum and have an utter and completely disastrous meltdown.

Don’t worry- it’s all completely normal.

4. Why Do I Have The Sudden Urge To Clean Everything?

Well, something called The Nesting Syndrome is to blame for this irresistible urge. Have you ever seen birds make a nest before they lay their eggs? They line it with the softest things they can find. Even cats and dogs prep up their birthing corner for their babies’ arrival. Human beings are no different.

We want everything to be perfect for our baby’s arrival. That anxiety that the surroundings are not clean enough is nature’s way of ensuring that the baby comes into a safe and protected environment.

However, no matter how huge the urge to clean the closets and ceilings, have someone else do it. You are in no shape to do all that spring cleaning. Supervise, if you must, with a cloth kerchief on your mouth and nose to protect yourself. But do not attempt to clean everything yourself.

5. How Do I Handle My Changing Moods? How Do I Help Everyone Around Me Cope With My Changing Moods?

Mood swings in pregnancy are normal, and the best thing about them is that they are totally manageable.

a. Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk: Your husband is as baffled as you are and doesn’t have the slightest clue why you are behaving so unpredictably. Have a heart-to-heart talk with him and explain how things are going to be during these nine months.

b. Important Aspect If You Have Older Kids: Older kids can’t comprehend their mother’s strange behavior all of a sudden. Now is a good time to sit them down and tell them that Mommy is undergoing a huge change in her body because of the baby growing within, and there will be times when Mommy may have mood swings. Reassure your love for them at every point, even and especially in the midst of a mood swing.

c. Get Out: Walking can be refreshing and may act as a wonderful mood booster when you are feeling upset. Look out for other babies, gurgling and happy with their mommies. It is bound to flip your mood. If you have an older kid, take them for a stroll with you or take them to the garden.

d. Practice Deep Breathing: Deep breathing is a lot like meditating. Before you let out an angry outburst, practice deep breathing for a while or count till 10 or 100, as much it takes for your mind to calm down.

e. Watch Anything Funny: TV programmes or reading humorous books can prove to be your instant mood-changers.

f. Snack Often: Dips in blood sugar compound the anxiety problem. Having snacks regularly through the day can be a big help. Staying off sugars is advisable to many pregnant women as they can lead to uneven weight gain. Always consult your doctor if you want to opt for snack-every-hour method.

By now you must have known how to control mood swings during pregnancy.Whether you feel over-anxious or not, it is always a good idea to give a detailed know-how to your physician about how you are feeling. They may be able to assess rationally about whether help is needed or not. Sometimes in a small percentage of expectant mothers, the depression doesn’t go away and leads instead into a debilitating nervous breakdown, or even sometimes into post-partum depression, also called PPD. Early intervention helps overcome this problem. With the right medicines, you will be feeling better once again.

Hope this post will guide you how to handle mood swings during pregnancy. Have a happy and safe pregnancy!

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